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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Trillanes Plans to Request Google, Facebook to Delete BBC Interview With Stephen Sackur (Video) Must Watch!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is planning to request Google and Facebook to delete the video of his interview with BBC's HARDtalk host Stephen Sackur last Wednesday, June 21 on their respective platforms. This is after he felt that the said interview could ruin his reputation, and that the host was biased against him. Watch the full interview video below.

In that BBC interview with Stephen Sackur, Sen. Trillanes was asked if he thinks that his negative comments against President Rodrigo Duterte were "out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion." The HARDtalk host then pointed that the president had 75 percent approval rating despite strong objections of his critics in his intensified war against drugs.

"Believe me, Senator... If a Western politician had a 75% approval rating, they would regard that as the best day of their life.” Sackur told Trillanes. However, the latter said that the bulk of Filipinos people are not really aware of what is happening on the ground, and that he believes the figure will drop once the public will know the real situation.

Sackur then reminded Sen. Trillanes of his two failed coup attempts against then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in 2003 and in 2007. He then asked the senator if another coup attempt is a solution against President Duterte. Trillanes said, "No," and that filing a case against him the president at the ICC (International Criminal Court) is a better solution.

But as a summary, tons of Filipinos who watched the controversial BBC interview said they believed that Stephen Sackur strongly disagrees with Sen. Trillanes. For this reason, the anti-Duterte senator is now being heavily mocked on social media. This then led him in planning to request Google and Facebook to take down the devastating video interview.

“Yes, I've been thinking about that lately. I really felt humiliated in that interview, and Filipinos who have watched it might think I'm stupid. Another problem here is that the host sounds like another Duterte troll.” Sen. Trillanes told reporters when asked about his thoughts after the BBC interview, adding that he also plans to sue the host, Stephen Sackur.

Here is the Full Interview of Trillianes on BBC News


Sunday, June 25, 2017

An Open Letter to the Filipino People and to the World

Dear Filipinos,

This writer is just an ordinary citizen of the Philippines. One among the more than 100 million people being governed by President Rodrigo Duterte and I know my voice is negligible but I decided to make a stand hoping that the rest of the greater majority of the Filipino who believes in Duterte would provide the wind in his sails amidst the barrage of attacks against him from all fronts.

An Open Letter to the Filipino People and to the World

Are we really that oblivious of the fact that we pleaded for President Duterte to run for office? A song prior to the election even assured him that should his feet be weary and tired from running, that we shall be the wind beneath his wings. This is the opportune moment for us to make good such assurance to the good President. Now more than ever, he needs the resolute voice, protection and support of the vast majority of Filipinos as he engages the very few yet powerful traditional politicians (trapos), the business elites who are devoid of patriotic hearts, the ignorant international entities and of course the all too mighty disgraced media. If we as a nation fail to rally behind this once in a lifetime President, then we are deserving of a decayed nation and we lose every right to complain about our plight.

Where do you source your abundant malevolence? How do you replenish your zest for ignorance and want of conscience? Can all of you still look at the mirror and see a reflection of a decent soul?

All of you keep harping on Extra Judicial Killing as if it is like a daily routine, similar to brushing your teeth that thrice a day you have to relegate this into the spot light. You hide under the cloak of being SELF PROCLAIMED WATCH DOGS, but do you really know that nowhere in Journalism Principles in the world does that concept exist nor has it ever been institutionally enshrined? In the words of President Duterte, “Where the Hell” did you ever get that thought? My answer? Precisely from HELL!

Even assuming for the sake of argument that you are watch dogs as you proclaim to be, then you have the obligation to watch and be balanced and responsible. Such is not the case with you ABS CBN, GMA 7, Rappler and International Media. You are acting more like hound dogs and werewolves. In many occasions you acted worst than vultures.

