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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Rainer J. Weber, KCR Schönau,
Chapter Commander Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg
Knights of Rizal

16 April, 2009

Sir Virgilio R. Esguerra, KGCR, Supreme Commander
The Members of the Supreme Council

A p p e a l

Dear Sir Virgilio,
Dear Fellow Knights,

On Jan 7, 2009, we received your e-mail with the information that our Chapter Member Rizal Victoria, KR, has been removed from the OKOR after an investigation and a verdict of the Supreme Council, dated Dec 14, 2008.

After long, intensive and often controversial discussions in our Chapter we have come to the following conclusion:

We are rather surprised at all this, and we want to express our dissatisfaction with that decision, as there are several things that create great uneasiness among us.

1. A trial with such severe consequences, namely “separation” of a Member of the OKOR, requires a comprehensive investigation with certain formal requirements, but this is what we are missing.

2. According to our information a “hearing”, as requested by the Manual, had not taken place in the course of the trial, where the accused person, the prosecutor, independent and impartial witnesses and the counsel of defence were present and ”heard”.

3. Our Chapter was never been officially informed that there was an investigation against R. Victoria and we were never asked for our comment or opinion in that matter, which, of course, touches the interests of our Chapter severely. We would have expected that our Chapter would be involved and integrated in the proceedings. Not because of any formal guidelines, but because we expect a fair trial, based on mutual respect. How can the Supreme Council decide on such an important matter without consulting the home Chapter?

Some fellow Knights in our Chapter feel rather disregarded and patronized.

4. The letters that Sir Samuela refers to (“Annex C and D”), written by some European members, Sirs Paras, Guansing, Nollas, Alcoba, Lacuna and Palomar, all at the same time in February and March 2008 (28-2-08 and 7-3-08), and with an almost identical text, are not spon-taneous expressions of dissatisfaction with and anger of individual Knights about R. Victoria, but arouse the suspicion that these letters are the result of a plotted, arranged, controlled and concerted action. This coincidence is rather striking. The problem is that some of those Knights, namely Sirs Paras and Alcoba, have been accused of the same “crime” as R. Vic-toria, namely notorious “misbehaviour and misconduct” towards fellow Knights (“vulgar and indecent words”). So those letters of disapproval of R.Victoria´s behaviour cannot be regard-ed as un-biased proof and evidence for his guilt, as some of those witnesses are not reliable, because they have not got a clean record themselves. Some of those witnesses against R. Victoria are trying to avert from their own guilt of “misconduct” by pointing at him and thus trying to win their superiors´ and the “COMMITTEE´s” sympathy.” Another example: Sir Paras, past Regional Commander for Europe, promised at the European Council Meeting in April 2008 in Brussels to send the European Chapter Commanders the recommendation sheets for the nomination of candidates for Regional and Area Commanders as a feedback, but he broke his word. Sir Rizal, who also heard that promise, called this “lies”. Many Knights feel the same.

5. In Sir Samuela´s explanation of the verdict R.Victoria is accused of not having given “compelling proof” for his words that “the exaltation of Sir Alcoba to KGOR” was unacceptable. Many European Knights hold exactly the same opinion as R. Victoria.

We are missing that no action and no investigation has so far been started against Sirs Paras and Alcoba, although the IHQ knows all the facts and details, as it has received “compelling proof” for “Sir” Alcoba´s “misbehaviour and misconduct” and it has several times been requested to start an investigation against them. On the contrary, instead of being punished, those people were even rewarded with the exaltation to KGOR or given high positions.

This appears extremely biased and partial, as a blind eye is being turned on one person´s guilt, whereas nothing happens to others. Are there not double standards applied?

Do those exaltations mean that those people´s “misconduct” was pardoned and rectified by the IHQ? Had not Sir Esguerra himself written in 2008 “we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in the OKOR”?

6. Contrary to Sir Samuela´s official explanation for the verdict (“Annex C and D” in his letter), no “Europe Area Council” had dealt with the “Rizal Victoria Case”, let alone spoken out against him. By the way, there is no official institution like a “Europe Area Council”, Europe is a “Region”, not an “Area”; it just does not exist! So all this has been fabricated. When there was, however, an official “European Council Meeting”, in Brussels in April 2008, none of those authors of the letters (dated February and March 2008), who were almost com-pletely present at the Meeting, touched that topic and challenged Sir Rizal, although he was present. Why? Were they afraid of an open discussion?

7. In Sir Samuela´s explanation of the verdict it is mentioned that suggestions by Chapters for the “Amendment of the By-Laws” in the last 2 years had been dealt with properly (contrary to R. Victoria´s “simply false accusations”!), but I have never heard that any of the suggestions I sent to Manila in the past had been dealt with at all. All my letters and memos with sugges-tions and recommendations concerning the “amendment of the by-laws” disappeared some-where at the IHQ.

8. We know and resent that R. Victoria´s words are often too harsh and sometimes going too far, and we would certainly not support or use his language, but we do dissociate ourselves from his style, tone and language, but we also know that many committed Knights and Rizalists in our Chapter and worldwide have similar criticism and objections to certain facts, decisions and developments in our Order. I myself have written a number of letters to the Supreme Commander (June, September, December 2008), two of them without any reply, in which I have expressed my and other Knights´ dissatisfaction and objections to certain decisions of the Supreme Council. These letters were supported by a number of 5 or 6 European Chapter Commanders.

So R. Victoria does not stand alone with his criticism and his awkward questions, although those critics would never use the same language as R. Victoria, which is quite often unacceptable. Most people who meet R. Victoria personally do not find him the devil, as which he is demonized by his enemies, but rather find him a “nice guy”, as did Sir Poblete and Sir Garcia, our Area Commander, recently.

9. R. Victoria would not have started his “fight”, if all those detrimental and disgraceful things, like mutual accusations, mud-slinging, lawsuits, forming and changing of coalitions and factions, and dirty tricks in Manila and incomprehensible exaltations and appointments here in Europe had not happened. Things, which caused meritorious and committed Knights to leave the Order.

10. R. Victoria has been a very active and committed member of our Chapter for many years (he was Trustee and Chancellor in our Chapter for several years, he has organized our Chapter´s humanitarian and social commitment in the Philippines), he is our connection to the Philippine community in our region, and he is an unselfish, honest and keen Rizalist with respectable motives. Have these things been considered and taken into account? We have the impression that these facts do not seem to have made any impression on the “COMMITTEE” in his “case”, although according to the Manual the “circumstances of each case “ have to be considered. At our last Chapter Meeting on Dec 30, 2008, before we had received the verdict from Manila, Sir Rizal was unanimously re-elected Chapter Chancellor by all Chapter mem-bers who were present. And last autumn Sir Rizal, KR, was exalted KOR by Sir Esguerra´s own signature.

