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Monday, October 16, 2017


Yellows invented the use of anonymous detractors years ago, like Laurio


IT gives us hope for this country’s future that we have a new breed of real investigative reporters like the blog Thinking Pinoy’s Rey Joseph Nieto.
This cyber-journalist first exposed one Cocoy Dayao as the technical man who set nearly all of the Yellow websites spreading lies against President Duterte. More importantly, he unearthed the identity of one Jover Laurio, who has for several years through her blog been throwing the vilest of lies against the President and those who support him one way or another. She has been particularly vicious against two of our widely read and respected columnists, Antonio Contreras and Sass Rogando, when these writers joined this newspaper.
She appears to be close to Yellow leaders Mar Roxas, Vice President Leni Robredo, and the former president’s mouthpiece Edwin Lacierda. When Laurio admitted her identity in their tactic now to portray her as the victim of cyber-bullying, the Yellows have rushed to her defense.
Aquino’s former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay pointed out that Laurio uses “magical instruments that meld logic and emotion.” Hilbay is revealing his moral standards if he declares it magic for Laurio to be claiming that the President is “drugged in Fentanyl,” that our columnist is a prostitute, or that the Public Attorney is stupid. Laurio’s posts are downright vulgar, as when she posts an altered image of Nieto as picking his nose.
Nieto forced Laurio out of her hole of anonymity. But it is not just Laurio who has been running the anti-Duterte website. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Yellow’s propaganda men are behind it. Its consistency is revealing: Laurio’s website hits everyone outside the Yellow camp, and paints everyone in it as saints.
I have a particular disdain for anonymous detractors, since even while the Yellows were in power and practically controlled the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippine Star, and ABS-CBN TV—all of whom dutifully reported what they wanted reported—I became their target when I was writing a mere once-a-week column for the Inquirer.

Erstwhile anonymous anti-Duterte blogger Laurio, upper panel, with clients? Lower panel, her puppeteers—former Aquino spokesmen Lacierda and Quezon? (Photos from RJ Nieto Facebook)
The paper received then so many letters to the editor criticizing not just my columns but bad-mouthing me on a personal level, which pretended to be readers’ feedback, as these even had their actual or email addresses. Many of these consequently were published in the “letter-to-the-editor” section.
I got fed up with these letters, and investigated if the writers were real, either by trying to contact them by email and sending them letters through their regular mail. I even played detective and went to the addresses they claimed were their residence—“no one by that name here,” I was told in a hostile manner by the residents. All but two of the scores of the letters to the editor maligning me or criticizing my columns proved to be authentic.
To expound on how the Yellows used fictitious letter-writers even when they were in power, a black propaganda scam that erstwhile anonymous blogger Laurio mimicked, I am reprinting here my column that exposed it, way back in 2012, titled, “Aquino camp faking letters to the editor” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 12, 2012):
My 2012 column:
Not contented with mainstream media sympathetic to its master, President Aquino’s camp has been faking letters to the editor to vilify those critical of his actions and policies, sources disclosed to this writer. Such bogus letters, many oozing with uncivilized venom, have especially targeted, ever since the impeachment trial started in December, Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Mr. Aquino’s PR operatives have hijacked young people’s Facebook names and fabricated e-mail addresses to use as authors of these spurious letters. These bogus e-mail addresses are mostly Yahoo or Hotmail addresses, as these services enable their users ($20 yearly for Yahoo Plus) to use so-called “disposable e-mail addresses” which conceal the senders’ identities.
Don’t believe my sources; just consider the facts.
A letter to the editor was published in this paper April 2 maligning me. The letter—purportedly written by one Shyril Chloe Quirod—was well-written and even used erudite, uncommon terms as “confrere.”
A boo-boo of Mr. Aquino’s operators in this case: Quirod has a very active Facebook account, which shows her to be a teenage high-schooler from Batasan Hills National High School. Her postings there, mostly in Filipino, are about stuff young girls post in their FBs—“Angpangit ng buhokko!!!!” “Lol, I found the meaning of my name!”
Image of my column in 2012
There was no response to attempts at communicating with the purported writer at the e-mail address (shyrill.chloe@hotmail) given to this paper. Aquino’s propagandists have obviously hijacked this teenager’s Facebook identity and used a fake e-mail address to spread their lies through the letters-to-editor section of this newspaper.
Unscrupulous politicians and PR operators have been sending fake letters to the editor ever since newspapers started this venue to get readers’ feedback. A term has even been coined in 1985 to describe the phenomenon—“astroturfing,” derived from the idea of the plastic (artificial) carpet “AstroTurf” replacing real grass (i.e., grassroots support).
Because it is an attack on a newspapers’ credibility, the press, especially in the United States, has long ago established protocol to detect astroturfing. Letter-writers are asked to give their e-mail addresses and office telephone numbers through which the editor contacts them to confirm their authenticity. When there is doubt on the authenticity of a letter-writer because of his impassioned writing on a controversial issue, and especially when it vilifies somebody, editors require the writer to submit proof of his identity, such as a driver’s license.
Such procedures, however, have not been the practice in the Philippine press, a weakness which Mr. Aquino’s black propagandists have exploited to the hilt.
However, the Internet has given editors and media managers a very accessible tool for detecting astroturfing and fake letters to the editor: search engines. Because the Internet since the 1990s has become an immense depository of information generated, most of the educated population leave some trace in cyberspace. Try it yourself. Google your full name. You will get so many results.
Google a fictitious name, or fake e-mail addresses, and you will get zero or scanty results.
There are of course authentic letter writers, and the Google tool indeed filters the authentic writer from the bogus
However, “authors” of most of the letters viciously maligning Corona and myself have no record at all in cyberspace, a major indication that these are aliases.
The color yellow is quite appropriate for Aquino’s propagandists who hide behind pseudonyms when attacking those they dare not cross. A “Norman Yanus” in a letter blasted Sen. Miriam Santiago and the Iglesia ni Cristo for allegedly supporting Corona. A Google search shows no “Norman Yanus” existing anywhere in the world.
Messages were e-mailed to the addresses which these bogus writers gave this paper. Either there were no replies at all, or the cyber postmaster replied that the e-mail address was “disabled.”
Never before has any administration undertaken such organized, unethical campaign to subvert the press and even democracy itself, through sham letters to the editors, a most crooked PR tactic. So much for tuwid na daan ethics.
Email: tiglao.manilatimes@gmail.com

