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Friday, June 30, 2017


The CBCP’s fake idea that the poor are “blessed” is the reason the Philippines remains poor

To Filipinos, rich people are “evil” and a life focused on the acquisition of money is a life to be ashamed of. And so there really is no reason to continue wondering why Filipinos remain an impoverished people today. The very idea of aspiring to be rich seems, to Filipinos, to be a thought to be purged from their minds.
Rather, Filipinos justify their poverty using the very Catholic idea that to be poor is to be “blessed” before the eyes of God. Indeed, if I were to choose one fake idea ingrained by the Roman Catholic Church in the mind of the Filipino that did the biggest damage to their psyche, it would be that one. Unfortunately for Filipinos, such wealth-destroying ideas continue to be peddled by their Roman Catholic Church. Filipinos are subject to a constant bombardment of poverty-blessedness drivel everywhere they tune their eardrums and plant their eyeballs — in the Catholic masses they troop to every Sunday, the telenovelas and Filipino films they are addicted to, and the victim-heroes their “activists” and politicians put up for worship.
The irony that seems to fly above the heads of Filipinos’ poverty-worshipping and wealth-demonising “activists” and politicians is that it is the highly-focused pursuit of capital accumulation (a.k.a. wealth creation) that enabled human civilisation to build the very devices and Web services that allow them to Tweet and Share their poverty porn. Contrary to popular belief, Silicon Valley’s titans are no latte-sipping liberals whose idea of “making a difference” in the world is sitting in a Starbucks café waxing poetic about “world peace” and sending relief goods to war refugees. Bill Gates wanted to dominate our desktop PCs with his software, Steve Jobs wanted to make computers that appeal to affluent artsy people, Zuck wanted to pickup chicks on the Internet, Jack Dorsey wanted to build a Facebook-killer people could use from their mobile phones, and Sergey Brin sought to organise humanity’s collective knowledge into a giant database.
In case I missed some kind of Catholic pastoral letter on the subject, I really can’t see what is so “evil” about what these five brilliant — and mega-rich — human beings did.
Indeed, as much as Filipinos would like to attribute everything that is wrong with their society to the “evil” devices of 16th-Century Imperial Spain, it was Spain’s pursuit of gold that brought their ships to the beaches of Cebu and the building of the city of Vigan (among other architectural wonders) that Filipinos now put up as the “pride” of “their” tourism industry. Perhaps, in some fairness to the Catholic Church, there is some evidence that the Spanish conquistadores found the natives of the islands in pretty much the same state as the way Filipinos are even today in 21st Century Philippines.
In his Inquirer column, Ambeth Ocampo writes how painfully-relevant the observations made by the Spaniards on the natives they found in the Philippines are to this day…
When I was a student, everything bad in our character was blamed on the colonial experience: on Spain, the United States and Japan. Reading Legazpi made me wonder if we had always been the way we are:
“These people declare war among themselves at the slightest provocation, or with none whatever. All those who have not made a treaty of peace with them, or drawn blood with them, are considered as enemies. Privateering and robbery have a natural attraction for them. Whenever the occasion presents itself, they rob one another, even if they be neighbors or relatives; and when they see and meet one another in the open fields at nightfall, they rob and seize one another. Many times it happens that half of a community is at peace with half of a neighboring community, while the other halves are at war. They assault and seize one another; nor do they have any order or arrangement in anything. All their skill is employed in setting ambuscades and laying snares to seize and capture one another, and they always try to attack with safety and advantage to themselves.”
To some degree this revelation that Filipinos already possessed the Poor DNA before the “evil” Spaniards arrived absolves the Roman Catholic Church of some accountability for why Filipinos are imprisoned by impoverished thinking today. But armed with all this hindsight that guys like Ocampo are kind enough to share with us today, there really is no excusing the Catholic Church and its henchmen in the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) continuing to propagate its brain-damaging fake ideas today.
There is much to be done. As the old cliché goes, you gotta think rich to become rich. Filipinos need to purge their culture of memetic relics that contribute to impoverished thinking — that money and rich people are “evil”, that wealth is more a result of swerte (“luck”) than of hard work and clever ideas, that complex ideas articulated in English cause “nosebleed”, and, of course, the old Catholic notion that the poor are “blessed”. There is nothing “blessed” about being poor. Being poor sucks. As Mae West was said to have said: “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and rich is better.” To be fair, Filipinos who, as a people, have never been rich probably wouldn’t get it. Yet.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Paano 'sinunog' ni Pres Duterte si Pia Ranada ng Rappler many times over