Where has the dignity and prudence of Journalism gone? You are not Journalists. You can all be beaten by decent University Students in how they think and handle themselves and yet you wallow in the delusion that you are all professionals. Really now? Professionals? Questions about gums? Questions about why the President went to China? Questions about why the President is threatening criminals? Questions about why the President is putting his foot down on America? Do you really not comprehend or you just refuse to comprehend? Or you are really devoid of the mental capacity to understand a simple issue? If it is the latter, then you don’t have any business reporting because you are belching and feeding people polluted information
You focus on trivial matters and matters which you believe can sell your stories You magnify things and demonize the President because it is in accord with the wishes of your Masters and it will sell your convoluted stories.

You ought to be ashamed of even breathing as you have abandoned your responsibility to give an objective news reporting. Yes, you can report bad news but look at your percentage over good news. If you can claim they are balanced, then the more than 95% of Filipinos who support the President, including this writer should be condemned and executed. Your reckless abandon in typing your articles which we call trash have painted our country in bad light all over the world. You can and should claim authorship of that. When this country goes to the drain, I hope you can all sleep well dear media moguls and your paid assassins. Free Speech is not a license and you do not own a franchise of what you think is right for our country.

THE USA, UN, EU and the Rest of the International Watch Dog

We do not meddle in your affairs and we expect the same courtesy. It is however revolting to realize that you are so sanctimonious in stamping your unsolicited authority over us as if we are really a nation undeserving of respect. You blindly swallow the reports of media as hook line and sinker and marches on the offensive against our President. Has your success in bedeviling Marcos in the past inspired you to try it again? Are we really like a nation of mendicants that you choke for fun? Stop managing our nation and leave us in standing up with dignity no matter how hard and how tedious it would be.

Follow this simple principle: Only those with clean hands can have moral authority to dictate upon others. Question: DO YOU HAVE CLEAN HANDS?

If you answer in the affirmative, then you are indeed one bunch of self righteous idiots!

To the Yellowtards

You have raped the nation for so long and you have seriously believed that you can continuously fool and brainwash a nation. Reality will hit all of you hard when you realize that your antics will no longer slave the people. We had enough of you. You have managed to drive the Philippines to the depths of hell after you orchestrated the downfall of Marcos and now you are at it again with President Duterte. 

Divine justice has a great way of finding you back and lashing at you hard. The people will not allow any of you anymore to do the same tricks your false heroes like Cory and Ninoy did to Marcos. President Duterte is the Philippine President, he is our President and he and not you will define our destiny. So to the Aquinos and your hound dogs (Trillianes, De Lima, Hontiveros, Drillon, Lagman, Pangilinan and the usurper of the VP position, Robredo), we suggest you enjoy your last days in glory because your political stock will go down the drain in front of your very eyes because WE ARE NOW NOT ONLY AN AWAKENED NATION, but we are a DETERMINED PROTECTOR OF CHANGE

To the People of the Philippines

President Duterte has been non-stop. One need not be a doctor to see the exhaustion in his eyes. He has a nation to heal and discipline and yet he is bombarded everyday by these people who care less about the repercussions of their acts. May we shield him and provide him inspiration that is because the seat he reluctantly occupies is a very lonely and thankless one.

We complain as a nation why we have fallen behind other Asian Countries but at the same time we fail to acknowledge that these countries we envy metamorphosed owing to discipline and strong governance. We were ahead of Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in the years of old and now all we see are the smoke from the tailpipe of their progress. Do we still honestly believe that Vietnam is still behind us? If we do, then we are really a one big hallucinating nation because Vietnam had already made strides that overtook us by leaps and bounds. Should Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos catch up on us, then we really are a nation of loud mouths with no future. These people harping on Human rights and freedom have a tailored self serving definition of which and they are the same people who have for years supported the yellow bloods and look where it has brought us? To the dumps.

If we cannot rally behind the President, if we cannot realize how special this man is to the Philippines and if we fail to acknowledge why the Lord moved his hands to place him in power, then let us be human enough to let President Duterte go back to his private life because it is unfair for him to be assassinated or for him to lose his health just because he wanted a better nation for us. Let us not be selfish. Let the man go and let us all be resigned to the fact that we are a doomed nation and the perpetual doormat of Asia and the world.

