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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Rainer J. Weber, KCR, D-69250 Schönau,
Chapter Commander, Panoramastr. 100
Wilhelmsfeld-Heidelberg Chapter,

Germany 7th June, 2008

Sir Virgilio R. Esguerra, KGCR, Supreme Commander,
Members of the Supreme Council:

All Fellow Knights:

Open letter to the new Supreme Commander, Sir V. R. Esguerra, KGCR, and Supreme Council:

Illustrious Gentlemen and Fellow Knights,

Congratulations on your recent election.

Unfortunately, practically no overseas Chapters or Knights were present at the General Assembly and were thus effectively excluded from that Election. So, it is difficult to acknowledge the result of the Election as being truly representative and democratic. This is due to the present, defective election procedure. If we are to achieve international and democratic recognition of the legitimacy of our Supreme Council elections by all Knights and if we really want effective democratic structures in our Order, the present election system has to be changed, to allow all Knights (regardless of where they are located) to be represented at General Assemblies when elections and other decisions take place.

This issue was agreed to at the European Consultative Meeting in Brussels on 26th. April, 2008. At the General Assembly in January 2006, when the amended Bye Laws were adopted, it was also incorporated in those Bye Laws that this matter would be examined. There seems to have been no such examination since that date.

We hope, most sincerely, that these necessary and urgent changes will be implemented soon.

The reaction of our past leaders to the establishment of the IFKOR and the ‘pending case’ against Sir Rizal Victoria, as shown in Resolutions 003 and 006, Series of 2008, make some Knights really wonder. They ask whether Dr. José Rizal is actually alive in our Order.

That reaction is a great disappointment to many serious and committed Knights and it is not regarded as being an appropriate way of dealing with the many real problems in our Order.

You write that your “records are an open book”, but why have all the questions that I and many others asked you, in various letters and e-mails in the past, never been answered in a satisfactory way?

Your reaction reminds us of the reaction of the Chinese rulers when confronted with questions and problems they do not like, as in the present case of Tibet. Instead of seeking the reasons for the present problems, and entering into worthwhile discussions to achieve a real and lasting solution to the problems they use repression and violence (“pains of disloyalty and insubordination”) to quell legitimate questions and discussion.

The IHQ is behaving in the same stubborn way. Instead of talking with concerned, well-meaning and committed Knights around the world (there would, for example, have been an excellent opportunity for that in Paris last year, but it was wasted with vainglorious praise and “fun”) who genuinely want to contribute improvements to our Order, its structures and programmes and who are willing to invest significant time, energy and commitment, our leaders focus on “loyalty and subordination”. “Loyalty and subordination” to what exactly, is a question worth some consideration.

Whenever we have asked questions we have almost never received a proper reply. In the present situation our leaders do not seem to ask themselves why all those IFKOR people are meeting and what their aims are. Instead of going to Toronto and discussing with them, our leaders only say: “Out”! This is such a poor reaction, and not at all appropriate for an Order that takes its name from José Rizal, who kept questioning things and tackling problems through discussions. He was not interested in power, titles and ranks but individual freedom and personal responsibility, and he did not demand ‘subordination’ or even ‘loyalty’ - these words never occur in his writings - he wanted to gain people’s consent through conviction and the power of logical argument. But he was silenced by the weak, authoritarian Spanish, because he criticised, pricked and questioned them and their behaviour.

In his novels, José Rizal impressively describes nepotism and the abuse of power and what they lead to. And what is happening in our Order?

The present conduct of our leaders is seen as being completely undemocratic, unfair and un- and anti-Rizalian and resembles more the tactics of the Spanish when dealing with Rizal than the reaction of a José Rizal.

He would turn in his grave if he could see what ‘Rizalists’ (his ‘heirs’) are doing and that they seem to be mainly interested in ranks, titles, influence, prestige and power. This is deplorable and disgraceful !

“Quo usque tandem ?” – “How long will this go on?” the famous Cicero asked long ago in similar circumstances. Must we ask the same or will true Rizalists be forced into revolt, as the Filipino Nation was in 1896?

In his book ‘The First Filipino’, when referring to José Rizal, Leon M. Guerrero quotes Victor Hugo, who wrote: “It is not I who have been outlawed, but liberty; it is not I who have been exiled, but France.” Who is being ‘outlawed’ and ‘exiled’ in our Order?

In Shakespeare’s famous play ‘Hamlet’, Hamlet says: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark !” What about the ‘state’ of our Order? Anything ‘rotten’ there? Do our leaders behave like the Spanish and the friars in Rizal’s day, because they are afraid of a change and the loss of power? Who are “the villains in the pursuit of truth and justice”?

Do you think such behaviour is in accordance with José Rizal’s principles of virtuousness, democracy and self-determination, for which he died? In some of his last words Rizal writes: “I have always wanted democratic rights for the Philippines and I have always expressed myself in this sense . . .”, and “if Spain systematically denied democratic rights to the Philippines, there would be insurrections.”

What about the situation in the “Knights of Rizal”? Don’t we need an ‘insurrection’? What is it we ‘want’?

I am rather astonished by your quick reaction to IFKOR and concerning the ‘case’ against Sir Rizal Victoria, whereas we have heard nothing yet of any decision from you about the complaints and accusations against Sir Lino Paras and against Sir “Bhoy” Alcoba or the situation in Canada. Why is this so?

I do hope that our new leaders in Manila are willing and able to deal with legitimate criticism, proposals, suggestions and challenges from committed Knights and with unpleasant and painful truths not in a primitive and repressive way (like the Spanish in Rizal´s days), but in an argumentative, rational, mature and open debate and intellectual competition (like Rizal did). He once wrote to Blumentritt: “I discussed everything and doubted”, and he wrote: “We can only serve our country by telling the truth, however bitter it is. To remain silent would be to consent to the abuse”.

Are you willing to “discuss everything”, or do you rather want to “remain silent” and oppress “everything”, demanding “loyalty and subordination”?

If you are unwilling to enter into an open discussion without preconditions, all the references to and professions of Rizalian ideas, ideals and concepts are merely empty word shells, lip-service and a fake.

But if you really want to take Rizal seriously and emulate his role model then you cannot but act and behave accordingly.

