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Friday, January 30, 2009


Sir Barry,

Lazir's hero is Dr Jose Rizal! Lazir's no fake and has no reasons to be ashamed of himself, nor hide!

Why hide when his questions are as valid as the Jewish Holocaust grievances! Pope Benedikt XVI erred accepting Bishop Richard Williamson into the Catholic church.

Following your logic of defending Mr Esguerra as a "good man", should we now defend the Pope before the World Jewish Council, you and Lazir? Please write your letter and Lazir will write his, in defense of Pope Benedikt XVI!

If you are not willing to defend Pope Benedikt XVI, then there's no reason to defend erring Mr Esguerra, for having PROCRASTINATED SO LONG for such grave a misdeed as Plagiarism and Racism! Commission or Ommission, now those cases backfired, putting name/position in question! Fact is, he shouldn't stay any minute longer upon the Supreme Commander's seat, or more DAMAGE will befall it!

Dr Jose Rizal was a good example for all!

Mr Virgilio Esguerra is not to the KOR and affiliated organizations..., not even to his own family as "good father"!

DISHONESTY is bad enough! But when a Supreme Commander commits dishonesty (caught in flagrante, red-handed!), that is UNFORGIVABLE/UNPARDONABLE!

[The German court convicted Postal CEO Klaus Zumwinkel and gave him 2 yrs for tax evasion charges, even after he paid some Euro 3 Million! Court told him that as top CEO, he should set a good example to society! Having been forthcoming and having paid all taxes due plus penalties, his 2 year sentence was commuted! Citizens asked on the streets mostly expressed disapproval of the sentence commutation. They said he should taste some jail term, however short, to prove equality before the law!]

All the more does Mr Esguerra deserve to be stripped of his post as Supreme Commander to cut those KOR benefits of free airfare/hotel expenses for travel!

Is the KOR a milking cow, even for abusive acts!

Are KOR Knights that stupid to allow abuse of such a magnitude, provide free airfare/hotel allowance to one caught red-handed of lying/dishonesty?

No excuses!

Exalting Alcoba was dishonest because Mr Esguerra's WORDS AND HIS DEEDS were

Did Mr Esguerra apologize for the contradiction? Nope!

Mr Esguerra and the Supreme Council must be prepared to write a public LETTER OF APOLOGY addressed to all Knights of and Ladies for Dr Jose Rizal, (the Supreme Council) having co-approved the Paras selection to European Commander despite his racistic speech in front of Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer; the KGOR exaltation for Alcoba, despite the latter's insulting/indecent words and racistic tirades you yourself were beneficiary to!

Granting it was an oversight, WHY INVESTIGATE/EXPELL FIRST Sir Jun Zerrudo, one man who furthers Rizalism! and leave Alcoba, Paras UNTOUCHED for later?

WHY did Mr Esguerra not discipline Mr Paras and Mr Alcoba quickly WHEN HE GOT KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR WRONGDOINGs? That would have proven his COMPETENCE, ABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY!

Bad enough that a Supreme Commander breaks his written words! Worse is when he kept his SILENCE about the Paras abuse, the racism/insults Mr Alcoba fired in the internet for months, or years!


Were those Alcoba e-mails the WORDS OF Mr Alcoba himself or did some lawyer at IHQ (MR QUIAMBAO?) write them?

Is the silence deafening because disciplining Mr Alcoba might force him to DEVULGE that his racistic/insulting tirades CAME DIRECTLY FROM MANILA IHQ/HAD THE BLESSINGS OF IHQ?

You now have the same rank as Mr Alcoba, did you both do the same/similar EXEMPLARY deed, to both get KGOR? IHQ guards this Alcoba SECRET so much, as if doing so will redound to their benefit!

Lazir does not write hate mail! And he NEVER hides his name!

He doesn't work for himself. He works ...

For country and People!

Fear Yahweh, no one/nothing else!

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A Leader without WISDOM is like a headless chicken running around not knowing where to go...!

Good Morning,

1. I'm reminded of Malacanang telling the CBCP to watch their words, while Malacanang continues with its abuse of country/people! If Malacanang will only think wisely, CBCP won't have ANY ISSUE/S with it, if government only performs its mandate! Now that CBCP attacks gov't, thru media, is expulsion of CBCP the answer? The way Esguerra and his attack dogs act/ed?

2. If Samuel Samuela is a good lawyer (?), shouldn't he do the appropriate, proper, correct thing to do under the circumstances? He wasted so much time on Lazir for allegations Samuela himself couldn't convincingly substantiate!

Samuela ended up with Lazir not being a member, per his findings early December 2008! Now, if Lazir wasn't a member, why did his Chapter vote for him to be Chapter Chancellor 30 Dec 2008? Even the Exchequer, who handles funds, voted for Lazir! The January Manila edict could have been verified first with the Chapter, if Lazir were not a member, before issuance! (Lazir isn't worried a bit! Inside KOR or out, he will write!)

3. When Lazir presented the lying Esguerra, who e-mailed Sir Jun last April 2007 about not tolerating indecent words, DID Samuela investigate his boss, WILL he investigate his boss, CAN he investigate his boss? Lazir isn't scared. Samuela apparently is!

4. Take the case of Pres Obama, any CBCP issues against Guantanamo will in FACT recochet BACK to attacker!

5. Same with IHQ, if leadership is COMPETENT, no issue/s will stick, for so long!

6. The spreadsheets are there, two of them! Where's the approx DM 10,000 (Euro 5,000) that Mushake confirmed he donated to KOR per telephone confirmation with Lazir in 2008? Esguerra doesn't have it! His job is to FIND out! The 1st European Assembly in London showed Quiambao as Supremo, Palmon as deputy and Sir Carmelo Gempesaw as Supreme Chancellor. Logic dictates that donor will want to be recognized by Supremo for such an amount! Did donor give it to Quiambao personally? Granting it was bank-to-bank, and Supremo was informed. It's just prudent that the Supremo should answer where it is! Why is he quiet? Why is Esguerra not investigating? Is he afraid of Quiambao? Apparently so!

