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Monday, August 21, 2017

New York University Alumnus lambasted Dinky Soliman: ‘ANG KAPAL NG MUKHA MO MAGMALINIS’

Dear Corazon Juliano-Soliman,

So I heard you had the temerity to file a complaint against DSWD Asec Lorraine Marie T. Badoy for her “inappropriate words” pertaining to her comments on child porn and the EU.

At first I refused to believe it. This is a joke, right? You, Dinky Soliman, officially and unanimously the Philippines’ most hated, most vilified failure of a DSWD secretary, had the actual guts to complain about someone who is, without doubt, a million times more effective, more humane, more sincere than you?

Was I living in fucking Twilight Zone? If I were as bad as you, I would slink away into nothingness and anonymity and pray that people do not remember my sins and shortcomings. But no, you, Dinky Soliman, had the AUDACITY to pretend you had the moral high ground to complain. If it weren’t so offensive to me, I’d be laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of your move.

Really, Dinky?

You, who fucked up the relief operations in Leyte and allowed my fellow Warays to go hungry as food rotted in your warehouses because not only did you have zero efficiency, you were heartless.

You, who paid 280,000 of our tax money just in resort rooms alone, because you hastily booked 70 rooms for 100 poor families in a Batangas resort so you could remove them from the streets for the Pope’s visit in 2015? A quarter of a million pesos, just for rooms alone! Look at how perfect you are!

You, who only weeks after Yolanda hit, forced the businessmen in Leyte to open their businesses because you could not continue to give “dole outs,” because by God, we only got paltry donations to the tune of a billion dollars! And you could not feed less than a million people on aid that paltry now, could you? Poor Dinky, you had to do with VERY few donations.

I am from Tanauan, Leyte, from Brgy. Buntay and I was actively involved in relief operations. I had no choice because you were a fucking failure. The first vans we dispatched to give away food and water–which left Manila 2 days after the typhoon and arrived in Tanauan a day or two after was the first relief some of the people there received. I got messages saying that the packs were the first they received. ANG KAPAL NG MUKHA MO MAGMALINIS when there were many towns in Leyte which you did not immediately reach out to even almost a week after the tragedy happened! The people were starving while sitting beside their dead!

Wow, look at the level of your effiency and appropriateness! Ang appropriate mo talaga, Dinky.

The Department of Budget and Management recorded P73.31 billion donated–and that figure only reflects the government-to government-transactions. That does not include NGOs, international orgs, individuals, private companies, and other hand-delivered donations. Oh, Dinky, how little you had to work with!

Your reasons for the P30 million peso food spoilage (and I’m only talking about one batch) and the water bought from Manila that never got to Tacloban (JUST ONE BATCH!) was “lack of transport facilities.”

Sacks of rotten rice were discovered in an OPEN PIT in Dagami, Leyte!

Let me tell you how easy it was for ordinary citizens like us to transport relief goods. Philippine Airlines thru a friend gave us 1 ton FREE ALLOCATION a week. We hired 10 or 16 wheeler wing vans once a week at the height of the efforts for P75,000 a trip, money raised thru friends and friends of friends. Some donated vans to ferry goods going to Tacloban, and on the way back, people who wanted to escape Tacloban, free of charge. And we didnt have the government’s resources and money.

Within Leyte there were vehicles for hire to reach many towns.

And you dare tell us you had problems with transport? Ano, ayaw niyo gastusin yung pera na dinonate? ISTORYAHI!!!!


Naalala ninyo yung Region 8 PNP regional director na pinatanggal ninyo dahil sabi nya 10k ang namatay? Pinatanggal ninyo dahil nakakasama siya sa imahe ng Pilipinas? Pero si Leni ok lang magsalita ng masama sa Pilipinas? SAGAD SA BUTO ANG KA IPOKRITOHAN NINYO.


How many body bags were flown in to Leyte? More than 10,000, KULANG PA! How many bodies were shoved in one body bag and counted as one? What about those at the bottom of the sea? Those who were never found?

Did you do anything when the people in Leyte had to beg, borrow, and steal food to survive?

If I enumerated all your shortcomings and failures as a DSWD secretary, I would need a month to write everything. And yet here you are, crowing about appropriateness.

