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Saturday, October 31, 2009

What shall we do when Manila is studying the APPEALS?

Fellow concerned members and true Rizalists.

Although French philosopher, VOLTAIRE 1694-1798 says that: IT'S DANGEROUS TO BE RIGHT WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS WRONG, there is no harm allowing our Supreme Council officers time to give serious thoughts on the appeals sent by Sirs Ray of Hawaii, Sir Tony of Connecticut and Sir Manny of Canada which is primarily aimed to putting an end to the impasse in such a way to break the "SILENCE" on the pending issues that former Supreme Commander Hilario Davide failed to act and to usher in a "GREAT EXPECTATION" from the rank-and-file members who longed to see tangible "SUCCESS" from his successors,in the meantime, we might as well spend time reading the article below.


People are bored with names and dates to appreciate history. But writing or telling history is like singing a song. Much depends on the style or approach and delivery. Much also depends in the use of picturesque words and phrases. We often hear this cliché, “it’s the singer and not the song” so is the historian and the storyteller’.

Here is a way to get crazy with history by quoting selected writers: Let’s begin with Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Time Magazine who said: “SOME PEOPLE MAKE HEADLINES WHILE OTHERS MAKE HISTORY.”

Did not Winston Churchill, author of “The History of the English Speaking People” correctly predict the judgment of history? when he said:


Here are more famous names who are not strangers in you readings.



Edward Gibbon 1737-1793


George Santayana 1863-1952

”TODAY’S NEWS, IS TOMORROW’S HISTORY. ”Today’s rock is tomorrow’s classic” … Anonymous

What about Dr Jose Rizal for using famous political or biblical quotes, cliché, dictum when you read the NOLI and FILI as translated by Leon Ma Guerrero?

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD: Simply meanssomething which seems valuable at first but later on may turn out to be worthless. Example: "Be careful when shopping for your new car; all that glitters is not gold!" Just because something appears valuable does not mean that it really is valuable. In the NOLI while Crisostomo was in a calesa ride around Manila recalling the days before he left for Europe he passed by a hill in Bagumbayn only to remember the old priest who was Father Jose Burgos warning him whatever he sees as “new” should not easily convinced him because “all that glitters is not gold”

SPARE THE ROD, SPOIL THE CHILD: We often hear this advice but it has a reversed psychology in modern philosophy of education. In Chapter 19 in the NOLI dramatized the trial and tribulation of a schoolteacher whose conscience is in conflict with the school policy guidelines. Summoned and reprimanded by the parish priest, the schoolmaster complained: "Soon it became known throughout the town that I was sparing the rod," The Parish priest sent for me". "He said that I was spoiling the children, that I was wasting time, that I was not doing my duty, that the father who "spared the rod spoiled the child"

IN THE KINGDOM OF THE BLIND A ONE-EYED IS A KING: In Chapter 32 in the NOLI Father Damaso used simile to impress his audience saying,."there is no great merit in the moon shining at night; in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is the king".

GREEK TO YOU appeared in Chapter 36 in the NOLI. One incident is where Father Damaso noticed a Spanish half-breed leaving the sacristy while he was delivering his sermon. When confronted the student replied, " I do not understand Tagalog". Then Father Damaso shouted and dealing him a blow, "Why did you try to be funny and say it is “Greek to you”?

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. This cliche' appeared in Chapter 36 where Don Filipo sighed bitterly after the mayor observed how the friars and the rich are united while the natives or Indios are divided and poor. "That is the way what will happen as long as that is the way we think, as long as prudence and fear mean the same. We give more importance to a possible evil than to an essential good. We meet an emergency with panic, not self-confidence. Everyone thinks of himself alone, nobody thinks of others, that is why we are all helpless".................... "Have you never heard the saying, charity begins at home?" The same cliché' resurfaced in the FILI in Chapter 15.

“VOX DEI VOX POPULI”. In a free society the epitome of the people's choice is best illustrated in election results equating that “the voice of the people is the voice of God". This phrase appeared in Chapter 27 in FILI. Is this not the standard measurement? It is an acceptance of the rule of the majority in any democratic society.

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST AND THE ELIMINATION OF THE UNFIT: Under the heading of chapter 7 “Simoun” comes Rizal’s way of echoing Charles Darwin’s evolution theory of Origin of Species and the struggle for existence, “Let the unfit perish and the strongest survive”


UNTO GOD THE THINGS THAT ARE GOD’S”: As in the Bible, a look at a FILI character in Chapter 14, there was Sandoval trying to convince fellow students as he appealed to their senses and said, ”But let us give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

”MIGHT MAKES RIGHT” is no more no less the equivalent of a ‘bullying tactic’, a deceitful advice and trickery attributed to Nicollo Machiavelli from his treatise, The Prince. It did not escape the writings of Rizal when his FILI character Isagani lectured on Juanito Pelaez saying “the end justifies the means” you can find this line in the latter part of Chapter 14.

”THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER” s the penultimate goal of an ideal society aspires to accomplish happiness. In this context, Rizal was fully aware of the socio-economic and political ideas of 18th century thinkers John Stewart Mill, Jeremy Bentham and the Utilitarians. In Chapter15, Mr. Pasta, the old lawyer was dispensing advice to Isagani, a medical student, “Always remember that charity begins at home. Man, as Bentham says, should not seek more than the greatest happiness for himself”.

”BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA”: There is a passage from Chapter 27 in the FILI, as the ensuing argument between Father Fernandez and Isagani. “But like yourselves, we must follow the tune we are “between the Devil and the deep blue sea".