However, should we believe in the man and the good Lord above and should we really desire a new Philippines, let our little voices be lumped together and be a force to reckon with.

I want a better Philippines. We only have one chance at this .

I want to be counted in the army of civilians for President Duterte. Do you?”

SC Justice to Edcel Lagman: 'Why are you so worried about Martial Law?'

During the oral justification last June 13, the petitioners presented their arguments to nullify the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

The lawyers of the petitioners stated that what Maute and other extremist groups did in Marawi was considered terrorism but it does not mean to be treated as rebellion or invasion, which the 1987 Constitution requires for the declaration of Martial Law.

Lagman said this, " Acts of terrorism are not necessarily equivalent to actual rebellion and the consequent requirement of securing public safety." He also said that the reasons of Duterte in declaring martial law "may not be arbitrary or capricious in appreciation of facts."

Lagman also claims the absence of culpable purpose in Marawi, which is, 'removing the Philippines or a part thereof from allegiance to the Republic or preventing the President or Legislature from exercising their powers and prerogatives,'manx in addition, Lagman said that Duterte's factual assertions to justify martial law was inaccurate or hyperbolic.

However, Justice Mariano del Castillo isn't swayed by Lagman's statement. Justice del Castillo said, "The military casualty count as of last Sunday is already 58 soldiers, Congressman. Dead soldiers of ours. And there are 25,000 evacuees now in Iligan City. So, for Martial Law to … I mean, Martial Law will only be with us for 60 days, assuming that he (Duterte) won't lift the proclamation earlier. With all the safeguards, I don't know why you are so worried."

Lagman reacted to Justice del Castillo statement and said that the killings of civilians and children were the aftermath of the ill-conceived declaration of Martial Law.

"Your honor, all of these subsequent killings, including civilians and children, we commiserate with the government with respect to the deaths of many soldiers. But these are all circumstances after the fact of the declaration of an ill-conceived declaration," Lagman said.

When our soldiers in Marawi fought against the notorious terrorists groups, several casualties from the  military and civilians, the public enterprises burnt and devastated by the rebels, 25,000 displaced and distressed residents, and constant crossfire between the troops and rebels yet these incredulous lawyers and parties find it hard to believe that there is a need for Marital Law in Mindanao. Are they waiting for these rebels to torch the whole island of Mindanao, eh?


Bago ipinahiya si Trillanes, ito muna ang ginawa ni Stephen Sackur ng BBC


Must Watch: Senator Trillanes to Sue BBC For A Destructive Interview with Stephen Sackur

Photo Credit to Owner
MANILA- Philippines Senator Antonio Trillanes says he going to file a lawsuit against British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for a recent interview he had with Stephen Sackur of ‘Hardtalk.’

During that live interview, a video of which has now gone viral across the globe, Sackur pulverized every comment and response Trillanes made regarding questions about the Philippines and President Rodrigo Duterte.

See Full Interview:

The wide-ranging interview covered topics from Martial Law, to Coups to Crystal Meth (which Trillanes seemed to have mistaken to be marijuana.)

“BBC is nothing but fake news,” Trillanes said, “and they must have been paid by Duterte supporters to have me insulted over and over by Sackur.”

Since Trillanes cannot sue Sackur because the latter is not a Filipino citizen, the senator says he will fly to The Hague to file his complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Filipino netizens were so grateful for Stephen Sackur who exposed Sen. Trillanes in the international community showing despite the face there is NO Duterte propaganda machine, only a motley crew of patriotic, hopeful Filipinos who see Duterte's vision  and appreciates it. 

Senator Trillaes just can't handle the fact that his own propaganda machine against Duterte is now working despiute the fact that they have poured so much money to run it to no avail. 

Veteran BBC host Stephen Sackur got accolades and commendations from the online Filipino community particularly to all Pro-Duterte.


