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Sunday, October 23, 2016


DUTERTE will call for a closed-door meeting with Leila De Lima, Mar Roxas, and former President Noynoy Aquino next week or the next to gather some vital information regarding proliferation of drugs in Bilibid during De Lima's stint as Justice Secretary during Aquino's administration, the proper accounting of Yolanda funds donated by foreign countries during Roxas' stint as DILG Secretary and the clear and actual blow-by-blow account of the unfortunate Mamasapano incident last year during Pnoy's stint as Philippine President.

Current President Rody Duterte is still wondering about real deal of these issues along with the rest of the Filipino people. He is pissed and wants to talk to these figures before him in closed-door meeting sometime this week or next.

In an article dated a few days ago, Delima was quoted that congestion and lack of facilities were the reason why drugs became so rampant in Bilibid. For Mar Roxas part, during the electoral campaign, he was seen and heard saying that he knows where to buy drugs in Davao and Makati, ignorant and oblivious of his possible criminal liabilities being a DILG secretary at the time.

He also needs to answer, along with Pnoy, regarding the accounting of Yolanda funds. Until now, hundreds of thousand of the Yolanda victims have yet to feel the benefits of the huge monetary donations that should have been used for rehabilitation, financial assistance in their livelihood and housing. Pnoy has already been filed a case by the relatives of the victims of the Mamasapano massacre due to Pnoy's alleged ineptitude as a commander-in-chief that costed the lives of the 44 soldiers. His indifference during the wake of the dead soldiers also earned ire from the Filipino people.

Until now, millions of Filipinos are craving for justice regarding certain lapses done by the past administration, and President Rodrigo Duterte wants to give them that. He does not believe in blaming the past administration of their past mistakes, but he believes that these issues are on a different level. He further said that the closed-door meeting will not put these personalities in a bad light unless they start pointing their fingers and do the blame-game over again.

What do you think about these statements? Is the President being fair to them by calling a closed-door meeting? Should it be publicised on national television instead?

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