Jose Sison Luzadas, KGOR
Scarborough Chapter, CANADA

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intransigence with an Ignominous End? Or Courage to change FOR THE BETTER and REDEMPTION?

Sir Manny,

HOPE does spring eternal, Lazir adheres to that, kind Sir.

Intransigence with an Ignominous End? Or Courage to change FOR THE BETTER and REDEMPTION?

The choice is theirs, as their days wane, twilight getting close, their TIME shortened! Who do they wish to see, St Peter or the guy with the pointed tail at the gate?

Intransigence is the path of COWARDS!

You very well qualify for KGOR, with your knowledge, caliber and delivery skills, Sir Manny.

However, try asking Angel Palomar in Hamburg though, WHAT made him "deserve" KGOR in Prague?

There's no VALID/DESERVING reason for his promotion, other than (again!) FAKE, if not DOCTORED or MANIPULATED reports! From (again!) Paras' boys and supporters, incl (perhaps?) questionable, lying priest, Apollo de Guzman, who signed the Paras petition, March 2001, and reportedly celebrated "holy" mass 20 Sep in Prague! Palomar lives in Hamburg, north Germany, and he knows that his function as Area Commander, Austria, is an EMPTY POST, with NO active Knight nor a single Chapter in Austria. Yet KGOR for Palomar? For what? Rizalism???

What a SHAME for KOR IHQ, which Samuela should INVESTIGATE, if he's impartial ("non-partisan" on the KOR letterhead he SHAMELESSLY uses!)

If Palomar can't give a convincing reason, IHQ is the LOSER and earns SHAME, if not INSULTS!

Why promote the UNDESERVING, no Manual nor Edict could fix?

WHY bring endless SHAME to the KOR, then (again!) blame Lazir for reporting? And the Supreme Commander just lets it go? And it is called "competence"?

And Lazir MUST respect him, for bringing SHAME to the noble name of the Great Malayan?

No way, Jose!

Recidivism is a familiar word with good lawyers!

Are lawyers Quiambao and Samuela BAD lawyers, that they still PUSHED their abusive acts, knowing BEFOREHAND (keeping Paras but expelling Sir Jun Z as well as Moreno)?

Good lawyers uphold and follow the law, not break them!

Pres de Klerck REDEEMED himself, when he set Nelson Mandela free! And the nobleman/statesman Mandela didn't take revenge upon his tormentors, brought democracy to South Africa, abolished Apartheid, put things in place that regulated succession to power, eventually making himself one of the GREATEST Statesmen alive, listened to/respected worldwide!

Can one claim such greatness for Quiambao or Esguerra or Samuela? The nearest description or title for their cult status, if they refuse CHANGE we can have from North Korea: something like: "great Leader", "venerable leader", "most wise leader", in that direction?

History will be harsh to the unwise!

May they now wake up and smell the coffee!

For country and people!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Our government is stealing from the destitute and disaster stricken..... Follow link

The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:
Shortcut to: http://www.quezon.ph/


Sir Manny,

Must the mountain come to the prophet, or vice versa, to settle nagging issues?

Sir Zane and Lazir used the simple e-mail/internet to settle with one another: brotherly, peacefully, gentlemanly.

Indeed, Manila may NOT waste this rare opportunity to redeem themselves, knowing that the WRONG came from there!

Here's WHY:

1. Lazir was NEVER heard from in 1999-2000, the time of the missing Mushake donation of DM 10,000 (approx. Euro 5,000)!

2. Lazir NEVER voiced out anything in March 2001, when Nollas and ex-Priest Apollo petitioned Quiambao with fabricated claims and reports to exalt fake Paras to KGOR, which Quiambao did in Florida, April 2001!

3. When Sir Lucien was appointed Regional Commander for Europe, but thru reported machinations of Quiambao, got replaced by Paras who NEVER even was OFFICIALLY nominated, per outgoing Regional Commander Sir Barry Bowman, then, despite protests from several corners in Europe, Esguerra CONFIRMED the Paras nomination, that MOVED Sir Hans Schoof, Sir Klaus Hartung, Dr Sir Fritz Hack-Ullmer and about 33% of the Wilehlmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter to RESIGN, Lazir NEVER complained, equally TRASHING the Samuela CLAIM that Lazir "shamed" the organization, when his bosses were trampling upon RA 646, Sec 4 on disgusting "moral character"; Sec 7 on missing "donations"; Sec 8 on "misrepresenting" the KOR in Paris, July 2007 and in Toronto, September 2008 then in Manila, February 2009!

Would Paras KNOW BY HEART the many DETAILS of what Dr Jose Rizal SIGNIFICANTLY did in Wilhelmsfeld, Heidelberg, Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, Bonn, Barcelona, Dapitan, Leitmeritz, Tokyo, Hongkong, etc. that Sir Lucien could all recite with ease, without asking for help from anyone?

So, if Quiambao and Esguerra practice Rizalism, HOW COME THEY PUSHED FOR Paras, SIGNED/CONFIRMED his appointment for European Regional Commander, giving the latter the name, the SHAME OF EUROPE, for KNOWING really NOT MUCH about the Lifes and Works of the Great Malayan..., the shame that eventaully reververated back to his backers, for (Paras') IGNORANCE on matters pertaining to Dr Jose Rizal? At the Bonn Chapter Anniversary, October 2007, Paras, the then incumbent Regional Commander, reportedly got asked about the meaning of the KOR symbol with Dr Jose Rizal's picture in the middle. Paras reportedly replied, go to or check it out in "the (KOR) Manual"! (Check it out, but you can't find the answer there!)

