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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


All concerned please,

Well-said Brother Bobby! ICAT is wanting in this IHQ headed by acting Supreme Commander Sir Virgilio Esguerra!

Section 2. The purposes of this corporation shall be:
to study the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal;
to inculcate and propagate them in and among all classes of the Filipino people, and by words and deeds to exhort our citizenry;

to emulate and practice the EXAMPLES and TEACHINGS of our national hero;
to promote among the associated knights the spirit of patriotism and Rizalian chivalry;
to develop a perfect union among the Filipinos in revering the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal; and

to organize and hold programs commemorative of Rizal's nativity and martyrdom.

Section 4. All persons of legal age and of GOOD MORAL CHARACTER AND REPUTATION, who are in
sympathy with the purposes of the corporation, are eligible for active membership, upon
unanimous approval of the Supreme Council in banc of a written application thereof duly
endorsed by at least two active members of the corporation.

Interesting indeed that IHQ/Supreme Council/Sir Virgilio Esguerra, in running after its strongest critics: (Memo 005, series of 2008 to investigate Sir Jun Zerrudo; Memo 006, series of 2008 to investigate Sir Manny Bade and Lazir) forgot that one of its (IHQ) duties, per R.A. 646, is as shown above!, which it ignores, just to placate powers that be!
(Sir Quiambao, reported to be 5x Supreme Commander?)

By appointing and keeping a European commander, Sir Paras, who plagiarized the book of Jose Baron Fernandez, and was caught in the act of making racistic pronouncements (a copy is on MP3!) by Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer, the Supreme Council is GUILTY of violating Section 2 of R.A. 646! Dr Jose Rizal never taught us to plagiarize a book nor to be racistic in our dealings with brother Knights!

By exalting and keeping a European KGOR, Sir Alcoba, who openly made racistic attacks upon brother Knights thru e-mails, the Supreme Council is GUILTY of violating Section 2 of R.A. 646! Dr Jose Rizal never taught us to be racistic in our dealings with brother Knights!

Like the story of the "Emperor With No Clothes", IHQ in the years 2006-2007 (?) distributed medals, sashes and exalted many Knights, even the undeserving (Sir Alcoba, Sir Paras, Sir Nollas in Europe!). And all those present said Ooohs! and Aaahs!, all praising the "majestic" clothes of the Emperor!

Proof was the great Fun! Fun! Fun! they had in Paris, July 2007, loaded with lofty yet empty words!

Like the little kid in the same "Emperor With No Clothes", Lazir pointed out (exposed wrongdoings in the IHQ in his writings/e-mails) that the Emperor is naked! In retaliation, IHQ/Supreme Council, quickly produced Memo 006, series of 2008, to "investigate" Lazir, allegedly for his pronouncements which were inimical to the KOR (???).

Logic dictates that whoever convinced the Emperor to parade himself without clothes should be punished! It is they who brought SHAME to the empire (KOR), not the little kid! In the first place, the little kid (Lazir) had nothing to do with the SHAMEFUL actuations of the many, who connived to do wrong..., indeed conduct inimical to the interests of the (KOR) Empire!

But IHQ only sees their own viewpoint/s. Anything contrary to what they see, conducts himself "inimically" to the KOR!

Does IHQ/Sir Esguerra/Sir Quiambao think they have a monopoly of GOOD MORAL CHARACTER AND REPUTATION? By their keeping a plagiarist and racists in this KOR, they bring SHAME to the KOR!

One brings HONOR to the KOR by keeping bad eggs and scalawags out, not in!

Proven racists Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba might be favorites of Sir Quiambao and therefore cannot be expelled!

Is this not proof that Sir Quiambao, not Sir Esguerra, controls the KOR?

Pardon Lazir for his continuous search for the truth!

For Country and People!



Dear Brethren in Rizal:

As my supporters and I have been campaigning, all associations and entities, and even the Philippine government, have to observe the ATIC policy. ATIC, as I coined, stands for accountability, transparency, integrity and credibility.

To illustrate: Once the International Society of Rizal Advocates (ISRA) is operational and properly organized, it will make available all its financial records online, so that it would take only several clicks of a mouse to inspect its financial transactions.

Should by chance, we manage to win the 2010 elections in the Philippines, we will move for the same posting of all government transactions online -- from the Presidential Calamity Fund to all expenditures for any and all government agencies.