ANG TAMAD MO. ANG BOBO MO. ANG PALPAK MO. You allowed logistics to get in the way of helping people who sorely needed those things because of LACK OF TRANSPORT FACILITIES when you had the power and might of the government behind you! ANG KAPAL MO! We were so busy with the relief efforts–THINGS WE HAD TO DO ON OUR OWN– that we didn’t have the luxury of time to say, “Can I file a complaint against Dinky Soliman?” Wala kang konsensiya.

Hindi ka nahiya? Three years! THREE FUCKING YEARS after Yolanda happened and some people in Leyte still do not have a roof over their head. That President Duterte still had to dispense help to those in Leyte because you weren’t able to tie all the loose ends during your term!

Nung unang punta mo sa Leyte after the typhoon hit, how many relief packs did you bring? Knowing the scope of destruction? Gusto ko manggaling sayo ang figures kahit alam ko. Ilan lang?

What happened to the ESA? The Emergency Shelter Assistance program? Bakit palpak ang distribution? Bakit hinayaan mo mamili ang mga corrupt na barangay official kung sino ang bibigyan ng aid? Yung shelters (CORE SHELTERS!), more than 60 percent hindi pa nagagawa 3 years after Yolanda hit! 200,000 families still homeless because you and the administration you worked for took its sweet time politicking!

AND MAG REREKLAMO KA SA ISANG OFFENSIVE STATEMENT NI LORRAINE BADOY–who is one million times the woman and the public servant that you are? ANG KAPAL KAPAL KAPAL KAPAL MO!


Face it: The reason you are so gung-ho about Lorraine Badoy’s removal from office is because you know–YOU KNOW BECAUSE YOU MADE SURE STAFF LOYAL TO YOU ARE STILL IN KEY POSITIONS IN DSWD–that there is an ongoing audit of the Yolanda funds, and your head will soon be served on a platter for all of us to feast on.

You make me cry in anger and frustration, Dinky. All that rage and disappointment during Yolanda as I witnessed your heartlessness and inefficiency rush back to me now.

How LOW of you to surface now and pretend you were a model of excellence when you are easily considered the worst cabinet member in PNoy’s term!

HOW DARE YOU. Ang kapal ng apog mo.

I do have to thank you for one thing, though.

Because of you and people like you in Aquino’s government, I am now one of the most rabid supporters of a man who, despite being only a local official, reached Leyte despite “transport” problems and dispensed help without all the drama that were part of your administration.

Without Yolanda I would not have had the hatred and the fire in my heart. Because of you, I have become a patriot. Because of you I spend more time defending my President from the likes of you–to ensure that no repeat of an LP-led government happens again, when I could be obsessing about makeup and shopping and the other luxurious pursuits in life, But no, here I am, struggling mightily, spending time to make sure LP never gets a single seat in government again. That’s how much help you are because MANY FILIPINOS suddenly cared for this country after you and your government FUCKED IT ALL UP.

With all the collective grief and the anger and the sadness and the rage of Typhoon Yolanda's victims and survivors, I wish that you Dinky Soliman, pay your karmic debt, and soon. I wish jail time for you Dinky, but I also wish you the kind of suffering that follows you for all eternity.




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When Sen. Miriam died, I took the quickest flight from Europe. Upon arrival, I rushed from the international airport in Manila, took a quick shower, then off to the cathedral all by myself. I brought only simple black blouses and trousers for the wake. Hardly wore makeup to the wake because my right eye was swollen after the flight.

Our family was shocked and grieving at the cathedral. We were all shocked because we thought Sen. Miriam would be able to pull through. I went to the cathedral in Quezon City and greeted everyone. I was escorted by the ushers to the front row towards the end of the Mass. The senators were there. I passed in front of Hontiveros and said “Hello”. I was standing right in front of her and I thought I would shake her hand, but she looked at me, and then moved her head towards the front as if I had disturbed her – not a word. Then, the reporters recognized me and TV cameras started rolling and lights for cameras from photographers started flashing. Some of the reporters were with Sen. Miriam way back her CID days when I was her volunteer assistant for the summer and they were waving at me. Sen. Ralph Recto greeted me with a smile, so did Sens. JV Ejercito, and Sen. Guingona. Then I heard my name being called - it was the Senate President – Sen. Koko Pimentel and lights for TV cameras flooded our area and we were enveloped in bright light. Hontiveros looked anxiously towards me – realizing I must be someone related to the late senator. But she never greeted me. I was in the bench right in front of her – nothing. Sen. Koko Pimentel kissed me twice , when I arrived, and when he was about to leave. So did other senators. Nothing fron Hontiveros.