US Senator urges other nations to respect President Duterte and Filipino culture

Must Watch: World Largest Broadcaster Proves That President Duterte Is Right On EJK & War On Drugs (Video)

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the oldest national broadcaster in the world, revealed on their documentary that President Duterte's War on Drugs works fine in the Philippines and the one who are doing the EJKs are the people affected of the said campaign or the drug lords in the Philippines.

Though Philippine President Rody Duterte is always portrayed by the international media as the bad guy on his "War on Drugs" and his involvement in alleged "Extra-judicial Killings" EJK, a recent documentary of the BBC proved that the President is right on his assumptions that the drug operators were behind EJK.

Filipinos praised the documentary of the BBC about Pres. Rody Duterte's War on Drugs as the news agency documented the most accurate image of the Philippine President on his efforts to curb the country's problem of illegal drugs.

BBC interviewed different people from all walks of life including the alleged and self-confessed assassins, policemen and ordinary people to express their different beliefs on the war waged not only by Pres. Duterte but the entire Filipino nation.

The BBC also showcased how "Oplan Tokhang" was properly implemented and conducted by police authorities. Despite the numerous killings happening due to the war on drugs, BBC highlighted that most Filipinos trusted the Duterte admin whom they believe can do each job and heal the problems of drug in the Philippines.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017


WATCH: UK Political Analyst Reveals Why LP Is Afraid Of Duterte To Defeat Terrorists

UK politival commentator and Managing Editor of The Duran, an international commentary and news site shared the five reasons why the Liberal Party is frightened of President Rodrigo Duterte to win over ISIS.

According to Garrie, the LP and mainstream media allies have nothing good to say about Duterte.

"Liberals will never side with Rodrigo Duterte, even if he crushes ISIS in Philippines. Even as he fights ISIS, the western liberal elide and their mainstream media allies have nothing good to say about the Philippine President," said Garrie.

The political commentator stated this after Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao when Maute group attacked Marawi City.

He further mentioned five reasons why they are very much afraid of him.

"ISIS is funded from drugs. Garrie explained that ISIS are known to profit from the international narcotics trade. Duterte's first war was the war on drugs, but what many do not realize is that it is related to the wider war on ISIS," Garrie emphasized.

In addition, this would only slam the Liberal Party because Duterte made a good decision to side with Russia and China.

"It unmasks the poor priorities of the liberal mainstream media and political elite. They were literally more concerned with Duterte's domestic policies which they have no right to change, than they were about helping a democratic nation fight OSOS terrorism," he concluded.


UK political analyst reveals why Liberals are Afraid of Duterte Victory Against Terrorists



Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Eto pala ang BBC 'documentary-video' na nagpalugmok kay Trillanes, at bakit alam ni Sackur totoo



