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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leila de Lima is a threat to the Filipino people

Photo credits - PhilstarPhoto credits - Philstar

According to reports (link has been archived and is safe to click) Leila De Lima is once again asking the International Criminal Court to intervene in Philippine domestic affairs by investigating what she claims are “crimes against humanity” being committed by the Duterte administration.
In pressing her case, De Lima makes it appear as if Filipinos are being terrorized by the government, and that she is the only one who is not afraid to speak out against the President. She claims that the Duterte administration does not reflect the “real sentiments of the people,” and that there is even “some groundswell of support from ordinary people” for her cause.
While this clear misrepresentation of the sovereign will of the Filipino people would be laughable in ordinary circumstances, it becomes much more problematic because of the very real threat that the ICC may actually take De Lima’s words at face value.
If this happens, it will put the whole country – not just the President – at risk for economic sanctions. Which would be disastrous to the country’s economy, and the livelihood of Filipinos all over the world. This is something that all of us – not just the 80-plus percent who support Duterte – should be concerned about. We are all being held hostage by the delusions of a madwoman.
De Lima is deliberately undermining the government, of which she is part, by openly advocating foreign intervention. Because she knows that she has zero credibility among Filipinos she has pinned her hopes on the stupidity of other countries. In her act of supreme selfishness, De Lima is willing to throw the whole country under the bus just so she can save whatever face she has left.
De Lima’s attempts to involve the ICC, or any other foreign government, agency, or institution in our internal affairs is a massive betrayal of public trust, of treason of the highest order. Which again begs the question, where is Koko Pimentel?

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