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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Filipino’s Biggest Problem: Their Paper Thin Ego

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The last few days have proven interesting for me. On both a personal and observatory level. And it has to do with what I shall refer to as… The Filipino Ego.

Standard Pinoy reaction to most issues.
Standard Pinoy reaction to most issues.
In the nearly 9 years of living here, it has constantly been right there, in front of me. Sadly I could never nail down what it was that made these people so silly? Forgive my being a “late bloomer” on the subject. But now it’s clear as day. Because of their paper-thin egos, these people are hiding an insane level of misery (and at times, stupidity), behind a false smile.

I have spoken to a vast array of Filipino’s, ranging in age, from as young as 10. To well into their 80’s. And so as to separate things into an area of better, more relative understanding. I will only speak of those under the age of 40. Especially since those older, appeared to be more refined since they came from a better era.

For starters, is the concept of trying to carry on an intelligent (or even casual) conversation with these people. Now, this is not to say they are stupid. But for some reason, about 5 or maybe 10 minutes into whatever the topic-at-hand might be, they slow down. Either due to lack of interest. Or simply because they have this feeling of being lost, and don’t have the ability to hold their own any longer. At first I thought this might have been due to my being a foreigner.

So out of courtesy, I slowed down my speech pattern, so as to allow them to better absorb what I was saying. That made no dent at all. In fact, it only worsened things at times, since they now though I was treating them as stupid.

Aaaah… The ego wants to come out and play now…

Almost immediately they get defensive in a kind sort of way, by trying to “impress” in some manner that only makes them appear even more foolish. Why is that? Does it have something to do with their education? Or lack there-of. Or it may just be the whole “Poor little Filipino” and/or “I am always the victim” mentality? What-ever the reason, Here are a few other possibilities:
  • The refusal to accept they are not always perfect.
  • The refusal to accept they are, or just might be wrong.
  • The inability to take blame or accept fault.
  • They either can’t take “No” for an answer. Nor, can they say “No” when they should.
  • The fearful chance there may just be a culture out there, that is better than they are.
I am sure, by now, you’re getting the picture. And for some strange reason (known only to God) these people can’t seem to get out of their own way. From being a simple broom pusher. All the way up to the President of this silly place. They have become their own train-wreck.
One would think that after nearly 400+ years of multiple, western influence, these people would have gotten some clue of how to operate when it comes to social behavior. Yet, here we are in the 21st century folks. And still these people have one of the most paper-thin egos I have ever seen.

So when in Christ’s sweet name are you people going to wake up and smell the river? You gotta do it sometime. Otherwise, you can forget about ever moving forward in a worthwhile (and socially acceptable) manner.

From a foreigners perspective. We really do find it laughable the way you try and stay afloat in our conversations. Rather than admitting you don’t know what’s going on. Or you may be unaware of a specific person we are talking about.

Believe me when I tell you. “It’s ok to admit you don’t have a clue about something.” We will actually respect you more that way. Rather than you talking so far out your ass, you can’t see straight.

3 comments for “The Filipino’s Biggest Problem: Their Paper Thin Ego

  1. Philip
    September 25, 2014 at 6:56 pm
    I’ve been a Call Center employee with various BPO companies taking in mostly foreign calls and interacting with foreign counterparts… and after 10 yrs of doing the job I somewhat understand our stupidity (from the simplest instructions that we cannot follow, like taking 3hrs over the phone just to learn copy & paste), our ego (wanting impossible things just because we are always victimized), and our sarcastic humor, until now… You wanna know why most of the people you talk to suddenly fall flat after a while during a conversation, its because we have probably detected that we can no longer continue, but we are too polite (as a nation) to just walk away from you or say it straight to your face that we are beyond what is happening. Just like the rest of them who pass judgement on us because we are different. Pinoys in general are polite even the lowly citizen would greet you with a smile and humor you to some point but when we do lose interest its because it might be too much for us to deal with. So please the next time you feel the need to pass judgement against a nation be sure to do it in a more subtle way. At times, it is too much for our “paper thin egos”.
  2. Arlyn
    September 26, 2014 at 12:41 am
    Well said kabayan! Cheerss….
  3. Bill Kasi
    September 29, 2014 at 2:23 pm
    A legitimate constructive criticism. Take notes, if you want to change for the better.