7. Now, having seen IHQ behaviour that claims Rizalism but does the exact opposite!, will Rizalism thrive, grow and prosper worldwide under such a wintry climate? Or will Rizalism freeze?

The fault is not with the people, nor with CBCP when they complain/write about Pinas corruption!

In the same vein, the fault lies on Esguerra's shoulders! Esguerra is an INCOMPETENT administrator and Quiambao is CORRUPT!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

It's SHAMEFUL to be a Filipino and branded as CORRUPT by Transparency International, or STUPID by N! Hence Lazir writes...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Lady N,

STUPID is a strong word!

But compared to the abuse by current "leadership" upon the good name of the national hero, it would be a mild adjective!

Wanting to be civil, Lazir never used this word though to describe the many Knights in the KOR... yet!

Neither "good" nor "fair" would be Lazir's description of any of the names IHQ Manila appointed in Europe this 2009! Perhaps "good at taking advantage!"...targeting a higher rank, title or position!

Accomplishments from those officials...? Mostly NIL!

Judging from your reading the few e-mails you've come into contact with so far, you've QUICKLY grasped the gravity of the problems besetting this so-called Knights of Rizal organization!

Blame lies SQUARELY upon Mr Quiambao and Mr Esguerra, both Fun! Fun! Fun! specialists but not Problem-Solvers, contrary to the CD "Rizal is Alive" they're giving out that features "Problem-Solving" among many!

If they are not corrupt nor incompetent as they claim, why DO NOTHING to discipline the racists, fakes and liars who have been identified?

Mr Quiambao's son lived in the Paras household in Brussels, Belgium for many months. Quiambao took Paras into the KOR! Paras mastered faking reports to IHQ, lying, and even attempted to plagiarize a book he titled, "Born to be a Hero".

A true Rizalist, Sir Hilario Davide Jr quickly ordered Paras to respond to the allegations of Plagiarism! Sir Hilario's leaving for his UN post prevented him from resolving the Paras Plagiarism issue!

Esguerra took over the helm of the KOR...did nothing, and kept Paras for about 2 yrs as European Commander! Paras might have been "replaced?" (earnestly?) but his annointed got picked, in all appearances!

The corrupt practice is still very apparent, even with new names! Why, if PROPERly-conducted according to the rules, By-Laws, can't IHQ show compelling, exemplary, emutable reasons for the KGOR promotions?


Hence, Quiambao is corrupt and Esguerra is incompetent!

One thing is sure, Lazir doesn't run away from a good fight...!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!


Hello Mr. Lazir,

Are you asking me if I've the address of Gemma Cruz??? Wow.... You just took me to memory lane. Many eons ago, I met Gemma Cruz together with her mom, Carmen Guerrero Nakpil, her uncle, Fr. Lorenzo Ma. Guerrero, SJ who was my spiritual director, at a get together in Makati. It was a casual meeting. Next I know, she married Tonypet Araneta and moved years later to Mexico. Now, with Mayor Lim, he's an in-law of my uncle. I first met him when I was 20 something, and met him again when my cousin got married, as I was one of the sponsors. Interestingly, Davide and Lim are kumpadres. Davide is a Cebuano, and is a friend of our family even before he was a judge. I am not a political animal, left home as a young woman, and only visited after being away for 25+ yrs. I met all these people that you mentioned, but I personally did not have any relationships with them.

Mr. Lazir, may I remind you, this world is getting smaller. I personally know one of your Grand Knight Officer (commander) in your prestigious organization. He's an Ilocano, a CPA, and as far as I know, he is very decent , hard working and successful. I met him in the mid 70s. This man was humble then, and am sure he is to this day.

Given the info that I gather from your postings, its incredible that you're painting a picture that majority of your members are either DEAF, BLIND OR MUTE, NOT TO MENTION STUPID. I'm not dismissing your allegations, but for the life of me, am struggling to understand the circumstances surrounding your allegations.

Well, Mr. Lazir, seems like you're shooting blanks, and am sure you're aware that there are many ways of skinning a cat. You should develop new methods to effectively deliver your message to the DEAF, BLIND, MUTE and STUPID.

With all sincerity, I truly admire your zeal and tenacity. I wish you the very best of everything in your endeavor to fight corruption. In my case, I'VE LEARNED MANY YEARS AGO TO CHOOSE MY BATTLES. It was fun engaging you.......Ciao n

pppsssttt ..... how's my I Q doing without my LOL....LOL....LOL....

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

Friday, January 23, 2009


Sir Barry,

Famous few words that electrified America and the world!:

"We can change America!" - US President Barack Hussein Obama, 2008/2009

Pres Obama fulfilled his campaign promise on first day of office! He is slowly TRANSFORMING America! He signed executive edicts that will REMOVE TOO MUCH SECRECY, bring more TRANSPARENCY in the White House, deliver service/serve his constituents and people better/faster, froze pay of many executives in government, prohibited gifts from lobbyists, and a lot more! He proudly mentioned he took the ETHICS class! ...that he is not exempt from this rule himself!

Famous few words that electrocuted the author and some other crooks!:

"Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR." - Virgilio Esguerra, April 2007.

Author wrote these but didn't do it! He lied and is therefore DISHONEST! Dishonesty is CONTRADICTORY to Good Moral Character! To add insult to injury, author even EXALTED the racist writer of "vulgar and indecent words" from KCR to KGOR, less than 3 months after writing those same words! In addition, his airfare/hotel expenses flying from Manila to Paris, France, July 2007, were PAID FOR by the KOR, effectively receiving SUBSIDY from KOR members WORLDWIDE!

Lazir's ONE QUESTION please:

How come Mr Virgilio Esguera is STILL A MEMBER of the KOR, giving orders, running the entire KOR, traveling at KOR's EXPENSE! although per RA 646, Sec 4, he doesn't posses Good Moral Character?


KOR MEMBERSHIP hinges upon Good Moral Character, Reputation, Sympathy with KOR purposes in addition to legal age!