Facebook: Rigoberto Tiglao
Twitter: @bobitiglao


Mga Kasong haharapin ni Cocoy Dayao at Jover Laurio ipinaliwanag ni Atty Trixie Cruz



Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sotto: NBI closing in on 5 bloggers


THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has identified five people allegedly involved in the “fake news” that maligned seven senators for their supposed refusal to support a Senate resolution denouncing extrajudicial killings (EJKs).

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto 3rd on Saturday said the NBI had submitted to him a report on the blog “Seven Deadly Sens,” which was posted by the handlers of “Silent No More” (SNM) blog and “Pinoy Ako Blog” (PAB).

The blog post claimed that Senators Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, Richard Gordon, Emmanuel Pacquiao, Juan Miguel Zubiri, Gregorio Honasan 2nd, Cynthia Villar, and Sotto had refused to sign Resolution 516, drafted by opposition Sen. Francis Pangilinan, denouncing EJKs of suspected drug personalities.

“Meron na. Hina-hunting na sila. Kasi ang balita namin `yung isa nag abroad bigla (There is a report already. They are being hunted down. We learned that one of them suddenly went abroad),” Sotto said in an interview over dwIZ
“Duon mo makikita e, sign of guilt. Alam na nu’ng NBI. At meron na rin akong kaso na naka prepare (You can see that it is a sign of guilt. The NBI knows already. And I have prepared a case already),” he said.

He confirmed that the NBI was running after Cocoy Dayao, the supposed handler of SNM. He, however, declined to identify the four others. “Huwag na muna ‘yung iba (Let’s not identify the others yet).”

Dayao failed to attend on October 4 the Senate probe on fake news. Pacquiao and Villar wanted him to explain why he called them names in his post, which they said had damaged their reputation.

Sotto has yet to comment on the decision of Jover Laurio, the blogger behind PAB, to reveal her identity following alleged harassment from pro-Duterte blogger, Rey Joseph Nieto, who is behind the Thinking Pinoy blog.

Asked whether there were fellow senators involved in the attempt to defame them, Sotto said, “There’s no one at the moment.”