Sir Zane could have simply ignored the voice of a wise man, simply pretending "nothing is wrong", the way Paras so busily keeps himself occupied, as he aims his eyes upon the Mushake European TITLE of "Over-all Coordinator/Adviser, Europe" and KGCR RANK! As if, by so-doing, KNOWLEDGE will deposit in Paras' cerebellum!

But no, Sir Zane did away with pretense and took the noble step of publicly redeeming himself! Brother Knights are rightly praising him for coming to PEACE with himself!

Who in the IHQ can do such a NOBLE act?


For country and people!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?

Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo? (A special report from a volunteer)
Oct 21st, 2009 by ella

Dear friends,

I’m asking your help to spread the word. Tulungan po ninyo akong ikalat ito. Beyond this, we should also demand action. I disabled a plugin so you can copy the photos of relief goods rotting in DSWD warehouses. You can link this post to your blogs, facebook, websites etc. You can also email the photos.

Philippine News (US based Philippine newspaper) will use this as its front page story this week. Every Filipino has the right to know where the tons of donations from the UN and other counties go. Kahit po nakakahiya sa mga nag-donate. Kung sa ganitong paraan, matutulungan natin ang mga nasalanta, then by all means, let’s do it.

For those who have the time, please try to volunteer sa DSWD warehouses. Getting in was not easy. A friend had to put in a word for us. Let’s see kung madali nang makapasok sa DSWD warehouse ang mga volunteers.

Please read on and good luck to us.

(This post was last edited Oct 22, 12:30 pm)

Kahapon, tinanong ng Philippine News si DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral:

Editor of Philippine News: Why are the relief goods in DSWD warehouses not moving?

DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral: Wala kasing volunteers.

This short interview was done over the phone. Philippine News wanted to hear her side pero ayaw niyang makipag-usap sa press. After four tries, pinasabi na lang niya ang maikling sagot na ito sa secretary niya - “Walang volunteers”.

I don’t want to accuse her of corruption but at the very least she is showing signs of being totally incompetent. We are in a state of calamity where every second counts. May namamatay araw-araw dahil sa sakit.

In my opinion, these deaths could have been prevented if Secretary Cabral had tried a little harder to do her job.
Deaths from Philippine storms nears 1,000
“Tropical Storm Ketsana left 420 dead and 37 missing when it flooded 80 percent of Manila on September 26, a disaster the government said affected 4.35 million people.

Some areas are still flooded three weeks later and 189,000 people remain in evacuation centres,

Typhoon Parma hit the northern Philippines on October 3 and lingered as a tropical storm for a week, triggering landslides that killed 438 people and leaving 51 missing mostly in mountain communities.

The government agency said Parma affected 4.16 million people, including more than 32,000 who remain at evacuation centres.”

During the first week after the storm, lumabas ang “bayanihan spirit” ng mga Pinoy. “Makatulong lang kahi’t konti,” katwiran nila.

kung walang volunteers, ano ‘to, komiks?

From Stella Arnaldo’s blog:
“At the offices of many civic groups and private organizations, hundreds of people showed up to volunteer in packing relief goods.
At the Tulong Bayan center at the Expo Centro in Cubao, Most of the volunteers were adolescents as young as 10 years old, along with their kuya or ate in high school and college.

They came in huge numbers, many of them barkadas, classmates or siblings, dressed just in their tees and shorts, wearing their Havaianas. All were just enthusiastic to do their share!
Photos by Leah Navarro

Even grade school kids pitched in to help!

Youth volunteers repack detergents for distribution

making beds

Making beds from carton boxes

GMA asked world for donations

Our government begged the world for more donations. Sumagot ang buong mundo sa ating panawagan. In less than three weeks, dumaong ang mga barko, ibinaba mula sa mga cargo planes, i-diniliver ng mga trak at container vans ang sandamakmak na relief goods. Cash donations were in the millions of dollars.

But these donations must be coursed through DSWD

Nagpalabas ng directive ang pangulo. Individuals, private companies and other nations were ENCOURAGED to send their donations to DSWD. I blogged about it here and the video of her announcement here.

This PGMA directive sounded suspicious to me then. Now I know why. Here’s the story.

A group of eight people, your ate Ella included, went to one of DSWD warehouses to help in repacking relief goods. We know they need volunteers pero hindi namin akalaing WALANG TAO TALAGA SA LOOB NG WAREHOUSE!

As in sa isang humongous warehouse (1000++ sq.m) NA PUNONG-PUNO NG RELIEF GOODS HANGGANG BUBONG, ISANG DSWD employee lang at ISANG SECURITY GUARD ang tao!!

Kailangang magpa-register at i-schedule ang volunteering

1) UNICEF Registration (as a volunteer)

The warehouse can only take as much as 50 volunteers at a time or per shift. Here you will find that there is a 4-hour shift, and an option for a 6-hour shift for the volunteers to indicate their availability.

What “volunteers”? Nasaan?

Aside from the 8 of us? Nope, there was nobody there. Bakit kailangan ang scheduling? Feeling hindi ba magkamayaw at nagu-unahan ang mga volunteers?

I know somebody who wanted to volunteer many times. She was always bumped off, laging nirere-schedule kasi “there were too many volunteers” daw. At tuwing Sunday lang daw puwede. What the hell is going on here?

