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Saturday, September 23, 2017

UK political commentator reveals why Liberals are afraid of Duterte victory against drug war and terrorism

Adam Garrie, a UK political commentator and the Managing Editor at 'The Duran', an international commentary and news site, revealed five reasons why the Liberals are frightened of Duterte beating drugs and the terrorists in the country.

"Liberals will never side with Rodrigo Duterte, even if he crushes ISIS in Philippines. Even as he fights ISIS, the western liberal elite and their mainstream media allies have nothing good to say about the Philippine President."

This was how Adam Garrie stated on his site following the decision of President Duterte to declare Martial Law in the island of Mindanao to eradicate the ISIS linked terrorist group, Maute.

Garrie cited 5 reasons as to what frightens the Liberals about a Duterte victory:

1. ISIS is financed by drugs

Garrie explained that ISIS are known to profit from the international narcotics trade. Duterte's first war was the war on drugs, but what many do not realize is that it is related to the wider war on ISIS.

According to Garrie, drugs and drug users are in this sense complicit in aiding terrorism. Liberals who make every excuse in the world for drug use are doing their best to ignore this. If Duterte wins the double-headed war on ISIS and the drugs that fund ISIS, liberals will have a great deal to answer for.

2. It vindicates President Basher al-Assad's fight against terrorism

"The liberal mainstream media continually demonize President Bashar al-Assad who once stood virtually alone fighting ISIS and other ISIS clones," Garrie stated.

Garrie added that by contrast, Duterte is a populist who openly promotes a heavy handed approach to social disorder and law enforcement. If Duterte who in many ways is far more of a hardliner than Assad wins the war on terrorism, it will show liberals that the soft approach to government is insufficient when fighting terrorism.

3. A Duterte victory will demonstrate that Syria is surrounded by enemy states

"Philippines is a series of islands making supplying ISIS considerably more difficult than supplying terrorists in Syria over land. This is especially true of Turkey from where many supplies including western arms reach the hands of terrorists," he said.

A naval blockade of the areas in Philippines where ISIS is in charge could help to stop the inflow of materials to the terrorists.

"This holds the potential to make a Philippine victory over ISIS easier than that of Syria which has found it difficult to police its borders with unfriendly states," Garrie added.

4. It shows that yet again Russia and China are on the correct side of history

The successful meetings between Rodrigo Duterte and Vladimir Putin as well as China's leader will likely prove the Liberals that they are wrong.

"ISIS and their puppet masters in the Gulf and beyond wanted to expose Duterte's relationship with Russia as meaningless," Garrie cited.

5. It unmasks the poor priorities of the liberal mainstream media and political elite

"They were literally more concerned with Duterte's domestic policies which they have no right to change, than they were about helping a democratic nation fight ISIS  terrorism," Garrie ended.


Guys, impressed talaga ako kay DFA Sec. Cayetano Subrang Galing. panoorin



The people are not yet through with Andy Bautista


THE elected representatives of the people, or at least the 26 members of the justice committee of the House of Representatives, including majority leader Rudy Fariñas and its chair, Rep. Rey Umali, have decided to dismiss the impeachment complaint filed against Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Andy Bautista on the grounds that it was insufficient in form.

The fatal flaw ranged from a wrong verification, to the claim that it appeared to have been submitted to the House and not to the justice committee, to the allegation that those who filed it have no personal knowledge of what they alleged.

The junking of the petition was simply based on a technicality, and not on the substance of the allegations.

And yet we already heard Andy Bautista proclaiming that the dismissal is the beginning of his exoneration.

It behooves one to ask by what figment of imagination Bautista could claim that a dismissal based on alleged deficiency in form can lead to a celebration of his innocence of the charges.

Bautista should be reminded that while he may have the presumption of innocence on his side, this is simply because the people’s representatives have denied the complainants the chance to prove his guilt.

But we, the people, are not yet done with him.