Why was he simultaneously exalted, when there was an investigation of the “COMMITTEE” against him on its way?

11. A generally and internationally accepted basic principle of democratic and constitutional law demands that those who have been accused cannot be the judges in that trial. Only in dictatorships both are the same body. The Supreme Council´s “COMMITTEE” is not an unbiased and independent body, as it consist of people who themselves have been severely criticised and attacked by R. Victoria. So their verdict cannot be fair, balanced and impartial.

Therefore it would be better to have a new trial with new members who themselves have not been criticized by R. Victoria and are thus not biased.

We have got the impression that at the trial against R. Victoria only incriminating facts, “fabricated evidence” and partial, false and malevolent witnesses were heard and taken into account, whereas exonerating and positive elements were left out, and the question “What are his motives?” seems not to have been asked by the “COMMITTEE”.

Not everybody would, like the newly appointed Area Commander Sir Taguiang from London, send letters/e-mails expressing their grateful “congratulations for the well-done job” of the Supreme Council in the “Victoria Case”. We have heard completely different voices in Germany and Europe.

In our Chapter your verdict creates tension and unease and endangers solidarity within the Chapter, the credibility and “reputation” of our Order and also the continued and active existence of our Chapter Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg, places which were so fruitful for José Rizal and play such an important role for Rizalism in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Several Chapter Members have left our Chapter already, not because of R. Victoria, but because of things happening in Manila (see above!).

In the meantime we have had serious and intensive talks with Rizal Victoria. He has empha-sized that the well-being of our Order has his priority and that he does not want to offend or insult anybody personally. His criticism is intended to improve the Order´s “dignity, integrity, and reputation” and efficiency. We are trying to make him moderate his tone of criticism and refrain from unjustly attacking people using “vulgar and indecent words”, without giving up his right of free speech and criticism (which are both essential in a democracy and should also be essential in our Order even more so, if we deserve being called after José Rizal), even if some people do not like that. It is every Knight´s right and duty to speak up against negative developments and behaviours in our Order, and this is good Rizalian tradition, who himself did not accommodate to and come to terms with injustice, un-fairness, oppression, selfishness and hypocrisy.

Considering all these “circumstances” we request not to execute the “separation” verdict of Dec 14, 2008, before a new decision in this matter has been made, and to repeal it, to open the “case” against R. Victoria again. We request you to install a truly impartial and independent jury e.g. here in Europe with judges who know the situation here better and who are not personally involved in this conflict. Perhaps a jury like the “Committee of Ethics” (as proposed and propagated by Sir Peter Plückebaum, Deputy Regional Commander Europe, in Brussels last December), which involves European Knights and allows the Chapter concerned to participate in a written or oral form, could also be possible and feasible to deal with the “Victoria Case” in an appropriate and sensible way.

The way R. Victoria has dealt with our Order´s superiors in some of his e-mails is not acceptable, but the way they have dealt with him in the past trial is neither. The procedure and the circumstances of the trial are not as it should be, if it wants to win respect and acceptance and restore the “dignity, integrity and reputation” of the Order. We do not defend him for the way he wrote and criticised, but we do question and criticize a doubtful and questionable trial and its verdict, which to some looks more like an act of revenge than like a fair and just decision.

Of course, if un-Rizalian behaviour and a breach of José Rizal´s ideas and teachings by R. Victoria are proved without any doubts in a new and fair trial that fulfils the basic judicial and formal requirements, we would certainly accept such a verdict.

But as long as all those questions to the Supreme Council concerning certain decisions (e.g. elevation of “Sirs” like Alcoba, or Sir Paras´ appointment as Regional Commander etc. instead of punishment), that have been asked by R. Victoria and others (see letters to Sir Esguerra by 6 European Chapter Commanders in 2008 !), have not all been answered satis-factorily by the Supreme Council, there will not be a mutually accepted solution of those problems and the “cancer” of distrust, dissatisfaction and criticism will keep growing.

Only if a mutually accepted solution between the critics and our superiors is achieved, the trust of Knights here in Europe in fairness, the rule of law and in the true realization of José Rizal´s ideas in our Order can be re-established and the peace in our Chapter can be restored in the long run and for the good of our Order.

We hope to receive a positive reply to our request.

With best Rizalian wishes and Non Omnis Moriar,

Rainer J. Weber, KCR,
Chapter Commander Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg


Sir Zane,

I noticed that there have been some interesting replies to your letter to Lazir from other Rizalists. Your indulgence if I add mine with a couple of questions.

Since you are an Englishman and RA 646 is written in English, I am certain you understand the language and spirit as it was written and formulated by Filipino lawmakers. Allow me to present some questions that "beg for answers." I have practically gleaned the following from Lazir's emails; noted them down, double checked. I would like someone like you to help me get answers. So here they are:
Justify Full
1. Based on RA 646, Sec 7, is it alright for a KOR official to WITHHOLD and/or KEEP TO HIMSELF donations received?

2. Isn't it a violation of same RA 646, Sec 7 for any KOR official, esp. the Supreme Commander, to not investigate funds' whereabouts when the same is known to him, but do not appear in the KOR Books of Accounts? Unless simply ignored, does the Supreme Commander not owe it to the organization, that a satisfactory investigation is undertaken and a report thereto be officially issued?

3. Is RA 646, Sec 4 not violated when KOR Knights misbehave (lying, forgery, fake reports, etc.)?

4. May a misbehaving official still represent the KOR on an official function, per RA 646, Sec 8?

These four comprise only the tip of the "iceberg." There are many more that need to be answered by the gods that be in Manila. What is keeping Manila from facing these accusations? The excuse that you mentioned: that Lazir's emails used "foul" language and are disrespectful are nothing compared to, say, Sir Bhoy Alcoba's! Yet, Sir Ver exalted him to KGOR last July 2007, in Paris! Without being preposterous, to emulate the above example could get you a KGOR. Of course, you’d not.

Worse, why were Lazir (or a certain Moreno) and Sir Jun Zerrudo summarily removed from the order without the benefit of a hearing? The least IHQ could have done is ask for the "respondents'" views - first. Was it fair for IHQ to base its act simply from biased testimonies submitted to it? (or, required - with some “complainants” hoping for the coveted rank?). If you find this unfair and not correct, did you question Manila about it?

