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Friday, October 21, 2016

Here's The Reason Why The Love For Pres. Du30 Remains Despite All His Controversies!

President Rodrigo Duterte's trust rating and popularity may decrease sometimes but it always remains favourable.

We are aware that our president is still going through various issues and controversies regarding his way of ruling the country.

Some oppose him, while most are devoted to him.

Even though Duterte hit the headlines with his controversial comments, his supporters are always just around the corner to come to his rescue.

Why do Filipinos still support President Duterte? 

Being linked to extra judicial killings and insulting foreign leaders are the main controversies that Duterte is involved in, that's why many are condemning him. Just recently, actress Agot Isidro criticized him and called him a "psychopath", blaming him for the worsening ties between the U.S. and the Philippines due to his remarks.

Duterte appeals to the masses because of his strong yet lovable aura. Despite his many offensive jokes, he never fails to show his undying love for the Philippines. 

People cling to him in the hopes of turning the country around, and they believe he will based on his actions and words.

Amidst the multiple scandals Duterte is caught between, a recent satisfaction poll showed that 86% of Filipinos have "trust" in the President's performance.

His popularity called for the making of various groups such as Duterte Die Hard Supporters (DDS) and Duterte Warriors that back him up whenever people condemn him.

The support for Duterte extends to the Overseas Filipino Workers as most of them are also members of the DDS. They believe that the president is just like them, simple and hard-working. Willing to do anything for the welfare of their loved ones.

What makes Duterte unique from the past presidents we've had is also the reason why people look up to him. 

Known for his radical decisions and guts, Filipinos believe they have never seen such bravado from other politicians who came before. 

It is with no doubt that the President is reinforced by a solid battalion of supporters that have his back no matter what. This shows that Duterte draws a great deal of respect from Filipinos, so much that even all of his scandals might not be enough to tear him down.

Here's The Reason Why The Love For Pres. Du30 Remains Despite All His Controversies!


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