Lagman move will help Maute to takeover Mindanao ~Share

Al Jazeera investigates Marawi. Is the story accurate? ~Share

Why the CBCP is not a credible judge of who or what is “fake” or authentic

It is quite rich that the venerable Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) would so pompously issue a list of Websites Carrying False or Verified Contents [sic]. This is coming from a clique of renowned Filipino “thought leaders” who endorse medieval ideas like creationism and, as a matter of policy, apply only circular logic in the manner with which they process information and disseminate it.
So here we go… circular logic versus the Scientific Method. Fasten your seatbelts…
The CBCP and the broader Roman Catholic mafia to which it belongs isn’t exactly renowned for bodies of work open to scrutiny and challenge. In fact, much of what it purports to be “true” about the world was the starting point for a vast “knowledgebase” of backward-engineered “theology”. The Catholic Church’s most revered “thought leader”, medieval philosopher and theologian St. Thomas Aquinas (the father of “theology”), wrote out volumes of convoluted reasoning that he attempted to shoehorn through the narrow channel of orthodoxy that Christendom allows of the “thinkers” it endorses. Tragic. Countless Filipino parents likely took out second mortgages to have their kids educated on this so-called “theology” at chi-chi private Catholic schools like the Ateneo de Manila University.
Contrast the Catholic approach to “thinking” with that seminal breakthrough in human enlightenment, the  scientific method. Working with the scientific method, theories are formulated from the bottom up (not from a top-down divinely-mandated belief framework). Scientific theories are crystallised from “first principles” that rely on zero human (or divine) bias. An example of such first principles are the building blocks of geometry — e.g., a line is formed by plotting the shortest distance between two points in space, a surface is a cross-section of space that traces the wake of a line moving through it, etc. Self-evident non-reducible axioms and postulates like these form the building blocks of every scientific and mathematical theory that we take for granted today. Without the scientific method, the very devices we use to publish lists of “fake news” sites today would not exist.
Indeed, in the scientific method, human beings finally found the intellectual tools to take on the Church’s “fake ideas” (creditto Mr. Oscar Franklin Tan for the term) head-on. The fake ideas peddled — and defended by the Church at the cost of millions of human lives — are things that even first grade kids would consider to be moronic today. Early scientists, for example, battled the idea that the sun (and, for that matter, the whole universe) revolved around the Earth. It took centuries to win that battle. Even today, 100 million Filipinos are held hostage by the Roman Catholic Church’s fake ideas — the idea that using contraceptives will lead to eternal damnation and the idea that a marriage can only be ended by an “annulment”. The battle rages on between the forces of enlightenment and Catholic dogma in the Philippines of the 21st Century, much the same way that it did in Europe in the 15th to 17th Centuries.
So the short of it is quite straightforward. The thing at work in the way Filipinos have turned the CBCP “fake news” list into a today’s pre-eminent talking point is the very same intellectual disease at work in the spread of “fake news”. We latch on to such lists and the propagator of such lists (in this case, the CBCP) for the very same reason people share “fake news” on their social media timelines. See the irony here? The CBCP said so, so Imma Gonna Retweet It or click on the “Share” button. Doing things that way, of course, is easier than applying the scientific method before you click on “Retweet” or “Share”.

The worst sort of “fake news” is peddled via kids’ school books.
What escapes many here is that the CBCP who they regard as an authority figure that legitimises this “fake news” list is, itself, a propagator of fake ideas that kept humanity in the Dark Ages for centuries (and continues that tradition of breeding ignoramuses in the Philippines today).
You wonder then, is “fake news” really that bad? When considering that question, think of how Yellowtard propaganda was baked into Filipino school kids’ textbooks by 30 years of “liberal” governments beholden to the Aquino-Cojuangco “Laban” narrative. I wrote about a particularly creepy case of this a while back. You’d think cases such as this and this recent “fake news” circus launched by the CBCP would by now motivate supposedly “freedom-loving” Filipinos to pause and reflect on how trustworthy their sources of information are.
At least “FilipiKnows” and “PinoyTrendingNews” content land on our social media feeds where each of us have the option to ignore them. The real outrage is around the way “trusted” organisations abuse supposedly sacred channels — Sunday masses and pastoral letters, kids’ schoolbooks, and mainstream news outlets — to peddle fake ideas that ordinary Filipinos cannot ignore.

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Leni Robredo should redeem Trillanes’s dignity after it was crushed by the BBC’s #HARDtalk

Will the real leader of the Philippine Opposition please step up?