Filipino Stupidity Never Ceases To Amaze The World

Shocked Dog and Owners
Rather than venture down some long-winded path, harping on such an amazing level of stupidity. I have decided to simply show you a list of what I know to be some of the best examples of stupidity ever perpetrated by a people. Upon themselves. And the world.

Unless otherwise specified, I shall not attempt to explain the reasoning behind my choices here. Because if you don’t know where you went wrong. Then you’re either too stupid to begin with. Or your paper-thin ego won’t allow you to accept it altogether.

So here we go folks…
  • EDSA1
  • Treating Cory Aquino as a saint.
  • Actually believing she has been Canonized.
  • Electing Nancy Binay to a Senate seat.
  • Electing Antonio Trillanes to a Senate seat.
  • Electing “Bam” Aquino to a Senate seat.
  • Electing Manny Pacquiao to Congress.
  • Not understanding what’s wrong with the aforementioned political figures.
  • Loving and treating Kris Aquino as your own sister. And not knowing why.
  • Your so-called leaders treating the Presidents SONA as if it’s the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globes.
  • You idiots watching it as if it actually was the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globes.
  • Blaming Ferdinand Marcos for all that’s wrong in your lives.
  • 30 years later. Still believing Marcos is the fault of it all.
  • Defending the belief that all Filipino’s are victims.
  • Claiming President BS Aquino is the best.
  • Allowing a Yellow Personality Cult to rule the country.
  • Believing the economy has improved.
  • Accepting ComElec’s answer to the 2013 mid-term 60-30-10 results favoring Aquino’s candidates as “coincidental”.
  • Not accepting the fact that you’re a 3rd world country.
  • Any Filipino who blindly follows the Manalo Cult, known as Iglesia Ni Cristo.
  • Listening (and believing) the annual Aquino (SONA) State of The Nation address.
  • Believing the MyPhone is a Philippine-made product.
  • Insisting on renaming Typhoons from their Internationally recognized names, to some goofy Filipino name.
  • Electing public officials, simply because they are cute. Or you just like their name.
  • Believing the AFP can defend the country.
  • It’s more fun in the Philippines.
  • Pinoy pride and trying to prove you’re all better than everyone.
  • Your Air Force bragging about how they spent 10 years to refurbish a C-130, all by themselves.
  • Your Navy actually has more Admirals, than it does boats.
  • Filipino driving tactics. Again, insisting you’re better at it.
  • No organized direction when walking down the street. Or in the Mall.
  • Doesn’t understand the term, “Right side of the road.”
  • Labeling Squatters as Informal Settlers.
  • Inability to stand in line or maintain any mental or physical semblance of organization.
  • Constantly getting drunk and actually taking the time to look for a fight.
  • Homicide is the cure-all answer to everything.
  • Rape seems to be a past-time.
  • The Judicial system labels almost everything as malicious mischief.
  • Believing President Aquino deserves a 2nd term.
  • Treating your celebrities as if they were family members. And not understanding that it’s an unhealthy fetish.
  • Comedian — and Senator wannabe — Ai Ai Delas Alas, at age 50 has announced she is banging some 20 year college student. And you idiots think it cute.
  • The ability to read a simple Facebook comment, combined with the inability to understand a single word. Only to start an argument that had absolutely nothing to do with the article to begin with.
  • Assuming by virtue of either being in, or having graduated college, this makes you more worldly than others. If you’re not sure of this. Refer to the statement directly above this one.
I would love to continue. But sadly, at this hour, it’s all I can come up with. As time goes on, or I wake in the middle of the night with something new, I shall add to this list.