Nakatambak ang donations ng UNICEF sa warehouse, local and international

Mga banig na dapat ay nahihigaan ng mga nasalanta. Mga imported camp beds na hindi na yata masisilayan ng mga biktima. Mga kumot na hindi naman nakabalot sa katawan nila. At mga pagkaing hindi sumasayad sa sikmura nila.

The relief goods are not going anywhere

We arrived at about 8 am and left by midafternoon and yes, you guessed it right. Kami pa rin ang tao bukod sa isang DSWD employee sa loob ng warehouse maghapon. Walang ibang dumating.

The relief goods are not moving. By the way things look, they are not going anywhere. Hindi maglalakad mag-isa ang mga donations na ito papunta sa mga evacuation centers.


Note: Pinagbawalan kaming kumuha ng pictures sa loob ng warehouse. I wonder why.

walang tao 2
“Not a creature was moving, not even a mouse.”

walang tao
Parang haunted warehouse ang dating. May multo na yata.

pots and pans

Kahit na daig pa ang tindahan sa Divisoria sa dami ng naka-stack na kaldero

kaldero pa ulit

At walang katapusang kaldero pa ulit

delata 2

Kahit halos natakpan na ang mga bintana sa dami ng mga kahon


camp pads
(Close up ng Coleman camp beds sa previous photo) Hindi ito kasama sa ni-repack naming goods. Para sa mga “special victims” kaya ito? Ire-repack kaya ang mga “imported” camp pads na ito ever?


Sabagay, may BANIG naman para sa “ordinary victims”. Ito ang kasama sa inimpake namin. Sayang ‘yung imported.


Ano kaya ang laman nito? Hindi rin pinabuksan. Pang-special victim din kaya ito? (teka, dito nga pala galing ‘yung mga kumot)


Mahiwagang mga kahon from Japan Aid.


(close up ng mahiwagang kahon) Hindi rin ito kasali, of course. Hindi namin alam kung ano ang laman nito. “Imported” are not included, we have concluded.


Marami ito, mga laruang kasinlaki ng tao. Hindi nakunan ng pic kasi nasa tabi ng sikyo.

pork and beans

PORK AND BEANS? Yup, you’d think kasama ito sa relief bag. Pork and beans lang ‘to, puwede na sigurong ipamigay,

close up pork and beans

Naaah! “Imported” pork and beans from Spain po ito. Sorry, hindi pa rin included

Now let’s take a look at what a victim will get from DSWD

sa loob ng kaldero
Look Ma, sampung lata ng sardinas! How generous! Kaldero ang unang ilalagay sa sako. Sabong panglaba (bar soap) at sampung sardinas sa ilalim. Siyam na sabon sa gilid ng kaldero. Local goods lahat syempre.

tuwalya at napkin
Tapos papatungan ng isang tuwalya at isang pack ng sanitary napkin.


Sisiksikan ng tatlong rolyo ng kumot(?) ang blue water jug tapos ipapatong sa kaldero sa loob ng sako.


Last but not the least, lalagyan ng dalawang banig.


Sabay tatahiin na ang sako. O di ba, parang asong tinapunan ng buto ang mga nasalanta? Eniwey, busog naman sila sa SAMPUNG lata ng Mega sardinas

Do not delay

do not delay

YOU THINK?? WTF is the matter with these people? Mag-iisang buwan na mula nang masalanta ang mga kababayan natin. ISANG BUWAN!! Do you mean “do not delay ang dati nang delayed”?? Shet.

Anong ginagawa ng mga donations na ito sa warehouse?? APAT na warehouse ang nasa loob ng compound na ‘yon! APAT na warehouse na punong-puno ng inaalikabok na relief goods! Relief goods na ayaw yata ibigay sa mga nasalanta. Halatang-halata.

Marami pang pabubulukin

Wow! May bagong shipment na naman! At the rate DSWD is moving, next year na madi-discover kung ano ang laman ng mga kahong ito.

nutri biscuit

“The first of two of the largest high-energy food shipments from the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) arrived in the country two days ago for victims of storm “Ondoy” and typhoon “Pepeng.”

The biscuits were fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for supplementary feeding to children, pregnant women and the elderly in evacuation camps. Another 100 tons of biscuits will arrive on Oct. 24, in a continuing effort to provide food assistance to flood victims.

Sige, ideretso ‘nyo ulit ‘yan sa DSWD warehouse. Para AMAG naman ang abutin ng biskwit… at sapot ng gagamba.


Sa maghapon namin sa warehouse,nakagawa kami ng 150 sacks of relief goods. 150 bags of relief goods lang ang lumabas sa warehouse na ‘yon that day. At nandoon pa rin sa loob ang mga imported relief goods, safe, sound and packed as the day they arrived.

Nakisakay kami palabas sa isang DSWD delivery van. Gusto sana kaming ihatid ng driver hanggang Makati pero wala raw siyang sobrang gasolina. Ibinaba na lang niya kami sa gitna ng EDSA. Millions of dollars in donations, walang extrang pang-gasolina.

Susulpot din siguro ang laman ng mga mahiwagang kahon at mapapasakamay din ng mga tao…sa ARAW NG ELEKSYON. O mabibili na nila ang mga imported goods na ‘yon sa mga puwesto sa Quiapo at Divisoria.

