Monday, March 27, 2017

Thing Pinoy on Palit Bise, Time Survey for Pres. Duterte, etc

SpeakerAlvarez to File Impeachment Complaint to VP Leni Robredo

Is it right for Filipinos to spam-vote Duterte into the @TIME 100 Most Influential list?

Filipinos are once again spam-voting a compatriot into the pages of a major Western media outlet. This follows the tradition of how Efren Penaflorida got on the CNN Heroes list and how the Palawan Underground River got listed as one of “the new seven wonders of nature”. Filipinos have a vast resource in the form of the sheer number of warm bodies that inhabit the Net. And they use it primarily for this sort of thing.
Recently Filipino Netizens have turned their sights on TIME Magazine’s 2017 100 “Most Influential” list and are campaigning to get current President Rodrigo Duterte on it and on top of it.
This is a bit ironic considering that Yellowtards led by Leni Robredo and Risa Hontiveros as well as the Philippines’ entire industry of oligarch-controlled news media had been criticised for seeking leverage from foreign media to put their causes on the global map. And now we see the Duterte camp doing something similar in principle — looking to foreign media for validation and to serve as a platform for propping up a Filipino artefact.
What then when Duterte is crowned amongst (if not the) 100 Most Influential people of the world in 2017?
Get Real Post author Midway Haven describes the perverse psychology behind that “Pinoy Pride” underlying the recognition “awarded” to the Palawan Underground River in a similar exercise a few years ago…
Soon enough, when the provisional list was announced, the first responses were predictable, and they all had one hive-mind reply: “PROUD TO BE PINOY!” Seemingly, even the sense of topos was eliminated from the river: rather than it becoming a wonder of nature, its sense of natural grandeur was competely ignored for the sake of voters being “Pinoy.” From now on, in the “Pinoy” worldview, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a “Pinoy Wonder,” a trophy to be brandished for nationalistic bragging rights. When other countries began wondering why their own nominations didn’t make it to the list, the response was also of one mind: “It’s your fault that you didn’t vote hard enough.” This is when I fully realized, disappointingly, that many Filipinos pride themselves on voting frenzy, using any and all virtual means to get any and all people and things “Pinoy” on the top spot, no matter what the cost and repercussions. When I gave my opinion as a status update on Facebook that the river didn’t deserve to be on the list, I was greeted with menacing all-caps howls of me being “unpatriotic” and possessing “crab mentality.” Indeed, to these people, “resistance is futile.”
Indeed, these little polls invoke psyches that are microcosms of the macro national collective psyche that powers the Philippines’ national elections. For that matter, it is the same psyche that drives appointments — the Kamaganak Incsyndrome that plagues every Philippine administration.
Perhaps this is a good opportunity for Filipinos — on either side of the political fence — to reflect on what “people power” means. Do we use our vast population to contribute to humanity’s collective intellect? Or do we use it to debase it with our intellectually-bankrupt notions of “national pride”?

6 years is too long to tolerate Leni Robredo's illegal vice presidency

Leadership journey Madame Vice-President? Why not make good on your threat to sue your critics and detractors on social media? But in the interest of fair play, maybe you can also ask your supporters to stop using dummy and fake accounts? Also for the page administrators of your supporters to make their identities known instead of hiding behind the protection of anonymity.

[In reference to the Inquirer article Robredo says people still spreading lies about her.]

You said dissent is not destabilization. We don't aim to destabilize the government by criticizing you. We want you to step down for the good of the country considering you have been pursuing nothing but your own agenda in lieu of the national interest, particularly those whom you claim, voted for you.

You have done nothing to advance the cause of the country and your countrymen in the 8 months you have been in office. Six years is too long a wait for a dumbass like you. We don't have the same kind of patience we extended to PeNoy.

Please do the country and your fellow Filipinos a favor. Quit.

“Today, in the midst of darkness and division, the Church is once again providing sanctuary for our country,” Robredo said.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.

IN VIDEO: Nasa Kamay Na Ni Sec.Aguirre Ang Mga Dokumento Na Magpapabagsak sa Liberal Party

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II on Wednesday confirmed that he has met with Council for Philippine Affairs (COPA) secretary-general Pastor Boy Saycon in Makati City, where the former handed him "highly credible evidence" of corruption involving high officials of the previous Aquino administration and members of then-ruling party Liberal Party (LP).

Aguirre refused to give details, except to say that the documents collated by Saycon, a former staunch supporter of Mr. Aquino, included contracts, receipts, and other documents/evidence pertaining to gambling and undeclared campaign contributions. The personalities involved the "highest officials" of the previous administration, he added.
"May PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.)-related, CEZA (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority)-related... original mga dokumento, public documents, talagang credible [to] the highest degree.
"Bayaan nyo muna i-sift ko, pag-aralan ko muna, documents kasi talagang makapal," Aguirre explained as he was pressed for more information.
The justice chief said the amounts involved were "daan daang milyon (hundreds of millions of pesos)." Asked if it was the first time for Saycon to approach him about alleged the corruption during the Aquino administration, Aguirre answered in the negative.
"Dating binanggit niya sa 'kin pero ngayon lang binigay... si Boy Saycon kasi matagal na niyang hawak ito; ngayon, hindi niya malaman, talagang tiningnan niya muna ang Duterte administration kung mapagkakatiwaalan niya.
"So nung nakita niya, naobserahan niya, na talagang sinsero ang Duterte administration [in its anti-corruption campaign], nag-decide siyang i-turnover (documents)," Aguirre said.
COPA was part of efforts to bring former presidents Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to power.