Sometimes we would like to hear only what we want to hear. That being the case, our sense of judgement is impaired. Have you ever considered asking yourself if there is truth to what Lazir and others write about? Have you come to the conclusion that Lazir's writings are plain yarn? If yes, the more you should encourage your superiors in Manila to answer point by point Lazir's claims. Or at least, when you ask Lazir to "talk" to IHQ, request the latter to respond in kind. It is not an issue of how you say things. It is more about being transparent and being honest.

As you said yourself, new recruits into the order are confused by the issues – then let us help them be enlightened by encouraging Manila to clarify and give answers to Lazir's claim. BTW, knights based in the Philippines are not totally out of touch. I have heard from others that many Rizalists in the home country are visitors to blog sites and they spread emails as much as we do abroad. Since you have good relations and "influence" with VIPs in Manila, why not use your connections to bring this matter to a head. Cyberspace has brought instant knowledge to as many people as desired.

Let me end by asking another question: Do you believe Dr. Rizal would have given up a similar crusade to fight injustice and corruption because the Catholic Church claims he was "rude and disrespectful?" Consider though that being rude and disrespectful is not the same as being wrong!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We await response from IHQ to the points raised by "Sinned" (Dennis Barcelona <godfrey@ivatan.de>. Please?????????

This silence is insanely deafening.

Raymund Liongson

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dear Sir Voltaire,

Thank you for the info you provided about the International Federation of the Knights of Rizal. I would appreciate further if you can provide me e-mail addressess of the right brother knights managing the federation. It gives me interest in finding the true nature of their discontents about OKOR IHQ in Manila as in my view those who resigned from the Order have good reasons as IHQ is no by means the Order we hope to be. We are looking a possibility that perhaps we could join hands in reviving the morals of the Order as I can see it, the Headquarters are being made an office of the business of interest by people managing and operating the IHQ in Manila.


Riyadh, KSA

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Sir Dr. Lito,

The best person to talk to about IFKOR is Sir Jun Zerrudo -- its current chair. Although Sir Jun and I founded different Rizalist organizations, IFKOR had a far more terrible time suffering all kinds of unfounded accusations from the Order of the Knights Of Rizal.

My organization, the Rizal Society of Ontario, tried to keep our autonomy by telling the Order that the RSO is a parallel organization just like the Kababaihang Rizalista but without any ties of any sort to the Order. Perhaps that is the reason why we don't appear threatening to the Order.

So in Ontario we have these 3 organizations. There may be more. Who knows?

  • the Order of the Knights of Rizal which has worldwide chapters
  • the International Federation of the Knights of Rizal which is internationalin scope as well
  • the Rizal Society of Ontario which is local.
For brevity, I shall refer you to these organizations by their bolded designation -- Order, Federation, Society.

This email has to be brief and in broad strokes because I will have to go back to my notes going back to 2005 for a more detailed history.

At the time that Sir Jose Lina was entrusted to rehabilitate the Order sometime in 2005(?) which was then split into 3 factions, some members of the Order in Canada were also struggling to achieve reform in the Order.

They wanted a measure of autonomy from the HQ in the Philippines. Their leading spokesman was Sir Popoy Cana, then our regional commander. Fully supporting him was Sir Jun Zerrudo and members of the Scarborough Chapter -- the only chapter to do so under fire from the loyalists -- and knights from other chapters including myself.

Keep in mind though that most members were content to leave things well enough alone.

By the end of 2006, Sir Popoy was deposed and Sir Ka Miling brought back from retirement to oversee the transition. For many, it was the last straw. Knights in Canada held Sir Popoy in high esteem and deeply resented the Order's arbitrary and irrational decision to oust Sir Popoy.

Sir Davide assumed the top post in the Order in 2007. That year also witnessed a number of international resignations from the Order -- many of them high-ranking commanders. What is bothersome is that Sir Davide is not really active in his post. He is too busy in his job at the United Nations. I suspect he also wants to distance himself from personalities in the Supreme Council.

The Society was already organized in 2005 as a parallel organization. The founders included Sirs Mogi, Guy Camacho and Voltaire. Being completely a distinct organization, it has no ties to the Order and its members to not address each other as 'Sir' or 'Knight'. But they can also keep their membership to the Order as long as most of their work is for the Society. Its membership is limited to Ontario.

I resigned from the Order in 2007 but have yet to see the acceptance from my chapter commander now the Order's pursuivant Sir Jimmy Marasigan, an officer and gentleman.

The reformists-- Sir Jun Zerrudo et al -- embarked on a radical organizational shift. Sir Jun said the Federation did not separate but declared that because the Order had conducted itself in any number of ways that violate the ethos and its own constitution, the current Order is no longer the true inheritor of the original order that was legislated into existence in 1951 by Republic Act 646.

The Federation, therefore, is the true inheritor and establishes itself as such. Federation member knights can be found in Canada, U.S.A. and Europe.

You will have to check with Sir Jun for accuracy but I think I have it right.

Personally, I don't think much of the Order. When Claro M. Recto was fighting for the Rizal Bill to be passed making Rizal's novels required reading in college, he was opposed by the Church and 'Soc' Rodrigo , Recto could only count a few as his friends in that battle. I think it was Sir Joe Luzadas who told me that the Order was not one of them.

If you can, get acquainted with the Federation members there -- especially Lazir, Barcelona and Brennock.

In Rizal,


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Sir Voltaire,

Please, provide me more info about the International Federation of the Knights of Rizal. I myself is not happy the way our IHQ is manage. There are several long un-explained problems which has no tangible solutions and the people which are managing the affairs of the IHQ are involved in questionable activities making our international office as their business center.


Founding Regional Commander,
Middle East and Africa Region.


Dear Sir Zane Thirwall,

Just like your new Knights, I myself am confused not because of what Sir Lazir writes but of the inability or refusal of the Supreme Council to answer questions being asked by many confused Knights.

What you ask of Sir Lazir indeed has a noble objective.

I applaud you when you say that you will support Sir Lazir in his quest for answers to the questions that many other Knights had requested. Then support him by openly asking the Supreme Council the same questions. Let them know that you are as confused as your new Knights of the inability of our leaders to clear these issues confronting them. Let the Supreme Council know what damage their silence is doing.