I look forward to a speedy response.

With best Rizalian wishes,

Rainer J. Weber, Chapter Commander

Saturday, August 30, 2008


By Christoph S. Eberle (2008)

(Editor’s note: This essay is a submission to the International Conference on Rizal scheduled on September 11-13, 2008 in Toronto, Canada. Rizalist Brother Christoph who is from Hamburg, Germany, will unfortunately not be able to attend the gathering due to prior commitments. We deem it appropriate to post the article here as a foretaste of the quality of presentations expected at the Conference.)

Years ago on my first flight from Frankfurt to Manila I saw my seat neighbour, a Filipino, reading Rizal’s “El Filibusterismo”. And I asked him, ”Sir, who is that Rizal?” He replied, “Our national hero, a Philippine legend. Did you know that he lived in Germany, too?” Since then, my curiosity has been unsatiated, and I have endeavoured to know more about this man. I have never regretted discovering the country Rizal loved so much. As a person who works in a profession that produces knowledge, my philosophy coincides with Rizal, who believed that good character is formed through education. That such education does not end as long as we live, even if one’s life is not enough to turn the absorbed knowledge into wisdom. But what kind of knowledge should we know? Alas, even I too have experienced that the best minds are not necessarily enlightened simply by studying books.

Most of you know well that Juan Luna was one of Rizal’s companions during his time in Madrid. Did you also know that Antonio Luna, the brother of this talented artist, held a Ph.D. degree in chemistry? With my professional background in Chemistry, this fact brings me once more closer to Rizal. To me he gives an example, and it is remarkable and rarely noted that a unity between science and art can be established. With Rizal as a scientist and an artist; with Juan Luna as an artist and Antonio Luna as a chemist, I am sure none of them would disagree with me when I say that: knowledge about the nature of chemical bonds does not help us to measure bonds among human beings. And if art cannot do so as well, to which teacher should we turn to?

Luna and Hidalgo were the two Philippine artists who were awarded the first and second prize on the occasion of the National Exposition of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1884. To honour them Rizal gave his so-called Brindis speech at a special banquet. With fraternal gesture his speech embraced the audience honestly with the desire “to join…in one single thought, in one single aspiration – the glory of genius, the splendor of the Motherland. Here is, in fact, the reason why we are gathered… genius knows no country, genius sprouts everywhere, genius is like light, air, the patrimony of everybody, cosmopolitan like space, like life, like God.”(1) Eloquent, it is a contradiction to the spirit of a period, wherein equality among people had no political power in Europe, nor it would had been desired. In 1882, when Rizal first arrived in Madrid, he met Graciano Lopez Jaena. Upon meeting, Rizal questioned Jaena as to why he quit medical school. “It is a pity,” Rizal said, “that you don’t study and cultivate your great talent in order to serve better our country.” In defense, Jaena replied, “On the shoulders of slaves should not rest a doctor’s cape.” Rizal replied, “You can invoke that grandiloquent phrase to justify your laziness, but I tell you in turn that the shoulders do not honor the doctor’s cape, but the doctor’s cape honours the shoulders!”(2)

By executing him at the end of the its power in the Philippines, the Spanish colonial regime created Rizal into a martyr – a role he surely did not intend to take. But Rizal’s sacrifice was not in vain. He did so out of pure love. Things have changed since he was executed in Bagumbayan. Questions, which challenged him in his time, are now being revisited again. But many of his answers have remained valid and cannot be ignored. Every student in the Philippines is expected to know about Rizal. Institutions that bear his name are faced with the task of going beyond: that the youth outside the Philippines will have to get to know him as well. Every effort must be made towards this distant, but reachable goal. If we win the youth, we win future! What makes Rizal great is an inspiration for us to put forth the effort, cognizant of the fact that this hero of freedom belongs not to one nation, but to all. We cherish freedom because it means the freedom to think differently, to feel differently, to decide differently and to be different. With these in mind, I found myself in our community dedicated to Rizal, whose heroic sacrifice will lead on so long as freedom, justice and dignity of man are threatened. The more Rizalists who will collaborate to make Rizal public beyond his status as the Philippine national hero, the more he surely will be noticed as he should be -- a personality that reached historical greatness like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

The world we live in today has become smaller. Frontiers that adventurers and discoverers of old were crossing have vanished. In their quest, they all needed courage, will and determination. Today, as it was then, we will need courage, will and power to move ahead into the endless distance and to an ever decreasing space. Yet there is no end to what can be achieved. But the greatest unknown lies within us. It is essential for us to recognize the wisdom when we first experience them. Today, technical progress has enabled interaction among human beings of different cultures easier and faster than ever before. This should encourage us to use this convenience to our full advantage. Interacting is no longer outside our possibilities. Interacting is the key in our hands that opens doors to future. The spirit of Bagumbayan remains alive. Together we are called upon to spread this spirit everywhere. The power of the idea that unites us must not diminish. United as teachers of the teachings of Rizal, let us go forward to give face and voice with a sense of chivalry that we call Rizalian, which is anything but common. Nothing else unites our community’s soul. I am with her. Rizal lived his life admirably and in accordance with his ideals. If we can emulate this, I believe in the end and in a universal sense, if we succeed, we will be worthy of claiming to be genuine and bonafide Rizalists. Nobody but Rizal could deny us that claim.

And yet each of us calls ourselves Rizalists without subscribing to the word’s intended meaning. We need to redefine the meaning we ascribe to the word. Only when the priests of Rizalism celebrate the “cult of the universal,” which Saint-Exupery elaborated, only when they do love more the land than the nation, Rizalism can take on a profound meaning. It can provide an identity to the Philippine name. And we can truly honour the man Rizal that became an institution we joined, each with his/her own reasons. Although we are citizens of different nations, believers of different religions, supporters of different political and philosophical opinions, we accepted and embraced the Code of Ethics that unite us as Rizalists. Such does not forbid us to follow principles, laws and circumstances that oblige us elsewhere. As Rizalists we are part of another ‘community without borders’ that holds us to a common responsibility in our endeavour towards common aims, regardless of the professions we practise. In both halves of the globe Rizalism spreads Rizal’s ideals and speaks for the less fortunate on Philippine soil. In this way, it makes me aware of what is more important than merits already earned are those that have still to be earned. And through the individual, this brotherhood honours the ethical code of Rizalism. We must all strive for an objectivity, like Rizal did once, like many Rizalists now do and did on both halves of the globe. Through objectivity can we then be closer to the truths that are universal, valid for all times, valid for all people. Rizal's strongest ideals encompassed democracy, equality, and education with rights for human dignity. He himself called for Filipino unification, but he never upheld Filipino culture, nation and race above others. Quite the opposite: Rizal first learned the cultures and languages of the people he interacted with before interacting with them. Doing so proved that he understood human nature, that by studying their language, he not only complimented them, but also showed respect towards cultural differences. Knowing the language opens the windows to that country’s soul.