Saturday, June 24, 2017



We have had more civilian, police and military casualties in Marawi than the Brits had in London but the British government is taking strong measures against terrorism and ignoring human rights to protect its people, while here at home we have a subversive Opposition and CHR that only think of ousting the president and giving aid and comfort to terrorists.
I say let's haul them to jail for subversion and treason. The people are fed up with this nonsense that only contributes to more destabilization and killings by terrorists.
And we taxpayers are paying the salaries of those S-o-Bs to make our lives miserable?


By: Jose Alejandrino

Those guilty of heinous crimes like the plunderers, druglords, terrorists, are afraid of martial law.

Why? Because they'll be brought to a swift trial, and, if convicted, hanged. That is why Congress, which has been called a den of thieves, wanted to limit the death penalty.

I'm not afraid of martial law because I intend to remain a law-abiding citizen. I see martial law as a means of protecting me and my family from harm by evil doers.

Those against martial law talk of the death of democracy, of abuses committed by Marcos.

Democracy? It has never existed in our country. This is the usual crap brandished by oligarchs to continue to perpetuate rule by a few. It is a bogus argument.

Abuses? Today we have a highly professional military aware of their responsibilities. They showed it in Marawi by giving priority to the safety of civilians. I trust the AFP. This being said, the possibility of a few scalawags existing cannot be discounted. I'm more worried by scalawags in the bureaucracy. They must be weeded out and punished. Martial law will facilitate that. Netizens must remain on guard and expose them.

We have millions of OFWs abroad. The overwhelming majority abide by the law. Why? Because of the severity of punishment. Go to Saudi Arabia where crime is practically non-existent. Go to the Gulf States. In Dubai where I was not long ago, I could leave my watch and wallet at a table while swimming in the pool and nobody touched them. Of course there may be exceptions but the exceptions are few. I'm talking in general.

This is the kind of law and order we need in the Philippines. At my school in England, we were taught discipline. If we misbehaved, we were whipped. Military training and compulsory sports reinforced and built our character. When I was in college in the US, students were smoking 'weed' which were marijuana sticks. Because of discipline and character instilled in England, I refused even to try them.

Here at home we are infected by excessive liberalism to the point where liberals like Leni Robredo favor the legalization and decriminalization of drug use. In a country where we already have 4 million addicts walking like zombies? What idiocy!

Our soldiers and police are dying fighting terrorists. Liberals like Risa Hontiveros and Edcel Lagman want the Supreme Court to strike down martial law on the ground there is no rebellion or invasion. Where did these liberals come from? Lalaland? It is idiots like them that precisely prove we need martial law. So they can be locked up in a mental asylum. Already we have other insanes roaming Congress like Antonio Trillanes and Gary Alejano. It makes one wonder whether we need a Congress.

There are other institutions full of insanes. Chito Gascon of CHR is a fine example. All that is needed to put an icing on the cake is the Supreme Court. Wait for its decision. Then we'll find out who are the insane there.

In addition to the corrupt, druglords, terrorists and zombies, we have the problem of the insane. How do we protect ourselves from this scourge except by martial law?


By Jose Alejandrino

Everyday we are fed so much bullshit by the Opposition and mainstream media.

Take the president's rejection of the 250-million euro aid from the EU which had strings attached to it. The Opposition tells us it was a mistake and that it would stop the flow of European investments here. Of course the Opposition is mad. Of the 250-million, 95-million was to go to "good governance and human rights" according to the EU ambassador. That kind of money would have strengthened the LP's and Chito Gascon's CHR hands in destabilizing the government as we saw by the surprise visit of Agnes Callamard. Good governance by EU standard would have required us to drop the death penalty. It would have required us to go slow on the war against illegal drugs.

President Duterte is no fool. He immediately saw the implications of the conditionalities being imposed. He was right to reject the aid.

Stop the flow of European investments? Again, another bullshit. Investors, European or otherwise, invest their money where opportunities knock. They only care about return on investments. They don't follow what their governments say.

I returned from London and Paris not long ago where I met with businessmen there. They are interested in investing here and wanted to know the ground rules. They are dismayed at what is happening in their country and some even expressed their admiration for Duterte wishing they had one.