Mr. Lazir, among many other noble and distinguished knights whom some had already resigned because of disgust, had repeatedly requested for clarification on the issues that they want resolved. Please remind yourself of the whole story of which you know very well.

The Supreme council alleged that all documents sent to headquarters to prove Sir Lazir's allegations had been lost. Many knights had forwarded for the second and third time the same documents long time ago. Why is there no investigation, or any indication thereof?

Why is it so difficult for the Supreme commander to answer questions like the following?
1. The alleged missing donations of Sir Mushake - was there or was there none?
2. The reasons for the promotions of some alleged undeserving KGORs to serve as examples for the new knights?
3. The result of the alleged investigation of the Supreme Council of the accusations against Paras as a plagiarist, of Alcoba as a racist, et al? This investigation as you recall was started by Sir Davide who unfortunately had to leave to assume other duties outside the Order. Why was it not continued?

I suggest that you explain to your new Knights and all that ask you the reason why Sir Lazir is sending his emails. Then perhaps they in turn can ask for clarification from the Supreme Council.

It is not Sir Lazir who is making this whole affair sordid and ridiculous, but rather the inability of the Supreme Council to clear the doubts that I assume are now in so many upright Knights.

Sir Thriwall, if there is nothing to hide, why can they not confront Sir Lazir with the answers to refute his allegations?

If they are not hiding anything, then they should tell every honorable Knight everything, as the Hawaii Chapter commander Sir Raymund Liongson of Hawaii had similarly asked.

The Supreme Council once and for all should reply to each of Sir Lazir's questions.

Only then will this sorry affair end.

Please feel free to qoute my email to your fellow Knights.

Yours in truth
Gerry Dimasukat

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Brod Lazir,

The problem in the Philippines these days is a sad situation for all, we can just pray for better times since so many are suffering.

My letter does not require a reply, but understanding.

The Order went through bad and hard days when we had the IHQ division, when Sir Lina took over there was protests about his taking the post, yet I saw no understanding from many Brother Knights of how he was working to change the Order for the better. After he ammended the CBL and it was done as best as posisble and was legal, few appreciated in public due to not knowing facts and did not want to comment, but many understood it was for the best.

It is my request that you please iron out your situation with OKOR IHQ then speak. these emails are hurting this Order more than its doing good.

I have new Knights here that are thinking they joined a bad group because of the emails from you. We have a large children's contest within two months here and more than 11 schools from Gulf schools will attend, our new Knights are needed but with such emails they are confused.

Once you have sat with Sir Ver and the Supreme council, let us all hear of the outcome. Since we have a new start with Sir Ver and the current Supreme Council lets give them a chance.

In the interim period kindly address our Supreme Commander as Sir and not by the family name. In England we see this as rude and not polite, if you address me as Thirlwall I will not respond.

You are an very well educated person, put to use this and lets get back on track, you can offer a great deal to all if a bit of understanding is seen.

If you can sort of mend things with the Supreme Council, I am ready to help and support you in pleading with Manila to consider your situation. You have been expelled and its a serious action. You can offer a lot but the emails are too much, honestly they are too much....

OKOR started fresh with Sir Ver and this council, we need to help and support as well.


Sir Zane

Monday, September 28, 2009


Our Pilgrimage Tour to France, Portugal and Spain

“To travel,” says, Burton Holmes, who was an authority on Travel fifty years ago, ”is to possess the world”. To modern-day pilgrims, it’s the culmination of that “someday” wish to visit places like Fatima in Spain and Lourdes in France. To others, it is a late learning experience to correct the perception that Fatima and Lourdes are not just gender names but actual places or locations where the “apparition” of the Virgin Mary was reported to have taken place.

Still to others, it’s more than a solemn meditation; it’s a travel to new lands, meet other pilgrims and enjoy the camaraderie of the members of the group. And of course, shopping along the way!

Our trip was a wonderful experience in such awesome places like Lisbon to visit the Belem Tower, St Anthony's church, and Nazare, Santarem, and Porto also in Portugal. In Spain, whose delicacies are very similar to ours, we visited Santiago, Covadonga, Barcelona and Montserrat. We also toured France where we visited Lourdes to see the relics of St Bernadette on display. What an expeience lining up for ( 1 to 5 hours ) to undergo "bath" rite!

Summing it up, it is a worthwhile educational and religious pilgrimage as you will see in the pictures of the 23 people mostly from Toronto including members from the Knights of Rizal like Sir Fran Pulumbarit, Sir Rudy Espiritu and Sir Joe Luzadas, anmd also the members of CLARIZ, Lady Baby Pulumbarit, Lady Trini Espritu and Lady Angie Luzadas.

The successful pilgrimage was organized by Sir Fran Pulumbaritt and Lady Baby Pulumbarit with Father Romeo Tolentino as Spiritual Adviser.

Reported by:

Jose Sison Luzadas

Toronto, CANADA


Sir Manny,

Lazir can only agree with you on the nobility of your project goals to help our brethren in New Iloilo, Bukidnon! Go for it, kind Sir!

Alcoba and Ms Darryl Bautista have used "dirty" words, even hitting others below the belt!

Lazir's arguments may be forceful, as he calls a spade a spade. But he doesn't resort to unTRUTHs!

SOUTH AFRICA experienced the horrors of Apartheid, where humans turned to "wild animals", abusing/maltreating their kindred, for no other reason than just the difference in their skin color! Nelson Mandela, considered one of the GREATEST STATESMEN of recent past, suffered UNTOLD humiliation, jailtime, torture, abuse, in the hands of his white countrymen! Once freed, Mandela helped transform South Africa from dictatorship to democracy! Revered as he is worldwide, he never STOPped the formation of the TRUTH COMMISSION, partly supported/headed by Nobel Laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu, formed to investigate and bring to light the APARTHEID horrors, with the goal to make this NEVER HAPPEN again!

Rightfully done!

The PHILIPPINES apparently progressed backwards under the conjugal Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos' 20-yr dictatorial rule! The dead Marcos alone currently uses up more electricity and emits more CO2 into the atmosphere dead than alive! ...still stays above ground in near-freezing temperatures in temperate Northern Philippines!

Erap, who allegedly made money from Jueteng and shady stock trading using GSIS/SSS funds, was thrown out of Malacanang too, got jailtime, was investigated, tried, convicted, then was (unjustly!) pardoned by the current administration! Expecting something in return perhaps, like reigning-in large crowds of D & E class Metro Manila residents?