What a weird woman.

This is not the first time she did this.

In 1991 or 1992, she did the same thing to us. We were all mothers in the pediatrician Dr Ludan’s clinic at Capitol Medical with our babies. We were all seated in the waiting area, and Hontiveros came, went straight to my friend the nurse. We all smiled at her, no reaction. To her – we didn’t exist. She seemed too preoccupied with her own self. All other people around her didn’t matter. The mothers and I looked at each other and were amused – this woman is weird ! Then someone said : “Ayaw nya eh.. eh di wag....”, everyone laughed.

That was the first time. 

The second time, she did it again ! This time, with a different set of mothers and babies. I told myself I wont talk to this woman ever. However, when I passed in front of her during Sen. Miriam’s wake, coming from Europe I deemed it proper to acknowledge the presence of senators who took time to travel to Quezon City and be with our family during the Mass for my sister. But again, there was no response at all from the weird Hontiveros. There is something wrong wtih her.

Does this woman have a problem ?

She is now trying to imitate Sen. Miriam by having her own YouthResist and Akbayan Youth. De Lima also imitated Sen. Miriam and ended up in jail. But if Hontiveros is the woman who is to lead the youth, the future is dark. She is leading us towards a mass movement for revolution, the overthrow of government with no bright prospect thereafter. And revolution has not removed graft and corruption in our government. It has even worsened plunder.

And talk about Philhealth. What credentials did she have in a health insurance company ? She started advertising herself 1 month after she was appointed, a few months before elections and lied in her Facebook Page as to her year of appointment, which we posted in my FB sites. How could any level-minded activist advertise herself in a health insurance company, 1 month after appointment and not even prove to the public where the funds came from ? Considering that Philhealth contributions are automatically deducted from salaries, what is there to advertise ? Right after she left Philhiealth, the company could not pay hospitals claims for hundreds of millions. It declared bonuses when there were pending obligations, contrary to COA rules. The bonuses were just right in time for Hontiveros appointment. 

Everyone was complaining about her TV Ads, but COMELEC did nothing !! Sen. Miriam detested the blind eye of COMELEC to all TV ads of govt. officials under several pretexts of being an "infomercial."You know in your conscience it is not.

However, Hontiveros appears to have committed malversation, not just electioneering. Someone should put her behind bars.

In Netherlands, I saw her TV ads where pakembot-kembot syang nag-aadvertise ng Philhealth. WTH ?! Is this a real activist ? If she is, why does she go with plunderers ? What kind of political butterfly would switch from Akbayan to the Liberal Party which was saddled by too many plunder issues ? Someone who has a capitalist orientation, thats what.

She says she fought for the FOI Law. But has she ever produced the contracts & payments for her advertisements, starting one month after her appointment which we have all been asking on social media ? NO. We have a pending FOI request. She is the very opposite of what she is saying. She has become utterly repulsive !.

Her interview on rebellion or invasion is classic. This is what happens when an ordinary news reader who is not a lawyer, becomes a senator. She was a member of the NDF peace panel , the crime was rebellion, and she does not even know it ! This is how to be laughing stock forever. Too much air, no substance.

My observations about her, in 1991/92 at Dr. Ludan’s clinic hold true today – nearly 30 years after. This time, first impressions have been actually proven right. This woman cannot be a friend of mine. You greet her, she treats you like you dont deserve a reply. So I give that back to you NOW ! An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. You are dealing with Sen. Miriam’s sister, and you are NOT THE ONLY ACTIVIST in the world ! In the world’s center for peace and justice, The Hague, the likes of you are nothing. Too arrogant, too little substance. .I shall always put you in your proper place ! You dont deserve to be senator, by any measure ! Too arrogant for a first time senator who lost so many elections and had to cling to plunderers for money. You are a freak show all by yourself.