The IHQ of the OKOR should be able to produce the financial statements even for the last five years, which it should make available online. On the other hand, if the IHQ does not even have any financial statement for 2006 and 2007, it should be the final reason why all of us should ostracize the members of the Supreme Council and declare them as personae non grata.

For the record,


Bobby M. Reyes

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rizal:

Here is positive news . . .

I just talked with Prof. Jose David Lapuz of the University of Santos Tomas this morning. He is arriving in Los Angeles, CA, on April 30, 2008, for his annual speaking engagement with our Media Breakfast Club and the Knights of Rizal chapter of Los Angeles, CA.

Professor Lapuz is not only one of the Philippine ambassadors to the UNESCO but he happens also to be one of the foremost scholars on the life of Jose P. Rizal.

Professor Lapuz will join the ISRA delegation as one of its cofounders. He will deliver the ISRA message of hope and positive changes for the homeland -- using the proposed Dapitanization (sic) of Philippine towns pursuant to the ideas and example of Jose P. Rizal. We want Dr. Lapuz to serve as the permanent spokesman of the "ISRA Evolution."

The tentative itinerary of Dr. Lapuz is for him to arrive in Los Angeles on Sept. 8, 2008, and the next day he will leave with our Los Angeles delegation on the Air Canada's non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Toronto.

If the Toronto organizers of the Rizal convention want, Dr. Lapuz can give also a lecture on the life of Dr. Rizal, aside from his presentation of the ISRA manifesto. He and I will finalize what we call the "Rizal's Life -- from A to Z," which can be presented in a booklet format to all the convention delegates and the Filipino youth of the Ontario Province.

For your information,


Bobby M. Reyes

Editor's Note. For more information on the Toronto Rizal Convention, please contact directly
junzerrudo@hotmail.com or check out the following links:

Monday, April 28, 2008


'The Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses'
by Don Pedero
Philippine Star

Last July 23, I wrote about Nasty (short for Anastacio), a balikbayan from Los Angeles, who, while vacationing in Manila, had nothing to say but negative comments about the Philippines and the Filipinos. The article elicited a deluge of comments from our readers. Though some agreed with his curt observations, most were enraged at the repulsive way he acted and whined.

For me, he was the classic epitome of the "crow perched on a carabao," thinking and acting nauseatingly superior just because he has become an American citizen, inequitably comparing everything here to how they are in the first world. I was particularly irked by his repulsive "know it all" attitude and peeved no end by his irritating Waray-American twang.

Those who have not read that article may access philstar.com and click archives, then select July 23 and click Lifestyle. The article is entitled "Little Brown Americans." As a backgrounder, here is an excerpt:

The next day, I took them on a little city tour and accompanied them to do extra shopping at the duty-free shop. They were to leave two days later for their respective provinces (Randy is from Pampanga, Nasty, from Samar).

"God, ang dilem-dilem naman ditow (it is so dark here)!" screamed Nasty in his characteristic Taglish slang, "At ang inet-inet pa (and so warm)!

* * *

All throughout the day, Nasty complained about everything. He griped that all Filipinos he encountered were dense and inefficient (I hope that didn't include me!); that the traffic was horrendous and drivers "drove like they were late for their funerals"; that the pollution from the smoke-belching vehicles was irritating his dainty, surgically-pinched nose.

He was disgusted that water closets didn't work; horrified that there was no toilet paper in public toilets ("God, how do you people do it?" he bewailed); petrified by street children begging while soaking wet in the rain ("Where are the parents of these kids?" he nagged).

He moaned about the proliferation of slums, people crossing the superhighways ("There should be underground or overhead walkways for pedestrians!" he demanded), the potholes on the streets, the disgusting garbage and filth all over the city, and the annoying floods! And all these he observed in just one day!

Weeks after the publication of the article, I took Nasty's silence to mean that of contempt and anger. I must admit that I didn't care because I was really turned off by his arrogance. The good news is, Nasty has finally decided to break his silence and give us his side, loaded with a big piece of his mind. The bad news is, he hits more sensitive chords and it stings.

* * *

Nasty's E-Mail
Dear Dero,

My Zen master says, "Never fight fire with fire." So, I sat in a lotus position, imbibed the ethereal qualities of cool mountain water and stoically resisted the temptation of answering back to defend myself in rebuttal of your article. I kept quiet while you and your readers had a charlatan holiday, dissecting and fanning sarcasm on my every comment about your country and your people.

