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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The Philippines needs leaders, not heroes

Fittingly, a benighted nation is mired with an issue of heroism even as it continues to struggle to change...

But who is to say if one is indeed a hero when somebody else disputes it?

Ever since we seemed to be cursed with this dilemma. Lapu lapu is supposed to be a liberator but in the eyes of our spanish colonizers, he is nothing but a murderer of a great navigator.

Our national hero Dr Jose Rizal is a genius. However, if FB and instagram were in place in the 1800s, all we might be talking about is his womanizing and fetish even for relatives.

Today we celebrate the legacy of Andres Bonifacio, our great plebeian. Unfortunately, his standing in history is shockingly diminished no less courtesy of another supposedly hero, the first president of our republic Emilio Aguinaldo.

This Bonifacio-Aguinaldo tiff, I believe is the precursor of our horrible politics, wherein respect and magnanimity are all thrown out the window, and losing a mandate is simply a reason to build a new one, albeit forcibly and with willful ignorance of the real sentiment of the people.

Just like what Ferdinand Marcos did when he lost the nomination of the Liberal Party and bolted to the Nacionalistas to be its presidential candidate in the 1965  presidential race.

Just like what Fidel Valdez Ramos did when he lost the nomination of the Laban party to Ramon Mitra, and went on to win the 1992 presidential election under a new party coalition, Lakas UCD.

These and other turncoatism practices have become SOP in politics so much so that in Philippine elections, no one really loses but were merely cheated.

And if we continue to wonder why a trapo like Franklin Drilon continue to win every time, all we need to know is that Balimbing is not the official fruit of the country, it is the fruit of choice of epals like Mr Big Man himself.

Going back to heroism, let me proffer these perspectives:

Ferdinand Marcos is not a hero no matter how many times he is buried at LNMB. He will always be best remembered for his legacy of plunder and greed and the propagation of a culture of impunity.

Ninoy Aquino could have been a genuine hero when he offered his life just to make us realize how bad Marcos was. Unfortunately, what Ninoy left behind set us back another 30 years, including a most clueless wife and a most inept son who only became presidents out of sympathy and not capability.

Fidel Ramos, Juan Ponce Enrile and Cardinal Sin are not heroes but merely opportunistic, power hungry tyrants who did not effect genuine change, but only managed to effect regime change because they are becoming irrelevant and neutered.

As we celebrate Heroes Day, perhaps it is high time that we Filipinos reflect deeply on this concept, and no longer allow ourselves to be enslaved by the thought of any one man who can save us from perdition or ruin.

All significant upheavals, whether by mass movement along EDSA or by the ballot, is the result of the collective effort and action of the people.

Let's therefore stop looking for heroes, nor giving importance to those who feel they are. It is not heroism which will bring us out of the rut, and catapult our nation to greatness.

What we need is strong, dedicated and resolute leadership.

While the rest is up to all of us.

Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


OFWs exempted from airport terminal fee starting March

 (The Philippine Star) 

Starting March 2017, overseas Filipino workers no longer have to pay the P550 airport terminal fee.Philstar.com/File photo
MANILA, Philippines - Starting March 2017, overseas Filipino workers no longer have to pay the P550 airport terminal fee.
Manila International Airport Authority general manager Ed Monreal announced this yesterday in a news forum at the Manila Hotel.
Monreal said his office is working on technical details and coordinating with international airlines to eliminate the airport terminal fee imposed by the previous management of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on OFWs in February 2015.
OFWs are required to pay the P550 airport terminal fee when they buy tickets online or in airline ticket offices. They can claim their refund upon departure at the airport terminals.
But since OFWs are busy individuals, many failed to claim their refund.
Total collections of the airport terminal fee has reached more than a billion pesos and half of this amount remains unclaimed by OFWs. The unclaimed amount remains in the general fund of the NAIA.
Monreal said his office is ready to refund the fees to OFWs as long as they possess the E-ticket, boarding pass and passport they used even several years ago.

Air traffic to improve            

Air congestion at NAIA is also expected to be greatly reduced in the first quarter of 2017 as aviation agencies prepare projects for more efficient management of air traffic.
Antonio Manuel Tamayo, deputy director general of Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines said the much-delayed Communication and Navigation System (CNS) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) would be operational soon as these have been installed near the NAIA runway.
The CNS/ATM system is comprised of a computer-based flight data processing system that will enable aircraft operators to meet their scheduled departure and arrival and stick to their preferred flight plans with minimum constraints and without compromising agreed levels of safety.
It will also extend surveillance of aircraft and improve navigational accuracy.
“The government had constructed 12 radar stations across the Philippines as adjunct to the CNS/ATM to monitor each arriving and departing flight, and these would greatly speed up the landing and takeoff, contributing to the efficiency of the NAIA,” Tamayo said.
Air traffic controllers and other technical experts are being trained as part of the CNS/ATM system.
“Right now, they are doing shadow training, comparing the airplanes they see on the current radar system with this next generation system that is also linked to satellite in space,” Tamayo said.