We face a new era. The nature of our global realities poses a challenge to those promoting Rizal’s ideals. But if we do not face the challenges, we will fall behind our best possibilities. Nevertheless, through all time, our mission remains the same, inalienable, clear like a crystal. Beyond national boundaries, crossing deep oceans and spanning continents we rally to it. The task to use Rizal as our model when dealing with current issues, inspired by his spirit, challenges us. It applies to all who carry a banner against arbitrariness, to all who stand in his name for the virtues he found himself ready to die for. And what sort of brotherhood should represent his ideals? It should represent the best that can be said about that institution’s principles. In this way, it enriches traditions that have been written consistently in many pages of the book of universal history: duty, truthfulness, justice, bravery, honour, humility, cosmopolitanism, and love of country. Virtues like these serve as guide to the principles that bind us. They form the great characters of a new Round Table. They teach us, give us touchstones upon which we can be gauged against. Deep are the springs from which virtues that we stand for so that amidst the deserts of men no one will be exhausted. But Rizalists from all walks of life do not deserve these ideals, if they do not serve. The noblest words cannot substitute for the noblest actions. We cannot change anything, if we are unable to change ourselves. This strength alone arises from ideals. Asking myself about what my mission’s quintessence should be and I see clearly that it is to prevent Rizal’s flag to go down. My estimate of what this flag means is not final and it cannot be yet. Since deep within me I hear the words of another hero echo -- one of the most controversial of all American generals, Douglas MacArthur. His promise of “I shall return,” which he proclaimed to a defeated nation in 1942, remains unforgotten. The words still reverberates to our time. Years later when visiting the country, whose “liberator and defender” he had become, he said about Rizal:

“This man died before a firing squad in his struggle for national freedom, human liberty and political equality. Some heroes are called the Father of their country, but throughout the Far East he is known as the father of freedom. None, among all the Great of the World, is greater. I speak his name in reverence.”(3)

On a completely different occasion it is a similar confession that has gathered us: admirers, interested persons and researchers of Rizal. However, an international conference in his name like the one held in Toronto this year could not have been purely academic. Rizal’s thinking stimulates the minds. That makes him political. Although he died too early to ensure the growth of enlightenment’s ideas, he laid its roots in the Philippines.

There are plenty of organizations that bear Rizal’s name pretending to hold the hero’s heritage. Among those is the Order of the Knights of Rizal which is the one with the longest history. Republic Act 646 turned the original “Orden de Caballeros de Rizal,” founded in 1911, into a public corporation within Philippine realm. Although expanding with chapters to many foreign countries by immigrating Filipinos, this corporation failed to meet the standards of an international organization.

Besides welcoming said Rizal conference participants in Toronto, heartily and mindfully, I address all Rizalists. We have witnessed that Rizalism is not represented anymore by the so-called Order of the Knights of Rizal. New concepts of federalization and knighthood are about to rise. Ours is to ensure that we earn their claims. Then our knighthood might become theirs as well – a knighthood that is distinguished by its bearers and our chosen symbols of what Rizalian means: illustrating the image a new persona. And who would we dignify in our ceremonies? One risks to be blinded, if one dignifies idols. Any new Rizalist institution, which is a fraternity and a fraternity, which is an institution will designate members with names. It is up to you, the members, to assign them with meaning. They cannot implicate hierarchy, but maybe you will rise to a dignity that ennobles your inborn sense of honor. As members you are to distinguish yourselves; you prove your value because of what you are and what you can accomplish. However, your acceptance to the organization is primarily based on your potential, so your value as a member must be earned. This value is exemplified by neither titles nor medals, nor is it to be found stamped in any passport’s content. What I mean is that the glimmers from the depth of your soul through the colours of your character to the truthfulness of your ideals can be perceived by those around you. Believing those who tell the opposite, you will always as others do, mistake appearance for reality. Yes, you can rise without degrading others. Dare to cross boundaries in your minds and in your hearts with your strength and courage! In space inside and outside of you! Dare to be different! Dare what you never dared before! The highest that obliges you is your conscience. Act whatever it dictates you! Then you are closer to Rizal than any written policy or philosophy could ever be. What he can teach you, you will not understand without Kant’s lessons.

No matter how often times change, what Rizal stands for will never change. It is uniting us throughout continents. And from generation to generation a single day gathers us so as not to forget that. Rizal never failed us. He knew about how easily men can be corrupted; that it is easier to demand than to fulfil. If we fail him, we would witness the later triumph of powers who believed it was possible to fight ideas by perishing the individual who gave them birth. I can only sense with admiration Rizal’s feelings for the Philippines. Although he is not like me, he belonged to her through bonds that were formed by nature: family, language, history; bonds that were his heritage, enriched with his own. And yet I am blessed with two countries: one where I come from and one I can adopt – a land which Rizal dreamed how it ought to be. But what it ought to be is uncertain. Here I am searching. There I enter a soil riddled with questions of my uncertainties.