The people have an enormous interest in Andy Bautista’s case, and it has nothing to do with his marital problems but with the allegations made about his possible wealth which he did not declare in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN). Also of interest is his alleged taking of commissions from a law firm in relation to a legal service provided to Smartmatic, which was the provider for the automated election system,

At the very heart of these allegations is the fact that they could cast a cloud of doubt over the integrity of our election system, one that Andy Bautista presides over.

In fact, if it is true that the electoral process was compromised by his acts, then such would have been a blatant attack on our democratic institutions, and would have violated the political rights of the people.

Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) explicitly states that “the will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret ballot or by equivalent free voting procedures.” This is reiterated in letter b or Article 25 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Hence, Andy Bautista’s case is of utmost importance to our democracy, for its integrity hangs in the balance based on his guilt or innocence. Such would have been clearly established had the House justice committee allowed substance to take precedence over mere technicality.

While one can be skeptical of the remaining remedy in the hands of the House, where one third of the entire membership can decide to reverse the decision of the justice committee, which frankly is a remote possibility, everything is not yet lost for the people.

Even if Andy Bautista is an impeachable official, and the dismissal of the impeachment complaint filed against him effectively inoculates him with another year of immunity, there is nothing in the Constitution and the laws that prevent the Ombudsman or the Department of Justice through the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) from investigating his actions.

Also, there is nothing that bars the Senate, and even the House, from investigating matters pertaining to the issues raised in the impeachment complaint, either in their oversight functions or in aid of legislation.

We also have to take comfort in the fact that many of the allegations against Andy Bautista are in the nature of a conspiracy. He allegedly has received commissions from a private law firm on an election-related matter. He has admitted that the bank accounts that he failed to declare in his SALN are all joint accounts for which his co-depositors are not impeachable officials, and therefore do not have the same kind of immunity that he has. As such, parties who are mentioned can be investigated, and if found with probable cause then appropriate cases can be filed. Even as Andy Bautista is immune from suit, his acts will be scrutinized through the acts of others. The nature of conspiracies is that finding a co-conspirator guilty can imply the guilt of the other. Putting those others named on trial will technically, and indirectly, implicate Andy Bautista.

Hence, even if he remains in his post as Comelec chair for the next 12 months, thanks to the House justice committee, his political capital and his legitimacy will be severely eroded in the event that anomalies involving him will be found in legislative inquiries, or found to have probable cause in investigations by the NBI or the Ombudsman.

The pressure will be intense on Andy Bautista. And after one year if he survives and refuses to step down, then a more robust impeachment complaint can be filed, fortified by findings from the investigations that can be initiated against him and others with whom he had joint deposits, or had questionable transactions with.

By then, the people would have the prudence to follow the correct format. And there would be no more need to establish personal knowledge since allegations will now be based on the outcomes of the official investigations. Hence, the House justice committee will no longer have any reason to dismiss such impeachment complaint on the basis of a mere technicality.

Andy Bautista said that the recent dismissal of the impeachment complaint will enable him to live a normal life, with business as usual.

The people will have to make sure that he will not have that pleasure.


REAL TALK / Bakit May Anti-Duterte? The Yellows and Reds as Real Threats to Philippine Democracy

By Jun Avelino

Those who are opposed to the Duterte administration have labelled the President as a fascist, a dictator and a leader who murdered his own people. They claimed that the country is heading to dictatorship with Duterte’s iron-fisted rule akin to that of the Marcos dictatorship. While this characterization of Duterte is not shared by the overwhelming majority of the Filipinos, such assertion deserves a close scrutiny and debate if only to educate the proponents of such a preposterous claim.

Senator Trillanes in several occasions from the day Digong assumed the Presidency up to now, calls the President corrupt, murderer, and charged him of crimes against humanity for his war on drugs. Not contented, he attacked the members of Digong’s family by accusing them of various anomalies to portray how corrupt the Duterte family is. My Gad! You do that in a country ruled by a dictator, in less than 2 hours, Trillanes’ balls (if he has any) would certainly explode on his face. But Trillanes continues to enjoy his freedom to be an idiot up to now to the amusement of the majority of the Filipinos who consider him stupid for his rubbish exposes and penchant to waste government resources for his idiotic political grandstanding everyday on media. Duterte just pokes fun of him. And you call him a dictator? Sanamagan!