Villar had claimed to have obtained information that opposition Senators Paolo Benigno Aquino and Risa Hontiveros were “out to destroy” the majority bloc. Aquino and Hontiveros denied her allegation.

Sotto said the five bloggers receive “feeds” from certain groups to attack a particular person.

“Traceable naman lahat ‘yun e. Magaling `yung si Thinking Pinoy ha. Maraming natutunan ang NBI sa kanya (These can all be traced. Thinking Pinoy is quite good. The NBI was able to learn a lot from him),” he added.


WAGKA KANANG BAIT BAITAN GURL! Humanda Ka Kay Sass Roganda Kakasuhan Ka Niya



GRABE! MaLuTong na MURA ang inabot ni JOVER kay MAHARLIKA - PINOY AKO BLOG issue

Friday, October 13, 2017




What she predicted about Dutete has happened ~Share

Jover Laurio, a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog: Don’t be fooled by the victim card she now plays

Jover Laurio, the person behind Pinoy Ako Blog routinely hobnobs with Yellowtard honchos like Senator Risa Hontiveros.
(Photo source: Thinking Pinoy)
So now a certain Maria Josephina Vergina “Jover” Laurio has come out and revealed herself as the person behind the Yellowtard blog Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB). This is after a series of exposés published by blogger RJ Nieto (a.k.a. “Thinking Pinoy”) on the inner workings behind a vast network of anti-government blogs and fake news sites that ultimately led to emergence of strong evidence that Laurio is behind PAB.
Now, in a post published on PAB today, Laurio declares Ako si PAB, Oh Eh Ano Ngayon? (“I am PAB, so what?”). Apparently, contrary to Laurio brushing this off as something that does not pass her So What? Test, the revelation is a big deal considering it is quite evident that Laurio would have preferred to remain anonymous had she not been outed by Nieto and his posse of Die-hard Duterte Supporters (DDS). As expected, the all-too-familiar victim card favoured by the Yellowtards is now in play in full force with Laurio describing a barrage of online harassment she had copped since being outed…
Isa lang ordinaryong tao si PAB, na araw-araw binabash ngayon sa social media ni Thinking Pinoy a. k. a. RJ Nieto and his minions.
Etong week na to was the hardest for me and my family. Nag file na ako ng leave of absence from work because of the threats and hate messages I have been receiving from my personal account both from Twitter and Facebook. I have filed a leave of absence from school too.
These people are trying to destroy my life by exposing my picture, my real name and my school. Araw-araw the attacks are escalating. Siguro lahat ng klase ng pambabalahura naranasan ko na from DDS minions. Nanay ko naapektuhan na but she said “laban lang”.
As Jover Laurio, I was crying everyday. As PAB I tried to be brave and continue blogging. But I think it is time for me to fight back. Lahat ng pambabastos nila need to stop. May hangganan pala ang lahat. Oras na para lumaban.
This is, of course, a perfect recipe for the sort of victim-cum-hero that Yellowtards tend to rally around. Never mind that Laurio speaks and writes in a deeply jolog-accented Taglish sprinkled liberally with pedestrian jejemon-speak. Already, a who’s-who of the cream of Yellowtard society is now grooming Laurio to be the next Yellow Joan of Arc — one to be held up as the latest Opposition pin-up for their so-called “anti-tyranny” crusades. Ironic, considering members of this crème de la crème circle of the Yellowtard cliques are mostly made up of the private Catholic school set who, behind closed doors in their private soirées, routinely make people like Laurio the butt of jokes and the object of harsh grammar policing.
Of course, Yellowtards will not let a bit of hypocrisy get in the way of a good “activist” circus.
Jover Laurio back in her more self-assured days.
At the other side of the tracks, Laurio and her lot in the dark (and definitely less Jesuit-educated) underbelly of Yellowtard society, is not above making use of private information to harass their own adversaries. Back in the day, Laurio had, herself, dangled threats to make use of private information to elicit the same reaction from folks who dared challenge their divinely-endorsed positions on most political and social issues.
One of the favourite lines of attack against Get Real Post (GRP) writers taken by Laurio and her ilk is ye ol’ “Marcos paid hack” accusation. Without a single shred of evidence, Yellowtards like Laurio had arbitrarily decided, for example, that some GRP writers are “paid” to write by the Marcoses. Funny the way things turn out seeing the trove of photos of Laurio hobnobbing with a who’s-who of Yellowtard top honchos now spreading like wildfire over the Net. Still quite circumstantial as evidence goes, of course, but still. If it poses like a toad, selfies like a toad, and looks like a toad, then it must be a toad.
Nonetheless, she along with other Yellowtards have for some time been making it a contest for social media status amongst themselves to produce and exchange private information about people critical to the Yellowtard cause. The lengths to which they would bandy around their stolen trophies are legendary, making veiled threats about knowing family and friends, the whereabouts of one’s children, even exchanging factoids about the health and medical condition of some people.
Indeed, in the case of the latter, one of the people in Laurio’s camp — a doctor — is the subject of a complaint filed with Davao Doctors’ Hospital where he is seemingly employed. Whoever is behind their Twitter account, @DvoDocHospital, promised to investigate the matter and update us on the results of that investigation by email. To date, we have not received the promised email.
The bottomline is that Yellowtards have long been known to be acutely selective in the “virtues” they apply to their so-called “activism” and “advocacies”. They are selective in their feminism, selective in their anti-electoral-fraud advocacy, selective in their crusade against “fake news”, and selective in their “decency”. In the case of Laurio, she is el primo grade in her hypocrisy and does not exhibit the grace under fire that we in Get Real Post exhibited at a time when we were at the other end of a Yellowtard campaign to discredit and attract harassment to our persons.
Not to put too fine a point to it, but Pinoy Ako Blog is a Yellowtard blog. It is presumptuous in naming itself in a manner that leads Filipinos to believe that Yellowtards hold a monopoly on being Pinoy. Yet, in reality, it is anything but representative of what the Pinoy aspires to be. We see it in the writing style Laurio applies to her work in PAB — incoherent, lacking in intelligence, lacking in grace, and totally bereft of intellectual integrity and honesty. It is nothing more than a screech site — an epicentre of intellectual bankruptcy that small minds gravitate to in order to assure themselves that there is social acceptance — even blessedness — in ignorance. Perhaps that is what makes Laurio’s “God” an “amazing” one (as she proudly proclaims on her now-locked Twitter profile). Indeed, Yellowtards worship an “amazing God” — one that is so infinite in forgiveness of ignorance, hypocrisy, and primitivism as to assure us that people like Laurio will persist in a society that true progress may for a long time elude.