How does Rizal look at us now? Through his biographer’s eyes? Today more than a century is gone since his execution. The man, fatally hit by the bullets of a firing squad and who has been martyred at Bagumbayan is alive in the memory of even those who never opened one of his books. What can happen if one does open them is the story of Jean Quintero Hall. Over the past 14 years she has worked as a lecturer in the Humanities Department of Western New Mexico University. As a well-known Rizal researcher in the United States she has been an invited speaker in international conferences on Rizal. Arising from her studies of Rizal, she compiled her poems of the last 20 years and published in 1996 under the title “Rizal – Our Beloved Beacon”. This work has gained much appreciation in both the United States and the Philippines and takes a worthy place in the literary commemoration of Jose Rizal as the Filipinos’ national hero. Reading it, I entirely agree with Frank Juszczyk’s judgement, who wrote in his foreword: “What reaffirmation of nobility we gain from the stories of Tristan and Iseult, Arthur and Guinivere, is alive in the devoted passion of Jean Quintero Hall’s love for Jose Rizal.”(4)

With thoughts like these we may ask occasionally: Who teaches the teachers? For “as a man thinks, so he is.”(5) Only what we give will even weight more than what we have and keep. That things we preach are things by which we can live: where we discover such, we do not see the end of all truth, but the beginning of all ways to the stars of Rizal.

But these days we are not burdened by thoughts alone; they have also tint and mood and busy manifestations. The horizons are broadening for us as well as our possibilities. A new year’s eve is upon us. In the past we have won victories over ourselves. That is why we must not fear what is coming. No matter if days shall be good or against us. Prophecy was always strange to me, even though tempting. However, I am on the side of those who would rather realize what is possible instead of visualizing what is uncertain. If I knew the future, I would not seek it anymore, neither create. But its promise is one very tangible at this moment, in this realm, where we meet ideas and ideas meet us; to find their bearers and those who change them, as they are changed by them. Then a beacon is lighted. We are far from being weak so long as nothing weakens our message. As Rizal encouraged the women of Malolos, so we too should try what we never thought of. His message can be meant for us:

“Let us, therefore, reflect; let us consider our situation and see how we stand. May these poorly written lines aid you in your good purpose and help you to pursue the plan you have initiated. May your profit be greater than the capital invested; and I shall gladly accept the usual reward of all who dare tell your people the truth. May your desire to educate yourself be crowned with success; may you in the garden of learning gather not bitter, but choice fruit, looking well before you eat, because on the surface of the globe all is deceit, and the enemy sows weeds in your seedling plot.”(6)

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Son of SHE

Good Afternoon,

Thank you kindly for forwarding these "appointments" to me!

These KOR moves/actions, are at best ridiculous, if not outright shameful!

Paras, the "SHAME" of Europe (Lazir gives him the misnomer "SHE" = Shame of Europe! for Plagiarism) faded away (still in SHAME!), now we have the "Son of the SHAME of Europe, as European "regional commander"? Lazir calls him forthright the "Son of SHE!" for accepting KGOR rank for NOTHING special, other than being a Paras (altar) boy?

Lazir would gladly obtain the opinions of illustrious and honorable men, direct descendants of the friends of Dr Jose Rizal: Sir Ernest(o) Blumentritt, Prof Blumentritt's grandson, and the great grandsons of Pastor Karl Ullmer, Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer as well as his brother, Sir Dr Hans Hack-Ullmer, both recipients of the Philippine Order of Sikatuna, with rank of "Maginoo"!

What would these gentlemen say about these SHAMEFUL KOR appointments/appointees!

- Back to these KOR appointments

Reminds Lazir of the parent admonishing his/her child, "Never or Do not smoke!" while puffing on a cigarette!


Not your fault, as you're not the appointing body!

- The Undeserving Three, the Godchildren of the "SHE"

How could one like Tony Guansing be exalted to first KGOR for a "secret" deed (KOR IHQ refuses to publish what is supposedly something "exemplary" since Lazir asked for a copy last Oct or Nov 2007?) then now to European "regional commander"?

Is this how serious IHQ looks at RA 646, the illustrious KOR, its Constitution and By-Laws??? Think again, for IHQ claims to be the ONLY "valid" one!

The plagiarist Paras, the "SHAME of Europe", is reportedly the godfather of the 3 Undeserving that the KOR "supreme commander" exalted to KGORs, namely: Tony Guansing, Boy Alcoba (proven racist) and Rudy Nollas last July 2007...although Boy Alcoba spat racistic attacks per e-mail against these honorable men: Sir Barry Bowman, Sir Peter Eisele (+), Sir Lucien Spittael, Sir Don Brennock, to name a few!

The grapevine relayed to Lazir the news that KOR "supreme commander" KNEW NOTHING about these e-mails!??? (good try!?)

Isn't it the height of HYPOCRISY for a "supreme commander" to claim adherence to RA 646 but violates its Sec 2 & 4? ...to say he's for Rizalism while silent/not actively prosecuting the plagiarist & the racist? ...to want Sir Jun Zerrudo expelled while the latter follows the very spirit and language of RA 646 [even upping KOR's "supreme commander" who can be identified with plagiarist Paras and racist Alcoba and many Undeserving, foremost of which are the sons of "SHE" above! -- and affinity for Fun! Fun! Fun! but seemingly abhors serious Rizalism symposia/conference like that one held this year in Hamburg, Germany and the forthcoming Toronto, Canada event 11-13 September 2008!]?

[Kudos to the Hamburg Chapter "Symposium on Dr Jose Rizal" organizers, leaders, headed by Sir Nonong Repotente/Sir Ferdie Cena, Lady Rexit and Lady Divine, as well as those hard-working chapter officials, charming Ladies and supportive members in the rank and file PRESENT during the whole day affair! It was an eye-opener in the sense that the topics/resource persons were serious, but such never merited any mention by anyone from IHQ! W-H-Y??? Pahabol is too late, not anymore allowed!]

While the KOR's "supreme commander" concerns himself with HOLLOW Fun! Fun! Fun! (Aug-Sep 2008 in Toronto!), Sir Jun organized IFKOR's serious Rizalian conference 11-13 Sep 08, with REAL beef and substance!

From the grapevines, Lazir learned that KOR IHQ was invited, yet didn't signify any interest! W-H-Y??? Moot and academic?


The not-so-serious, Fun! Fun! Fun! adherent "supreme commander"?

The same KOR's "supreme commander" is reportedly attending the Toronto Fun! Fun! Fun! Aug-Sep 2008 in Toronto! Lazir might as well call him the "funny Rizalist!" because he shows no real interest in serious matters pertaining to the National Hero!