Ergo, WITHOUT Good Moral Character/Reputation (plus the age of majority) one cannot be a KOR Member!

Lying and dishonesty are both CONTRADICTORY to Good Moral Character, and DO NOT CONFORM to the KOR's enumerated purposes!

NOWHERE in the KOR's Purposes/Charter does it mention LYING, DISHONESTY as requirements!

NOWHERE does it say that LYING, DISHONESTY is patriotic, Rizalian chivalry, spreading the teaching/s of Dr Jose Rizal!

Nor does LYING, DISHONESTY keeping alive the hero's consecrated memory, or show the hero's exemplary and exalted principles! On the contrary...!




WHEREAS, A CIVIC ORGANIZATION KNOWN AS "Orden de Caballeros de Rizal" (Knights of Rizal) was incorporated under the Corporation Law of the Philippines in the year 1916 by patriotic citizens for the following purposes.

"(a) To develop the most perfect union among the Filipinos in revering the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal;"

"(b) To promote among the associated knights the spirit of patriotism and Rizalian chivalry;"

"(c) To study and spread the teaching of Dr. Jose Rizal and keep ever alive his consecrated memory and to make effective his exemplary and exalted principles:' and

"(d) To organize the annual festivities in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal."

Section 4. All persons of legal age and of good moral character and reputation, who are in sympathy with the purposes of the corporation, are eligible for active membership,...


Therefore, Mr Virgilio Esguerra is NEITHER a KOR Member, nor its incumbent Supreme Commander!(per Sec 4, RA 646) and must be stripped of all titles, functions, ranks, benefits thereof for acting AGAINST the tenets, language of RA 646 and the purposes enumerated thereat; for having conducted himself INIMICAL to the INTERESTS of the KOR!

Unlike Pres. Obama, Mr Virgilio Esguerra is an EMBARASSMENT not only to the KOR, but likewise

To the country and its people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!


More famous words that electrify America and the world!

Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America: They will be met.

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history;

For the world has changed, and we must change with it.

Let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested, we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back, nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations.

- From US President Barack Obama's inaugural address, 20 Jan 2009, Washington, DC


Dear Sir Dennis and fellow Knights,

May I greet you all with a Happy New Year and to say I am in good health and having my regular check ups. Unfortunately not so long ago Lady Ana had a heart attack but is now doing very well and getting better all the time.

Hence I have been a bit quiet.

Next week I will resume my correspondence to you all who have the best interests in our Order at heart and give you regular updates.

I have however had regular meetings with the Supreme Commander and I have been advised that all the money that the Late Sir Alex (God rest his soul) donated has now been accounted for by Ms Ruby the financial clerk at the HQ.

I myself have been busy with the Counterpart Organisations and who are more and more becoming self reliant as equals to the KOR. That is why the name was changed from Affiliated to Counterpart. From under to equal.

We have had the first National Congress and this was a sell out to coin a phrase. Not a seat could be had. Over 200 attended and was a huge success.

Now we are planning to have the 1st International Congress during the Summit of Leaders in February.

I will be pleased to answer any questions that are being raised and if I can't answer I will take further instructions from those who do.

One of my major concerns was the following. LACK OF COMMUNICATION.

I asked the Supreme Commander to instruct all KOR staff that if an e.mail is received at HQ then there should be a reply of E, Mail received and acknowledged. This will be passed to the relevant party and an answer will be forthcoming within 10 days.

Please if anyone sends an e.mail reuest immediately the acknowledgement that the mail has been received and is being dealt with.

Thank you for remembering me

Yours in Rizal

Sir Barry Bowman KGOR
Chairmnan of the Counterpart Organisations.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Dear Mr Alfonso Taguiang,

If your wife wrote the "acknowledgement" (all in capital letters) at the bottom here that has your name, Lazir can forgive you! Will he forgive you? You have to ask Moreno! Just be honest please and speak for yourself!

If you yourself wrote it, you should be HONEST enough to admit that you are THE "MAKAPILI" you refer to, for shamelessly siding with current corrupt KOR IHQ "leadership".

The KOR per se, is not wrong! Lazir finds the current "leadership" CORRUPT as well as INCOMPETENT! That is the main PROBLEM!

Mr Rogelio Quiambao, borrowing from your own words Sir Taguiang, "PUT OUR ORDER IN TROUBLE AND IN SHAME" long before Lazir began writing in 2007!


A. Mr Rogelio Quiambao brought Mr Felino Wy Paras (Belgium, 2002-2003?) and Mr Chito Collantes (Canada, 2001?) into the KOR.

B. Mr Mushake confirmed to Lazir, in 2008, that he donated approx. Euro 5,000 in RY 1999-2000. A KOR London Assembly 'Souvenir Program' for RY1999-2000 indicated the name ROGELIO QUIAMBAO, supreme commander. Both Mr Virgilio Esguerra and Mr Barry Bowman confirmed in 2008 that this amount NEVER showed up in the KOR 'Books of Accounts', from time of donation RY 1999-2000 till today! Mr Bowman reported in 2008 that the bank was requested to provide documents/records. Then he fell SILENT. Mr Quiambao was always SILENT about this amount.

C. Lazir freely quotes Mr Virgilio Esguerra, who wrote in April 2007:

"Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR."

In less than 3 months, in July 2007, in Paris, France, the same Mr Virgilio Esguerra WHO WROTE THOSE WORDS, personally promoted Mr Cesar Alcoba to KGOR, the 2nd highest rank in the KOR organization!

Mr Alcoba is proven writer/author of “vulgar and indecent words”. One easy to remember line he wrote asked for the SIZE OF THE HOLE in the BRAIN of Sir Peter Eisele!

Lazir is once more freely repeating the very words of Mr Virgilio Esguerra, incumbent KOR supreme commander, "Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR."

For coming to Paris, France last July 2007, Mr Virgilio Esguerra’s hotel/airfare expenses were paid for by the KOR (more or less P85,000?)!