Suggestions lang po sa DSWD:

· Alam ‘nyo palang walang mag-volunteer sa inyo, bakit hindi kayo mag-hire ng mga tao? Bayaran ‘nyo ng arawan para mag-repack. Ang daming walang trabaho, makakatulong pa kayo. Hindi naman malaking kabawasan ‘yon sa bilyong pisong donasyon na natanggap ninyo.
· Isa pa, gaano ba karami ang mga sundalo natin? Hindi ba puwedeng ipagawa sa kanila ‘yan? Baka isang araw lang, tapos na ang problema ‘nyo
· Bakit hindi ‘nyo ibigay ang trabaho sa mga NGO, churches, private charities, TV stations? I’m sure they are more than willing to help. Time is of the essence. Huwag kayong suwapang. Obvious ba, hindi ‘nyo naman kaya.

Kung talagang gugustuhin ninyong makarating agad sa mga kawawang biktima ang mga donasyong ‘yon, nagawa ‘nyo na ‘yan. Maraming paraan…kung talagang gusto ‘nyo lang.You are the government. You have the power, the resources and the money. You just have to really care.

You are the government. You have the power, the resources and the money. You just have to really care.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


To all concerned brothers and Rizalists:

If the behaviour and conduct of happily ending the Thirtwal-Lasir feud demonstrate the best admirable and exemplary acts in our fraternal Order, Sir Voltaire de Leon, Sir Liongson and Sir Manny Bade could not be wrong in their observations.

Could this be an “eye opener” for Manila IHQ Supreme Council to engage in an atmosphere of “openness” to end its continued isolation and refusal to bring to the attention of every member of the Order what happened to other major pending issues like the Paras plagiarism case, the allegation of racist “Pilipino Muna” policy allegedly directed to KOR Filipino members in Europe to name a few. Everyone knows these were received long before Supreme Commander Hilario Davide left his post for the United Nations.

While there were several pleas from concerned Knights abroad asking Manila for speedy action to deal with aforementioned problems, as of this appeal, so far Manila, to our disappointment, continue to turn deaf ears to their requests. Every rank-and-file members are entitled to know.

I would like to see Sir Bert Nanquil, KGCR and Sir Roger Quiambao, KGCR, two admired stalwarts and former supreme commanders to intervene and play active role to tackle these issues, concerned and problems and helped diffused disappointment, resentment and disgust. Those who got tired of these issues may find it tiresome and boring now but not something they can easily forget! Continued silence breeds suspicion.

AS the saying goes: ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL, Thirtwal and Lasir did it.


Jose Sison Luzadas, KGOR
Scarborough Chapter, CANADA
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Sirs,

It's a happy day. Chivalry is after all not dead in the Order. Let's all forget and forgive. No one can actually claim not to have committed mistakes. To say so would be a lie. I commend you both, Sir Lazir and Sir Zane.

Non omnis moriar,
Sir Manny Bade
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Brother Knight Zane,

I agree with you. Nonetheless, I admire your humility -- and I feel your sincerity. I think the same way as Brother Knight Voltaire, as I have expressed to both of you and Lazir immediately after reading your e-mails.

There are good hearts in our midst. Let's have them multiply.

Brother Knight Raymund
Knights of Rizal-Hawaii
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Brother Knight Zane and Comrade in Struggle Lazir,

It is early 7:00am in aloha Friday morning and you both made my day. I have read your e-mails to each other and I felt a deep sense of peace. I sincerely thank both of you for showing to the brother knights the highest level of humility and magnanimity. I am most appreciative of the high-mindedness and generosity of spirit that you both expressed to each other. I know how contagious this can be.

With justice, truth and peace, not everything in us shall die.

Brother Knight Raymund
Knights of Rizal-Hawaii

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Sir Zane and Lazir,

This is indeed a happy resolution to the matter between you two.

I congratulate Sir Zane for his courage to humble himself by his apology.. A man of lesser grade will continue justifying his errors blindly.Sir Zane has redeemed himself admirably before his peers. He is a Knight.

And Lazir not only graciously accepted Sir Zane's but to his credit also admitted before the world his own faults to Sir Zane. Others would crow to the moon how they had won a battle. Instead, Lazir demonstrated an equal humility. He proves once more that one does not need the epaulets of a uniform to be a true adherent to Rizalism.

Thank you both for setting the bar to gentlemanly conduct.

In Rizal,

Friday, October 23, 2009


Dear Mr Victoria,

I have received an email from a fellow Knight that I respect and had my eyes opened, I was wrong to send the below email and stand corrected.

While I don't like your actions to distribute that case of my children around the world, my actions to curse you is totally wrong. The devil got in to me and that's wrong, I am human but old enough to know better.

I do apologise sincerely, I did mention things related to family and health which was also wrong and I was out of order.

I do apologise in a most sincere way, I know that you did not respond and perhaps you were correct not to, but I know I was wrong. I hope you can accept my apology.

I do still stand in my comments that visiting the IHQ could help your case. The emails are not helping and or making things right.

Once again I do apologise for the below email I have no right to write such comments.

Without justification my childrens case hurt my family to much, and still my aughter suffers, your understanding will be appreciated.

I have blind copied the Knight that opened my eyes to my actions that were wrong prompting me to apologise for my email..

If you require a public apology I can do, admiting ones mistake is a must and can only help all concerned. If you wish to distribute this email pls feel free.


Sir Zane

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Open Letter to the Supreme Council of the Order of the Knights of Rizal

Re: Sir Zane Thirwall – Saudi Arabia


Because of my interest to join your prestigious organization, I came across the blogspot La Solidaridad.

I had read some alleged anomalies in your organization which I do not want to elaborate here. What strikes me is that issues being made public are ignored by your kind selves, either by your complete silence or non-responsive replies. I respect your decision not to answer, because of your desire not to go down to the level that some bloggers do.