Lazir is now making a guess that the following could get exalted (based on which By-Laws now? ...the one that need not be REFORMED???) to the next rank: Collantes, Poblete, Virey?

Let readers now decide for themselves/say, "Who is kidding whom?"

Be it known to all that anyone not voicing out nor questioning wrongdoing (Plagiarism/Racism) among the European officials named/appointed are either for or favorable with the perpetrators!

The same KOR's "supreme commander" did nothing to correct these wrongdoings above for 2 years! Yet he blamed Lazir for the KOR's shame?

To borrow from the exact words of this same KOR "supreme commander", "NAKAKAHIYA!"

It's not what title one has, but his deeds that make one honorable and respectable! Respect is not bought, it is earned! To be respected, one must be respectable!

Such is the hallmark of a true Rizalist who works for the common good...!

For country and people!


"The arrogant one is he who wants to be worshipped, who misleads others, and who wants his will to prevail over reason and justice." - Dr Jose P. Rizal - Message to the women of Malolos, February 1889

"My ambition is not to win honors or hold positions, but to see what is just, exact and suitable, is done in political matters." - Dr Jose P. Rizal

"No one will be corrupt if we don't let them." - Tony Meloto in his speech before Davao University graduates, 2007

"...Dare to cross boundaries in your minds and hearts! In your strength and courage! In the space inside and around you! Dare to be different! Dare what you never dared before! The highest thing that obliges you is your conscience. Act whatever good forces dictate! Then you are closer to Rizal's ideals than any policy or philosophy could ever be. What he can teach you, you will not understand without Kant's lessons..." - An excerpt from the speech Brother Christoph S. Eberle delivered on Rizal Day in Hamburg, Dec.

"Be the Change you want to see in the World!" - Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Your European Appointments...! Incompetence wanting in VISION...!

"supreme commander",

Lazir requested from you last October (or November 2007?) for proof of EXEMPLARY accomplishment/s that supposedly validated the exaltation of Guansing (Alcoba, Nollas) to KGOR. It's almost a year now, and thanks, but Lazir got nothing from you!

RA 646, Sec 2 clearly says in plain elementary English "emulate and practice the examples and teachings of our national hero... ." And Sec 4 of the same law requires "good moral character and reputation" for membership.

Isn't it incompetent if not ignorant on your part "supreme commander" to reign as such but IGNORE the LANGUAGE and SPIRIT of the law that created the KOR?

Pray tell "supreme commander", if you are kowledgeable and well-versed in the KOR's RA 646 or the KOR's Constitution and By-Laws (or any able official you appointed here in Europe, if there's ANY one!), WHERE does it show in the charter or in the national hero's works that Dr Jose Rizal PLAGIARIZED and was RACISTIC anytime during his entire life?

You won't find any, because there's none!

That means, you stand on a FALLACY that you are Rizalian and a Rizalist!

If you cannot discipline a PLAGIARIST or a RACIST, then you are as guilty as they are, for condonning them/their acts by virtue of COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY!

Lazir feels sorry for the Illustrious KOR because you are PUTTING IT DOWN (you blame Lazir, Sir Jun and Sir Manny Bade) and you refuse to discipline the real evildoers, the culprits! Are you also one of the culprits?

[Lazir must emphasize that honorable and illustrious Sir Hilario Davide, Jr., indeed a righteous man, during his short stint as Supreme Commander, issued several memo requiring Paras to explain and Sir Klaus Hartung to substantiate/validate his complaints! Sir Klaus Hartung sent the required evidence, which miraculously "got lost" in the IHQ! For this reason, Sir Hilario cannot be shown condonning/supporting the SHAME of Europe!]

THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH YOU! Nakakahiya po kayo "supreme commander"! During your term of office, as "acting", not only did you create a climate of indifference by IGNORING complaints about abusive KOR officials in Canada, Europe, Philippines! You helped foster wrongdoing with your indifference by ignoring valid complaints, making it appear to be a GRAND COVER-UP from the TOP of the sins of Paras, the Plagiarist and Alcoba, the Racist!

Lazir can prove he was a member in good standing in 2007. Yet, you simply ignored his valid request for as simple a document as "exaltation" of deserving (were they? Or they were simply Paras nominees stamped-approved by IHQ) members to KGOR! Lazir's presumption and subsequent conclusion is therefore VALID that those three "exalted" under your term of office were NOT DESERVING and these subsequent IHQ appointments with their names (Guansing and Nollas), announced today, are questionable, if not mediocre (at best)?

The Knights of the Round Table of the fabled Arthurian saga were indeed qualified noblemen and skilled warriors...the minimum requirement to become a member of the famed ROUND TABLE! During those days, they have to be so, or else they'd be quickly subdued/vanquished by their opponents and won't keep the promised peace and prospperity under the Arthurian tenets of liberty, democracy and peaceful co-existence among neighboring kingdoms, warlords, other nations.

Nowadays KOR simply appoints officials EVEN with questionable, if not below par competencies, let alone questionable CHARACTERS! (The fish stinks from the top?)

Lazir attended a truly Rizalian symposium/conference in Hamburg this year! That would have been the place for you to go, not the Fun! Fun! Fun! last July 2007 in Paris where you look more like a peddler of sashes and trinkets that have no intrinsic value! (Again the questioned KGOR for racist Alcoba and the Undeserving Guansing and Nollas!) You even have the gall to use KOR funds for traveling to Europe just to 'exalt' the wrong persons! That could be another RA 646 violation considering that the law never mentioned that there are budgeted/allocated funds for trips to exalt the "UNDESERVING"! (Reports reaching Lazir mentioned that those who WORKED HARD to organize and prepare the Paris assembly July 2007 NEVER were recognized! Nakakahiya po talaga, di ba, "supreme commander"?)

How much longer could a "supreme commander" reign ignoring valid calls for investigation of glaring PLAGIARISM AND RACISM staring itself in the eye? Self-denial? Selective justice? Incompetence of the first degree, by the KOR's top honcho? All of the above combined?

How's the August-September 2008 daunting Toronto "conference/assembly" of the KOR? Will you now have 99% substance/1% Fun! Fun! Fun! Let's hope it's not the other way around!