Senator De Lima who claims to be the fiercest critique of Digong also called the President a cold blood killer of his own people, hurled insults against Duterte and accused him of being behind the EJK’s in the country. But where is De Lima now? She’s enjoying her time at the PNP Custodial Center for drug charges and continued to badmouth the President even behind bars. If Digong is a dictator, De Lima could have been a history by now. But Digong respects the rule of law and the rights of De Lima to be given her day in court. Is that the way a dictator treats his adversaries? Sanamagan!

Agot Isidro once called the President a psychopath – a very demeaning description one can come up with to describe the highest official of the land which is shared by other artists like Jim Paredes who never said anything good for the President. But Duterte says these folks are only exercising their freedom of expression. Where are they now? Agot and Jim Paredes are still artists and have continued to exercise their constitutional right to be idiots and enjoyed their freedom to be stupid too. You try to badmouth a dictator in other countries, and you find yourself 6 feet below the ground in less than 24 hours. Duterte never did it to Agot and Jim and to anyone for that matter. And you call him a dictator? Sanamagan!

We see Hontiveros on TV with her monotonous attacks against Duterte and his drug war as if Digong has done nothing good at all for this country. The opposition being antagonistic on all the programs implemented by the government has been trying to block these programs in the guise of fiscalizing work. But did we hear Duterte criticizing them for their actions? Yet Kiko Pangilinan claims that we are heading to dictatorship. My ass!!!!

Religious groups and the opposition used children to mock and ridicule the President using placards bearing indecent words during rallies and other anti-government gatherings, e.g. fuck you, murderer, plunderer, corrupt, etc. which is a scandalous display of arrogance and defiance. Has Digong bothered calling their attention? We see the catholic church and other religious groups who continue to enjoy their rights to be the epitome of immorality in this country with their failure to provide the country with the right spiritual guidance and with the priests embroiled with scandals involving rape and other immoral acts. And yet they have the audacity to brand the Duterte administration as immoral and continue to demonize this administration with the ringing of the church bells as if this country should be deposessed. You do that to a dictator and you find your establishments being shut down immediately. But Duterte even encourages people to demonstrate on the streets and organize rallies to express their grievance towards the government. In some instances, he even spoke with the rallyists to know their sentiments despite security concerns. And you call him a dictator? Sanamagan!

A dictator is one who exercises absolute power in the government. The last time I checked, the three branches of our government are still fully operational and the 1987 Philippine Constitution is still dictating the affairs of the state. So how can you call the President a fascist, dictator and an autocrat if all his actions are in accordance with the law? You challenged his decisions many times before the Supreme Court on matters like Mindanao Martial law, Marcos burial, etc. He defended his decisions fair and square before the highest court of the land and was prevailed upon by the judicial branch of the government. Now you call him a dictator? Please stop being a moron. The more you accuse Duterte of being a dictator, the more you expose your idiocy at the highest level before the eyes of the public. Sanamabits!

As a democratic country, we have different perspectives, preferences and ways of how this country should be ran. That is why we have elections being conducted for the Filipino people to choose the leaders who will run this country based on their programs presented during election campaign. Those elected have the mandate of the majority of the Filipino people for which the losing party should concede and submit to the will of the majority in accordance with the spirit of democracy. Digong was elected by a landslide votes and as of this writing, he enjoys an approval rating of 84 percent with less than 10 percent dissatisfied. Ergo, those who plot to oust Duterte by destabilizing his government notwithstanding the overwhelming support of the Filipinos for him clearly undermines the will of the majority of the Filipino people – a wanton act of betrayal on the mandate and trusts reposed upon the shoulders of the duly elected officials of the country. Such acts truly threatened the very foundation of democracy for which our country is built upon.

