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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Did Duterte outsmart the Yellow media, US, UN, and the EU? Agree or Disagree? ~share

Note: the caption in the photo is my invention and was placed to emphasize the point to the topic. Credit goes to the photographer of this pic.

Those who think President Duterte would launch a verbal attack on the US, UN, and the European Union without a 'Plan B' obviously do not know the President well enough. On second thought, it is even possible that Duterte's word war could be his 'Plan A'?

For those of us who closely observe the President's moves, we realized that Duterte's seemingly impulsive actions are actually deliberate.

Let me set the record straight before continuing.  Although I am close to people inside the president's circle; I don't know the president personally and even those who are close to him will never claim to be able to predict president's next move.  Why is this? It is because the president likes to remain unpredictable.

If he is unpredictable, how can I claim to understand him?  To clarify. I don't claim to understand the president, but we can see the result of his moves and by reviewing his game it helps us understand his game-plan as we study the steps he took to achieve the endgame.

Duterte alone knows the end game and in the process he creates diversions and feints to mask his real intentions; that is the hallmark of a master.

Many weeks ago, I about wrote of one of Duterte's moves which I thought was masterful and I am glad that my assumptions was later reaffirmed by no less than former National Security Adviser Jose Almonte in one of his speeches which is shown in a video below.

One of the obstacles to our economic progress were the three wars being fought, namely the communist insurgency, the separatist, and the Abu Sayaff terrorist. By making peace with the CPP/NPA and the separatist, the president was able to use our military resources to concentrate on its fight against the Abu Sayaff. Defeating if not containing the terrorist will strengthen the country's position against the rise of ISIS.

The intention of his peace move with the communist was not clear before and Duterte was criticized for making peace with the NPA.  But now it is indisputable that we are starting to see its fruits.

Let's fast forward to his attacks on US, UN, and the EU.

Good chess players understand their opponents strengths/weaknesses and their own before making his moves and surely the president had taken into consideration what the US, EU, and UN would do.

It is no secret that the US doesn't like Duterte, and surely the president knew that the US, & UN would weaponize the human rights issue against his anti-Drug campaign to make it fail.

A few weeks ago, Duterte made an unprovoked verbal tongue lash at Obama, the UN and the EU. When he did that, the yellow-liberal media could not resist the opportunity to make it an explosive issue against the President.  They hyped up the story and started raising the alarmist bells predicting the economic downfall of the Philippines.

Then out of nowhere the announcement that the Duterte will be opening lucrative trade deals will China came out in the news. On October 20, the PhilStar announced that Duterte will leave for China to discuss trade, infrastructure, and other deals.

In hindsight it looks like the US, UN, and our very own Yellowtards played into Duterte's hands.

Was Duterte's word war part of his PLAN A, or are the lucrative trade deals with China part of PLAN B.

The Yellow media hyped up an economic doomsday scenario for the Philippines and by doing so gave Duterte the blessing to do business with the enemy (China) to save the Philippines from an economic downfall.

I think what Duterte wants is for the Philippines to get the best deal from both China and the US. By playing the China card against the US, Duterte can leverage better arrangements and that is why I believe that for once we have a leader who is not pro-US or pro-China but simply pro-Pinoy,

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