(Lazir will be really disappointed because you didn't show up in well-organized, substantive and truly RIZALIAN Hamburg Symposium 2008! Even Paras, Guansing, Nollas, Alcoba, your front-runners in Europe, for "exaltation/promotion", were reportedly somewhere else! ... because the Symposium topics were TOO HEAVY to digest?)

...History indeed could repeat itself...!

Some "leaders" (???) never learn...!

May there be a better, truly Rizalian Supreme Commander for the Illustrious Knights of Rizal!

For country and people!


"The mind is like a parachute, which works best when WIDE open."

"Birds of the same feather flock together!"

"The arrogant one is he who wants to be worshipped, who misleads others, and who wants his will to prevail over reason and justice." - Dr Jose P. Rizal - Message to the women of Malolos, February 1889

"My ambition is not to win honors or hold positions, but to see what is just, exact and suitable, is done in political matters." - Dr Jose P. Rizal

"No one will be corrupt if we don't let them." - Tony Meloto in his speech before Davao University graduates, 2007

"...Dare to cross boundaries in your minds and hearts! In your strength and courage! In the space inside and around you! Dare to be different! Dare what you never dared before! The highest thing that obliges you is your conscience. Act whatever good forces dictate! Then you are closer to Rizal's ideals than any policy or philosophy could ever be. What he can teach you, you will not understand without Kant's lessons..." - An excerpt of the speech Christoph S. Eberle delivered on Rizal Day in Hamburg, Dec. 2006.

"Be the Change you want to see in the World!" - Mahatma Gandhi

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As we look out at the world we see things that we wish we didn’t have to see
And they bother us enough to either help make changes or just look away

Could it be that we make the choice in response to who we are inside
Rather than whom we would like to be

The question has to be when making that choice is can we live with the person
We see in the mirror everyday

Can you make the choice to make that change both inside and to
Change those things that you don’t want to see

Are you willing to make things right for those who you would just turn
Your back on

As we go about our business we must make it our business to be that person
Who can help rather than turning blind eye and saying someone needs
To help that person

In the end the type of world you wish to live in will influence the
Decision you make on whether to make the changes or just to look away

With the kind courtesy and permission of Sean Davis


Thursday, August 14, 2008


What? Plagiarist Felino Wy Paras for a LINGKAPIL Award 2008? Susme! The SHAME of Europe to be honored by getting the country's recognition??? (UNCLASSIFIED)


When you click open this attachment, you will see Philippine newspaper e-mail addresses where we can voice out our disgust/dismay that the Phil Embassy, Brussels (did they really?) (and the Phil DFA plus Phil government thru Commission on Filipinos Overseas?) would ever consider PLAGIARIST Felino Wy Paras [Paras claimed Andres Bonifacio's translation of 'Mi Ultimo Adios' (Huling Paalam) as his own work! - evidence with our Belgian KOR friends] as LINGKAPIL (Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino) awardee!

In addition, Felino Wy Paras is the same person who grabbed the honors claiming to have "donated" P2M+ worth of goods that the chapter of Sir Francois Ooms, chapter officials, their spouses and members worked hard to raise for the needy in the Philippines (evidence with our Belgian KOR friends)!

Our brave soul of a fighter and Knight, Sir Ramon Mayuga, Essen, Germany, regularly writes to RP newspapers... ! He provides his insights almost on a daily basis! Recommend highly he also write about this same criminal -- Plagiarism is CRIMINAL -- act of Felino Wy Paras, so others may know!

How could the Phil Embassy, Brussels easily fall for such a cheap trick? Where did the recommendation come from? Who wrote/signed the recommendation? Who are the listed references (King & Queen of Belgium? Funny? Not at all, because Felino Wy Paras indeed mentions the two in his list of personal References in his official Bio-Data! And lots more names in there, including names of Phil Ambassadors past!)?

[Lazir also shook the hands of Bundespraesident Richard von Weizaecker and First Lady Marianne von Weizaecker. But he would never add their names on his Bio!]

We need to make so much noise so that NO UNDESERVING person gets the accolade of a grateful Nation, just because of a FRAUDULENT recommendation from any Phil government official or Filipino or Belgian or whoever!

Are Antonio Guansing (is he really a Phil Consul??? If he is, he must be kicked-out of his honorary post immediately, without delay, because he is identified as a Paras backer through and through!), Boy Alcoba, Nollas and the alleged corrupt Filipino priest by the name of Apollo de Guzman in Belgium behind this Paras caper, AGAIN???

Lazir also respectfully asks for assitance from Phil Embassy, Paris as well as from the Phil Consulate, Bonn. To let this thing "go" without any attempt to STOP it from the source, or preventing this from going forward to DFA-Manila, then CFO, then Malacanang...will ultimately redound negatively upon us, upon Filipinos, upon our government officials. Even if Malacanang (just in case!) already approved the award, every right-thinking Filipino should protest this abusive and CORRUPT practice!

N-E-V-E-R should it happen!

For country and people!


"When good men do nothing, evil thriumphs!" - (paraphrasing the English Philosopher, Edmund Burke)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If we plant, we could lose! If we don't plant, we have ALREADY LOST...! It takes T-I-M-E to build a Nation!

Admittedly, tree-planting by an OFW could be waste of resources (money, energy, time)! It is tiring, expensive, could be lost opportunity! It could be fenced, there could be a person paid to watch, but it can still fail! Very VALID arguments!

Must a Filipino give-up the environment/ecology because of reasons enumerated above? It takes 30, 50, 100 years to appreciate a majestic tree! But less than 30 minutes to cut 20 of them one-by-one with a chainsaw!

Again, must we Filipinos quickly give up our country and countrymen so fast?

Let's invite Barangay officials, lalo na ang Kapitan del barrio or the local Parish priest or the school officials/school principal nearby..., complete with picture-taking! It's one way of INVOLVING them (pinpointing or assigning responsibility, if you will), in NATION-BUILDING (!), because community/church/school officials, leaders are not there merely as décor!

If Boholano acquaintances, specifically NRW Forum members near Bochum/Duesseldorf, Germany, will also visit this project when one of their members fly to Bohol during their vacation..., this is one SIGN that there are right-minded Filipinos still!