Philippine “senator” Antonio Trillanes’s epic choke during an interview with Stephen Sackur in the BBC’s HARDtalkprogramme last week all but highlighted the sad disarray of the Philippine Opposition. Indeed, last week was a perfect storm as it saw the coming together of insight into just how inutile the Philippine Opposition of today has become. For people who seek to prematurely depose the president (presumably with that favourite extrajudicial method of theirs that they call “people power”), Sackur’s torpedoeing of the Trillanes brand couldn’t have come at a worse time. On that same week, journalist Bea Cupin’s recent article The fall of the ‘dilawang’ Liberal Party (LP) came online viaRappler and chronicled in grinding detail the “descent of the once all-powerful party”.
In light of these developments (specifically on Cupin’s article) House Representative Teddy Baguilat Jr (LP) wistfully tweeted, “What LP should do though is reflect on our mistakes and missed opportunities. And embrace our role as a fiscalizer, critical collaborator.” Interestingly, the congressman evidently recognises the core essence of the LP (presuming, of course, that it actually does represent the ideals of the so-called “liberals”) as can be gleaned from another one of his tweets
We’re d favorite whipping boys of critics and pundits but ultimately when forces conspire to limit our freedoms, who ya gonna call? Liberals
Unfortunately for Baguilat, the battle cry he recommends as a response to the question “Who ya gonna call?” is not shared by members of his own camp. That’s because many in his Yellow Camp would not even know what he means when he refers to the term liberals in the true sense he applies when invoking it. Rather, to most in his camp, the answer to “Who ya gonna call?” will be a resounding LENI ROBREDO! To Filipinos, after all, it’s all about people and less about ideas. To the average dilawan, Robredo is the Liberal Party and, they presume, the leader of the broader Philippine Opposition itself. On the latter point, Baguilat agrees, “We’re [the] only organized political opposition,” he tweets in reference to the LP.
Thus, in this regard, it is a monumental tragedy for the Opposition that they were sunk by Trillanes who many do not see as the leader of the Opposition. Indeed, if anybody should have been on Sackur’s hot seat, it should have been the supreme leader of the Opposition herself.
But it’s not too late. Robredo could still step up and redeem Trillanes’s crushed dignity. After all, some Filipinos still want her to be president someday and see her as eminently qualified for the job. What better way to prove that she is president material than by subjecting herself to a real journalist’s grilling. What does she have to lose? She will perform way better than Duterte in any Q&A — or so the dilawans believe.
The problem with Robredo, however, is that she can’t speak English. That’s a real show-stopper considering that those who defend Trillanes’s performance in the heat of Sackur’s grilling are convinced he “did well” only on the low-bar basis of his being able to “respond to all of Sackur’s questions”. In short, Trillanes’s having a rudimentary enough understanding of a question articulated in English and being able to respond to it in a way that the predominantly monolingual English-speaking audience that Sackur’s show attracts can understand is good enough. In other words, pwede na yan.
Unfortunately for Robredo, her command of the English language is way below pwede na yan. Halfway through each sentence Robredo cobbles together on the fly, Sackur would surely cut her to pieces. Robredo’s colegiala act simply won’t fly in a cutthroat world of important people who have very little time. Time and again she has proven not just her verbal ineptness but her hopelessly inappropriate body language, first in the girly manner that she wrapped herself around Duterte’s finger during her first few weeks in office and in the whimsical way she presented herself in a pre-recorded videoplayed at the 60th annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria.
Suffice to say, the Opposition does not only suffer from a crisis of leadership, it suffers from a crisis of competentstatesmanship. This is why, for the sake of the Opposition’s future, it is important that Trillanes’s appalling snafu be redeemed. Who ya gonna call??

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Hontiveros: Don't discriminate against Maranaos

Published June 26, 2017 12:13pm

Senator Risa Hontiveros on Monday urged people not to discriminate against displaced Marawi City residents who are seeking shelter in nearby areas after fleeing from the war-torn city.

"I appeal to the public not to stoke the flames of Islamophobia. Discrimination breeds hate. It builds walls. It sustains unjust wars," Hontiveros said in a statement.

Hontiveros made the call after receiving reports that some house and apartment owners have refused to accommodate Maranaos after learning where they came from.

While she understands the concerns of the public for their security, Hontiveros said this should not be a cause for discrimination.

"This is the time for unity and solidarity. Amid these challenging times, we should not give in to our fears and prejudice. Let us not play into the script of the Maute terrorists, who want to sow fear and hate between Christians and Muslims," she said.