D. Mr Felino Paras took into his Brussels household the son of Mr Rogelio Quiambao, for so many long months! Mr Paras sent various FAKE reports to Manila IHQ. He even submitted his own recommendation for KGOR, thru the help of his “boys” in Belgium, but w/o the knowledge of the then Fili Chapter Commander! He claimed to have been personal secretary to a rich Belgian Baron, although he was only HELPER in the household! Mr Paras claimed he wrote “Born to be a Hero” which was indentified as a plagiarized copy of Jose Baron Fernandez’ “Jose Rizal, Filipino, Doctor and Patriot”. Mr Paras claimed he translated “Mi Ultimo Adios” into Pilipino, which was the actual translation done by Andres Bonifacio! Mr Paras claimed he was a bank computer (technician?), but in reality never worked for the bank, but was with a security firm! Yes, he denounced a “Kababayan” to the Belgian Foreign Affairs, although he claimed he helped a LOT OF FILIPINOS in Belgium (see attachment pls)! Reports say that he facilitated some marriages of overstaying Filipinos with some locals in Belgium. Mr Paras holds the KGOR rank! (If Lazir will keep quiet, Mr Paras might become KGCR, the HIGHEST rank in the KOR!)

E. Mr Chito Collantes, identified also with Mr Rogelio Quiambao, reportedly threw out Sir Manny Bade, who paid his entrance fee to be with his brother friends, from the KOR Assembly last Aug-Sep 2008, Toronto, Canada! Mr Collantes carries a “Doctor” title, but can’t prove this to people who ask, nor explain what his THESIS was all about! Mr Collantes also holds the rank of KGOR.

F. Mr Virgilio Esguerra and the 2007 Supreme Council, exalted/pomoted these 3 UNDESERVING to KGOR last July 2007, Paris, France:

1. Mr Antonio Guansing, Phil Honorary Consul (?) and incumbent European commander.
2. Mr Cesar Alcoba, the proven racist & author of vulgar and indecent words that Mr Virgilio Esguerra does “not tolerate” but promotes to KGOR!
3. Mr Rudy Nollas, writer of the Preface to the plagiarized “Born to be a Hero” and incumbent Area commander for Belgium!

Lazir politely asked from Manila IHQ, way back in Oct-Nov 2007, for copy of the 3 recommendations above, or minutes of Supreme Council meetings that indicate who voted YES, who voted NO and who abstained! Manila IHQ was SILENT, up to today!

QUESTIONS to Mr Al Taguiang, if he indeed is a Rizalist & rightful London Chapter Commander (Rizalists do not lie!?):

1. If you traitorously condemn Moreno, without due process, how can you conclude he “PUT OUR ORDER IN TROUBLE AND IN SHAME” when Lazir started reporting only in 2007, long after the MISSING EURO 5,000 of RY1999-2000, long after Mr Quiambao took liars and fakes into the KOR?

2. Do you know where the Euro 5,000 is? Do you know if Lazir has it? Was the donation done in front of your eyes, right there in London during the Assembly of RY1999-2000?

3. How can you justly CONDEMN Moreno? Did you so decide on the basis of what Manila IHQ currently feeds you? Did you read RA 646 thoroughly, specially Section 4, on “GOOD MORAL CHARACTER”?

4. Is that “GOOD MORAL CHARACTER” to file FAKE reports to Manila, to plagiarize a book or a poem, to racially claim BLANKET discrimination against Europeans with the wrong slogan “FILIPINO MUNA” where Pastor Karl Ullmer himself, a German, took a distant stranger from the Far East, Dr Jose Rizal, into his own household, saving the hero much-needed funds, providing him food, shelter, comfort and solace!

5. Is that “GOOD MORAL CHARACTER” to promote to very high RANKs liars, FAKES, charlatans, without any proof of EXEMPLARY, HONORABLE acts just by mere say-so of someone like Mr Paras in Europe, or Mr Quiambao in Manila? Is the KOR governed by and is it following RA 646 and its Constitution and By-Laws, or just the say-so of FAKE beings claiming Rizalism?


7. Dr Jose Rizal was one person who was “uncomfortable” and would not hesitate to RAISE VALID QUESTIONS on ABUSE OF POWER, INJUSTICE, DICTATORIAL EDICTS, LACK OF FREEDOM, even at the cost of his own life! Anything WRONG with the hero’s teachings? Don’t you think YOU ARE MISGUIDED AND LOST? Or are you simply after POWER that CORRUPTS?

8. Lazir talks TRUTHFULLY, CONSISTENTLY, COURAGEOUSLY, OPENLY of what Manila IHQ CORRUPT practices are! Is that WRONG? Having stayed in the UK for some time, have you now adapted the abusive doctrines/edicts as well of King Henry VIII? Or are you still a descendant of Lapu-Lapu, Diego Silang, Tamblot, or any one of the GOMBURZA?


If you “FELL SO SORRY” as an Englishman, subject of your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, make sure please that she is, as well as all your “KNIGHTS AND LADIES OF LONDON CHAPTER”, indeed amused! Lazir freely borrows your own words, for “MA(KING) A FOOL” of yourself, making “SELF- INFLICT INTEREST HERE IN EUROPE!”

Oxford is near you! Lazir recommends you go there and brush-up, so you won’t “FELL SO SORRY” once more you might HURT yourself and others! That might bring well-needed improvement/s than just attending Fun! Fun! Fun! Assemblies organized by an abusive and corrupt KOR leadership! Be careful carrying those very thick, heavy Oxford dictionaries surrounding you Sir!


Lazir humbly CONCLUDES that the MEMBERSHIP of Felino Wy Paras, Rogelio Quiambao, Virgilio Esguerra, Cesar Alcoba, et.al, their ranks notwithstanding, are/were INVALID “ab initio” for abusing RA 646! Any and all ACTS emanating from the current Supreme Council, Council of Elders, from Manila IHQ under them, that seeks to DESTROY those who follow the TEACHINGS OF DR JOSE RIZAL are likewise INVALID “ab initio” for they run counter/contrary to RA 646, which provides among others:

SECTION 2. The purposes of this corporation shall be to study the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal, to INCULCATE and PROPAGATE them in and among all classes of the Filipino people, and by WORDS and DEEDS to EXHORT our citizenry to EMULATE and PRACTICE the examples and teachings of our national hero;

SECTION 4. All persons of legal age and of GOOD MORAL CHARACTER and reputation, who are in sympathy with the purposes of the corporation, are ELIGIBLE for active MEMBERSHIP, … .