The country tried to rebuild, but those who obviously benefitted more were the same abusive groups close to Marcos, Ramos, Erap and GMA! Not one said "SORRY". Only big fish caught/jailed was Erap, but he never said "SORRY" too and he's out of jail again!

How can the nation rebuild or heal, when today's generation don't even know what Marcos and Imelda did?

Compare our country N-O-W to JAPAN after 1946; to SOUTH KOREA after 1953; to VIETNAM after 1975!

SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG in the Philippines today! There's MORAL DECAY that many of us, Knights included, choose to overlook!

Quiambao confers KGOR to Paras April 2001 and who approved of it? Esguerra personally exalted undeserving Alcoba, Guansing, Nollas to KGOR, Paris 2007 and it is alright per Supreme Council? Palomar got KGOR in Prague, Sep 2009 for having "founded" the KOR Hamburg Chapter? What does that bring to country and to the KOR as required by the Manual? Was Sir Reghis Romero and the KOR Supreme Council hoodwinked with falsified reports or petitions SIGNED by Belgian-Filipino KGORs?

Let's not forget Paras' introduction of the TWISTED "Filipino Muna" policy (put Filipinos as HIGH KOR officials FIRST, qualified or not) that expectedly propelled the KOR Europe Region BACKWARDs! Quiambao reportedly pushed for Paras' appointment, and Esguerra confirmed this, as if Esguerra was right! If given a second chance, would Esguerra do exactly the same shameful thing, by the good graces of his family?

And the KOR, headed by KGCR Virgilio Esguerra and KGCR Rogelio Quiambao that banners Dr Jose Rizal's name and photo is right(?), per lawyer & KGOR Samuel Samuela in persecuting Sir Jun Zerrudo and Lazir for their writings/reports/valid questions as well as for their use of the name IFKoR, the Rizalian emblem/symbols?

And Esguerra, lawyers Quiambao and Samuela, instead of being PART OF THE SOLUTION, chose to CAUSE Philippine society more problems through their wasteful, wrongful edicts, memoranda; their causing the distribution of undeserved medals, ranks, sashes, promotions, foremost of these the undeserved KGOR for denouncer Peter Plueckebaum last February 2009?

Again, to quote incompetent Virgilio Esguerra's famous adjective: 'NAKAKAHIYA!"

No, Sir Manny, we simply cannot absolve evildoers who deny wrongdoing and refuse to even say "SORRY"! Esguerra, Quiambao, Samuela, et al have no right to so DEBASE the good name and legacy of Dr Jose Rizal!

For country and people!

- lowly Knight who will keep fighting for Dr Jose Rizal's good name!


Hi Knights and Friends of Rizal,

I am the Manny Bade referred to in some of the emails.

I used to get involved in these fights. I go by the nom de guerre of "The Black Knight". And I used to get real dirty too.

But I realized that there is a time to fight, a time to raze and a time to rebuild.

So now I decided to forget about personalities in the Order, I just want to build projects that will benefit our poor kababayans in the Philippines. I believe my energy is better spent in organizing projects than in destroying others.

There is a barangay in Mindanao known as New Ilo-ilo, Pangantukan, Kidapukan, Bukidnon, whose inhabitants literally live in darkness. They don't have electricity because they are so far away from the grid that NAPOCOR refused to spend 20 million pesos to build a transmission line to benefit just 200 families. So, my friend Ramon Naguita who witnessed the Barangay's plight personally when he went there on a medical mission asked me to find ways and means to help these God forsaken people.

I am a solar energy consultant and I requested my European supplier to help us in this quest and gladly, the supplier immediately discounted the cost by 60%, so instead of US$25,000 for the solar generator unit he now drops it down to just US$10,000.

The Scarborough Chapter of the Knights of Rizal under Sir Noel Lalicon, KCR has pledged in principle to raise the necessary funds through their fundraising. Ramon and I had approached politicians and bureaucrats in the Philippines, and we are making headway. Aside from the US$10,000, there is the additional cost of the LED lights, the wires to connect the houses, the transportation from Europe to the Philippines and to the hinterlands of Mindanao. And of course the labour but we will have to ask the recipients to supply the necessary sweat capital for the project.

As I said, I'm tired of fighting. It is more satisfying to work to build instead of to destroy.

I'm inviting other knights and interested people to join our informal group known as "Friends
of New Ilo-ilo". Together we can make a difference in the lives of these people, particularly the children who toil under the kerosene lamp straining their eyes to read their books in the darkness of the night. It is particularly for them that I dedicate my efforts.

I hope you can join us.

Non omnis moriar,

Sir Manny Bade

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Prof. Emilio C. de Catalina gave due credit to Sir Lucien Spittael for his research on Rizal in his book entitled “Rizal – A Textbook For College Students” as shown on page 251.

On 20 February 1995, Sir Lucien went to the Brussels City Hall archives to research on the true identity of the Belgian girl that Rizal was believed to be in love with. However, he stumbled on a stunning revelation which the Philippine historians must have missed that Suzanne Jacoby was not what everybody believed to be his Belgian girlfriend but the younger lady who lived with her by the name of Suzanne Thill. Taking into consideration the wide difference of age between Jacoby (1845) and Rizal (1861), he could have had very likely succombed to the charms of Suzanne Thill (1872).

What was also most important in his research was his discovery of the exact location where Rizal stayed in Brussels at 38, rue de Philippe de Champagne, which was renumbered to 42 on 10 August 1900.

Please note that Sir Lucien will be in the Philippines on 24 September and he is tentatively to give a 2-hour presentation in Negros in connection with his major researches and discoveries on Rizal in Europe, including several of his unpublished letters and many of the newly discovered objects he sent to Europe.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This letter refers to your famous brother knight who is subject of being talked about as the real regional Commander of Canada since 2006.Justify Full
Is this the same, CHITO M. COLLANTES of Toronto, Canada, who is known to be an IMPERTINENT ARROGANT? to the extent of BULLYING OTHERS? FORGING THE SIGNATURE OF HIS UNCLE? - definately and clearly showing disgusting behaviour and disrespect to others.

As far as it is known, on the basis of the informations that have been receieved in Canada, it's sad to sy that CHITO M. COLLANTES's credibility is quite low aside from being questionable. For a fact, he used to have two (2) pending cases against him: one (1) "libel suit" and another for "confederacy to defame". These were filed against him by the Board of Directors of the 'Filipino Centre Toronto' headed by Board Chairman Victoria Santiago and President Rosalinda Javier.