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Inquirer and Akbayan are ruining Philippine international relations

Fake delegates from a fake “EU mission” as reported by the Inquirer

If there is one thing I hate about President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent tirade in which he threatened to cut ties with the European Union and the United Nations is he didn’t include cursing members of Philippine mainstream media and those from the Opposition who invited the so-called foreign delegates to visit the country. It has emerged that the so-called “international delegates” are left-leaning individuals who support the socialist causes of the country’s leading leftist group Akbayan. The latter’s fingerprints are all over this “mission”. They probably provided the foreigners with the placards that read “Stop silencing dissent” and “Stop the killings”. Akbayan Representaive Tom Villarin proudly joined the pictorial holding one of the placards.
The opposition has become so desperate that they have resorted to using foreigners to make their claim “legitimate”. But their tactic was exposed by the European Union itself.
They think most Filipinos would be gullible enough to think that the sight of white folks protesting against Duterte would be enough to trigger mass hysteria. It is quite ironic that Akbayan would use foreigners to advance their causes. Aren’t they supposed to be espousing nationalistic causes? Perhaps they’ll use anyone or anything as long as it favours their agenda. Members of the mainstream media allied with the Opposition jumped on the story straight away. The Philippine Daily Inquirereven featured the visit as a top headline on its 10th October edition.
The Inquirer wrote “Malacañang had no immediate comment on the EU mission’s statements” at the end of their write-up. Either they purposely wanted to make people believe that these foreigners were members of the European Union or they didn’t bother checking if they were EU representatives as their profession requires them to. Either way, this is more proof that mainstream media, particularly the Inquirer, cannot be trusted to give accurate information.
The Inquirer has not issued a correction despite the EU issuing a statement that these so-called foreign delegates do not represent the sentiments of the EU. They simply moved on as if they were not party to the spread of false information. How can the operators of this major publication sleep at night? They do not care if their actions result in damaging the country’s relationship with the international community.
While Duterte’s tirade was misdirected at the wrong group of people, it compelled the EU to distance itself from the actions of the foreigners who as Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao decribed as “brazen”:
We have lost all sense of nationalism and integrity as an independent people if we are not angry at the PDI’s front page. It insults our country on three levels.
Firstly, we should be mad at such a brazen interference in our domestic affairs. We are a sovereign country with our own Constitution, our own body of laws. What right do these Europeans have to meddle in our affairs, when we obviously still have the rule of law.
Have they meddled over the US invasion of Iraq; over the hundreds of Muslims kidnapped by the US and tortured in their Guantanamo fortress, many kept nearly a decade without charges; over alleged genocide of the Rohingya in Burma; or even over the ruthless police brutality in their continent, in Catalonia?
What’s shocking is that these foreigners in the PDI photo don’t even represent their countries, and don’t have any substantial European constituency. They are mostly small-time but noisy NGO activists in their countries.
The EU has categorically denied sending its representatives to hold a protest against Duterte and stated that media reports like the Inquirer’s report were false:
“The recent visit of the delegation of the ‘International Delegates of the Progressive Alliance’ to the Philippines on 8-9 October was not a ‘European Union mission,’ as falsely reported by some media outlets,” Jessen said in a statement.
These foreigners should be deported as soon as possible and banned from entering the country again. They are meddling on issues they don’t understand. They only get information from biased sources like members of the Opposition. The faces of these foreigners look even more pathetic in their photo-ops now that I know they are not official members of the EU.
The Inquirer should be held accountable for their false and misleading report. They have done enough damage to Philippine society. They are causing confusion locally and exporting negative perception to the world that the Philippines is a failed state without a functioning system. The publication is adding to the mounting problems the country is already facing since the previous government mismanaged it.