By Krizette Laureta Chu

Too many anti Dutertes thinking pro Dutertes care about the President's "can't solve the drug war" statement. LOL

Here's a newsflash for you:

1. The statement that Duterte said about solving drugs in 3-6 months came in Feb 2016. Duterte threw his hat in the ring December 2015 because of the immense pressure from the Filipinos to run. So immense he was courted by Trillanes, Cayetano, etc; people had Duterte shirts printed even before he said YES; people begged Sara Duterte to run for Mayor and she had to shave her head; there was real and deafening clamor because people looked at the choices and found no one they liked.

Whether or not he made that promise, we would have voted for him anyway. I didn't vote for him because of his drug policy, I voted for him initially because of what he did for my hometown of Leyte and his hometown of Davao. Meanwhile, Naga and Tarlac...

2. We voted for him because he was the best choice, not because he promised to end the drug war in 6 months. Who, if not Duterte? The evil Mar? The clueless Grace? The brilliant but sadly dying Miriam? Binay, who didn't even stand a chance thanks to the effective demolition job of his critics? Duterte's reputation and work in Davao precedes him. Duterte dancing to Buduts is more votable than Mar carrying a sack of onions while directing traffic in the rain and eating rice from a cup.

3 . Duterte's still a more decent human being than the Liberal Party candidates who stole your money so they could buy your votes. Look at how stupid they make their own supporters look. 

You know what your mom says about trying and trying until you succeed? She's right. 

Duterte tries. Fucking Mar knows where to get the drugs and voila, they're still there.

4. Whether or not Duterte succeeds 100 percent in his drug war (and I believe he will) , he has done more than anyone in this issue and he is set to do more. Shove your Schadenfreude up your woohoo, we really do not care. Duterte has done more for the fight against drugs in his one year in office more than all the Presidents in this country combined. And he has a lot more to do no thanks to the stupidity and corruption of his predecessor, the Aquino government.

5. I was in Quiapo the other day. Vendors say no more problems re drugs in their area but small time corruption from City government people. Kaya umayos kayo. That's what they say. Now I don't know who from the inside of Customs is trying to make Duterte look bad, but with that shipment someone is. 
I mean, really, drug lords and pushers dying and getting killed left and right and someone has the temerity to ship that big shipment and not expect to be apprehended? Masyado naman atang obvious.

I believe the President is quiet because he is trying to figure out what exactly is happening. Now, if he could do for corruption in the government what he has done for the drug war, Ill be really grateful. Gusto ko ng "CORRUPT AKO, NANLABAN." But our LGUs need to be partners. Ayaw kasi isama ang graft and corruption sa death penalty e.

5. Duterte pa rin mga ulol. So don't even. Duterte at his most ineffective worst is still way better than Mar or Leni at their best. Hurts, but that's the gosh darn truth.


By Krizette Laureta Chu



You appear out of nowhere and make a name for yourself for inane, stupid comments, and as Trillanes' little bitch, and you think you are qualified to head a revolution?

Down, boy. Naman, ang mga delusions of grandeur natin.

Hahahahah. Ok lang, para sure na fail.

If there is one revolution that needs to happen, it's a revgov which will dispose of the likes of you.

(Come to think of it, nobody from the Opposition is qualified--nor smart enough--to head a revolution.

Leni is, well, Leni. No fire, no sense, no compassion, also a very possible cheater.

Kiko and Drilon are the best representatives of a system that doesn't work, and which people have rebelled against. Mga 1 million years na sila as senators tapos now akala mo naman marami silang nagawa. You know they're only fighting for their own right (to what?)

Risa is chararat and tainted with corruption in Philhealth, which is health insurance, unforgivable.

Teddy Baguilat is da who Teddy, and apparently watches leaked GOT and is proud of it.

Leila de Lima has been DOJ Sec and has been saying Duterte is a murderer but still couldn't prove it, and well, she's supposedly the Mother of all Druglords, so if you're ok with the PH turning into a narcostate...)

This is why, children, a revolution against Duterte will not prosper because there is no credible leader to rally around.

Least of all, a leader who uses a fucking emoji (ūüėď) to bait people into goading him to start a revolution. Nelson Mandela would be so disgusted lol.

