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Thursday, October 13, 2016


China, Russia, Islamic countries and our Moro rebels will now be more approachable and easier to talk to knowing that we are no longer Lapdog (tuta) of U.S. Philippines also need to keep close relations with our neighbors especially a powerful nation (economy & militar) like China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
A strong/tough President (no pushover) will also make our people feel more nationalistic/pride, love our nation and feel less inferior thanothers (inferiority complex/colonial mentailty).
Over reliance/dependence to US can be extremely harmful and could see Filipino lose or weakens our nationalism, pride and ability stand alone on its own two feet both economically and militarily.
Is Inferiority Complex a Filipino Malady?
Philippines is a flawed democracy and the flaws are deeply rooted in the Philippine psyche. Filipino's Colonial mentality result to worship, almost slavishly, everything foreign from fashion, food, showbiz, sports, political personalitirs, etc.
Please observe and analyze the big difference in the style of PNoy (and previous administration except FVR & PGMA) from PRRD brand of leadership: a show of strength/courage, real emotions/empathy, be simple/honesty/humility, give strong words / frank statements, not afraid, a feeling superior and never succumb/yield to anybody.
I think PRRD style will make great impact on the Filipino's inferiority complex or disturbing lack of pride in being Filipino and no love for their country (apathy). Everyone wants to be something else. The ordinary poor Filipinos want to be American, Japanese, Koreans and the rich ones from the south (Alabang) all want to be Spaniards. Nobody wants to be Filipino, hence it is my belief that the fundamental thing wrong with our country is a lack of pride in being Filipino.
Please note that PRRD (like Pres. Obama) run & actually won the election mainly because they represent #change. So maybe the whole point is: To Change the Mind Set or Attitude (inferiority complex) of Filipinos.
To show that we should learn to speak our mind and question (not really oppose) things that other countries or international media/press and foreigners are saying or imposing and to stop meddling in our internal affairs.

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