Akbayan should also be held accountable for orchestrating this circus and misleading the public. Voters should be wary of putting them in power in the next election. Their claim that the government is silencing dissent is ridiculous since they have not stopped speaking against Duterte from Day One of his term. Their use of Senator De Lima’s detention as proof that Duterte is silencing dissenters does not make any sense since the Supreme Court also agrees that she has to stay in jail to answer the charges against her in connection with her violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act for allegedly receiving money to fund her senatorial bid in 2016 from drug lords operating a drug ring while serving time in the country’s national penitentiary.
It’s about time the public identify and take a stand against the real enemies of the state. The enemies of the state are also Filipinos who are too impatient to wait for the next election. They would rather use all kinds of tactics to topple a legitimate government and cease control themselves than use democratic process. They have their own agenda but are using the guise of “caring for the victims” of the war on drugs to make the claim that Duterte needs to be removed at all cause. They will not stop until they succeed.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017



Did Aquino coddle and protect drug lords?


Most definitely yes, either out of his sheer incompetence, or outright complicity.
That’s the only conclusion one would get after the police all over the country, following incoming President Duterte’s announced priority, have arrested or killed more than 200 drug lords and dealers in just a few weeks.
All of a sudden — with hundreds of self-admitted, small-time dealers and users even surrendering to authorities, fearing they would be victims of summary executions — the nation has been awakened to the reality that our drug problem, which really afflicts mostly the poor, indeed has reached horrific proportions. So much so that many sectors of this purportedly Catholic nation are now reviving the call for the death penalty.
Such scale of the illegal-drug and crime menace couldn’t have emerged overnight. I can only conclude that President Aquino allowed it to grow during his six years in office. He had hundreds of millions of pesos in confidential funds, and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (headed by his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa), yet did little to fight the drug lords.
Aquino just did not make fighting the proliferation of illegal drugs, and for that matter to combat crime, his priority. His priority was to fight “corruption.” I put that in quotation marks since his fight against corruption targeted only the opposition, and not grafters in his administration, those involved in such blatant cases that affected the lives of millions of Filipinos, such as the mess in MRT-3 and the botched contract to provide LTO with car plates.
I’ve reviewed all of Aquino’s six State of the Nation Addresses (SONAs), and it is shocking that in all of these, he had not even mentioned that we have a serious illegal drug problem, as if he were deliberately concealing its existence.
In Aquino’s first (2010), second (2011), and last (2015) SONAs, there was absolutely no reference at all to the fact that we have a huge illegal drug problem in the country. The word “drugs” is not even mentioned at all in these SONAs.
Among the hundreds of drug dealers and addicts police captured in the past weeks, anticipating incoming President Duterte’s orders.
Among the hundreds of drug dealers and addicts police captured in the past weeks, anticipating incoming President Duterte’s orders.
Aquino mentions the drug problem in his 2012, but only once, and as if he had already defeated it. He said then: “He shares the same fate as the more than ten thousand individuals arrested by the PDEA in 2011 for charges relating to illegal drugs.”
But the President’s statement really was strange, since by “he,” Aquino was referring to one Raymond Dominguez, who was arrested for carnapping charges, as well as an unnamed suspect in the Makati bus bombing in 2011. The suspect, a member of the police’s Special Action Force, was acquitted of all charges in 2015.
There is a similar dismissive tone in his single reference to drugs in his 2014 SONA: “I will leave you to your conscience — if you feel any remorse for your fellowmen who have become addicted to the illegal drugs you have helped to smuggle in, or for the farmers who are being deprived of fair profit from doing honest work.”
Not Aquino’s priority
Why would the police and other drug-enforcement agencies combat drug lords, if that is not the priority of their commander-in-chief? Since the boss doesn’t think it’s a problem, wouldn’t the police just resign themselves to coddling the drug lords who provide them with “monthly allowances?”