I am not mad at you for writing that piece. I was never upset at any point, even after your readers from all over the world e-mailed in their two-cents' worth. In fact, I found it rather amusing and carnival-like.

I even felt happy that people still came to the defense of your Philippines!

If you noticed, I now refer to the Philippines and Filipinos as your country and your people. Every time I went back there for vacation, my Filipino-ness always took the better of me (blame those damn green mangoes smothered with bagoong!) and made me forget that I am, in all reality, what you aptly called a "Little Brown American." I have come to terms with my own identity- I am, after all, an American citizen carrying an American passport!

What precipitated my quick decision to sever my ties with your country (aside from your ***** of an article) were the Abu Sayyaf abductions (que barbaridad!), the Payatas-like downslide of the peso (eat your hearts out, I earn sweet American dollars!), the "devoid of conscience" graft and corruption in your government (this has gone on for the longest time-how shameful!), and lately, the stupid "Juetengate" and juicy but enraging "Boracay" mansion gossips. With all these, who would be proud to be a Filipino? Besides, to tell you frankly, those Erap jokes are no longer funny- they are pass? and leave a bad taste in the mouth and heart. No Apology If I sounded brash and insensitive with the way I threw my comments, well, I cannot do anything about that because that is the way I am, and I offer no apology. Here, in America, you have to tell it like it is or you'll never be taken seriously. I have learned to drop my "Pinoy sugarcoating" because out here, you get nothing done if you are meek and sweet and pa-api. Hindi puwede mag-Anita Linda dito!

When I commented about your pollution, street children mendicants, slums, potholes, toilets that don't work, garbage, floods, and most of all, the Pinoys' chronic lack of discipline, I was merely putting into words what I saw. I can't blame your being blind about your country's situation.

My Zen master says, "One cannot easily see the dirt in one's eye." I am sure though that you are aware of those sordid details, but have grown accustomed to them (like most Manile?s have). All the complaints I aired may have hurt your pride but what I wanted you to realize is this: The things I pointed out are all symptoms of a failing, falling nation!

Suffering A National Karma?

Could yours be a country cursed with a huge national karmic debt? It could be payback time, you know. Look back into your history, look deep inside your hearts-what could you have done as a nation to deserve this fiasco you are in today?

What you are faced with didn't just happen overnight-it developed and grew into a monster in the course of time. Deeply imbedded in the psyche of the Filipino is the amalgamation of the characters and events that have impacted your lives - Dona Victorina, Dona Concepcion, poor Sisa as well the other hilarious and tragic characters of Dr. Jose Rizal... Stonehill... he notorious gangsters immortalized by your Filipino movies like Asiong Salonga (hmmm!), et al... the killers in your (I thought they'd never end!) massacre movies... those cheap, appalling titles of your movies... those staged "religious miracles" that your naive masses believed... family men with pushy queridas (mistresses)... your crooked politicians, undependable police officers and greedy customs collectors...your bribe-hungry court judges... Imeldific, gloriously smiling and crying at the same time, bejeweled. (How very Fellini!)

What you are is the sum total of your history, your heritage and culture, your education, the crap that your press sensationalizes, the bad icons that your movies glorify, the artificial values your advertising extols, the bad examples your leaders and role models project. What you feed your country's mind is what it becomes. You have become the ugly monster that you've created. You are now crying all the tears your sickeningly sentimental movies wailed out for years and years! Your Biggest Fault If there is one thing that comes to mind, I think your biggest fault would be your individual greed. "Ako muna!" seems to be the national mantra. The trouble is, very few people think for the common good in a deplorable "to each his own kurakot" festival. Coupled by your crab mentality of pushing down others, this can be fatal. You think barangay, not national. Hello, everybody else around the world is thinking global! Europe is unshackling her national boundaries while you are building fences around your nipa huts.

Do yourselves a favor and look at your nation as a ship. All of you are in it and it is sinking! Realize your oneness-what hurts your brother hurts you, too. Think about the future of your children and the succeeding generations, and do something about it quick before your poor little banca plunges forever into the irretrievable depths of despair.

Star-Struck Nation

You are a nation of star-struck ignoramuses. You are easily awed by your movie stars who are usually nothing but uneducated, aquiline-nosed and light-skinned ******** picked up from some gutter somewhere. I have seen what these artistas illusionadas can get away with. They just flash their capped-tooth smiles and policemen let them get away with traffic violations; they bat their false eyelashes and customs officers impose no duty on their suspicious balikbayan boxes.