Keep in mind you Filipino’s who may be reading this. The above is not just my opinion. It’s the same, the world over. Some of us even see moving to the Philippines as a source of great amusement. From watching the evening news. To seeing someone force their way IN through the OUT door. The stupidity of the Filipino never ceases to amaze.

Source: http://crossovermagazine.com/2014/07/filipino-stupidity-never-ceases-to-amaze-the-world/

An ode to the unrealized dream that is the Philippines

Posted by 

Let us get together with beer by the pints
To chat 'bout anything even taxes and fines
Just do not be numb with needles and pins
Don't you know it is more fun in the Philippines

Philip is Greek, to tell you honestly
It means a lover, also one who's friendly
Sweet smelling pines were also of me
But you cut the pines and took the beauty from me

A puzzle, Pinoy, when will you mature?
Was expecting more from you the love of nature
This wall for the ocean called Pacific
An archipelago, my islands are terrific

Unity is what I dreamt a long time
My body are islands scattered without rhyme
Only to lead you, not about the body
Rather the spirit that brings true unity

If only you know, there's gold in my land
Sadly, ti's only the greedy who had a hand
To grab what is supposed to be for all
What a wasted investment, it ain't gonna roll

Can we tell those souls who are so greedy
They divide me with their blindness to the needy
Yet, is it true that we are those lovers
How is it you have no care for the others

I am shattered now as my people cry
Please wipe your tears so you can see the how and why
It is for you to seek that you may find
What is common sense, that's natural to the mind

Didn't you know what is about nature's gift
That when it is not shared, it will not give a lift
Listen, for I'll tell you how nature is.
It will stop to give when ego is the basis

LuzViMinda, stop being depressed
You have your work cut out for you, hope that's impressed
If it's beauty that you all want to see
Go back to values, jump out of that murky sea

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How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller: 4 Basic Approaches

Few of us are blessed with perfect features. Make the most of what nature has given you with a trip to the makeup counter and a little insight into how to make your nose look smaller.
Unless you were blessed with seriously great genetics or have already made friends with your local plastic surgeon, you have probably wished for a smaller nose.
Many of us are looking for something a little bit smaller, a bit more shapely, but sadly we are stuck with serious beaks right in the center of our faces.
Want to minimize the nose and look a little more gorgeous? It’s a simple matter of emphasis. Here are some go-to strategies so you never have to worry about it again. Follow these guides and you, too, can make your nose look smaller.

Expert Level: Contour

Contouring is truly an art form. While it can look downright scary when done by a beginner, it is magically transformative when done properly.
Maybe you have seen some intense contouring and been scared off by it. Don’t give up hope! There are very natural-looking ways of achieving contouring with makeup.
Contouring can be great when you’re in the mood for a bold look, but you probably don’t want to do it every day.
The key to contouring is subtlety. It’s all about creating definition, enhancing what you have and minimizing the parts that you want to fade into the background. Obviously, this is a great tool if you feel like your nose is getting too much attention.
So you want to contour? The first step is to get the right products. You’ll need a dark contouring cream or powder to create the illusion of shadows and a light cream or powder to highlight other areas. Basically, this means that you want something white and something brown.
One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is using shimmery contouring shades. Always go matte! The natural shadows of your face are matte, so stick with matte contouring shades for the most natural-looking effect.
There are lots of great contouring compacts. You can use one of these or you can make your own. You just need a dark shade and a light shade.
It’s very important to pay attention to your natural coloring. If your skin is pale, a dark bronzer will look totally unnatural. Likewise, if you have a dark skin tone, a contouring cream with a gray undertone will make you look washed out.
Do a little experimenting. Head to the makeup counter and add some color under your cheekbones to see what hues best suit your face. Basically, you’re looking for a color that is two to three shades darker than your natural tone.
Powders and creams can give very similar results, but creams are a bit more forgiving.
If you’re not feeling confident in your makeup artistry, just go for a foundation that’s two shades darker than your skin tone.
If you’re ready to learn, go for a powder. It’s a bit more complicated but that’s the way to get the very best results. It’s important to get a good set of brushes with powder-based contouring. Use one brush for highlighting, one for contouring, and one for blending.
The basic technique is simple. To achieve particular results, hit YouTube and browse through the tutorials. You’ll quickly find a guide to help you get the results you want.
Kim Kardashian is the queen of contouring, but her style is a bit severe for every day.
If you want something simple, draw two dark lines along the sides of your nose and run a line ofhighlighter down the center. Then blend, blend, blend! You can always add more as you get more comfortable creating the look.
When you first start contouring, sunlight is your best friend. Until you have mastered contouring, always check your results outside or in front of a window. Your makeup might look amazing in your bathroommirror but cartoonish when you get into the light, so always carry your blending brush. You don’t want to look like you’re walking around with dirt on your face, so make sure you double-check everything.