According to the writer, Rocky Gonzales, Senator Leila De Lima has been trying to manipulating the mind of people and politics as well.

Photo from Rocky Gonzales Facebook/Philstar
Mr. Gonzales says that De Lima swings from a warrior woman to a wallflower persona to distract her audience and the media.

Sen. De Lima unfortunate suspicious series of events with her strategy involves well-crafted script, supporting players and props as well.

Read the series of events below:

On October 17, high profile drug lord Kerwin Espinosa caught in Abu Dhabi.

On November 7, Albuerra Mayor Rolando Espinosa who implicated De Lima in his affidavit is killed inside his jail cell.

November 11, Kerwin Espinosa return to Manila to testify against De Lima.

November 14, De Lima admits her affair with Ronnie Dayan.

November 18, Kerwin Espinosa returns to Manila. Everyone is now busy with
De5’s explosive revelation of her sexual promiscuity with her subordinates instead of her involvement with the drug trade.

De Lima makes a veiled threat on the lives of witnesses against her. Anyone who testified against her gets assaulted or dies like Jaguar, Tony Co, Mayor Espinosa and Jaybee Sebastian.

November 21, All eyes are back on the drug trade and De5’s part in it.

On November 22, Ronnie Dayan captured in La Union, people brings back the focus to De Lima’s affair with Dayan instead of her case in illegal drugs.

November 23, Kerwin Espinosa gives damning testimony against De5 and CIDG’s involvement in the drug trade.

Ronnie Dayan testifies in the Senate which conflicts with Kerwin Espinosa’s statements. De Lima’s bagman has now weakened Kerwin testimony.

Ombudsman Conchita Morales who was decided to investigate the case of De Lima. Wondering if this is coincident or collusion.

As you can see people, the focus which De Lima has been manipulating is slowly moving away from the drug investigation.


Koko Pimentel Tagged As TRAITOR by Duterte Supporters! Find Out Why?

It is just about time Calling All DUTERTE Supporters: We have a TRAITOR in which is Senator KoKo Pimentel. We ignored WHY He appointed Delima as Justice Chair Before but today HIS TRUE color is YELLOW Favoring Delima despite all the evidence presented.

He is describe as a sheep but he is a wolve in sheep clothing.  A very Notorious Yellow Wolve that needs to be removed in the Senate Chair.

We need every support from all source of duterte follower to pin down and put a complete STOP the evil of this Koko Pimentel We are very BITTER of His Betrayal and no wonder his wife left him.


72 HOURS ULTIMATUM KAY DE LIMA! Idineklara Ng Kamara - Must Watch

UP Posibling Ipasara ni Pang. Duterte dahil sa Oblation Run na Hindi Angkop bilang Protesta

SHOCKING NEWS: Ninoy Aquino's Actions Caused Martial Law, says MNLF Director ! MUST READ

By: John R. Petalcorin (MNLF) 

Senator Aspirant for 2016 (COC filed 12 Oct 2015) 

26 Feb 2015 Manila. 

Nung tinapos ng 1987 Constitution (civilian superiotiry over the military) ang Martial law mentality, nawala ba ang atrocities ng internal conflict ng Pilipinas na dulot ng moro secession, communist insurgency, regular periodic bombings, terrorism, kidnapping, assassination, and hostile land-grabbing? Hindi nawala, diba? Patuloy ang patayan ng Pilipino laban sa kapwa Pilipino, even now meron. Below is the explanation.

The Senate and House of Representatives hearings on Mamasapano SAF44 and BBL was an eye-opener of many about the treasonous link of PNoy to Malaysia.

Kapayapaan at progress ang gusto ng lahat na Pilipino pero hindi natin nakakamit kasi merong invisible hand na sadyang nanggugulo, which is Malaysia. Ang Malaysia po ay matagal (simula pa panahon ni Sen Ninoy Aquino in 1968) nang nakikipagsabwatan sa Aquino sa panggugulo sa Pilipinas para tayo ay maging mahinang bansa at mapanatili ng Malaysia ang kanyang pag-land-grab sa ating teritoryong Sabah. 