In simple English, Felino Wy Paras, Rogelio Quiambao, Virgilio Esguerra, Cesar Alcoba, et.al, are NOT MEMBERS of the “Knights of Rizal” from the time that they STARTED doing the opposite of what Dr Jose Rizal taught us!!!

A glaring example is the UNJUST, UNDEMOCRATIC, ABUSIVE, GROSSLY ILLEGAL expulsion of Sir Jun Zerrudo, Scarborough Chapter, Canada! Sir Jun Zerrudo embodied the good example of a TRUE RIZALIST who argued and politely PRESENTED HIS CASE, while tirelessly PROPAGATING the national hero’s teachings!

If Dr Jose Rizal were alive today, were a member of this KOR and were writing his COMPLAINTS to this ABUSIVE IHQ, the probability is very high, that the same Mr Rogelio Quiambao and Mr Virgilio Esguerra, most probably WILL KICK HIM OUT OF THE KOR TOO!

Indeed, to once again borrow the words of Mr Virgilio Esguerra, ‘NAKAKAHIYA!” To which Lazir will freely add, “NAKAKASUKA!”

Long Live the ideas, ideals, teachings of Dr Jose Rizal that indeed are good!

For country and people

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

P.S. - Lazir can be corrected anytime, if he wrote something untrue, incorrect, wrong, misleading!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Lady N,

Lazir wishes to correct you pls, this is not his forum...!

He's simply putting his observations, beliefs, ideas forward, wherever he could -- for a BETTER Philippines!

You can write anything you like, provided you can be PROUD, not ashamed of it, now or later!

Wouldn't you feel good if others would (perhaps) EMULATE what you say, write & do, the way our hero showed us?

If the KOR were a genuine Rizalian organization, why must it promote FAKES and/or RACISTS? Evidence have been submitted.

Yet KOR Manila's top honchos do/did NOTHING to discipline the evil-doers!
Instead of conducting an investigation, the appropriate thing to do
to impose discipline, to promote justice, the top honchos even exalted/promoted them to higher ranks (KGOR) and kept them there!

Even KOR's "supreme kumander kuno"! lied (and is still there too!).

"Of course we do not tolerate vulgar and indecent words in KOR."

quoting the exact words of ('supreme kumander kuno') Virgilio Esguerra, top honcho, last April 2007.

Less than 3 months later, the same Mr Virgilio Esguerra (a.k.a. "supreme kumander kuno"!) promotes a proven racist, Belgian-Filipino Mr Cesar (Bhoy) Alcoba -- who e-mailed racistic insults, vulgar and indecent words to other brother Knights -- to the second-highest rank in the KOR, the "Knight Grand Officer of Rizal" (KGOR)!, in ceremonies he, as "supreme kumander kuno" attended/presided himself (airfare/hotel costs all paid for by the KOR!), Paris, France, July 2007! Since promotions for this particular high rank is not done by the supreme commander alone, the KOR Supreme Council RY 2007 also gets the blame, having (by virtue of deduction/logic) approved the KGOR promotion of Mr Alcoba! (Lazir gives them another 12-24 months to disprove these VALID allegations! Who voted Yes, No, who Abstained?)

What would you say if a FAKE were appointed European Commander? The FAKE has a name, Mr Felino Wy Paras, also Belgian-Filipino. (The dictionary defines Fake as IMPOSTOR, CHARLATAN).

He who FALSELY CLAIMED to have
- donated some P2M to the needy back home (fund raised by Sir Francois Ooms' El Fili Chapter, its members, their spouses and family/ies),
- written a book titled "Born to be a Hero" (exact work of Jose Baron Fernandez titled "Jose Rizal, Filipino, Doctor and Patriot").
- discovered historical landmarks (what other Rizalists discovered before him!),
- organized Rizalian gatherings/events,
- envigorated old chapters and established new ones,
- increased number of chapters in Europe (probably same people if not re-arranging people around)
- finished college in a Belgian University in 3 years (no proof?)
- worked as bank computer programmer (appropriate job description might be security guard in a bank?)
- observed Filipinos were/are being descriminated against by European Knights!
- etc. etc.

Mr Paras uttered those racistic words in front of the great grandson of Dr Rizal's German friend, (Pastor Karl Ullmer) Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer! Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer vehemently protested, knowing full well how his great grandfather not only befriended, but also took Dr Jose Rizal into his household for some months in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany, where the national hero reportedly completed his Noli! Disgusting is the word, and Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer RESIGNED from the KOR, when Mr Virgilio Esguerra consented to the Paras appointment!

Despite the multitude of FAKE reports above, top KOR honchos in 2007 disregarded/set aside a better-qualified Knight for European Commander and put their own man, Mr Paras, the SHAME of Europe!

(BTW, anyone is most Welcome to correct Lazir, if what he writes is incorrect or falsehood!)

It might be normal for leaders (corrupt leaders?) to appoint whoever they wish!

But this is Europe in the 21st century, birthplace of the 'Age of Enlightenment'!, birthplace of prominent philosophers, thinkers, visionaries, scientists! Remember Socrates, Kant, Voltaire, Ceasar, Freud, Virchow, Curie, Thomas More, Einstein, Aristotle and many more!

A righteous KOR member (moreso a high animal/official = humans are the highest form of animals!) would immediately initiate an investigation!

Sir Hilario Davide, Jr did just that. An upright man that apparently got used by Manila!

But then he had to leave KOR for the UN.

Wonder of wonders, but his deputy (kuno again) did nothing to correct/cancel the erroneous appointment, despite thick files of documents, signed by complainants, duly notarized and sent to Manila IHQ!