Makeup Artist Level: Bronzing

If the idea of doing a full contour sounds intimidating – or it’s just too much trouble – try bronzing. You can use a bronzer or brown eye shadow.
Take an eyeliner brush and sweep a line of dark shadow or bronzer on both sides of the bridge of your nose. You’re going to have two totally unnatural-looking lines at this point.
Take a makeup sponge or blending brush and sweep those lines away from the bridge of your nose. This will darken everything but the center of your nose.
Once it’s blended, go over the center of your nose with a highlighter or white eye shadow.
In general, a bronzer is going to slim your face. Just as black clothes can knock five pounds off your figure, bronzer can gloss over any perceived imperfections.
Here’s another approach: Start with a quick, strategic self-tan. Pull your hair up and away from your face. Use a bronzer to draw the numeral three on both sides of your face (over your forehead, under your cheekbones, and across your chin). Once you have a three shape colored in on both sides of your face, run your bronzing brush down both sides of the bridge of your nose. Using bronzer all over your face makes the lines appear subtle. Your face will have a nice healthy glow.

Rushed Diva Level: Gloss It Over

Regardless of the size of your nose, it’s often a problem area. Between oily skin and red discoloration, your nose might be getting all of the wrong kind of attention.
If you don’t have time for contouring or bronzing, or you just want to keep a light makeup bag, you can take a shortcut or two. Create an even, matte skin tone. This will gloss over any flaws and keep the attention on your lips and eyes.
The best way to get a picture-perfect finish is to use a primer.
There is a primer type for every kind of skin. Look for something with a green undertone if you have redness. Go for a pore minimizer if your nose has that strawberry look. Apply it all over then follow up with a foundation.
Now all of your skin imperfections have been smoothed over.
If you have a particularly oily nose, follow up with a matte powder. If you’re dealing with redness around your nose, add a little extra concealer around the base. You will find that creating a smooth, matte finish will leave your entire face (including your nose) looking amazing.

Lazy Girl Level: Distract

Want to simplify your makeup game? If you don’t like your nose, shift attention to something else!
Love your eyes? Go for a smokey eye or a jewel-toned liner.
Want to be out the door in five minutes? Add a quick coat of mascara, then a bold lipstick. If you’re wearing a magenta or plum lipstick, no one is going to focus on your nose.
The best thing that you can do is focus on the positive. If you love your lips, concentrate on them. It’s much easier to draw attention to your favorite feature than to hide something centered in the middle of your face.
And don’t forget your hair. It’s all about proportion, so if you want your nose to look smaller then make your hair look bigger.
Wear your hair in wide curls or natural beachy waves. Sleek styles and updos are going to draw more attention to your nose, so wear them strategically.
If you want an updo, pair it with a bold necklace or earrings. If you want a sleek style, add an attention-getting headband.