Etong mga gulo ng moro secession, communist insurgency, and terrorism po na mahigit 40 years na na dinanas po ng bansa natin ay hindi yan matatapos by either victory or death kasi they are designed, operated, and sustained by Malaysia merely for long-term troublemaking purposes in PH. We realized that Malaysia po, along with their collaborators like the Aquino group, ang invisible hand ng mga internal conflict na eto.

Maraming kaguluhan at atrocities ang Malaysia na ininject dito sa Pilipinas, katulad ng (1) Mindanao secession, Muslim and Communist insurgencies; (2) large-scale land-grabbing with murder and uprooting of settlements of indigenous minorities; (3) various forms of radicalized terrorisms such as the Abu Sayaff, Jamiah Islamiah, Islamic State militants, Malaysian bombers like Marwan and his replacements; (4) constitutional destabilization such as MOA-AD, BBL, and Federalism (5) sex escort blackmail operation, (6) incursion and manipulation in the PH mass media, (7) influencing the PH politicians via infusion of unrecorded campaign funds, (8) economic sabotage such as investment pyramiding schemes like the Manuel Amalilio Aman Futures Scam, (9) steal-PH-investor tactics such as the Aegis Advertisement anomaly, and (10) hateChina hate America. 

Yang bombing na yan? Periodic yang bombing na yan since 1968, halos every quarter merong bombing sa Pilipinas. Mga Malaysian terrorists ang gumagawa nyan kakontsaba mga media na manipulado ng Malaysia. Pag sabog ng bomba, agarang lumalabas sa media na Muslim o Komunista ang may-gawa, at ang PH military ay mag-respond laban sa mga Pilipinong may connection sa mga grupong eto. Ang resulta, walang katapusang patayan ng Pilipino laban sa kapwa Pilipino, simula pa yan ng 1968 hanggang ngayon periodic yan walang katapusan. Habang patuloy tayo naguguluhan sa loob ng Pilipinas, tahimik ang issue ng Sabah, yan ang strategy ng Malaysia-Aquino gang.



In a press briefing in Malacañang on Wednesday, October 5, Peter Wallace, an Australian businessman congratulate President Rodrigo Duterte for his accomplishment and achievements during his 100 days in office.

“I’ve been studying this man for quite some time. I’ve known him for quite some time. This is a man who genuinely cares for this country and genuinely cares for its people. And what I particularly like, he cares for what really matters like in the provinces where we have the poorest of the poor and the people suffering the most,” Wallace said.

Wallace is a known business man who has lived in the Philippines for four decades.

Wallace particularly impressed when Duterte signed an executive order of the "Freedom of Information" which he said should have been done a long time ago.

The businessman also defended the President’s “radical” style of leadership in the country that was being portrayed in the media.

“He’s angry and he’s frustrated and he takes this out by swearing, which is not terribly abnormal in the society that he is mixed in. But it is difficult for particularly foreigners to understand,” he said.

“And what happens unfortunately is too often what he says is taken literally rather than interpreting what he actually meant. Because if you do that, you find that most of the swearing is just top of the head type of stuff, that doesn’t have any real importance to it, that isn’t the real intent. It’s underlying that behind that really matters. And what’s underlying behind that is that he wants change and he wants to get things done,” he added.

Wallace believes the President is not cutting ties with the United States despite his recent pronouncement of establishing economic ties with Russia and China.

“He’s trying I think to establish that the Philippines is a truly independent country. It is no longer a colony of the US. It is no longer subservient in any way to the US. It wants its independence and in a fairly dramatic way that he’s trying to put that across, right? Now, it’s an unusual way,” he said.

Wallace also gave his opinion on the issue of extra judicial killings.

“I don’t see it affecting business particularly. There’s no question that there has been concern raised by some of the foreign business community over these but nobody, nobody is withdrawing. No companies are going out but business is not affected directly,” he said.