Worst of all, with the Filipino movie industry taking a nosedive, hordes of actors and show personalities went into politics. It is, as they say, the next best "racket"-there is more money to be made in the politicking business than in show business! (And what is this I hear that in the coming elections, more are jumping into the arena? Mag-hara-kiri na kayo!) How can you expect these comedians and actors, who only know how to take directions from their directors, to direct your nation? For them, politics will just be an "act". No big surprise here, for they are mere actors with no original scripts to speak, no original visions to share. So what can you expect but a government that is a comedy of errors. Serves you and your star-struck nation right!

My Zen master says, "Give unto Caesar what is due to Caesar, but keep Charlie Chaplin on the silver screen to make us laugh." To survive, you must teach your citizenry to say no to three things - no to drugs, no to stealing and graft and corruption, and no to artistas in politics. I hope you've learned your lesson by now. (Yours is the only country where Mexican soap stars are received like royalty in the presidential palace. How shoddy! God forbid-Fernando Carrillo might end up being your next president. At least he has great abs and doesn't wobble like a penguin when he walks!)

For those artistas who honestly believe that they can make a positive difference in the Filipino masses' life, they must first study law, business and public administration, and immerse themselves in the life and passion of Mother Teresa. Politics is not an art for dilettante artistas to dabble in. It is called "Political Science," hello?!

Educate Your Masses

Educate the masses - especially your electorate. What you need is an intelligent vote aside from, of course, intelligent candidates. The University of San Carlos in Cebu City, founded in 1595, and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, established in 1611, are the oldest universities in Asia, and are even older than Harvard. But the standard of Pinoy education has deteriorated so much that the Philippines ranks among the poorest in the educational hierarchy of Asia.

Education, education, education-that's what you need in this age of information, information, information.

If all your social, religious and political sectors don't sit down now and decide to take the Right Way, the Philippines and your children's children will be grand losers in the worldwide rush to the future. Education is one sure way to salvation. Teach what is right, good, beautiful and beneficial.

Downplay all negativity if you cannot eliminate it altogether.

The Ideal President

I've got news for you. (As if you didn't already know.) No matter whom you put up there as your leader or president, it will be the same banana. Even a holy man can turn into another J. E. (Judas Escariot) for a few pieces of silver. Kumpares, alalays, relatives and cronies will encrust like flies and maggots on his cordon sanitaire. And it will be the same despicable "Sa amin na 'to!" hullabaloo all over again.

Take an advice from Aling Epang: "Pumili ng matanda, mayaman, mabait, at madaling mamatay." Get a president who is old - so that he is full of wisdom, rich - so he won't need to steal more money, goodhearted - so he will render heartfelt service to his people, and is in the sunset of his life - so that he will think of nothing but gaining good points to present when he meets his Creator. And may I add: At iisa lang ang pamilya! This is, of course, asking for the moon. Just pray fervently for an intelligent leader with a pure heart who genuinely loves the common tao!

Magpakatotoo Kayo! Wake up and look at the real you. Enough with looking at your reflection in glorious, self-embellishing mirrors. The tropical sun can play tricks, you know. Do not wait for darkness to fall before you take that much-needed long, hard look at your real situation. Magpakatotoo kayo, ano? This isn't a wake-up call-it is the final alarm!

Save the ship while you still can. Don't wait till your people have no more dreams left to hang on to, no more hope to sustain their broken spirits. I came home, spent my penny-pinched savings so that even in the minutest way I could help your bruised economy. Your politicians sit on their fat, farting butts and get balatos (kuno!) in the millions. Receivers are as guilty as the givers. Now, tell me, who is really nasty?

I Have Made My Decision; So Should You.

My Zen master says, "Life is all about decisions, not choices." I have made a decision which I know will be very hard for me to keep- You will never hear from me again (not in this vein) and I will not even think of visiting or buwisiting your Manila ever. This is my way of letting you know that I have given up on you. Bahala na kayo! Only you can help yourselves because at the stage you are in, nobody would want to help you. My Zen master says, "You have to fall to learn to rise again." How much lower do you want to go?