Keep It Soft

While bronzing and contouring are great for wide noses, they don’t do much for sharp noses. If you have a very angular face, it’s important to keep your look soft. It’s all about balance.
If you have a long nose and a sharp chin, bold shades and styles are going to overwhelm your face. Stick with blended shadows and soft liners. Go for neutral palettes and never wear harsh hairstyles.
The Sexiest Thing You Can Wear
Whatever you do, do it with style. Master the art of contouring (it’s really not that hard) or get a lip stain that makes you feel amazing. Walk away from the mirror feeling ready to face the world.
Remember, confidence is always the sexiest thing that you can wear…even if some of it comes from the makeup bottle!

Natural Ways to Stop Dry Cough

While coughing is one of your body’s natural defenses against foreign matter, and helps remove mucus from the lungs and upper airway passages, it can also cause distress and dryness in the throat. A dry cough can also alert an individual that a problem has developed that needs attention. When looking to ease the discomfort of a dry cough, home remedies can certainly provide the relief you seek.


A dry, hacking cough may develop toward the end of a cold or after you’ve been exposed to an irritating substance, such as cigarette smoke or dust [1]. Accompanying the itchy throat and watery eyes that come with allergies, a dry cough can make your sneezing and nasal congestion feel worse.

Other causes of a dry cough include:

  • Asthmatics can battle a dry, nagging cough that comes and goes as it pleases.
  • Certain medications can cause a dry cough, including blood pressure medications called ACE inhibitors.
  • Rooms that present low moisture levels can dry out the mucous membranes and irritate the throat.
  • When acid from your stomach makes contact with your esophagus, your throat often becomes irritated. This condition is called gastroesophageal reflux (also known as GERD) and it can cause a dry cough to develop in the middle of the night.


If you’ve battled the symptoms of a dry cough for longer than two weeks, it’s highly suggested that you pay a visit to your doctor to get to the bottom of your condition. In the meantime, treat your cough with the following home remedies:

a) Raw Onion:

Finely chop one onion and extract its juice. Mix one teaspoon of onion juice with one teaspoon of honey. Allow the mixture to sit for four to five hours, as it will create an effective cough syrup that should be taken two times per day. If you are battling a cold, you should know that the onions also work to remove phlegm when combined with lemon and boiling water.

b) Salt Gargle:

Treat a dry cough with a gargle consisting of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of salt.

c) Oregano:

Boil oregano in a cup of water, filter, and drink to lessen the intensity of a dry cough.

d) Green Tea with Honey:

Soothe not only your throat but also a dry cough when you add honey to a cup of green tea.

e) Aniseed Tea:

Dry coughs plagued by thick mucus will respond to a regular cup of aniseed tea – a spice with a flavor much similar to licorice and fennel.

f) Raisins:

Create a healing sauce with raisins to soothe a cough by grinding 100 grams of raisins with water. Blend in about 100 grams of sugar and heat the mixture until a sauce-like consistency is achieved. Preserve thesauce and take 20 grams before going to bed on a daily basis.

g) Humidifier:

Add a humidifier to your bedroom to combat a dry cough that comes at night.

h) Hot Milk:

Before retiring for the night, drink a cup of hot milk with honey, which will not only deliver relief for a dry cough, but also encourage a sound night of rest.

i) Ginger Tea:

Place ginger in a pot of boiling water before adding it to your regular amount of tea leaves. Lastly, put in a pinch of pepper along with three to four basil leaves. Drink hot to soothe the throat.

j) Cinnamon:

Gain relief from a bothersome cough by adding cinnamon to a cup of tea.

k) Almonds:

Soak seven almond kernels overnight and remove the brown skin in the morning. Ground the almonds to create a fine paste. Add 20 grams each of butter and sugar to the paste, which should be administered in the morning and evening.

l) Grapes:

Did you know that grapes have a reputation for strengthening the lungs and acting as an expectorant? Within a couple of days, you will notice a difference in your cough when you drink one cup of grape juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey on a daily basis.