A certain Mr. Adolfo Tigley also said that Mr. CHITO M. COLLANTES allegedly absconded the funds of an association in Calgary, Alberta where he once served as treasurer. A catholic priest in Toronto likewise complained allegedly about unsavory behaviour the way CHITO M. COLLANTES conduct his business.

There are still other unpleasant complaints about CHITO which would downgrade his credibility in Canada in such a way that would put into question his promotion as a Knight Grand Officer of Rizal (KGOR) of aside from putting shame to the honorable organization - Order of the Knights of Rizal. Well, this is similar to the case of Sir Para, KGOR whose mentor/idol is Sir Quiambao, KGCR

In the Philippines, as the records clearly show, there are two (2) pending criminal cases: 1) Criminal Case No. 7112 - RTC 29, La Union, for ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT; 2) Criminal Case No. 14260-04 RTC, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, for ILLEGAL RECRUITMENT and still pending before NBI Manila two (2) other criminal cases: for Estafa and Large Scale Recruitment.

It's not a delight in putting someone in the bad light but the records are clear and by reason thereof there people who are very unmfortable and now regretted having been associated with CHITO.

retired canadian


Chito also recently added the title “Dr” to his name. How he got the title – he has not been able to explain (I wrote him and asked how he got his title). He replied by threatening to bring to court those who are accusing him of getting/buying his title surreptitiously. Actually he just avoided giving me a straight answer.

BTW - Was Sir Manny Bade (Scarborough Knight in Toronto), who loves to recite or sing, given the chance to recite the “Last Farewell?” He was invited by Collantes to deliver the poem in Prague. Funny but the same Manny was kick out, literally, at the last regional Assembly in Canada by Collantes himself. Manny wrote that Chito apologized for kicking him out. Ewan ko, if I was treated like that I would not even spend a ticket for Europe just to recite “on Chito’s behalf.”

What is encouraging are signs of involvement by previously-silent-knights, now questioning IHQ actions or inactions. I hope more come out now. In some ways I regret having resigned – it is probably more effective to fight corruption inside the organization. How is the project (initiated by Pleckebaum?) on Ethics going along?

Life is short, my friend. Things gotta have to happen! With a whomp!

Friday, September 25, 2009



Thanks so much for once more forwarding this "NOTICE OF DECISION" dated 07 Jan 09 (shown below)!

It gives Lazir a chance to highlight the writer's (Samuel S. Samuela's) grave mistakes!

Recommend he be barred from law practice for reasons, IGNORANCE OF THE LAW! Lazir is no lawyer while Samuela supposedly is. But surely somewhere, there is a provision in jurisprudence that provides INVESTIGATE, PROSECUTE the evildoers, not the reporter of the wrong done!

Here's WHY Samuel Samuela can be called both Ignorant and Stupid:

1. The names "Samuela S. Samuela" and "Samuel S. Samuela" may appear identical/the same. But by Lazir adding just one letter "a" to the former, it becomes feminine! The latter stays masculine! Therefore, they are NOT the same!

IHQ must have A-L-L the completed KOR membership application forms, filed/archived. Samuela goes to the IHQ. If Samuela will just do his job correctly, he will see there's no such name "MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA"! If he CAN find a member with the name "MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA", should Lazir give him Euro 5,000? If Samuela CANNOT find such a name, that person does not exist! If that person does not exist, it is stupid of Samuela (or anyone) to insist he is referring to one and the same person!

2. Maureen Fernandez is supposedly long gone! Why is her name still being (ab)used at IHQ? To use the name of an innocent, non-participant, non-employee of IHQ, is VIOLATION of that person's privacy! If Samuela were a good lawyer, he should KNOW this! If Samuela were non-partisan, he should already investigate if not put a STOP to the (ab)use of an innocent person's name! Whoever is forwarding IHQ e-mails, (mis-)using the name "Maureen Fernandez", should STOP it, or he/she earns the description "STUPID" as well!

3. Each time Laon Laan forwards comments to IHQ, all IHQ could put forward is an attachment! If Samuela were clever, he would already complain to IHQ or stop IHQ from repeatedly using the same attachments he signed! Or can't he think that repeating an act 3-5x won't bring new arguments nor validate fallacies? Really stupid of Samuela if he allows his name bannered once more, in reply to Laon Laan!

4. Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein exposed "Watergate" that forced the downfall of Richard Nixon! No individual with just a little bit of intelligence would blame Woodward & Bernstein for "bringing shame" to or "inimical acts" against the Office of the President of the United States of America! Anyone who blames Woodward & Bernstein would/could be labelled stupid!

Lazir questioned/exposed/wrote about the crooked machinations of Quiambao (one ex.: he reportedly promoted Paras to KGOR April 2001, Florida for nothing Rizalian or beneficial to KOR or to country, a farce!) and Esguerra (one ex.: in his incompetence, he confirmed the wrongful Paras appointment to Regional Commander, Europe, w/o any valid reason to do so!) plus the corrupt practices of their boys in the KOR; Paras in Europe and Collantes in Canada. Instead of investigating the evildoers, Samuela persecutes the reporter/journalist and pushed for his expulsion! For a lawyer, is this not plain and simple STUPIDITY? Samuela says the KOR is an illustrious organization. Did he also forgot that good/illustrious Knights are discerning enough to see what is valid, logical, correct and what is not?

5. While lawyer Samuela concluded that Moreno "committed misconduct and/or misbehavior affecting the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal", the same Samuela seems to be convinced Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, et al (to name a few), did not, although records show that direct descendants of Dr Jose Rizal's friends, Pastor Ullmer and Ferdinand Blumentritt, RESIGNED IN DISGUST -- not because of Lazir, but because of the SHAMEFUL acts of Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, et al! Is this not sufficient proof that Samuela is not only practicing stupidity but also hypocrisy?

6. Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, Plueckebaum, Guansing, et al practically supported each other propagate un- Rizalian/unethical activities just by mere giving or receiving UNDESERVED KGOR titles/ranks! Yet, lawyer Samuela concludes these individuals' single/conspirative actions didn't NEGATIVELY affect "the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal"? (Lazir's wish is for Samuela to show documents/memoranda SIGNED by Samuela against Lazir to his family and children, so they can tell him what stupidity means!)

7. Lazir's justifiable motive for his various e-mails is to try to weed out corruption/corrupt practices in the KOR! That definitely, is Rizalian! If Samuel S. Samuela dosen't find that "justifiable" a motive, is Samuela a fake Rizalist or one simply pretending to be, or both?