Foreign political consultant says Kian ‘who ran drugs’ for his father and uncle is not innocent

The issue about the death of the 17 year old Kian delos Santos has reached the international headlines prompting different media outlets, bloggers and political experts to express their own opinion about the matter.
Several mainstream media from different countries have featured this news but apparently emphasis was given more on the negative side where policemen were the villain of the story. Well, this is no longer new to everyone.
Contrary to these reports of western mainstream, a political expert, commentator and a consultant from Canada shed light to the issue. Amir Assadollahi, who studied political science in University of Ottawa said that the death of Kian is sensationalized by some politicians and some mainstream media without looking at the facts and the pandemic problems.
Assadollahi said that these greedy and corrupt politicians are just using Kian’s death for their own political interests.
Assadollahi believes that the 17-year old who according to him a drug runner who ran drugs for his father and uncle is not innocent, as he has supported his family’s harmful and dangerous habits.

Facts always staring at our face, but somehow some people are not interested in facts!
The drug cartels and syndicates use drug pushers, couriers and users to expand their operations. Just like any addictive substance, illegal drugs industries use and abuse anyone who can be user or pusher without care or discrimination against their age, gender, social status, etc – and that means no one is safe from their grips and no one is innocent when participating in illegal and destructive business. They will use anyone and everything to expend their harmful and yet lucrative business.
They target students, kids, elderly and women and children, the poor and the rich equally to do their dirty bidding. The result of which is a broken down and dysfunctional society which is insecure, dependent and needy and the family bonds are broken and weak with hopes and dreams are gone and the reality is just a haze and only seen in the shadows of darkness that they struggle in.
The tragedy of the shooting of the 17-year old is sensationalized by some politicians and some mainstream media without looking at the facts and the pandemic problems in which is the illegal drugs, narco-politics, criminality and deeply rooted corruption, and we know that the drug pushers use dug runners to target more clients and to support their own drug habits. We also know that schools and students and even churches have been targeted by them, so it is not surprising to see a 17-year old being caught in that as we know that there are younger kids than that who do drug delivery for the pushers as well.
The Philippines administration has zero-tolerance policy on illegal narcotics use, sales and distribution, and openly and actively communicates its policy that the consequences for violation of that policy is heavy and harsh. Many understood that and they sought help from the government for rehabilitation in which the government openly offered and continuously offering, yet there are many more who are not willing to let go of this destructive and harmful lucrative and yet dangerous illegal trade and are not willing to seek help to quit their destructive addiction. The 17-year old drug runner/pusher shot dead is an example of that.
The users become pushers and the users become pushers – the runners become users and the users become the runners, that is the never ending cycle. That is the undeniable fact, and you need to recognize the problem, and the problem at first is the access to the illegal substance, and at the next stage is greed and/or poverty in which both create a need. Well, that is the simplification of the whole illegal drug industry, but the criminal elements in society focus on that to target more people.
You cannot say a user is innocent, you cannot say a runner is innocent and certainly you cannot say the a pusher is innocent. When there is an open campaign against illegal drugs, criminality and corruption and the message is loud and clear that “you will die (and be killed) if you (continue to) destroy the future [of the people and the young]” and when you continue your act of destruction by thinking that you are above the law or untouchable, then you cannot claim you are innocent nor can claim that you did not know what you were doing and neither others can come to your defense saying you were innocent or had no choice.
Once you are involved in illegal activity be it knowingly and willingly or be it unwillingly, then you have lost all your innocent and you are no longer considered to be naive, because you know the consequence of the task you have decided to take upon your shoulders. You always have a choice even under most difficult circumstances you have a choice, even if a gun is put to your head or even if you are threaten you have a choice, because when there punishment for violation of law is death, perhaps you only delaying the inevitable when someone forces you to do their dirty bidding by selling drugs, running drugs or even using drugs – it is like you have already accepted death and have a death wish. When the government is offering you a way out and have opened many lines of communication so that you can get helped and you can report criminals and the criminal activities, then you have a choice to get out and leave the slum that you have entered in for being a user, runner or pusher. The government offered you and still offering you to come and surrender, and if you are afraid of going to jail or being rehabilitated, etc. than being shot dead by your own criminal networks for leaving them, then that is your mental problem, because you either think that you can get away from law and avoid capture or avoid death, but you are only delaying what is going to be the inevitable.
The 17-year old drug runner who ran drugs for his father and uncle is not innocent, and you can say that he has supported his family’s harmful and dangerous habits and has entered the repeating cycle I talked about earlier, and if that was a family business, then you can also say that he has had entered the cycle of running the drugs for others and making commission from it, meaning he has had become a pusher himself. Therefore not innocent at all in either cases.
The shooting death of the 17-year old drug pusher/runner/user (whatever you want to call him) is unfortunate but it was inevitable because he did not stop those criminal activities despite of the government’s open communication about the consequences of violations of the law, and him not seeking help from the government through the communication and support channels the government has created is a show of his unwillingness to change life style.
