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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Philippines: It’s Time For A Long Overdue Paradigm Shift

david-nyeIt’s uncanny that the mainstream media are making a big deal of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s so-called “pivot” to China. In the history of the world, countries “pivot” all the time as they seek to do what’s best for themselves and not what’s best for those outside of them. Japan and Germany were vicious Axis powers during World War II, but ended up closely allied with the US henceforth. Did the media make a big deal out of that? And the former Soviet Union and the US were Allied powers during the same war, before the Soviets decided to challenge US dominance.
What’s worse, the media remain in static mode on their concept of “good” and “evil:” if countries are aligned with the US, they wear the proverbial “white hat,” and if not, they don the “black hat” as did the stereotypical cowboys of the Western films.
The prevailing mainstream media narrative is that Mr. Duterte is making a “risky” move by “aligning” himself with China. Really? Is it “risky” or “deft?” Furthermore, is it so much pro-China or pro-Philippines? Is the world what it was 50-60 years ago? Are the mainstream media watching too many Hollywood movies, stuck in that Captain America versus Red Skull mode? If they are, somebody should tell them Captain America was created in the context of shoring up patriotism in the US during WWII.
Those days are long gone.
Yes, Duterte’s “pivot” does make news but not necessarily in the negative vein that most mainstream media make it appear. The problem in the Philippines is the crabs pounce at the slightest impulse, not realizing what they’re doing is not doing the country and society any good. If there ever were a Backbiting Olympics, the Philippines would be considered runaway favorites in the gold medal tally.
For example, the crabs have been quick to label Mr. Duterte as “Communist” or “Leftist.” So what? Why is being leftist “bad” or “evil?” Being “leftist” or “capitalist” is in itself amoral. It’s what one does with it which determines whether his or her actions are morally sound or not. I know countless capitalists who are rotten at the core.
For the Philippines, it’s time for a paradigm shift. They’ve tried “business as usual” for decades and they’ve gone from one of the more respected Asian nations to a near basket case. It’s time they reclaim their rightful place in the world. And President Rody Duterte is trying to make that happen.
So we say to you crabs, Shut your yapper and clam up.
Written and compiled by: David Nye & Lance Sterling

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