The Yellows are guilty of these anti-democratic acts. Post EDSA revolution, the yellow color symbolized the promised change and reform after the Marcos era. But today it has become the symbol of fanaticism – a congregation of individuals highly obsessed for the ouster of Duterte from the Presidency. It has become a cult which operates like Ku Klux Clan who considers themselves as superior and who do not subscribe to the will of the majority. They claim to speak for the majority and don’t mind what their real sentiments are. You listen to the way Trillanes behaved himself in claiming the support of the Filipinos, or observe Riza Hontiveros who always claims that they have the backing of the majority of the people. Or listen to how the church leaders tried to mislead their flocks into going against Duterte. When they called for people power, the most that they can muster is a crowd of 7,000 people all over the country. And yet they claim, that is the pulse of the majority of the people. Seriously, this mentality borders on insanity! It’s simply dangerous and appalling. Sanamabits!

The yellows have the tendency to be the real fascists, the dictator and not Duterte. If you give them the chance to be in power again, the country will in no doubt be placed in an autocratic rule. Simply because these people believe only in themselves and if you go against them, you are their enemies. And you know how the LP’s treated their enemies during the Aquino administration. Yellows back in power? – NEVER AGAIN!

The Reds threatened the heart of our democracy. I refer to the CPP/NPA/NDF and all its allied organizations operating in legal fronts like Akbayan, KMU, Bayan Muna, the so called Makabayan block in Congress, and the rest who are supportive of the national democratic programs of the extreme left forces. They have their own form of government based on its Marxist Leninist ideology and are therefore not expected to work with the present dispensation. Like the yellows, they don’t subscribe to the will of the majority as they claim to speak for them being their vanguards. They know better than the masses – a clear concept of politburo system which is totalitarian in form and substance. They have been staging this people’s war for the last 50 years claiming that this is what the Filipino masses want, conveniently ignoring the acrimonious fact that only a few thousands fools of their kind are buying their obsolete ideology while majority of the Filipinos look at them with disdain. And yet, they have the audacity to claim that theirs is a people’s war, a protracted one which claimed thousands innocent lives apart from the extortion and other illegal activities they rammed through the throats of helpless Filipino masses. Extortion can never be part of a revolution of any kind, much less ambuscades of law enforcement forces embedded with treachery and deceit. To the Filipino people, it is banditry in its highest form and cold blood murder committed by recidivist criminals masquerading as revolutionary forces in their movement. Revolutionary my ass!

The peace negotiations with the Reds failed because they never want peace under our government’s terms. It will render their cause useless and a farce which may trigger a setback among those who believed in their revolution. It is expected and Duterte is no fool to be swayed by the red’s dirty antics of blaming the government for the collapse of the talks. He is drawing the line here because the reds are now becoming revealing with their true and hidden agenda.

Yes folks, the writings are on the wall. You just have to read and connect them to realize that what is going on in this country is part of the grand design for the extreme left forces to be in the forefront of the confrontation with Duterte, thereby gradually elbowing out the opposition, particularly the Liberal Party leadership from the scene.

Their game plan is obvious. Silently work on expanding their mass base through organizing and recruitment using the government resources while allowing the Liberal Party or the opposition for that matter to be their decoy, to demonize the administration with the issue on EJKs, BoC anomalies, CHR budget issue, corruption by the Duterte family and other unpalatable issues thrown at this administration. Have you ever wondered why the reds never asked its cabinet officials to resign? It’s because of the huge resources they can steal from the government in waging its war against it. You must have heard of reports on 4Ps funds given to NPAs during the time of Sec. Tuguiwalo and Ka Paeng siding with left leaning peasant organizations in claiming lands under CARP including supporting NPA aggressions on plantations. And right within the house of representatives itself, we have party list groups using government resources to strengthen their position as a force to reckon with in fighting the Duterte government. This has happened not because of Duterte but because our system allows it. The weakness of our system is being exploited by the reds to advance their own revolutionary agenda to fight our own government. And this is the reason why they will fight tooth and nail to stop Duterte from shifting to the Federal form of government because they will lose their seats in Congress and this will shut the flow of the resources they badly need for their revolutionary cause.

