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Thursday, October 20, 2016



The next Philippine revolution will not be waged in the streets. It will be waged in the hearts and minds of each Filipino who awaken to their true nature – consciousness.
Most Filipinos are immersed in the illusion of separation. This is the belief that one’s self is separate from other Filipinos. And therefore, since others are separate, it is okay to kill, jail, persecute and hate others. This leads to the darkness which now engulfs the Philippines. This is an outcome of the Newtonian world view that treats people as separate particles.
However, more and more Filipinos are sensing that something is wrong, that hate and murder is not the answer. For those of us who have been through Martial Law know this too well. It is tragic that the Filipinos have short-lived memories and think that killing other Filipinos is the answer.
As we search for answers to this predicament, the tired old solutions of nationalism are being proposed as the way out. At what point will Filipinos realize that nationalism and patriotism which subordinates the self to an external artificial entity named “society” or “government” or “nationality” has not served any individual Filipino or human being for that matter.
Nations and countries are imaginary lines drawn by rulers in order to divide and rule over humanity. This has lead to more wars as one nation pits its army of flag wavers against another army of flag wavers who both believe in their superiority over others because they live within the imaginary line drawn by its rulers. Soldiers who don’t even know the soldiers on the other side are sent to kill each other while their leaders laugh and profit at the expense of their lives and families.
Under different circumstances each of these soldiers will disobey the powers that were, and lay down their arms and instead get to know their former “enemies”, share a meal and laughter.
What will bring about these circumstances? When we have seen through the illusion that we are separate from one another – that there are no others, we are ONE consciousness. Those who persist in the Newtonian world view will say this is New Age bullcrap, that’s understandable.
Unfortunately or fortunately, the emergence of the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics – or “spooky action at a distance” as described by Einstein belies the Newtonian world view. The science is finally catching up with what the ancients knew all along. Specifically, the implications of quantum entanglement are taking humanity into a new understanding of consciousness and what it means to be human.
Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon where tiny quantum entities like photons (particles of light) can come together, bond, and share quantum bits of information (or qubits, as they are called in the bizz). Once these particles have become entangled, they continue to share information no matter how far apart they become in space and, perhaps, in time as well.
The term “entanglement,” used in physics to describe this inseparable relationship between quantum systems, was first introduced by the physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935.
Albert Einstein created a thought experiment in 1935 as well. His thought experiment was designed to discredit Schrodinger’s idea of quantum entanglement. Einstein posed the question: what if two photons were entangled and then shot off in different directions, each traveling at the speed of light, which only photons can do, and you were to observe and measure one — would the other “know” instantaneously and change as a result? Of course not, reasoned Einstein, who was dedicated to the notion that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, including information.

What is Quantum Entanglement? – Quantum Connections Through Space and Time
By the early 1980s science had evolved to the point that Einstein’s thought experiment could actually be done in a laboratory setting. French physicist Alain Aspect conducted a series of experiments which tested the nature of entangled photon pairs and how they might share information. What he found was amazing! In fact, the measurement of one photon did affect the state of its entangled partner, instantaneously! What Einstein had formerly called rather derisively “spooky action at a distance” was actually a quantum mechanical fact.
Going into the details of quantum entanglement and the wave function opens up a new world. One that recognizes multiple dimensions of existence, of parallel universes, and the multiverse – all of which originate from an an underlying substrate of consciousness that permeates individuated instances of itself.
The implication is that the consciousness which drives me, is the same consciousness that drives you and all of us, Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. What you do unto others, you do unto yourself. When you kill others, you also kill yourself. The day we recognize that the other person standing in front of your gun is also YOU albeit disguised in clothes of skin – YOU will put the gun down, and instead embrace YOURSELF.
Yes, the Philippines has entered another era of darkness. This was meant to be so that in the darkness, we will shine our light and find the way out. The key has always been LOVE.
There is a reason that we are seeing the madness of “leaders” who think they are above reproach and are separate from others. That reason is so that we may rediscover ourselves again and live in a world of peace, prosperity, and freedom for each individual manifestation of the universal consciousness.
This is a radical thought that shakes the foundations of religion and government which has repeatedly made us believe that our salvation lies in elections and going to church. We are here to witness the desperation of the old world clinging to its illusions of separation. Street revolutions have simply replaced old tyrants with new tyrants.
As we work on ourselves, on our inner world, our consciousness, we bring forth at the quantum level, a new world. And that my friend is the revolution that’s coming.


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