Source: UNTV



JUST IN: Gordon Slams De Lima Face To Face


The reason why Duterte is worth dying for the Philippines

There are days when I feel like a ton of bricks have fallen on me for something I learn about him. How he thinks, for instance, that Ferdinand Marcos, unparalleled plunderer and murderer of a president, is our best president.
And how defends this family of thieves. It feels like my scalp gets scraped with sharpened tongs every time I hear him give such laughably weak reasons for why the Marcoses aren’t all that bad.
Because I know he is a brilliant man and so I wonder what game this dude is playing. I look at his face when he says all that crap and –do I imagine it?—but it looks like he’s not even convinced himself. Ang daming hangin when he talks this way.
And then there are days—like today – when it’s all I can do not to text his secretary and ask where Da Man is because I want to throw my arms around his neck and kiss his funkeh face all over.
Because I found out that the first batch of Yolanda victims who have been living in evacuation centers for the past 3 years have been given homes. Real ones. With electricity and running water and bathrooms.
Not the dog houses the past administration of the heartless elitist bastards, Noynoy and Mar provided. Spotty at less than 1% the number of homes they should have built and when they finally found a trickle of motivation to build homes, what did they build but dog houses where 50 or so families shared one toilet/bathroom?
I know this. I saw the shit they built and when I saw those hovels, the first words out of my mouth were, “You have got to be fucking kidding me..”, endless shaking of head. Shake shake shake.
Hovels that were a little bit wider than one arms’ length and maybe, at most 2 arms’ length at its widest with paper thin plyboards between each unit.
My dogs live so much more luxuriously.
Something that most of us will not be able to live in for one night, they lived in for over 3 yrs.
And just like that. JUST LIKE THAT. And because the president ordered it. The poor, the grieving, the beaten down and defeated have been given a leg up.
The president visited them earlier this month and he saw the same shit others (me included) saw and it grieved him. And this is where he provided the muscle needed to get our kababayans out of the nightmare they were in for the past 3 yrs.
The poor cannot tolerate setbacks as much as we, who are a bit better off, can.
One illness in the family, a typhoon that destroys their homes, takes their livelihoods away- can send them into a downward spin they can’t get out of. And this is where generational poverty starts. It’s just too hard for them to get out of this vicious trap. They need our help—over and beyond what most of us need.
And I hear that on top of these homes, transportation to and from school for the children will be provided for. And then of course, there’s the rice subsidy on top of the conditional cash transfer they will get. And I hear public school kids are going to be given carabao milk every day. In this place where I see so much malnourished children and where children who go to school hungry, day in, day out.
I could cry. Really I could–from this man’s kindness. And how his heart is so clearly for the poor and how he serves them in all ways.
The kind of service I have not seen for the poor from a sitting president in a very long time.
And so today I learned the most powerful man in our country has reached out and given his hand to some of our least powerful.
And today I learned that so much of what I ached for for the people of Samar and Leyte will finally come to pass.
Today is a good day, my friends.

I hug you guys. TIGHT. With gladness and great rejoicing!
Todos saludos, Mr. President!



Noynoy Aquino is going to go down in history as the Philippines WORST PRESIDENT ever having been the most anti-reform president who refused to make any progress towards causing absolutely necessary constitutional reforms to happen, and plus his riding on his predecessors achievements despite his constant badmouthing and blaming her.

And this takes the cake....He was also the worst when it came to dealing with hostage situations.

Just barely a few weeks into his term, he was hit by the Luneta Bus Hostage Crisis which turned into a massacre when it shouldn't have! It should have been really easy to fix that issue...

The hostage-taker wasn't asking for money. He just wanted to know that his case was going to be looked into. That was it. Very easy to solve.

There was absolutely no gesture on the part of Noynoy to show that he cared about trying to save their lives and get them all free. Nothing like that whatsoever.

Duterte hadn’t taken office yet but he was able to secure the Filipina hostage’s freedom.

And theres the brouhaha about how Typhoon Haiyan was handled and the SAF 44 too. And there are many more.

The guy really was the most incompetent person ever to become President of the Philippines and even Erap Estrada was way better than Noynoy because at least Erap tried hard to get the anti-FDI restrictions of the 1987 Constitution removed through his CONCORD (CONstitutional CORrection for Development) initiative.

And whats ironic is that I USED TO BE A YELLOW. Yup. I used to be a die-hard Ninoy-Cory fan whod wear yellow and fanatically flash the Laban sign.

It was NOYNOY who made all that go away. Yes, Cory did a lot of crazy things too that diminished her standing in my eyes, like her anti-constitutional reform stance and a few other acts.

But when she died, on the day of her funeral, I forgot all about that and remembered the euphoria of Feb 25/26, 1986. On the day of Cory's funeral, for the last time, I wore yellow and flashed the Laban sign.

And then some idiots decided to float the idea of getting the incompetent Noynoy to run for office to capitalize on Cory's passing.

That's where the magic totally ended. No more yellow for me.