It may be painful and a waste if we come back next trip and all we see is the same place: no plants, no trees, "nakatiwangwang!", unproductive, just grassland!

Filipinos have to start taking responsibility with their lives..., in their own hands!

Can't a country (barangay, island, province, region) not think correctly, properly, independently, collectively for the COMMON GOOD?

If EU or Japan or Australia provide project funding (seed bank or reforestation), must EU or Japan or Australia "babysit" us Filipinos? As adults that we are, our answer should be N-E-V-E-R!

This project is small-scale, because this is all one Filipino OFW could find after a one-week "search" with his limited budget in his 3-weeks vacation (Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Butuan, Surigao, Davao)!

Still, it's not the land size, but the WILLINGNESS to plant on it that must count and be given value!

If this one small project after 1 year fails, at least one Filipino OFW did not!

We should NEVER give up that easily!
Let's think OUT OF THE BOX!
Let's plant, even if land is not ours (get owner's permission perhaps?)!
Let's do it!
Let's find more REASONS to plant, than not to (even death, birth, lost tooth, graduation, job loss, etc.)!

For country and people!

Proud Filipino

P.S. - If we plant edible plants, vegetables, fruit trees on every VACANT LOT in the country, we will be LESS HUNGRY as a Nation! We will become a STRONGer Nation!

The Filipinos are poor, but the Philippines is not a poor country. (paraphrasing EU Ambassador McDonald)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Monday, August 11, 2008



Thank you Ms Maureen Fernandez for passing the circular around!

The intention of the IHQ is noteworthy, but the matter of "good moral character" is unclear to Lazir. The Supreme Commander or the Council of Elders must clarify these three words.

From what Lazir understands, thru the actions of the Supreme Commander, "good moral character" could mean any of these:

1. Copy Andres Bonifacio's "Huling Paalam" verbatim and call it your own. Submit this to IHQ as your own work. It won't take long and the current IHQ leadership might appoint you Area Commander! (It happened in Europe in 2006-2007!)

2. Use foul language in your e-mails and correspondence with anyone in the KOR. Don't pick KRs, but target KORs, even KGORs (or higher!). Do it now, so that the IHQ Supreme Council can consider you for KGOR come August-September 2008 Assembly in Toronto, Canada.

(One did this early last year and by July 2007, he was exalted with 2 others who seemed to not deserve any exaltation, in Paris, France! Lazir was told all exaltations to KGORs are approved by the IHQ Supreme Council as a body! Lazir asked for copies of some, Oct 2007 from IHQ. But due to IHQ's "open book policy", they have not sent Lazir proof of any right-doing orwrong-doing yet! Lazir is observing crows' flying by if their feathers are turning white!)

3. Forge a signature not just of anyone, but one from a high Regional KOR official in your area! You might be assigned by the current Supreme Commander to help organize the next regional, if not, world assembly of the KOR! That could be another sash or medal...to decorate yourself! (...just look how nicely-dressed are circus horses!)

Lazir could be in trouble again for writing the truth! (But who will write it, if others are scared to speak truthfully and with integrity, as Dr Jose Rizal taught and wanted us to be? All books on the national hero spoke of these, not just R.A. 646.)

If you doubt Lazir might be joking above, ask the Supreme Commander! If you are afraid to ask him, you can also ask Ms Maureen.

As always, whatever we do, let's do it

For country and people!


P.S. - While at this, kindly allow Lazir to tell you about the German adage:

"To obtain great gardening results, assign the goat as gardener!"

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Saturday, August 9, 2008










Dear Rizal*,

Thank you for your emails, for sharing interesting, joyful, insightful printed conversation you carry regularly with other overseas Filipinos in the United-states-of-Germany. Now I know why you're not homesick, Rizal. Cyberspace, where Pilipinas is in the heart.

In 1986 I was a German language student (Mittelstuffe II) at the Goethe Institut in Munich and had on several occasions met and interacted with members of the Deutsche-Philippinische-Gesellschaft (DPG). Patriotic fever at that time was at an all-time high following the EDSA People Power Revolution that ended the Marcos dictatorship.

President couple for DPG Munchen were Dr. Alfred Helbig (+) a career official in the ministry of environment and his wife (now widow) Aurea "Gingging" Helbig, pharmacist from Cagayan de Oro, a very artistic person, well-read, well-traveled, trendy. Through them I got to know of the other DPG Chapters in Southern Germany.

How amused and impressed I was to hear them talking to the Germans in German with unmistakable Visayan accent, and in our native tongue to one another. Try saying this with an Ilonggo inflection Rizal "Odette, lassen Sie uns in den nachsten Tagen wiedersuzammen kommen, ha?" and to their supportive husbands, "lass uns doch mal auf Bisaya Deutsch reden!" Love recalling these, like two lines from an old song.

More heartwarming are their reminiscences of the home they remember and therelatives, friends and neighbors they left behind.

I still have contact with some of them, who when they are in Manila make it a point to call, drop by, spend a morning or afternoon with me before proceeding to their hometown and whom I also see, telephone whenever I'm in Germany. I was there for one whole month during the FIFA World Cup 2 years ago. Sayang, we didn't "meet" yet. In every country I visit I have an expat scholar barkada, fellow travelers and seekers, like you and Ramon.

The matches played in Germany's most famous cities were most memorable, a dazzling display of German precision and efficiency, an organizing marvel, a master stroke in promoting, showcasing Germany's social, political, cultural, scientific, economic, eco-touristic mega-achievements, especially Umweltschutzt, thanks to the Greens.

Would you believe I was also in Germany, on my way to Hannover and Hamburg when they bombed the Twin Towers in NY! My instincts told me to drop everything and hurry home. There was panic worldwide. International flights were canceled. Good thing Lufthansa believed I'm doing important work back home, thanks to then Ambassador Toto Zaide, a good friend.

I shocked my hosts when I wanted to watch a Football match in Nuremberg to learn compassion: Warum?!? They asked. Gave 2 reasons. (1)I read somewhere you can't go on hating or fearing or avoiding a place forever for whatever reason. Come to terms with it, learn to look at it with loving detachment. It's a liberating feeling! (2)There's a Filipino restaurant there that serves Halo-halo. I was homesick for Little Quiapo of my student days in U.P Diliman. I got my wish.