I agree with you that Mr. Rizal Victoria (?) is sometimes discourteous in his emails and blogs and it is understandable that you choose to be silent. But should you not also publicly reply to each of the serious charges that are being alleged? One can maintain his silence only for a while, but time comes that your silence might be misunderstood by many to be lack of defense because what is being alleged carries truth in it. You can of course also communicate with him privately and prove to him how his complaints has no merit. I believe by doing so will satisfy whatever Mr. Rizal Victoria for so long been clamoring for.

The alleged anomalies in your organization are not my main reason for writing this open letter.

As previously stated I had read most of the blogs of the website concerning the Knights of Rizal. What struck me the most is that a member (I believe a chapter commander ?) of your Saudi Arabia group according to the news report demanded a public lashing of a fellow human being, more so a woman.

Perhaps now is the time for your kind selves to show the general public, specially your members, your sense of fairness and justice.

You can redeem your tarnished image by indicating what kind of action you would take regarding Mr. Thirwall. Are you going to ignore this serious allegation, or would you at least initiate an inquiry as to the truth or lack of truth of the allegations. I am sure many in your organization shares my opinion that as good leaders, you should do something.

Mr. Thirwall, seemingly out of meanness, exerted great effort to demand that Lucia Evangelista be whipped in public, in full view of unwilling teachers and students of young age. What is even more disturbing is that the scheduled whipping or lashing was postponed because the school authorities refused to allow the students to witness the lashing, and Mr. Thirwall demanded that it be postponed to another day when the students are present. Is this how a Knight of your prestigious organization shoud act or be allowed to?

I am sure that your members will welcome it if you declare that you are taking action, and that they will be informed of the result of whatever action you will deem necessary.

By keeping silent in this instance will only reinforce the feelings of deep distrust and doubt in your leadeship by the whole membership, and the wide reader of the blogspot, that there is no justice and fairness in an organization named after the great Philippine hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Your inaction will also affirm the charges of selective application of the rules of your illustrious organization.

Mr. Thirwall also can either publicly declare the untruth of the whole allegation, or at least tell the whole membership what part of the allegation is not true.

If the allegation is true, Mr. Thirwall should save the dignity of the Order by resigning his membership and spare everbody the ordeal.

I am sorry that I do not have a way to communicate with your kind selves by email. If you wish, my email address is ramon85678@yahoo.com.

Ramon Navarra
California, USA

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Z no evil, Q no evil, E no evil?

Lazir could have taken the (in)famous IHQ STANCE of "NO COMMENTS"! But because part of your GRIEVANCE is VALID, you should get a fair reply.

Is the IHQ STANCE of "NO COMMENTS" noble, just, Rizalian, fair, correct, valid?

Nope! Nada!

But Lazir thinks YOU won't give your HONEST OPINION, the same way you
IGNORED the 4 valid questions of Sir Dennis, as well as your IGNORING the VALID AND NOBLE arguments of Sir Rainer!

How come you ask Lazir to STOP, while abetting IHQ abusers (to CONTINUE) by attacking Lazir's fight? It goes without saying, if you STOP Lazir, you FAVOR IHQ ABUSES, because you are SILENT about them! You PROFESS to NOT KNOW everything, but you seem SO SURE Lazir is wrong, based upon what?

Sir Barry is WRONG about PAST KOR ABUSES he asks Lazir to forget, advising Lazir to start anew! Forgetting Quiambao's/Esguerra's wrongs without CONTRITION could encourage others to follow suit!

The same way Lazir doesn't tell him to forget the Holocaust, the Pogrom Night, the murdered 6M! Which, though not forgotten, still encouraged Iran to call the above mere "fairy tales"!

If Lazir writes CORRUPT Quiambao ... This is proven! Exalting a FAKE is CORRUPT!

If Lazir writes INCOMPETENT or LYING ESGUERRA, he has PROOF, sent out several times in the past few weeks! Look, if Lazir is WRONG, why is Esguerra not filing his case against Lazir,
which he announced 18 Jun 2009?

Thanks for clarification, but NOT fast enough...and incomplete, if not TWISTED!

With malice towards none... (except the CROOKS at IHQ)!

Lazir does not own The Saudi Gazette, nor did he write the story in the first place! If the story is wrong, why did The Saudi Gazette publish it? Is it SOP for The Saudi Gazette to publish WRONG reports with UNTRUTHs in them?

Where is the CORRECTION to this "wrong" report?

Would it be too much to ask The Saudi Gazette to CORRECT their news?

Can we see their CORRECTION to this claim of "no lashing"? When?

Why did story writer post the "wrong" story? Sensationalism? Money involved? How much? Duty? Profession? Principle?

Also, if Lazir posts what is reported in a newspaper, unabridged, what is WRONG with it? In addition, what is wrong with asking VALID questions based upon a news report? You "bark at the wrong tree" when you complain to Lazir, against Lazir, telling him he wronged your children!

You are WRONG to tell Lazir to IHQ, who never showed interest in his valid questions, as exemplified by their NON-CONFIRMATION on the 21-22 Jan 2008 meeting with IHQ officials, despite Lazir's busy schedule!

Lazir is however VERY RIGHT to tell you to GO COMPLAIN TO The Saudi Gazette, for their publication!

Lazir didn't add anything, although he used flogging which is similar to lashing..., both bring pain and HUMILIATION!

It is VERY WRONG to tell Lazir to STOP writing because his questions are VALID!