I gave them the ground rules under the Duterte dispensation. No bribery, no intracorporate scams, pay taxes correctly, no meddling in internal politics, I said. They said those were reasonable.

They are looking to Asia because of worries in other parts of the world by my assessment. The US is deeply divided, Washington is in turmoil. Brazil and Venezuela, two major Latin American countries, are in a mess and immersed in political instability.

Europe is confused and weak. The Brits are going for Brexit. France recently elected a middle roader president who is facing a divided French nation with an unemployment rate of ten percent. If his economic policies don't take off, Emmanuel Macron will become another Francois Hollande. Italy, the fourth largest economy, has a new government that still has to get the country out of its doldrums. Spain, according to the police chief in Madrid who visited me, said the socialist and right-wing coalition governing the country is deadlocked. They cannot agree on priorities. The southeastern European countries have closed their border to immigration because they can no longer afford its horrendous social costs. Greece, totally bankrupt, is a lost case. Only Germany is holding the fort, but for how long?

And the European Union has the nerve to lecture Duterte on how to solve our problems?

Excessive liberalism is what brought America and Europe to their woes. They lost their sense of balance. Now Westeners are telling us how to be like them. Protect the rights of criminals, they say, forgetting that their victims and law-abiding citizens also have rights. Rehab drug addicts, they say, without offering aid for their rehab but instead provide money to those who destabilize our government with exaggerated claims of human rights violations. When addicts are brought to court, their lawyers plead insanity for them arguing their client didn't know what he was doing when he was killing or raping someone. So the court has no choice but to release them. Now how do you rehab someone who by his own pleading is insane? You have to be insane to claim you can rehab an insane.

So much bullshit, no wonder the West is declining, spiritually and economically. The Founding Fathers of America built their nation on the Bible which for a long time was the only book they had. They escaped the Old World because of religious persecution to build a New World. The settlers who opened the West carried the Bible. They taught it in schools. They preached the Puritan and Calvinist ethics of honesty, thrift, and hard work. Today, liberals in the US Supreme Court banned the Bible from schools. It was God-fearing men and women who built America. They emblazoned it on the silver dollar where it says, "In God We Trust." Those values were eroded by excessive liberalism. The day America forgot God was the day America began its decline.

Same with Europe. Its major countries were once Defenders of the Faith. No more. Fewer and fewer Europeans worship God. Churches are empty. Even the Vatican is divided. Bishops pay lip service to the Pope. Some are even horrified by his pronouncements.

Westeners want to teach us Easteners, us Asians, their brand of liberalism. I was educated in liberal schools in Europe and America. I nearly became an agnostic. Thank God I remembered my roots. They became my saving grace.


NAHULING MGA MAUTE NAGSALITA NA! Binulgar mga Amo ng Maute mga Politiko Nagsusustento sa Kanila


By Jose Alejandrino
Hontiveros has a distorted sense of the law and freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is not absolute. When you condone terrorism, encourage it and give aid and comfort to terrorists whose avowed aim, as in the case of the ISIS-affiliated Maute terrorists, is to establish a separate Islamic Caliphate in Marawi with Hapilon as its Emir, then those are not covered by free speech. And when you hold a responsible position like senator, what you declare publicly is even more serious.
When by your words you encourage terrorism that destroys a nation's values, traditions, culture, religious beliefs, that in my book is high treason.
When by your words you encourage terrorism that leads to the loss of lives, whether civilian, police, or military, that in my book is criminal.
Hontiveros claims to champion human rights. How can she condone terrorists who violate human rights like the beheading of Christians and killing of civilians, the kidnapping of priests and rape of nuns? How can she justify the burning of churches and desecration of religious objects? How can she compare terrorists to patriots?
Risa Hontiveros, like her LP cohorts who protect terrorists and druglords, has been taken by Satan. That is the only explanation. They want to destroy the State which they are constitutionally bound to protect. Isn't that the same objective of Satan?
Photo credit to owner
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes


By Jose Alejandrino
Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler, may be in trouble for leaking that unauthorized confidential DFA document on the telephone conversation between US president Donald Trump and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. In that conversation, Trump told Duterte confidentially there were two nuclear subs he sent to Korea and got pilloried for it by the US media.
She could be charged under the US Espionage Act, like Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks. That Act was designed to punish acts of interference in foreign relations as well as acts of espionage that interfere with operations or success of the US armed forces or promote success of its enemies.
According to a former US Homeland Security officer now with the Heritage Foundation, it is immaterial that Ressa is a journalist or a non-US citizen or whether the individual distributing the confidential information is the initial thief or intermediary. If indicted by the US Attorney-General her chances of being convicted are high. The US does not take this kind of offense lightly.
A conviction is punishable by death or by imprisonment for not more than 30 years or both.
In 1919 the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled in Schenck vs United States that the Espionage Act did not violate freedom of speech. The right of access to information of public concern is not absolute. It does not extend to diplomatic secrets and matters affecting national security.
What about the liability of the DFA official who leaked the document? Under Memorandum Circular No.78 dated August 14, 1964 governing the security of classified material in Philippine government offices, Sec. IV, Art.17 defines a confidential matter as information prejudicial to the interest or prestige of the nation or of great advantage to a foreign nation. Sec. XII, Art.57 states that any violation of regulations in that Circular makes the public officer liable administratively without prejudice to any criminal prosecution if the violation constitutes an offense under the Revised Penal Code or any other penal law. Same with the unauthorized publication of classified material by the parties concerned.
In the Philippines, RA10173 known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 protects all forms of information that are personal, private, or privileged. Under its Sec.32, any unauthorized disclosure without the consent of the data subject shall be subject to imprisonment ranging from one to three years and a fine of not less than 500,000 pesos but not more than one million. Under its Sec.36, any offense committed by a public officer carries an accessory penalty consisting in his disqualification to hold public office for a term double the term of the criminal penalty imposed.


Jose Alejandrino
The Opposition is dead because its principal members are brain dead.
Take Leni Robredo, Frank Drilon, Kiko Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Leila de Lima, Antonio Trillanes, Edcel Lagman, and Gary Alejano. Which of them are noted for their intellect? Examine their public statements.
BBC host Stephen Sackur showed the lack of intellect of one of them, Antonio Trillanes, when he interviewed him on his program 'Hard Talk.' It showed Trillanes to be no more than a charlatan, a liar, a coup plotter, a destabilizer who is completely out of touch with reality. Imagine Trillanes claiming the drug problem was overblown because most addicts were taking marijuana instead of shabu! Trillanes only proved what I had been saying all along, that this brainless is a candidate for the mental asylum.
They miscalculated the public mood. Most people abroad and here in the Philippines oppose drug proliferation and terrorism. They applaud strong leaders and strong measures to put an end to them. They place a low premium on human rights of druglords and terrorists. That is why the Opposition here has a small audience. They picked the wrong issues to fight Duterte. As Stephen Sackur told Trillanes, you're banging your head against a brick wall.
But the Opposition will never understand what Sackur meant. By definition, morons are mentally dead.

AYOKO NA SA KULUNGAN! Leila De Lima Nagmakaawang Humiling ng Kalayaan kay Duterte

Former CNN reporter slams anti-Dutertes: “Why do you wish ill of Duterte?”

Kanta para kay Trillanes sa mga sagot sa BBC interview na kay Labo



'AMPAW ang TRILLANES BBC Interview, Wala eh! Hangin sa ilalim' - ENRILE | Trillanes Stephen Sackur

Friday, June 23, 2017

BBC host Stephen Sackur tweets: Unleashing deadly force in ‘war on drugs’ is a vote winner

After his viral interview with senator Antonio Trillanes IV, BBC HARDTalk host Stephen Sackur became famous in the Philippines and he gained many Filipino fans for his fair reporting about President Rodrigo Duterte.
After the interview, Stephen Sackur tweeted about his thoughts on ‘war against illegal drugs’ of the Duterte administration.
In his tweet, he noticed the popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte on social media and he thinks that the war on drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte was favored by the people of the Philippines.
“A lot of love for #Duterte here on Twitter. Seems unleashing deadly force in ‘war on drugs’ is a vote winner. For now. @BBCHARDtalk” Stephen Sackur tweeted
Netizens who watched the interview also gave their opinions about the interview of Sackur to Trillanes.