Having said that we cannot say he is the only guilty person in this case – the guilty part is narco-politicians such as Senator De Lima, the corrupt and criminal business and political oligarchs, the Church and other organizations that are against the war on drugs, criminality and corruption, and most importantly the guilty are the corporate mainstream media who are sending mix messages to society by reflecting that it is okay to be doing drugs, it is okay to commit crimes and involve with criminal activities and it is okay to involve in corruption, because the church says it is okay and because some politicians are fighting to protect the drug trade, the criminals and the corruption, and by that they encourage people like that 17-year old to continue what he was doing. Therefore the shooting death of the 17-year old drug runner/pusher/user (whatever you want to call him) has to be blamed on them as well.
As I said, that 17-year old seams like was. Ot innocent at all. How many lives has he ruined by running drugs? Were his uncle and dad the only two? If so, they are guilty for putting a teen in harms way. Did the mother and aunts and other relatives knew about the drug problems at home? If they did, they too are as guilty for negligence and putting the life of that teen in harms way. If they knew about the drugs, then if you turned a blind eye, kept your ears deaf and kept your mouth shut about the criminal activities and the drug use, you are guilty by default and you cannot claim you are innocent. If you indirectly or directly benefit from the sales or use of the drugs, then you are guilty by default and not innocent again, because you are willing to see the law being violated to benefit you. There is no other explanation than the guilt you carry with you, and there is no other explanation than the fact that you are not innocent and you are willing to violate the law for your own self-interest. So, you have to willingly accept the consequence of violating the law, as you have willingly accepted your guilt by pleading being guilty by your actions.
Sadly though majority of the Philippines can speak English, the important news is usually in Tagalog, and the international community has to always relay on second-hand translation/interoperation/interpolation and delayed news about what really is going on in the Philippines, and the international corporate mainstream media and the Social Media with particular agenda tend to fabricate and manipulate the news about the Philippines. The anti-Duterte minority seat of the government and groups (such as some members of the Catholic Church) and narco-politicians and corrupt oligarchs know that fact very well, and to manipulate the international opinion about the Philippines in their own benefits, they use English language at times. When the international community receives their information from interpolation of third-party news organizations without having the ability to have access to or understand the language of the source of the news, then they only understand what they are told to in the language they understand. I see no subtitles/captions in English under the Tagalog news nor I see any attempt to have the news being translated in other languages. Perhaps, the war on drugs, criminality and corruption needs a stronger and more accurate communication tool to reach the international community in talking about all the other projects and policies that are taking place in parallel to that, so the international community could understand the realities in the Philippines and not be manipulated by the news sensationalization and fabrications. Otherwise the international community will continue to believe whatever their mainstream media is being told to them to be as factual, and then you end up having another Iraq and Syria in your hand, but this time it could be the Philippines and the entire Southeast Asia. Never underestimate the power of media, because the people behind media have agendas that they want to see being realized, and repeat of lies and fabrications can lead to actually the international public forming a favorable public opinion toward a particular agenda and policy they are aiming at.
The Filipinos need to be more proactive in informing the international community about things, and news in Tagalog only without translation or English caption or without cultural interpretation will not be able to reach the international community.
My commentary about the 17-year old drug user/pusher/ dealer (whatever you want to call it) shooting death of him is about my observation on how the news is forming around the glob, and how the minority seat of the government, narco-politicians, corrupt political and business oligarchs, the corrupt church leaders, etc use the corporate mainstream media to set in motion their corrupt and criminal and dangerous agenda.
As my readers know, my interest is in peace and security through the transparency or law and order and sustainable development, environmental protection, secular educations and governance, regional cooperation, unity and solidarity, volunteerism, and I support federalism and endorse the concept of “war on illegal drugs, criminality and corruption” and I am against terrorism and all acts of terrorism, and believe that all extremist fundamentalist ideologies are evil no matter what religion or ideology they are based on and no matter what ethnic origins they are from. I believe in all gender equality and human rights. Pushing drugs, dealing it and using it is not human rights when your right to do that infringe the human rights and human dignity of others.
Those who are doing that are in violation of the rights of others to have liberty, life and security. It is the duty of the state to protect its citizens’ primary human rights by eliminating the criminal and harmful elements that take away the citizens’ liberty, life and security. Therefore, the shooting death of the 17-year old drug dealer/pusher/user (whatever you want to call it) is justifiable act as I earlier described, but as later I said, it is something that is not well understood by the international community, because the narco-politicians and the criminal and corrupt elements in the Philippines and abroad are using it as a media propaganda tool against the government of the Philippines though majority of the Filipinos support the active war on terrorism, illegal drugs, criminality and corruption.
I hope my readers understood my commentary and message, and would take a more proactive role in communicating the reality of the Philippines to the international community in the language that can be understood. After all the media is very powerful, so never underestimate their power!
Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist/ Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)


