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Friday, October 21, 2016

What a powerful speech! Duterte is on the way to become a global 'anti-hypocrisy' icon ~Share

The room fell silent when Duterte started to talk. This was a different Duterte we are used to seeing. There he stood and through his words he gave us a peek into his mind, and what a beautiful mind it is. 

The man described by the elitist as an uncouth happens to be a scholar, an intellectual, and perhaps a statesman in the making.

As Duterte spoke, his words were deliberate it transfixed the audience.  At certain moments, you could feel him wanting to cry and grit your teeth as you shared his anger over the world's injustice. 

Here is a man who will be the voice of the world's dispossessed. I predict he will be a global icon perhaps rivaling Mandela.  But the greatest thing of all is that he is a Filipino and he makes me proud.

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