Is that COMPETENCE? Is that GOOD GOVERNANCE? Lazir thinks the exact opposite of both, if not worse!

Lazir rightfully COMPLAINS that Manila KOR IHQ inaction betrayed the partisan manner by which laws are enforced in the organization, contrary to the precepts of good governance. The ones who propagate the ideas, ideals and teachings of Dr Jose Rizal get investigated, prosecuted, kicked-out of the KOR! The proven racists, the identified plagiarst (Mr Paras reportedly claimed to have translated "Mi Ultimo Adios" to Pilipino, which later was no other than the exact work of Andres Bonifacio!) are allowed to just "fade away", "untouchable", treated with velvet gloves!

What is Rizalism? What is Rizalian?

To quote top honcho Virgilio Esguerra, "NAKAKAHIYA!" don't you think so?

Can you blame Lazir for calling the top KOR honcho MR INCOMPETENT?

Having said these things above, how can KOR, under present INCOMPETENT "leadership" help IMPROVE the Philippines, pretentiously raising the banner of Dr Jose Rizal when it is in itself ROTTEN from within, from the top?

Such that the national hero would be ashamed to hang his name up there, held by INCOMPETENT hands!

You and the others may judge!

In the meantime, let's keep on FIGHTING AGAINST CORRUPTION, wherever it is, whenever it shows up!

Chief Justice Reynato Puno is calling all of us to put-up a MORAL FORCE!

For country and people!

Fear the Lord, no one/nothing else!

P.S. - In February 2009, this KOR wishes to capitalize (apparently so!) upon the good name of Sir Alfredo Lim, Manila Mayor and Man of Action, to grace their (so-called Fun! Fun! Fun!) Assembly. Do you have the e-mail address of Sir Alfredo Lim and of Ms Gemma Cruz Araneta (a direct descendant of Dr Jose Rizal)?

Friday, January 16, 2009


We join the family in mourning the loss of Sir Alexander Mushake. We are gathered to pay homage to someone who has accomplished phenomenal work on his beloved Philippines and particularly the Philippine National Hero: Dr. Jose Rizal.

Sir Alex was forever in love with his adopted country, the Philippines and its national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

As a person with a broad knowledge, he has touched our hearts, our lives and our spirits. He was a "walking encyclopedia" His house was a heritage for all Filipinos. His personal library on Rizal and the Philippines is not only great, but also unique! Several times, I had the honor and privilege to be the guest of Sir Alex and Lady Jane. For me, those extended weekends were a very special experience. We talked for half a day. In fact, I listened to him most of the time. While the other half of the day, we spent in his library which is for sure the largest personal one on Rizal in Europe, if not outside of the Philippines. From time to time we had some different views on certain subjects which we put aside as went on with our "hobby", or shall I use the words of my wife "our obsession" on Rizal?

He was my guidance and mentor. To cite just two examples: One evening I read something about Rizal and had some questions that I phoned and told him about it. I can tell you when I came home from work the next day, a fax was waiting for me with the necessary explanations.

Sir Alex and I had already discussed his personal biographical dates on Rizal. Some 10 days ago, I had put them on PC and sent them by postal mail on Saturday. Unfortunately, he left us one day later. He never saw them.Most profoundly, he impressed us as a true professional. His actions rose beyond personal considerations. He acted on principled idealism, not on motives of material aggrandizement for himself. Yet, he remained simple, humble and unaffected up to the end. He was a man of few words, but very meaningful and truthful.

Sir Alex was a devoted family man to his wife, Lady Jane and he shall be missed by all of us who have been witness to his daring and innovativeness on Rizalism.

He will always be in my mind and in my heart. He was a true friend, a genuine Rizalist, and, above all, a gentle and kind person.

A British preacher, writer once said: "A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-not flowers have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble."

Goodbye my dear Knight of Rizal. You will always be remembered. For you have carved your name not on marble Sir Alex but on the hearts of many friends.

Today, even as we bid him our final goodbye, we know that death cannot diminish the light of our Over–all- Advisor for Europe, Sir Alex. His legacy, compassion, and grace will live on in our minds and in our hearts. Definitely, we, and the Philippines lost a great admirer.

Every time we speak the words Non Omnis Moriar you will be remembered my dear Friend and I thank you from my heart for allowing me having been a part of your life. I am grateful and proud to have been your Friend. May the Almighty Lord welcome you into Paradise.

Farewell Dear Friend. Paalam Brod.

To use Rizal's words from his last poem: "Mi Ultimo Adios": Farewell, to die is to rest.

Lucien Spittael

Monday, January 12, 2009


By Solita Collas-Monsod
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:54:00 01/10/2009

Brother against brother, sister-in-law against sister-in-law, cousin against cousin; poor but honest Marine refusing to accept a bribe that would get him out of poverty; same Marine standing up to a high government official who is trying to browbeat him; lawyer going the extra but crooked mile for his clients, facing disbarment; task force members "resigning" (not from their jobs, just from the task force) because they are "under a cloud." No way can a TV soap opera beat these scenes for sheer drama and human interest.

But the viewing, reading and listening public might get so interested in all these individual scenes from the so-called Alabang Boys controversy that they forget to look at the big picture. And that big picture shows a criminal justice system that is in a state of rot, if not rotten to the core. And unless extreme measures are taken to stop or excise that rot, the rule of law in the Philippines, already in extremis, will cease to exist.

An exaggeration? Hardly. A criminal justice system has five elements, called "pillars": Enforcement, Prosecution, Courts, Correction, and Community. Each of the first four, which are associated with government, has been rocked with scandals-and we don't have to have long memories, because they are of recent vintage.

Take the Correction pillar-the prison system, essentially. Remember the stories about how certain favored prisoners live almost like kings in the national penitentiary, being served hand and foot not just by other prisoners on their payroll, but by the prison authorities themselves, who may also be on their payroll. Or remember the numerous "escapes" reported in the press- where the escapees generally are high-profile detainees, those with money and/or political power and influence. Some don't escape-they are released prematurely, for want of a better word-and again, these happen to be high-profile cases.