By Jose Alejandrino

It is understandable that people get upset when a 17-year old high school kid gets killed during a drug bust by the police.

What is not understandable is why the same won't wait for the investigation of the circumstances that led to the boy's death. They have already reached a conclusion based on mere speculations of what happened, that it was a pure rubout by rogue cops. This is what Robredo, Hontiveros, et al - members of the LP Opposition - have done to discredit President Duterte and PNP chief Bato, which leads me to believe they have a deeper political agenda and are exploiting the tragedy of Kian to advance that agenda.

The PNP has already relieved the three policemen involved pending an investigation. The PNP is conducting its investigation. If there was no political agenda behind the killing, a normal person would await the results of the investigation, and, once it is made available, to ask questions about its findings if they are not satisfied by the answers. Why don't they wait for the report? Is it because they want to use the killing as a platform to gain international media attention to stop Duterte's drug war which the liberals have been opposed to and would like the legalization, decriminalization and liberalization of drugs that George Soros and Guy Maurice Verhofstadt have been advocating.

The local LP is no more than a lackey of liberals abroad. It is composed of mercenaries who pretend to champion the poor whereas in fact they are willing accomplices to the physical and mental harm which shabu has caused to millions of our youth.

There are many questions to resolve. Was the 17-year old Kian a runner of drugs? What was he doing on the street during curfew hours when he was supposed to be at home studying for a test the following day? Why did his parents allow him out? If he was a runner, did the police find evidence of shabu in his possession? Why didn't they just simply stop and arrest the young boy? Hopefully, all the answers will be given in the police report.

Other critics ask why the PNP does not focus more on druglords than on pushers. The answer is simple. The big druglords are outside the country. What we have here at home are their paid surrogates. To break the power of druglords you have to break their distribution network, and this is why the police is targeting the pushers who sell shabu.

As usual, Leni Robredo jumped the gun without waiting to know what really happened. Her denunciations show drama more than responsibility.

My observations about the recent death of a minor named Kian.

1. It only takes one "tragic death story" and all Duterte built related to his war on drugs and crime can fall apart in an instant.

This is why I am saying from the onset that he needs to cut his trash talk and posturing since it will eventually send mixed signals and every death will be associated to him regardless if perpetrators are corrupt or not.

2. Kians death while tragic has become too politicized and has been hijacked by people who not necessarily have the sincerest intentions on helping the family.

3. Media always use the Grade 11 to refer to Kian which I often associate with Elementary school pupils i.e. children, walang muwang.

Grade 11 if I am not mistaken are SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL students. Which if you stop and think about it would earn far less negative reaction since it puts the victim in a more adult light rather than being a "young innocent boy"

4. Is it really hard to imagine that 17 year old individuals are already capable of making life choices on their own and reap the possible consequences?

5. CBCP's double standard is once again brought to full light. I really don't need to elaborate on this one I think.

6. Rappler is on PR overdrive with all the sob stories, stats and "thought leader" op-eds milking every ounce of publicity.

7. I find all these photo ops of politicians running to the side of the bereaved family fake and artificial. The genuine grief of the family gets muddled by the presence of politicians whom we already know have their own selfish motives onto why they are there.

8. LP is once again is USING A DEAD PERSON to stay relevant and possibly to take back power.

9. It would appear that as emotions settle down. Inconsistencies to the original narrative begin to show. It would make sense that certain groups of particular agendas want to keep emotions high so as to blind people and condition them to reject any alternate facts.