Hontiveros called on appropriate government agencies to ensure that the displaced Marawi City residents are given proper assistance and protection.

"The Duterte government must ensure that the well-being of all internally displaced persons are taken care of, including their protection from all forms of discrimination. They have suffered so much. Let us not add to their pain," she said.

Hontiveros, meanwhile, commended the military for implementing an eight-hour truce to allow Muslims in Marawi City to observe Eid’l Fitr on Sunday.

"I laud the AFP for exercising religious sensitivity even as it continues with its effort to defeat the Maute terrorist group. I hope that this series of good gestures from the military will extend to heeding the Filipino-Muslim community's call for an end to the indiscriminate aerial bombings," Hontiveros said.

"Even without Martial Law, I am confident that our brave and professional soldiers will be able to eliminate the terrorist threat in Marawi while respecting the cultural and religious sensitivities of our Muslim sisters and brothers," she added.

Five Marawi City residents were rescued during the “humanitarian pause,” which started at 6 a.m.

The ceasefire was supposed to end at 2 p.m., but the military agreed to extend it for two more hours to allow a humanitarian group led by Ulamas or Islamic religious leaders to look for more trapped civilians.

More than 300 people, mostly militants, have been killed in the ongoing conflict. It started with the attack of the Maute group on May 23, which prompted President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration of martial law in Mindanao. —Erwin Colcol/ALG/KVD, GMA News


BBC Documentary Proves Duterte is right about EJK ~Share

Philippine school books are infested with Yellowtard propaganda!

It is often said, and we are often reminded, that children are amongst the most vulnerable members of our society. They look up to their elders and are keen to learn and please — sponges that have many spaces in their minds and psyches to fill. As adults, we are responsible for the shaping of the future generations and, as such, are accountable for how future adults turn out.
It is unfortunate that, in the Philippines, the youth are politicised at a very early age. In a photo shared by Facebook activist MJ Quiambao Reyes, a page from a textbook used in a Grade 2 social studies class shows the extent to which the Yellow Camp would go to disseminate its propaganda.
Accompanying images of the late former Senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr and his son and former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III are text and imagery singing praises about the former’s martyrdom, his relationship with the latter, and a series of leading questions designed to hammer in who they are into the readers’ young minds.
The most disturbing is a poem with the title (translated in English) “Do you know Ninoy?”. The following is the full poem translated in English…
Do you know Ninoy?
He is the father of Noynoy
He gave his life
For his belived country.

He worked and sacrificed
Even while he was imprisoned.
Fighting for change
Even at risk of death.

The heavens mourned
When he was buried.
Thunder rumbled loudly
Lightning clapped sharply.
An important iniative concerned parents and citizens should mount is to begin to evaluate just how much damage had been done to Philippine society by these textbooks.
Observers have long warned that Philippine society suffers a bad case of intellectual bankruptcy. “An admired Filipino economist, based in New York” long ago lamented this deficit in thinking and had this to say about the Philippines’ political “debate”.
When the issues are of some significance, it’s the wrong arguments that prevail, the wrong side wins. Logic and common sense take the backseat to political arguments and the views of the poorly-educated.
Indeed it is less about how much education Filipinos receive and more about the quality of this education. The most highly-regarded skills today (or for that matter, over much of history) mainly involve problem-solving acumen. Professions like engineering and the sciences employ rigourous problem solving frameworks hinged on the scientific method where an objective mind regards and defines problems through un-coloured perspectives. In the arts, it is original and ground-breaking work that delivers the biggest bucks — not re-hashes and, in the case of the Philippines’ popular arts, poor copies of Western concepts.
The trouble with the way Filipino youngsters are raised is that they are taught what to think and not how to think.
Herein this example lies Exhibit A — but one brick in what is likely to be a vast foundation of mediocrity upon which Philippine society has been built and continues to be built.