Angel Abella @anyabelle was reliefed after watching the interview of senator Trillanes and called him a ‘fraud’
Jay Gumanid @gumanidjay, tweeted that he laughed so much when the Filipino senator’s alleged mistake during the interview with Sackur.
During the interview, Sackur asked Trillanes about his ideology and when the BBC host asked if the Filipino senator was a democrat,he answered that he belonged to the Nationalista Party.
BBMarcos @Fitch1124 believed that the BBC host looked at the bigger picture:
Bbciocson @bciocson praised the BBC host and called him a ‘true journalist’ and thanked him for the fair interview with senator Trillanes.
Carlo Fernandez Breu @carolinelovesjc told Sackur that he forgot the mention that senator Trillanes asked Duterte before the election period if he wanted to become his tandem on the Presidential election.
jenwilson @alyssayanna requested the BBC host to interview senator Risa Hontiveros who is an ally of senator Trillanes and also a critic of President Duterte.

Verence Desamito @verencedesamito, thanked Sackur for his unbiased interview and for exposing senator Trillanes ‘ignorance’

Duterte slams Trillanes : "Hard Talk, Nakakahiya ka Boy" 😂😿😭

Open Letter to BBC Hardtalk Host Stephen Sackur Went Viral on Social Media

Sen. Antonio Trillanes made headlines anew after the video of his interview with BBC Hardtalk host Stephen Sackur spread like wildfire on social media. Due to the popularity of the video Pro-Duterte bloggers and supporters were so grateful with the way Sackur handled the Interview with Sen. Trillanes.

One of the Pro-Duterte bloggers on social media, MJ Quiambao Rees released an Open Letter through her official Facebook account admiring the BBC host and giving thanks to the veteran journalist for doing an in-depth research prior to interviewing Mr. Trillanes.

According to MJ Reyes she is grateful for the interview with Trillanes in behalf of the millions of Filipinos who are behind the duly elected President of the Philippines.

The open letter of the Pro-Duterte blogger also includes some corrections and vital information which might be helpful in the near future of Sakur's interview. Reyes also suggested at the end of her Open Letter to try to invite VP Leni Robredo as well Pres. Rody Duterte for an interview with BBC's Hardtalk.

Here's the Complete Statement of MJ Quiambao Reyes:


Kudos and thank you very much to Stephen Sackur and the team behind BBC HARDtalk for doing an in-depth research prior to interviewing Mr. Trillanes.

On behalf of the millions of Filipinos who are behind the duly elected President, we thank you deeply for doing that hard-hitting interview fairly and armed with facts.

Allow me please to correct and add a few information which may be helpful in your future episodes/interviews.
  1. The president admin., contrary to what this overly ambitious Mr. Trillanes wants the international community to believe, has no propaganda machine. It is the other way around. The Duterte detractors--composed mostly of narcopoliticians, losing political party, and greedy oligarchs directly and indirectly connected to some local & foreign news agencies and whose lives and wealth are obviously threatened by the new admin--are the ones relentlessly spending multi-millions and are desperately moving heaven and earth to overthrow the President.
  2. Meanwhile, it is us, the millions of ordinary Filipinos worldwide and active Filipino netizens, who stepped up voluntarily and are using the social media to help correct the false narratives and distorted information that the likes of Mr. Trillanes have been feeding the international community.
  3. The 7,000-9,000 is the total number of murder/homecide cases--much of the said figure are not related to the on-going drug war.
  4. In the previous admin prior to Duterte, the annual homecide & murder cases were 11,500-16,200 (2011-2015).
  5. There are new 1.3 million drug personalities who surrendered--alive and unharmed.
  6. There are about 83,000 drug personalities arrested--alive and unharmed.
  7. Contrary to Mr. Trillanes claim, the 1.3 million drug personalities who surrendered and the 83K arrested are not all poor. Several high-value targets were arrested or killed during legitimate police operations--including wealthy and powerful politicians as well as police scalawags who were connected to drug syndicates.
  8. Our govt. has put in place mega drug rehab centers and has also launched several rehabilitation and reintegration programs.
  9. Total crime rate in the Philippines has dropped by about 30% compared to previous year.
The following hashtags here in FB will lead you to more reliable information:
#RealNumbers #Rehabinasyon