Trust the Germans to teach you right thinking, right result, wrong thinking, wrong result, no thinking, no result. Die Gedanken sind frei, a song I learned in Deutsch I.

Let this be my 2 cents worth to add to the collective opinion in the e-mails. If we are to help our country, let's use our most powerful tool, our mind. Charles Haanel, author of "The Master Key System" wrote this: thought impregnanted by love is invincible. Now you see why, like (Dr Jose) Rizal, I love the German poets and philosophers.

Hope I've made up for the delay in my reply to your e-mails and the straight from the heart opinions, suggestions, comments from barangay Heidelberg :D

Alles Gute,

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

*This letter is addressed to Rizal Victoria.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I wish to recall Rizal's "Indolence of the Filipino." In short, our national hero attributed that phenomenon to the manner our former colonizers -- with the combined sword and crucifix -- governed our forefathers.

The prevailing conditions in our country, in the way our erstwhile leaders tried to govern us clearly indicate that we have not yet become truly independent, for over half a century now, notwithstanding repeated outpourings of enthusiasm every year since July 4, 1946; which was changed to June 12 by then President Diosdado Macapagal.

If our nation's leaders could only be guided by the admonitions by Bro. Dr. Jose Rizal, particularly in the Seventh Chapter of El Filibusterismo, especifically in the matter of language, our nation could hope to be brought up from the cultual quagmire that we are deeply enmeshed.

Our government's obstinacy in perpetuating the use of English in public administration and in the educational system has kept our society groveling in the quicksand of American contagion. Government leaders are blinded by the Washington propaganda that English language is the most desirable for us. It simply keeps us captive to the IMF-World Bank policy of ensuring the unhampered supply of cheap Filipino labor force to feed the needs of multinationals here and abroad. In effect, the policy perpetuates the pathetic condition of keeping the OFWs menial workers in the employ of other nations/races.

We ought to be mindful, and guided by, the exhortations by our national hero -- Dr. Jose Rizal -- that "language is the thought of the peoples".

History clearly shows that progressive countries educate their young in their native language.

When the USA colonized our country through the so-called "benevolent assimilation proclamation" by President McKinley and enforced the teaching of English to children of school age -- with the attendant prohibiition for us to speak our own languages -- it was in effect the altruistic conquest of the Filipino mind.

The more intelligent were taken in as government's "state pensionados" to pursue studies in the USA, and upon return to the home country, became the implementors of the Washington policy of keeping the Philippines an economic and cultural vasal of the USA. President Quezon started to wiggle out from the quicksand of US cultural contagion when he created the Institute of National Language, and proclaimed August 13 - 19 yearly as National Language Week. He merely floated a toy paper boat in the lake of Americanized culture.

President Ramon Magsaysay ordered the translation of Philippine National Anthen into, Bayang Magiliw or "Lupang Hinirang"; and also the military commands into Filipino. Moreover, he instituted the practice of delivering in the native language his formal acceptance speech whenever a new ambassador presented his credentials as the envoy of his sovereign to the Philippines. But the "Guy" perished in a mysterious plane crash on March 17, 1957; in what the US-AID proclaimned as caused by metal fatigue!

When President Corazon Aquino certified to Congress the urgency of creating the National Language Commission, and she also issued Executive Order No. 335 ordering the use of Filipino in official correspondence, she was hounded by a series of coup d'etat(s), and there was a stern CIA warning that she would not last her term. Significantly, a lady lawmaker from Cebu, possibly by means of external proddings, demanded in her privilege speech that Tita Cory withdrew her EO 335!

The National Language Commission was established, nevertheless, but it was allotted only six-hundredths (0.06%) percent of the Dept. of Education budget, which rendered it inutile! There came about perhaps a secret understanding with the rank and file implementors of the order. Tita Cory survived her term.

On July 15, 1997 President Fidel V. Ramos proclaimed August as national language month every year (Proc. 1041), but it was like the curse of Sisyphus -- pushing uphill the national language policy for one month, and then letting it slide down back to the plains for eleven months -- "for global competitiveness!" And so, our official language policy has remained -- urung-sulong -- or back-and-forth!

But the most serious blow was when the CIA with the US marines, abducted President Marcos (et. al) to Hawaii and detained him (them) there until death. Marcos had issued an order -- a Memorandum to the Minister of Education and Culture, and all other members of the Cabinet, dated 17 January 1986 -- or just over a month before EDSA One erupted -- "To create the conditions in your respective ministries and other instrumentalities of the government for the optimal promotion and development of Fiipino as a national language.

"Further the Minister of the Budget is directed to cooperate with the University of the Philippines in realizing the endowment of a Translation Center for the translation of major literary works into Filipino..."

The memorandum was officially transmitted on 20 Janaury 1986 through a covering memorandum by Presidential Executive Assistant Juan C. Tuvera, to Minister Jaime C. Laya and others concerned. It is highly suspected that the vital directive might, or not, have reached its intended addressees, and/or probably intercepted by CIA surrogates in the government bureaucracy.

To the Washington policy makers such audacity by a former Asian spokesman who, 20 years earlier, held the joint session of the US Congress spellbound when he delivered in excellent English, "An Asian Message to America -- Trustee of Civilization," was an act of sacrilege, a fatal error, if not a direct affront to the "IMF policy of insuring that English should remain as the Philippine language of administration and for instruction in the Filipino classrooms," according to Dean Apolinar B. Parale in his book, A Case for Filipino.

It is very necessary for Congress to enact a law declaring Visayan and Ilocano as ALSO official languages of the country, and that after a certain period of time English shall cease to be an official language, and become, as other major languages of the world, an elective language of study in the schools.

It would be also necessary for Filipino journalists and owners of the local periodicals to rethink their language policy, if they still value the meaning of patriotism, or love of Motherland. And this writer hereby appeals to the good reader to kindly visit -- http://www.Petition Online.com/maBIni2 click this address, and just follow the prompts to endorse the Petition pending in Congress for the rationalization of our governments policy on language.

Even the owners/publishers of Philippine news and periodicals should rethink their language policy. If they are not renegades to the Motherland!

Irineo Perez Goce