It is VERY WRONG to tell Lazir to NOT WRITE, while YOU say NOTHING about the WRONG your BOSSES do: cover-up of MISSING Mushake donation for example, which RA 646 mandates MUST BE USED for KOR purposes, and reported in the KOR Books of Accounts, etc., NOT TO BE HIDDEN IN THE DARK!

If you say you are GOOD as you claim to be, WHY do you take the PATH OF LESS RESISTANCE, finding it more CONVENIENT to URGE Lazir to STOP (despite your admission to Sir Jun you do not know everything), while being QUIET about IHQ Quiambao/Esguerra abuses (you NOW are familiar with)?

Sincerity is in Lazir, for responding!

Where is this SINCERITY in an IHQ, an Esguerra and a Quiambao who keep SILENT, even COVERING-UP KOR abuse? Don't you realize you (unwittingly?) TOOK their SIDE now?

Lazir continues his good FIGHT against crooked ways in this KOR under corrupt Quiambao (proven!) and incompetent Esguerra (proven, even as got caught as author of HATE mails, using the names of Sir Vital, Sir Gardoce, Sir Gomez -- where Esguerra FORGOT to delete his SIGNATURE BLOCK at the bottom of the Memo with Sir Vital's name on it!)!

For country and people!

-wishing YOU would COMMENT upon Lazir's words above, LINE-BY-LINE! Otherwise, if you can't, you should shut up, not Lazir!

Lazir NEVER attacked you, the article DID! If you find something wrong, GO and complain to The Saudi Gazette, not to Lazir!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Right now, THE MS LUCIA EVANGELISTA PUBLIC FLOGGING case was an OVERKILL, and the Filipina was the VICTIM for an altercation that involved "shoe-hitting", unless proven OTHERWISE!

(Or does his Blackberry speak a totally different language than what its owner/author intended?)

If the Evangelistas indeed were WRONG and APOLOGIZED, would a Blackberry TEXT be SUFFICIENT PROOF of this?

Or, if accuser is right, WHY DIDN'T he EXPLAIN the BACKGROUND of the reported ALTERCATION, telling the readers WHY his family WAS the VICTIM???

Most IMPORTANT, if his HEART has NO HATE, being Christian, from the Westernhemisphere, WHY DID HE DEMAND PUBLIC CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, which the VICTIM, Ms Lucia Fernandez, even defiantly asked with the question, AFTER her HUMILIATING PUBLIC FLOGGING, "satisfied now?"

If accuser has no HATE, WHY hammering upon Lazir to STOP his VALID ANTI-CORRUPTION Fight?

Right now, Lazir looks at the MS LUCIA EVANGELISTA PUBLIC FLOGGING case as an OVERKILL, and the Filipina as the VICTIM for an altercation that involved "shoe-hitting", unless proven OTHERWISE!

He sent his e-mail to "some respected Knights that have shown wise words of wisdom in the emails over that week or so.", yet accuser himself REFUSEs to respond/reply DIRECTLY to these "respected Knights"! Even the 4 SIMPLE QUESTIONS Sir Dennis asked him remain UNANSWERED! WHY?

If accuser RESPECTS some of these Knights, WHY HIS SILENCE UPON their VALID QUESTIONS?

Accuseer talks about his opinion, but ONLY LIMITS HIS (myopic?) VISION TO WHAT HE SEES! He sees Lazir's name, talks about KARMA, but REFUSE TO SEE Quiambao/Esguerra ABUSE? WHY?

Is KARMA only for Lazir? No KARMA for abusive Quiambao/Esguerra???

Why does accuser NOT TELL THE IHQ ABUSERS to STOP TRAMPLING upon RA 646?

Why is he repeatedly ACCUSING reporter Lazir of "MESS UP", when the KOR mess up is not Lazir's UNDOING?


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 6:07 PM

I can't believe in this day and age lashings are still taking place.
If a young person does something wrong, give him or her some community service to perform.
This lashing stuff should be done away with.
This is 2009 not the sixteen hundreds.
We are all only put on this earth for a short while. The good Lord has us here on trial.
We should be kind to each other
Love your enemy said Christ
Do good to them that hate you
Bless them that curse you
and pray for them that persecute and hurt you
Peace be with you all
May the Good Lord hold you all in the Palm of His hand
Love from
Lady Monica USA

Friday, October 16, 2009

"British father of the girl Evangelista struck with the shoe insisted that the 10 lashes be delivered in public." - The Saudi Gazette

Sir Barry,

With due respect, kind Sir, as Lazir has no quarrel with you... Also, thank you for your good advice.

Lazir can only agree with you. Hence, he's not into HATE MAILs, many talk/apread hereabouts, accusing him of such. Obviously IHQ wants to DEFLECT attention from the CULPRITs that ABUSE the name and legacy of the National Hero!

If Lazir STOPs, who will champion this fight against KOR abusers? Lazir is in his Philippine ANTI-CORRUPTION FIGHT, not personal quarrel with Quiambao, Esguerra, Samuela, although these three CAUSED the problem and still do so, with being at IHQ.

Lazirs' reporting is supported by proof.

Now, let's move back to time between December 2003 and March 2004 ...

...could one who so well preaches, "Carry a Heart that Never Hates." also WALK the TALK?

How Lazir wishes, there was no Mr "Zane Martin Thirlwall", who reportedly DEMANDED the PUBLIC flogging in front of the young students of the International Philippine School, its teachers/faculty and an Embassy official, of a Filipina, a Ms Lucia Evangelista, simply because Mr Thirlwall's daughter reportedly got hit on the shoulder by a shoe, in a reported altercation between the Evangelista and Thirlwall families.