Thank ou and we hope you can also invite and interview Mrs. Robredo as well as our President Duterte in your show.







Thursday, June 22, 2017

Russian media makes unbiased documentary about Duterte ~Share

'TRILLANES NAGISA SA KANYANG KABOBOHAN!' - Maharlika on Trillanes BBC Interview w/ Stephen Sackur


BBC journo Stephen Sackur exposes idiocy of “senator” Antonio Trillanes on live TV!

Journalist Stephen Sackur shows the rest of the world’s “journalists” how it’s done on his BBC talk show HARDtalk where he put Philippine “senator” Antonio Trillanes IV through the wringer. Trillanes is one of the harshest critics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and, by far, the most rabid — like a dog with a bone in his resolve to cut down Duterte’s government midway through its term.
Sackur did not mince words. He first got Trillanes to confirm that he is an avowed democrat then proceeded to grill him on the matter further citing the inconsistency of this vow to uphold democratic rule with his track record of launching coup d’etats (notably described by Sackur as “pathetic” in the way they lasted for no more than a day or two) against a duly-elected president, then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, through the 2000s.
On that single point, Sackur built a consistently-themed conversation with Trillanes. He kept referring to the simple fact that Duterte had, during his campaign for the presidency, been fully up front about what he envisions his rule will be like, laying on the table every gory detail of the way he plans to make good on his promises to run roughshod over every obstacle — even over “human rights” — to fulfill his mandate to clean up his country. That he won the presidential election with all those ideas laid out before the public to digest is, as Sackur points out more than a few times during the interview, democracy at work.
Today, “the majority of Filipinos seem to like his iron fist,” Sackur observes. From there, more pointed questions were fielded by Sackur in rapid succession. One of his most difficult questions to Trillanes was, around whether or not his efforts to take down the Duterte administration were in tune with ordinary Filipinos’ sentiments. Sackur even went as far as describing Trillanes’s comments on the Philippine government as “constantly negative” in that light. Trillanes could only stammer out a response that merely speculated about where Duterte’s numbers could go in the mid-term. Without any actual logic or facts to support or substantiate his claims that Duterte’s popularity cannot be sustained, Trillanes could only insist that he was “confident” that Duterte’s days are numbered.
Even more bizarre was Trillanes’s claim that the “bulk” of the Filipino public are really not aware of what is going on and are, instead, being routinely fooled by what he describes as the Duterte administration’s “propaganda machine”. It is bizarre because Duterte’s critics have long insisted that Duterte’s war on drugs is “targetting the poor” and have even succeeded to some extent in convincing international media organisations to dub Duterte’s campaign against drugs as a “war on the poor”. How then can the poor and those among them directly affected by this “war” who number in the hundreds of thousands if we are to believe Duterte’s critics and the “reports” of the media outfits like the New York Times and Reuters, no less, that they had managed to fool, “not know what is going on”?
Sackur chided Trillanes many times on his continued insistence that he is on to something marshalling his office and even the International Criminal Court around his efforts to demonise Duterte. Sackur, at one point tells Trillanes, “you’re bashing your head against a brick wall”, citing how, in political terms, Duterte is a success having held the confidence of the vast majority of the public and kept them squarely behind his government.
Suffice to say, the emptiness of the rhetoric Trillanes uses to stir media circuses to undermine the Duterte administration had been put under a harsh spotlight in this interview.

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