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Trillanes Plans to Request Google, Facebook to Delete BBC Interview With Stephen Sackur (Video) Must Watch!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is planning to request Google and Facebook to delete the video of his interview with BBC's HARDtalk host Stephen Sackur last Wednesday, June 21 on their respective platforms. This is after he felt that the said interview could ruin his reputation, and that the host was biased against him. Watch the full interview video below.

In that BBC interview with Stephen Sackur, Sen. Trillanes was asked if he thinks that his negative comments against President Rodrigo Duterte were "out of tune with ordinary Filipino opinion." The HARDtalk host then pointed that the president had 75 percent approval rating despite strong objections of his critics in his intensified war against drugs.

"Believe me, Senator... If a Western politician had a 75% approval rating, they would regard that as the best day of their life.” Sackur told Trillanes. However, the latter said that the bulk of Filipinos people are not really aware of what is happening on the ground, and that he believes the figure will drop once the public will know the real situation.

Sackur then reminded Sen. Trillanes of his two failed coup attempts against then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in 2003 and in 2007. He then asked the senator if another coup attempt is a solution against President Duterte. Trillanes said, "No," and that filing a case against him the president at the ICC (International Criminal Court) is a better solution.

But as a summary, tons of Filipinos who watched the controversial BBC interview said they believed that Stephen Sackur strongly disagrees with Sen. Trillanes. For this reason, the anti-Duterte senator is now being heavily mocked on social media. This then led him in planning to request Google and Facebook to take down the devastating video interview.

“Yes, I've been thinking about that lately. I really felt humiliated in that interview, and Filipinos who have watched it might think I'm stupid. Another problem here is that the host sounds like another Duterte troll.” Sen. Trillanes told reporters when asked about his thoughts after the BBC interview, adding that he also plans to sue the host, Stephen Sackur.

Here is the Full Interview of Trillianes on BBC News


Sunday, June 25, 2017

An Open Letter to the Filipino People and to the World

Dear Filipinos,

This writer is just an ordinary citizen of the Philippines. One among the more than 100 million people being governed by President Rodrigo Duterte and I know my voice is negligible but I decided to make a stand hoping that the rest of the greater majority of the Filipino who believes in Duterte would provide the wind in his sails amidst the barrage of attacks against him from all fronts.

An Open Letter to the Filipino People and to the World

Are we really that oblivious of the fact that we pleaded for President Duterte to run for office? A song prior to the election even assured him that should his feet be weary and tired from running, that we shall be the wind beneath his wings. This is the opportune moment for us to make good such assurance to the good President. Now more than ever, he needs the resolute voice, protection and support of the vast majority of Filipinos as he engages the very few yet powerful traditional politicians (trapos), the business elites who are devoid of patriotic hearts, the ignorant international entities and of course the all too mighty disgraced media. If we as a nation fail to rally behind this once in a lifetime President, then we are deserving of a decayed nation and we lose every right to complain about our plight.

Where do you source your abundant malevolence? How do you replenish your zest for ignorance and want of conscience? Can all of you still look at the mirror and see a reflection of a decent soul?

All of you keep harping on Extra Judicial Killing as if it is like a daily routine, similar to brushing your teeth that thrice a day you have to relegate this into the spot light. You hide under the cloak of being SELF PROCLAIMED WATCH DOGS, but do you really know that nowhere in Journalism Principles in the world does that concept exist nor has it ever been institutionally enshrined? In the words of President Duterte, “Where the Hell” did you ever get that thought? My answer? Precisely from HELL!

Even assuming for the sake of argument that you are watch dogs as you proclaim to be, then you have the obligation to watch and be balanced and responsible. Such is not the case with you ABS CBN, GMA 7, Rappler and International Media. You are acting more like hound dogs and werewolves. In many occasions you acted worst than vultures.

Where has the dignity and prudence of Journalism gone? You are not Journalists. You can all be beaten by decent University Students in how they think and handle themselves and yet you wallow in the delusion that you are all professionals. Really now? Professionals? Questions about gums? Questions about why the President went to China? Questions about why the President is threatening criminals? Questions about why the President is putting his foot down on America? Do you really not comprehend or you just refuse to comprehend? Or you are really devoid of the mental capacity to understand a simple issue? If it is the latter, then you don’t have any business reporting because you are belching and feeding people polluted information
You focus on trivial matters and matters which you believe can sell your stories You magnify things and demonize the President because it is in accord with the wishes of your Masters and it will sell your convoluted stories.