8. Anent thereto, if the amended KOR by-Laws are deemed violated by Moreno, per Samuela's findings/conclusions, how come the same Samuela, finds NOTHING wrong with what Quiambao, Esguerra, (et al) did, for violating RA 646? Samuela is not even ASHAMED to banner his signature under the name of The Great Malayan, categorizing his act/s "non-partisan", yet showing PARTIALITY, by not investigating the friends of his friends! Can't lawyer Samuela see where he is leading himself into? If non-lawyer Lazir knows, the lawyer Samuela should know better!

Below are pertinent provisions of Republic Act 646 which lawyer Samuel S. Samuela cannot simply look away from, if he wants readers to believe he is an honest purveyor of (KOR) Justice and/or is KOR's Chief Investigator/Prosecutor, with integrity! By avoidance, not only will Samuela indeed look stupid, but dumb and inutile as well -- Sherlock Holmes, the Lame?

VIOLATIONs of Sec 7, RA 646, applies squarely

- upon Rogelio Quiambao, KGCR [for excluding/hiding the missing P355,000? -- approx. Euro 5,000 x today's rate of P71 -- from the KOR Books of Accounts, which was confirmed donated by Mushake to KOR sometime RY 1999/2000 when said Rogelio Quiambao was KOR Supreme Commander!];

- upon Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR [for cover-up as Supreme Commander by not ordering an investigation of funds' whereabouts, which is his job if he were competent!];

- upon Samuel S. Samuela, KGOR [for aiding the cover-up, looking away & keeping silent about these missing funds, while vigorously persecuting MUCH LESSER charges (against Sir Jun Zerrudo & Lazir!)].

SECTION 7. Any donation or contribution which from time to time may be made to the corporation by the Government or any of its subdivisions, branches, offices, agencies, or instrumentalities, or by any other person or entity shall be expended by the Supreme Council solely to promote the purposes for which the corporation is organized.

VIOLATIONs of Sec 8, RA 646, applies squarely

- upon Rogelio Quiambao, KGCR [for shamelessly NOT resigning his current position as/for falsely and fraudulently usurping a seat as member of the Council of Elders, even as he still keeps his silence about the missing P355,000 which never got into the KOR Books of Accounts...therefore not spent ICW Sec 7, RA 646!; or for falsely and fraudulently making himself organizer and/or representative, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal, last February 2009 during the Manila Assembly; etc.!];

- upon Virgilio Esguerra, KGCR [for falsely and fraudulently making himself its Chief Representative carrying the title of Supreme Commander in various 2007, 2008, 2009 memoranda, as member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal, since the time the missing P355,000 came to his attention as MISSING in the KOR Books of Accounts, thereby effectively covering up this transaction; then for falsely and fraudulently accepting the job of Supreme Commander after last May 2008 KOR elections; then for falsely and fraudulently acting as Supreme Commander last February 2009 during the Manila Assembly; etc.!];

- upon Samuel S. Samuela, KGOR [for likewise falsely and fraudulently calling himself as, or representing himself to be, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal, when he signed the below Memo using the KOR letterhead, with date 07 January 2009 and dateline Manila, Philippines, December 14, 2008; etc. ].

SECTION 8. From and after the passage of this Act, it shall be unlawful for any person to falsely and fraudulently call himself as, or represent himself to be, a member of, an agent for, the Knights of Rizal; and any person who violates any of the provisions of this Act shall be punished by imprisonment of not to exceed six months or a fine not exceeding five hundred pesos, or both, in the discretion of the court.

9. While Samuela needs the Supreme Council to impose the sanction of terminating Moreno's membership, Lazir only has to prove Samuela's evil deed of PARTIALITY in the conduct of his investigations to show discerning readers that he, Samuel Samuela, upon acts of his own, terminated himself from the roster of the Knights of Rizal, pursuant to the provisions not only of Article IV, Section 8 (a) of the 2006 Amended by-Laws, but also per Sec 4, 7 and 8 of Ra 646, thereby stripping himself the rights and privileges of membership in the (once!) prestigious Order of the Knights of Rizal. (See above Numbers 1-9.).

Samuela should, even as disbarment proceedings initiated by someone in the Philippines are pushed through, quit the KOR now, for he so miserably failed the various Rizalian and ethical tests, making him more a champion Rizalian pretender, than a true Rizalist. His English is good, so Lazir assumes Samuela knows Lazir is correct!

Quiambao and Esguerra likewise should, before history judges them so harshly, do the honorable thing and resign from their KOR positions/functions without delay, giving way to either Sir Pablo Trillana III and/or Sir Reghis Romero to take over the reigns of this illustrious KOR, blazing the path for greater Glory and enabling the return of eloquent names Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer as well as Sir Ernest(o) Blumentritt to the KOR fold.

For a Democratic Order!
For Pride in the Order!
For the Good of the Order!

For country and people!


- one Knight who won't simply retract what he said, like his idol, Dr Jose Rizal (on Catholism/Masonry)!
- his motive is more than justifiable: to try to weed out corruption/corrupt practices in the illustrious KOR!
- the only KOR Knight who refused a well-deserved promotion from the undeserving conferror Esguerra!


7 January 2009

Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter
Order of the Knights of Rizal


Notice is hereby given of the Supreme Council Decision issued dated December 14, 2008, finding MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA to have committed misconduct and/or misbehavior affecting the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal in maliciously imputing in writing (e-mail messages) alleged vices or defects attributed to the Knights of Rizal without justifiable motive.

Anent thereto, the Supreme Council imposed the sanction of terminating the membership of MORENO (RIZAL) VICTORIA from the roster of the Knights of Rizal, pursuant to the provision of Article IV, Section 8 (a) of the 2006 Amended by-Laws, and thereby strips him of the rights and privileges of membership in the prestigious Order of the Knights of Rizal. (See Certified Copy of the Decision.).

Manila , Philippines , December 14, 2008.

Supreme Pursuivant

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Brothers in Rizal,

Nothing personal against Quiambao, Esguerra, Paras, Guansing, Collantes, Alcoba, Plueckebaum, Nollas, Palomar, et al, . They must go back to the fold of Rizalism and ethics, starting with RETURNing undeserved ranks, titles, positions wrongly-given/received by them, if they truly treasure the legacy of and want to emulate the hero!

Rizalism is much, much deeper, more valuable intrensically than Paras' understanding of owning a medal, sash, rank...! It is far nobler than Collantes' understanding of "wealth", "self", "ego"!