To illustrate it, an analogy could be: you hire a new pest control expert and he reports, after examining your house, that it is badly infested with termites and mice. He even shows you a colony of such vermin beneath your living room. Then you recall that your previous pest-control guy had been telling you that you have a pest-free residence, and that he’s doing his job, impressing even your neighbors.
There has also been no mention at all of the worsening crime situation  in two of such presidential reports. Aquino made only a single, passing reference to this scourge, which Duterte, before he even formally steps into the presidency, has made into the top priorityt together with  his anti-drug campaign.
In his 2012 SONA, he claimed he had overcome the country’s crime problem: “Crime volume continues to decline across the country. In 2009, over 500,000 crimes were recorded — this year, we have cut that number by more than half, to 246,958. Moreover, 2010’s recorded 2,200 cases of carnapping have likewise been reduced by half — to 966 cases this 2011.”
I nearly fell off my seat when in his 2014 SONA, he cited as an example – his sole example – of his administration’s success against “lawless elements:” “We apprehended the chairman of the CPP  and secretary general of the NPA this March. Normality and order are now returning to the 31 provinces previously troubled by the NPA.”
In his 2015 SONA, he made it appear he had totally defeated the crime problem in the country: “We studied how criminals operate and strategically deployed our policemen. This is how we have caught the “big fish” gang leaders, dismantled syndicates, and lowered crime rates across the nation.” What a President, so totally out of touch with reality!
This is, of course, one of the big reasons why Duterte became so popular in the last elections, so much that Aquino and his candidate, Manuel Roxas, gave up their plans of cheating and instead, threw their cheating machineries and financial resources support behind their vice presidential candidate, Leni Robredo.
Single-issue candidacy
Duterte’s was even a single-issue candidacy that he would defeat illegal drug and crime lords who, Aquino either protected or coddled because of his incompetence. Duterte’s victory – getting nearly twice the votes for Aquino’s proxy, Mar Roxas – demonstrated that he was right in his priorities as what his Filipino voters wanted to see in their leader.

Excluding members of the Yellow Cult, only those ensconced in their gated exclusive village couldn’t see the worsening problem of crime and illegal drugs in our country.
Aquino, of course, isn’t the only one to blame for the Filipinos’ misery as a result of the terrible breakdown of law and order, and the spread of illegal drugs in the country. He had two alter egos, whose responsibility was supposed to make him, or force him to see reality. If he didn’t, these two simply failed to do the jobs they have vowed to carry out.
I am referring to Aquino’s interior and local government secretary, Roxas, and his justice secretary, Leila de Lima, who just didn’t perform their jobs well.
From the day he assumed that post, which put the Philippine National Police under his supervision, Roxas’ mind and efforts had been focused on how he could use his department’s resources for his presidential campaign.
De Lima, on the other hand, not wanting to risk her plans for Aquino to include her in his senatorial slate, acted as his very loyal attack dog against the opposition.
What has taken much of de Lima’s time and resources the past year? Her efforts to put former President Gloria Arroyo in jail, and to incarcerate through the PDAF or pork barrel issues the opposition, especially its leaders, senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla. Right under her nose, the Bilibid National Prison had become the headquarters of the drug lords in this country, embarrassing us before the whole world.
With so many poor Filipinos brutally killed, raped and robbed by criminals under this incompetent or complicit Aquino regime over the past six years, reading a columnist in this paper singing paeans to Aquino, “that he did wonders to the economy and to the country before the international community” — just makes me sick.