News report was vague, didn't mention any skin cut, deep injury, hemorrhage nor outside bleeding. We know that showing of (hitting with) soles of a shoe is an INSULT in the Arab world. Question is, is the Thirlwall family Arab, devout Moslems, or British?

Yet, Mr Thirlwall reportedly went to many places DEMANDING PUNISHMENT of Ms Lucia Evangelista.

From the "The Saudi Gazette" (unbridged report is shown in full below this letter):

"After the incident, Thirlwall, a British national, went to the school principal to complain about the attack, then to the School Governing Board, and finally to the Ministry of Education. He also sought the assistance of the Philippine Embassy. All these channels failed to help me in our case. Then I filed a complaint against Evangelista with the Al-Khobar Police on February 10, 2004, Thirlwall said."

Allow me kindly to ask some more questions please:

1. Are we in the Middle Ages?
2. Is CORPORAL PUNISHMENT a MUST in this supposedly civilized 21st century?
3. Who is NOT civilized, Mr Thirlwall or Ms Evangelista?
4. Was the 10-day jail term not SUFFICIENT?
5. Was the Police arrest with "both hands and legs shackled", not DEMEANING enough for a Filipina?
6. Must the Police FLOGGING be done in PUBLIC, before the very eyes of many YOUNG students?
7. Is there no HATE in DEMANDing PUBLIC flogging/lashing of a Christian, by a Christian?
8. Where is the HATE in writing/reporting/asking some questions about this "Saudi Gazette" news?

One thing is sure as night and day, HATE is an English word, not Pilipino!

Lazir's noble FIGHT for Rizalism and the good name/legacy of the Great Malayan, abused by corrupt Quiambao and incompetent Esguerra goes on!

For country and people!

-truly believes that Charity/Compassion can go in perfect TANDEM with Anti-Corruption Fight!


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Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 8:26 PM
Subject: Re: CALAMITY . . . and a Rizalian Response (UNCLASSIFIED)

Life is very short, so break your silly ego, forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly & never avoid anything that makes you smile. The Day's Motivation

When I woke up this morning lying in bed, I was asking myself; What are some of the secrets of success in life? I found the answer right there, in my very room.

Carry a Heart that Never Hates.

Carry a Smile that Never Fades.

Carry a Touch that Never Hurts.

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Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 14:04:24


Author: By Joe Avancena

The Saudi Gazette


A WOMAN on Monday received a public lashing from police in front of staff and students at the International Philippine School for striking a schoolgirl last December with a high-heel shoe.

The lashing of Lucia Evangelista, a Filipina, had originally been scheduled for Sunday but was postponed after the school principal refused to allow it to be conducted in front of young school students.

But the British father of the girl Evangelista struck with the shoe insisted that the 10 lashes be delivered in public. Monday, police administered the punishment to a kneeling Evangelista in the school courtyard, as students and teachers looked on.

Evangelista was also handed down a five-day jail term, which she already served.

Evangelista, a parent of IPSA, hit Zena Maria Thirlwall in the shoulder with a high-heeled shoe during an altercation between her and Zena s father, Zane Martin Thirlwall, last December 11, 2003.

Evangelista s husband, Francisco, who was also at the scene, shouted invectives at Thirwall.

After the incident, Thirlwall, a British national, went to the school principal to complain about the attack, then to the School Governing Board, and finally to the Ministry of Education. He also sought the assistance of the Philippine Embassy. All these channels failed to help me in our case. Then I filed a complaint against Evangelista with the Al-Khobar Police on February 10, 2004, Thirlwall said.

While the case was in progress, the school removed my children Zena Maria and Giancarlo from the school adding further insult and injury to our family, Thirlwall said.

Evangelista was found guilty by the Dammam Sharia court, which ordered the police to arrest her. She went into hiding for several months, but finally surrendered to the police last Wednesday. She was immediately taken to the Dammam Reformatory Prison where she served the five-day jail term.

The lashing Monday was witnessed by IPSA parents and few students. Evangelista and the police arrived at the school at 1 P.M. She was covered in Abaya from head to foot. Present was Philippine labor attaché Delmer R. Cruz and school officials.

The lashing was supposed to have taken placed Sunday, but was called off by the police when school officials refused to allow students to witness the lashing, which the Thirlwall family demanded.

Evangelista, with both hands and legs shackled, was waving her arms to parents when she was being led by the police back to prison.

The case has polarized the IPSA school community. During last Sunday s scheduled lashing, Zena Maria confronted labor attaché Cruz asking why he was helping Evangelista and not being fair. I am the victim, why are you not helping me, I am 14 years old, and I am also a Filipina. Cruz said he did not answer her because he (Cruz) was just there to see to it that the order of the court is implemented.

My focus then was about the implementation of the court order, we have to uphold the law and obey the mandate of the court. If I answered her, it will just prolong the discussion because the case is already decided, Cruz told The Saudi Gazette.

After this very unfortunate incident, I hope the parents will no longer quarrel, and just work together for the good of the school, said Najeer Oquendo, a Philippine Overseas Labor Office interpreter helping distressed Filipinos. IPSA parents made the same comment.

After the lashing, Evangelista did not show sign of remorse. Addressing the Thirlwalls and the crowd, she said in Tagalog Masaya na kayo, diba? (You are now happy, aren t you?).

Saudi Gazette tried to talk to Evangelista s husband, but failed. He hurriedly left the scene with the police to sign the release paper of his wife. Evangelista was released Monday afternoon. She and her husband will be leaving the Kingdom as soon as he gets his end-of service award from his company and is given the final exit.