When a head office repeatedly sends the same attachment/s, without comments, using another person's name (Maureen Fernandez'), isn't that a clear sign of MORAL bankruptcy? Or worse, an admission of guilt, as charged by Lazir?

KOR Knights, more especially KOR leaders!, must be "Noble, Courageous, and True" (from Sir Raymund Liongson, Hawaii) as they respond to the valid grievances, the calls for CHANGE and/or transparency!

The answer to Sir Volt's question on what to "do to a plagiarist like Lino Paras" may also be found in the Noli, albeit clothed in mystery and answered in the form of questions:

1. Would Padre Damaso want the whole world to know the child Maria Clara is his?
2. Would Paras not object to a DNA test for the child Maria Clara, if the question were thrown at him?
3. Would Padre Damaso object to this Maria Clara paternity test?
4. Would Esguerra, Samuela or someone at IHQ go get a court injunction to prevent this child Maria Clara's DNA test?

Simplifying the question: If Lazir whose trumped-up "charges" are not really solidly proven BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT could be investigated, "expelled", WHY CAN Paras NOT be expelled when the Supreme Council reportedly already arrived at a conclusion (in 2007!), per Sir Pedro (in January 2008!)? What IHQ secrets does Paras keep with him? Who has more skeletons in his closet: Padre Salvi or Esguerra or Padre Damaso or Quiambao?

IHQ is in a bind! How to reply to lowly Lazir, whom they mauled/abused/tried hard to throw out(?)(or to Sir Raymund, or to Sir Volt, et al), without getting buried deeper in the morass, as it tries very hard to look CREDIBLE!

IHQ might not have much choice but to rid itself of useless baggage with names like Quiambao, Esguerra, Samuela, Paras, Guansing, Collantes, Alcoba, Plueckebaum, Nollas, Palomar, Taguiang, et al, so it can once more stand proudly and rightfully as beacon of HOPE for country and people, as envisioned by the founding "Caballeros"!

The country is in deep misery, owing partly to the "institutionalized" moral decay of our leaders (KOR and country) and the complacency of MANY brother Knights and countrymen! Pres Fidel Ramos called upon all of us to REFORM, TRANSFORM! Chief Justice Reynato Puno called for a moral crusade, as he established the country's MORAL FORCE!

For how can this present KOR dispensation "train and develop the Youth in character building, citizenship training, democratic leadership, patriotism, universal brotherhood, and dedicated service to God, country and people" when its top "Honchos" and some of its Regional/Deputy Area/Area Commanders are unethical if not violators themselves of RA 646, or merely after trinkets/metals/ranks/positions/sashes, attending more to their own SELFISH needs, but not really working TO SERVE others?

Remember the German saying to never appoint (nor vote for) the goat to become the gardener? Here, right now, this KOR garden has more goat gardeners even if IHQ and Esguerra will try to deny it!

All is not LOST! We Knights ourselves can close ranks and solve the dilemma we are in, if we see the problem and accept responsibility for the wrong we did!

The KOR as an institution MUST lead by ethical/Rizalian example, if it wants to proudly retain the name of the Great Malayan, if it wants monopoly of the Rizalian symbols, if it wants to be seen as the country's exponent of high moral values worldwide!
Justify Full
For country and people!

- one lowly Knight who doesn't easily surrender for the good name of Dr Jose Rizal and KOR's renewal/CHANGE!

- living proof that high position, rank, titles, heavy metals, do not automatically bring good character & moral integrity!


Allegations, charges, silence, terminations, and all sorts. Let us put them to rest once and for all.

These are all bringing very bad impressions on the Knights of Rizal. Many of us members are silently observing -- and getting confused, discouraged, dispirited, disillusioned. Instead of a "resend" of a memo on the termination of Moreno (Rizal, aka "Lazir") Victoria, may we ask that the Supreme Council to directly and honestly answer the points raised by Victoria and send them to all Knights of Rizal members around the world.

The dismissal of Lazir, according to the Notice of Decision, is due to "misconduct and/or misbehavior affecting the dignity, integrity, honor and/or reputation of the Knights of Rizal in maliciously imputing in writing (e-mail messages) alleged vices or defects attributed to the Knights of Rizal without justifiable motive." (highlights added)

Does he have to justify his motive? I do not think that is necessary. He only needs to prove them. The Supreme Council also needs to address point by point the issues he raised -- whether they are true or otherwise. That is all we members need. The issues raised appear valid. We want to know whether Lazir's claims are true.

There are so MANY VERY and MORE IMPORTANT matters we need to address and do other than the politics in the KoR. We ask that these issues be satisfactorily addressed -- not by just coming out with notices and memos of termination of a member -- but truly addressing the issues and resolving them.

Many of these are now spilling outside of the KoR circle and it is creating a very bad image for the organization. JPRizal is not just weeping over what is happening with the association attributed to his name; he must be furious in his grave.

Knights are supposed to be noble, courageous, and true.

Let us be those.
Raymund Liongson
Knights of Rizal-Hawaii

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dear Raymund,

I resigned from the Knights Of Rizal a long time ago because of despicable behaviour by some members of the order including a few occupying the top of the hierarchy.

It was a difficult decision to make but even after the illustrious Sir David failed to transform the order, myself and another 'malcontent' decided to found a small Rizalist organization with just a few friends hoping we can honour Rizal's legacy.

It was difficult because quite a number who remain in the Order are fervent nationalists and Rizalists -- (I can only speak for the Canadians) Sirs Mogi Mogado, Manny Bade, Poy Cana, Joe Luzadas, Jimmy Marasigan -- to name a few-- who continue to serve in their own way.

I resigned for a number of reasons but mainly because the Order of the Knights of Rizal has not followed through with the vision that Rizal possessed for the nation that is Pilipinas.

To go back to the accusation that Sir Lazir laid against Paras, I can tell you that it is true that Paras' so-called book 'Born to be a Hero' plagiarized Jose Rizal, Filipino Doctor and Patriot written by Jose Baron-Fernandez, edited by Teodoro M. Locsin, translated by Dr. Lilia Hidalgo Laurel and published by Manuel L. Morato in 1980."

Paras also passed Andres Bonifacio's translation of Rizal's 'Mi Ultimo Adios' as his own -- word for word.

What should the illustrious leaders of the Order of the Knights of Rizal do to a plagiarist like Lino Paras?

You tell me.

In Rizal,

Voltaire de Leon
Rizal Society of Ontario