The reds are not gunning for the 2019 elections. They will use it however for the setting up of their machinery if the shift to Federalism will not materialize. Their ultimate target is to seize power in 2022 when Duterte is gone. Have you ever wondered why Senator Riza Hontiveros is now taking the limelight from De Lima and Robredo and very soon, from Trillanes? This is part of the red’s strategy of grooming one of their own in preparation for the 2022 Presidential elections. Hontiveros is from Akbayan, a political party once headed by Walden Bello, a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Hontiveros is the only Senator coming from the red and the way her handlers manage her media exposures today, it is obvious that she’s being projected to be a strong leader, effectively shoving the current VP. Unfortunately for VP Robredo, her political party is in disarray. It is set to disintegrate further come 2019 elections. Thereafter, it will be a history. Therefore, the only group that can launch a viable campaign for the next Presidential elections will be the reds considering the huge war chest they have stock piled for the last few years until now courtesy from the Philippine government. With Hontiveros ultimately appearing as a winnable candidate by then, all other anti Duterte forces including the church will eventually support Hontiveros for President in 2022. Damn! We have a red running our government? It’s bloody scary folks but true. Unfortunately for Hontiveros, her antics of being consistently standing against the government only revealed her being the real threat to our democratic space which does not sit well with the sentiments of the Filipino people.

With the vigilance of the Filipino masses however who abhorred communism in this country, the evil plans of the reds will never materialize. Duterte maybe gone in 2022 but Dutertism as an ideology will live through the years beyond Duterte’s lifetime. This is no longer about Digong as a person. This is about the real change which his Presidency has brought to the fore and embraced by the Filipinos with open arms and legs. Having savored the true meaning of change in a real democratic space, the Filipino people are obliged to protect these gains for the future generations to come at all costs against the threats posed by the yellows and the reds with their fascist tendencies. Yes! Dutertism will beat Communism in 2022! – JA

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This is really fascinating!
1. A strawberry isn’t a berry but a banana is.
2. Avocados and 
watermelon are berries, too.
3. Cashews grow on trees like this:
4. And Brussels sprouts grow in long stalks like this:
Flickr / Creative Commons / Katy Stoddard / Via Flickr: 68067047@N00
5. Chocolate milk was invented in Ireland.
6. Ketchup used to be sold as 
7. Carrots were originally 
Flickr: 61355725@N00
8. McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers every second of every day.
9. Yams and sweet potatoes 
are not the same thing.
10. Ripe cranberries will 
bounce like rubber balls.
11. An average ear of corn has an 
even number of rows, usually 16.
12. Betty White is actually older than sliced bread.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for TV Land
13. Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.
14. Honey never 
spoils. You can eat 32,000-year-old honey.
15. Peanuts are not nuts. They grow in the ground like this, so they are legumes.
16. Vending machines are twice as likely to kill you than a shark is.
17. Coconuts kill more 
people than sharks every year. So do cows.
18. Pound cake got its 
name from its original recipe, which called for a pound each of butter, eggs, sugar, and flour.
19. The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water that also passed through a dinosaur is 
almost 100%.
20. Honey is made from nectar and 
bee vomit.
21. Pineapples grow like this:
22. Quinoa is the seeds of this plant:
23. Kiwis grow on vines:
Bignai / Getty Images
24. Ginger is the root of a plant:
25. And cinnamon is just the inner part of this tree:
Flickr / Creative Commons / Abby Flat-coat / / Via Flickr: 22912005@N06
26. And artichokes are flowers that are eaten as buds. This is what they look like when flowered:
Flickr / Creative Commons / Wayne Marshall
27. “Spam” is short for spiced ham.
28. Popsicles were invented by an 
11-year-old in 1905.
29. Apples, like pears and plums, belong to the 
rose family.
30. The official state VEGETABLE of 
Oklahoma is the watermelon. 
Peas are one the most popular pizza toppings in Brazil:
32. There are over 7,500 varieties of apples throughout the world, and it would take you 20 years to try them all if you had one each day.
33. The twists in pretzels are made to look like 
arms crossed in prayer.
34. Canola oil was 
originally called rapeseed oil, but renamed by the Canadian oil industry in 1978 to avoid negative connotations. “Canola” is short for “Canadian oil.”
35. And no matter what color Froot Loop you eat, they all 
taste the same.