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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cabinet Sec Evasco revealed media practitioners who accepted millions from LP to wipe-out Duterte through negative issues

Cabinet Secretary Leonicio Evasco specified that the Liberal Party (LP) and a rich businesspeople 's plot to depose President Duterte "will come up short." 

This is a part of the discourse of Sec. Evasco in the service of the new officers of Zamboanga del Norte United Correspondents (ZNUC). 

Evasco specified, "Now, they are persuading the military and police, this Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, to participate in their cause to topple Duterte." 

"That is on account of they look down on us, they didn't realize that our brains were formed by our encounters, our studies and our viewpoint of life that the world class don't have," he included. 

The tip top, as said by Evasco tries to wipe out President Duterte through media, with issues on killings, additional legal killings furthermore previous President Ferdinand Marcos' entombment. 

Evasco said, "Pitiful to say, there are a ton of media specialists who surrendered to the allurement of cash. What's more, we are discussing a huge number of pesos here." 

The said "assemble" went global. This is the entire thought why US President Barack Obama, UN (United Nations) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the European Union to examine the EJK (additional legal killings) in the Philippines. [source]


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