Second, take the Courts pillar. It surely has been less than six months since the Court of Appeals (CA) scandal broke out, resulting in the dismissal of one justice, the suspension of another, and reprimands of three others. This, hardly a year after another scandal involving the "Dirty Dozen" CA justices (no one punished) who were selling temporary restraining orders, among other things. At the same time, the Supreme Court has not been spared from scandal, with Supreme Court Justice Dante Tinga actually being accused of receiving a P10-million bribe (the charge was dismissed by the high court and the accuser was fined P30,000). The names of Justices Consuelo Ynares Santiago and Minita Chico Nazario were also bandied about (both cleared by their Supreme Court colleagues).

Third, take the Prosecution pillar. Less than six months ago, what has been labeled as the biggest drug bust (valued at P300 billion worth of equipment and products) in the country took place in La Union. The cases against five of the six suspects were dismissed for lack of evidence, by prosecutors from the Department of Justice, even as four members of the police were recommended to be charged. (Does this mean that the policemen were the drug manufacturers? ) The actions or omissions of the prosecutors were met with disbelief in the La Union community, so much so that San Fernando Bishop Artemio Rillera reportedly asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that the case be transferred from the Department of Justice head office in Manila to prosecutors in La Union province. (He apparently had more faith in them.)

While the spotlight is now on the Department of Justice, one cannot help pointing to the Office of the Ombudsman, where, according to one writer, "cases just lie there and just die there." One particular case stands out: where the Supreme Court had ruled that the Commission on Elections had awarded a contract in clear violation of law and jurisprudence, but the Ombudsman found that no one in the Commission on Elections was to blame.

Last but definitely not the least, the Enforcement pillar, where the scandals and controversies involving its members are almost too numerous to mention-the most recent ones being the "euro generals" and the shooting deaths of Alfonso de Vera and his seven-year-old daughter Lia Allana. But one cannot forget police involvement in the Kuratong Baleleng case, where about P100 million also disappeared, or in the murder of Bubby Dacer and his driver.

The Alabang Boys affair, however, has dragged down the criminal justice system to new depths. Because here we have two of its pillars at each other's throats, one (Enforcement) accusing the other (Prosecution) of bribe-taking, and the other accusing the first of incompetence, at the very least. All in public. Since the two government agencies usually work very closely with each other, one can only presume that they know whereof they speak with respect to each other's shortcomings.

Ironically, the Arroyo administration, from its inception, emphasized the need for a strong criminal justice system if the country is to have sustained development. Its current development plan devotes two chapters to the topic. It is puzzling, however, that the plan associates corruption only with the enforcement pillar, when it is obvious that the one common thread running through all the scandals listed above is corruption.

How widespread is this corruption? A survey by the poll group Social Weather Stations in 2003-2004 tells it all: 59 percent of lawyers surveyed said that many or very many of the police are corrupt; 49 percent of them (61 percent in Metro Manila) were aware of a case in their locality where a judge took a bribe, although only 8 percent (15 percent in Metro Manila) reported it. Among the judges surveyed, 62 percent estimated that either a few or some of their colleagues were corrupt.

Time is running out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


On days when the whole world looks lousy & U are losing

& the road ahead seems too hard,
when U wonder if U are brave, smart enough & U must be crazy to try,


U know there will be times when U will doubt ur own abilities,
when U will be discouraged & on the verge of despair,

No matter how many people discourage U, doubt U, laugh at U,

warn U, think U are a fool… DON'T LISTEN!

Keep the faith in urself. Fan the fires so that U will try even harder

If nobody else in this world gives a darn or believes in U,


Monday, January 5, 2009


CTALK By Cito Beltran
Updated January 05, 2009 12:00 AM

There was a time when a man or woman who held the title of Fiscal or Prosecutor was treated with honor and respect. But today the title or the profession has been subjected to so much criminality and abuse that a number of Fiscals or Prosecutors may just as well call themselves Pimps who have prostituted the Lady of Justice.

Not all Fiscals or Prosecutors are bad, in fact most of them do heroic work being under paid and constantly exposed to unhappy complainants or even death threats. But it takes only a few to ruin an honorable profession and that exactly is the state of affairs right now for all Fiscals and Prosecutors.

For many years, people have expressed many things about Fiscals or Prosecutors ranging from disappointment to down right derision. But because fiscals are not as sensational as “Rogues in Robes” or not as political as brown bagged Appeals Justices, the corrupt or the incompetent Fiscals and Prosecutors have literally gotten away with murder, drug pushing, prostitution, bigamy, child abuse etc.

They have stayed below the radar by acting as the most evil of fixers who can do the following:

They can dismiss a complaint outright because: they don’t like the complainant, like a Contra-bida Actress who sued a businessman in Makati for damage to property when the guy rammed her car.

They can dismiss a case because the defendant is a businessman being sued by a Contra-bida Actress because the defendant also happened to be the son of an influential Congressman (retired).

They can dismiss the case because a High Finance Lawyer paid them as little as P5,000 or as much as 20 million because the clients are celebrities or rich kids, or a politician or cabinet member.

To be fair, some of these pimps still maintain some measure of professional hypocrisy by pretending to have worked on the case. They actually process the case but personally tutor the incompetent lawyer on what to do and how the case will proceed. It is here where “for a price” a case that is non-bailable is actually made so weak that; the defendant is allowed to post bail.

This is done directly or indirectly by intentionally and again “for a price” DOWNGRADING a case. So a non-bailable case such as Murder is reduced to homicide, illegal recruitment becomes estafa, drug pushing becomes possession, kidnapping for ransom becomes collection of dormitory fees (joke).

I learned from one of my favorite lawyers (I like some, not all) that the most cruel of these fixers are those who even put up a charade of a legal case. The Fixer-Prosecutor intentionally files a case so weak that even the strongest legal Viagra would not make it stand in court!

In local parlance: “Ni-laglag ng Fiscal ang kaso” or the Prosecutor sold out.