You ought to be ashamed of even breathing as you have abandoned your responsibility to give an objective news reporting. Yes, you can report bad news but look at your percentage over good news. If you can claim they are balanced, then the more than 95% of Filipinos who support the President, including this writer should be condemned and executed. Your reckless abandon in typing your articles which we call trash have painted our country in bad light all over the world. You can and should claim authorship of that. When this country goes to the drain, I hope you can all sleep well dear media moguls and your paid assassins. Free Speech is not a license and you do not own a franchise of what you think is right for our country.

THE USA, UN, EU and the Rest of the International Watch Dog

We do not meddle in your affairs and we expect the same courtesy. It is however revolting to realize that you are so sanctimonious in stamping your unsolicited authority over us as if we are really a nation undeserving of respect. You blindly swallow the reports of media as hook line and sinker and marches on the offensive against our President. Has your success in bedeviling Marcos in the past inspired you to try it again? Are we really like a nation of mendicants that you choke for fun? Stop managing our nation and leave us in standing up with dignity no matter how hard and how tedious it would be.

Follow this simple principle: Only those with clean hands can have moral authority to dictate upon others. Question: DO YOU HAVE CLEAN HANDS?

If you answer in the affirmative, then you are indeed one bunch of self righteous idiots!

To the Yellowtards

You have raped the nation for so long and you have seriously believed that you can continuously fool and brainwash a nation. Reality will hit all of you hard when you realize that your antics will no longer slave the people. We had enough of you. You have managed to drive the Philippines to the depths of hell after you orchestrated the downfall of Marcos and now you are at it again with President Duterte. 

Divine justice has a great way of finding you back and lashing at you hard. The people will not allow any of you anymore to do the same tricks your false heroes like Cory and Ninoy did to Marcos. President Duterte is the Philippine President, he is our President and he and not you will define our destiny. So to the Aquinos and your hound dogs (Trillianes, De Lima, Hontiveros, Drillon, Lagman, Pangilinan and the usurper of the VP position, Robredo), we suggest you enjoy your last days in glory because your political stock will go down the drain in front of your very eyes because WE ARE NOW NOT ONLY AN AWAKENED NATION, but we are a DETERMINED PROTECTOR OF CHANGE

To the People of the Philippines

President Duterte has been non-stop. One need not be a doctor to see the exhaustion in his eyes. He has a nation to heal and discipline and yet he is bombarded everyday by these people who care less about the repercussions of their acts. May we shield him and provide him inspiration that is because the seat he reluctantly occupies is a very lonely and thankless one.

We complain as a nation why we have fallen behind other Asian Countries but at the same time we fail to acknowledge that these countries we envy metamorphosed owing to discipline and strong governance. We were ahead of Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in the years of old and now all we see are the smoke from the tailpipe of their progress. Do we still honestly believe that Vietnam is still behind us? If we do, then we are really a one big hallucinating nation because Vietnam had already made strides that overtook us by leaps and bounds. Should Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos catch up on us, then we really are a nation of loud mouths with no future. These people harping on Human rights and freedom have a tailored self serving definition of which and they are the same people who have for years supported the yellow bloods and look where it has brought us? To the dumps.

If we cannot rally behind the President, if we cannot realize how special this man is to the Philippines and if we fail to acknowledge why the Lord moved his hands to place him in power, then let us be human enough to let President Duterte go back to his private life because it is unfair for him to be assassinated or for him to lose his health just because he wanted a better nation for us. Let us not be selfish. Let the man go and let us all be resigned to the fact that we are a doomed nation and the perpetual doormat of Asia and the world.

However, should we believe in the man and the good Lord above and should we really desire a new Philippines, let our little voices be lumped together and be a force to reckon with.

I want a better Philippines. We only have one chance at this .

I want to be counted in the army of civilians for President Duterte. Do you?”