WATCH: Hollywood actor Steven Seagal to Duterte: “He’s has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place”

Renowned Hollywood action star Steven Seagal who’s currently in the country for the production of the TV series ‘General Commander’ expressed his support to the current government and he said that he’s a ‘big fan’ of the Duterte administration.
During a press conference, some members of the media asked Seagal if he felt safe in the Philippines despite of the continuous killings of alleged criminals in the country.
Seagal quickly answered the media with ‘yes’ because he believes that the President of the Philippines is doing a great job in making the country safer for the people.
“I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place,I think what he’s done is very good in terms of trying to get the control back to the people” Seagal said.
“I don’t feel like that this is a dangerous place, you know a place that’s up and coming,” Seagal added.
The TV series that he’s going to produce in the Philippines is about corruption, crime and drugs.
He’s also interested in hiring Filipino actors to be part of the TV series. Both Duterte and Seagal are big fans of President Vladimir Putin.
The actor was given a Russian Citizenship last year for expressing his support to the policies of Russia.
Seagal is also an environmentalist, animal rights activists and outspoken for his political views.
You can watch the video here:

TP IPINALIWANAG ANG KAPALARAN NI ANDY |'Tatanggapin ba ang resignation o impeachment trial na lang?'

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

President Duterte needs to face the TRUTH about his communications team before it’s too late

This is one of those rare times that I cannot disagree with the Inquirer editor who, today, in light of the latest “approval ratings” report on Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte commented on Malacanang’s response, that the “love is still there” for Duterte despite the perceived drop in public approval for his government…
Even at the height of their popularity, Presidents Corazon Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada or Benigno Aquino III — or their various spokespersons — never spoke of public love, only public opinion. To speak of love is to protest too much.
…and that there really is;
No need to speak of love; instead, the word should be all about work: fixing the different messes the Duterte administration both inherited and created, putting an end to the deeply flawed anti-drugs policy and reforming the national police organization, resolving the crisis in Marawi and the growing threat from Islamic State-inspired extremism, getting to the bottom of the billion-peso shabu smuggling scandal at the Bureau of Customs, censuring political allies who are clearly angling for electoral or economic advantage, and so on, ad infinitum.
Who in Malcanang comes up with corny statements like “love is still there” anyway? This is the whole trouble with the Duterte administration. There is too much emotionalism that surrounds it — the whole “Papa Digong” thing, for one, has worn thin a long time ago. Anybody who has tried working for his own dad or mom would understand the complications of mixing business with family. And, not surprisingly, with a team composed of highly-emotional members comes the risk of internal strife. Indeed, thanks to a recent bulatlat by Bruce Rivera, a key insider in the Duterte administration’s inner circle of bloggers and social media “influencers”, that risk has come to the fore too. Suffice to say, the paisley rug has been pulled from under the feet of the love-in theme of the “die-hard Duterte supporter” (DDS) community Duterte’s social media mouthpieces cultivated over the last 12 months.
In the project management community, it has long been recognised that in high-risk projects, a tightly-coupled communications and change management strategy executed by competent people is important. If your change and comms people are not up to the task, if they are immature, inward-looking, self-absorbed, don’t keep their eye on the ball, and don’t keep a pulse on the broader audience (and not just their loyal choir of angels), a high risk project — such as one that seeks to upend a deeply-entrenched status quo will fail.
The drop in Duterte’s popularity rating should be a wakeup call to his administration. To keep on the ball and focus on the platform of change and reform that won him the presidency, Duterte needs to get his communications shit together. In short, some hard decisions need to be made. As the Inquirer editor quite fairly noted, Duterte had once exhibited an ability to “rebound” from a popularity drop. It can be done again — but only if the administration gets real. There are strategies that work on the campaign trail that are no longer appropriate when the need to get down to business is in order. Duterte needs to face the truth about his people and ask the right questions with regard to setting his government up for success.

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