So under a judicial review, a Prosecutor would have to be caught red-handed with P20 million before we can nail him to the cross. Otherwise the most corrupt of Prosecutors will merely suffer the humiliation or the stress of a review, a reprimand, or maybe by a miracle, might be suspended. Otherwise it’s all a matter of “their word against mine”.

In some very sensitive cases, or when a complainant is initially hot on the case like the murder of a father or relative, the Fiscal or Prosecutor goes through the legal process of filing the case and their recommendations. But they do this with deliberate and methodical delay until the hurt and the anger of the complainant cools down and a Motion for reconsideration can then be filed when the other party has just about given up or has been “Areglado, areglo or fixed”.

So it is not true that Justice in the Philippines is slow, we are merely made to believe that it is slow by the people who are trying to buy time to fix or pimp for the lady of Justice.

PDEA’s cry for justice

The controversy that now involves the PDEA and the Department of Justice is not just a matter of perception, as a State Prosecutor would like us to believe. The fact of the matter is that thousands of Filipinos have fallen victims to the substandard quality and integrity of many Prosecutors now under the Department of Justice.

It is one thing to be a Department more prominent for “obstruction of Justice” on political issues, but when the safety, security and rights of citizens are perennially compromised and prostituted, it now becomes necessary to raise the sword as well as the scales.

We must now work together to place all city and state Prosecutors under performance and integrity review. It is now time to call for a lifestyle check on both philandering and morally compromised prosecutors before we allow them to stand as the first to Judge over our rights to fair and equal justice.

In the same manner we must demand, lobby, or pressure Malacañang and our local officials to raise the requirements for Fiscals both in expertise and compensation. Pay for competence instead of being victimized by incompetence and corruption!

While you read this article, you might think it is none of your concern. But wait until you get into an accident, until you become the victim of a crime, or until some public official who stole the taxes you paid laughs all the way to the bank because his or her Prosecutors “fixed” the case.

If you know a competent and trustworthy prosecutor tell people about them, praise them for their dedication and sacrifice. Otherwise, let us all stand up against the corrupt and the incompetent who have managed to get away for too long.


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE


By Gabriel Cardinoza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:40:00 12/31/2008

DAGUPAN CITY – At first glance, retired German police officer Manfred Ollik looks every bit a foreign guest every time the city government commemorates the death anniversary of national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, on Dec. 30.

Everyone's eyes are focused on him, wondering what a barong Tagalog- clad, English-speaking Caucasian is doing in an activity that honors the Filipino national hero.

But as everyone gets settled for the ceremonies at the city plaza here, Ollik blends into the huge crowd of city officials and employees, teachers, students, Free Mason and Knights of Rizal members and others who have come to honor Rizal.

"I no longer feel a stranger, even if I'm the only foreigner sitting there. I now know all the people here," said Ollik, who idolizes Rizal, perhaps even more than any ordinary Filipino does.

Ollik, a retired police colonel and instructor at the Police Academy in Wiesbaden, Germany, decided to live with his family in a coastal village in this Pangasinan city after his retirement in the late 1980s. He is from Kassel in Germany.

He has been attending the Rizal Day celebration here without fail in the last 10 years.

He said he came to know about Rizal in Germany after he married his wife, Ma. Alda Manipon, a nurse from Urdaneta City whom he met in Wiesbaden. He was then vice president of the German-Philippine Association of Europe.

"Every year, we celebrate Rizal Day in Germany twice – on his birthday (on June 19) and on the day he was shot in Bagumbayan (now Luneta Park in Manila)," Ollik said.

"Our association was often asked by the Philippine Embassy to prepare for the celebration. Our president then would tell me to do this and that," he said.

The celebrations were always held at the Rizal Park in Wilhelmsfeld, a city near Heidelberg, where Rizal attended a clinic for eye diseases in 1886.

"Rizal is considered a national hero in Germany with the way we are celebrating and honoring him," he said. "Our celebrations are always very serious and solemn, sometimes even more serious than the celebrations here."

Ollik said the park was built in Wilhelmsfeld because it was where the house of Protestant Pastor Karl Ullmer was located. Rizal lived with Ullmer's family during his three-month study in Heidelberg. Rizal's bronze statue in the park was created by Filipino professor Anastacio Caedo.

"Wilhelmsfeld is now also called `Noli Village,'" he said. "This is because it was there where Rizal finished his novel, `Noli Me Tangere.'"

It was also where Rizal wrote his famous poem, "A las Flores de Heidelberg," in April 1886.

In 1983, Ollik was conferred the Order of the Knights of Rizal by the Philippine Embassy in Germany because of his contribution to the Filipino community in that country.

Aside from helping organize Rizal Day celebrations and other Filipino community activities, Ollik said he also wrote articles in Philippine Times, a Filipino community newspaper in Germany, about German laws, culture and "about many other things that Filipinos in Germany had to know."

Like many Germans, Ollik said he liked Rizal because he was a person "who was 100 percent right during his time."

He said he had repeatedly read the German translations of the "Noli" and "El Filibusterismo" as well as Rizal's poems and other writings.

Ollik said he particularly liked Rizal's advocacy for nonviolence in the Filipinos' fight for freedom from Spain at that time.

"He liked to unite the Philippines and set it free. But not in (the) way Filipino [revolutionaries] had wanted. He liked to do it in a peaceful manner," Ollik said.

"You know that Germany was united in peaceful manner. Not by guns, not by war because we are all Germans. We tore down the Berlin Wall without firing a shot," he said.

Ollik lamented the fact that Filipinos today tend to be regionalistic. "Everybody here wants to separate. Everybody here wants to build an autonomous region. Everybody here wants to speak his own language. Germans speak German. Filipinos should speak Tagalog," he said.

Ollik also said he was sad that many Filipino students do not take Rizal's teachings seriously.

"I once asked a student here about Rizal and I was disappointed that she did not even read Rizal's `My Last Farewell,'" he said. "She could not answer basic questions about Rizal," he added.

Given the current Philippine political situation that Olik said remains characterized by disunity, Rizal remains relevant.