Anyway, regarding the Philippines as a tourist destination, you have a lot of cleaning up and face-lifting to do before foreigners would dare go to your islands again. The Abu Sayyaf episode has done your tourism industry more damage than you could ever imagine, and it will take a long time before the world forgets. (By the way, your tourism projects are lusterless and have no global impact. If you want real business, spruce up your infrastructure and do aggressive marketing on the World Wide Web!)

Of course, I would gladly reverse my decision if someone offered me exclusive lordship over lotto, bingo, jueteng, pintakasi and the jai alai. Think about it: this will be to your advantage because I never give tong or blood commission to anyone! (If only your president used the millions he received from those gambling lords to build homes for the masses, you wouldn't have any more squatters. Huling hirit: defrost those Marcos billions, pay off some debt, place the rest in high-yield investments, feed your hungry, and spread bounty and joy to every Filipino! Are you stupid or what? - That's your money sucked from the blood of your people!)

I have made my decision, now make yours. I would hate for the day to come when I'd have to say, "I told you so!" Good luck! (You need it.)

An ex-Filipino,

J. Anastasio "Nasty"

P. S. My Zen master says, "Vox populi is not always the voice of God."

P. P. S. Come over to L.A and I'll show you a great time!

P. P. P. S. Our friend Randy says hello! We will be going to Vancouver to feast our eyes on the colors of autumn. Wish you could join us.

P. P. P. P. S. The new Miss America, Angela Perez Baraquio, is of Filipino ancestry. Dero, her parents hail from Pangasinan just like you! But keep in mind that she is an American (in case some wise fools over there claim her to be Filipino like they always do whenever someone becomes successful).

Wait for the girl to say it- don't put words in her mouth!

P. P. P. P. P. S. Mabuhay kayo (SANA)!

P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Sa totoo lang, MAGDUSA KAYONG LAHAT! (Don't you just love my Waray-Kano accent?) He-he-he!

- Same

* * *

My Short Reply

Dear Nasty,

Thanks for your e-mail. I swear you sort of stole the words from right under my tongue. Now, I am utterly speechless.

Send my regards to Randy. Wishing you the best!

Saturday, April 26, 2008



International Conference on Rizal

In an attempt to link and foster fellowship among adherents of Rizal from various parts of the world, the newly formed International Federation of Knights of Rizal is sponsoring a first-ever international conference of its kind in Toronto on September 11-13, 2008. This was announced by founding Chair Sir Jun Zerrudo, right after the organizational meeting held on Monday, March 17, 2008 in Scarborough, Canada.

The purpose of the meeting, entitled ‘Rizal in the 21st Century TechnoWorld’, is to ‘identify and establish a concrete link between Rizalian principles and some practical applications of those principles’. Featured speakers will present their views on 1) the psyche of the man Rizal; 2) meaning and relevance of Rizalism as a cause; 3) practical applications of Rizalian principles; 4) impact of a personal research on Rizal and 5) who Rizal is to a non-Filipino.

Invited to honor the conference with their presence and contribution are Prof. Jean Hall of Western New Mexico University, Sir Lucien Spittael of the Knights of Rizal Belgium, Sir Don Brennock of Ireland, Sir Bobby Reyes of the International Society of Rizal Advocates in Los Angeles, California and Sir Voltaire de Leon, founder of Rizal Society of Ontario.

The three-day affair which will coincide and held simultaneously with the First Convention of the International Federation of Knights of Rizal (IFKOR), is open to the general public. Seats, however, are limited. To interested parties please register as soon as you can. To register please see table below. Deadline is May 31, 2008.

Information and Registration: http://www.rizalcanada.org/

Friday, April 25, 2008


Written by Bobby Reyes

The "Apocalisto" is an offered street-smart solution for all the quarrels and in-fighting in the Filipino-American community, the Filipino homeland and even in distant places where there is war. How I thought of the solution? Please read on . . .

No, I have not gone into film production and produced a Filipino version of the Mel Gibson movie of a similar-sounding title.

I got the idea for this essay just yesterday from a Filipino-American friend. This pal always tells me not to divulge his identity, as he is also a friend of some of my foes in the premiere Filipino-American national federation.

When I met this friend yesterday afternoon, he asked me, "Saan na yong apo mong napaka-listo at napaka-guwapong katulad mo?" ("Where is your grandchild who is so smart and handsome like you?") I really like this friend, as he is so brutally frank and honest. Perhaps I will petition the Vatican to declare him a living Filipino saint.

Yes, people really like their grandchildren, especially when they are just babies or toddlers. Remember the comment of Andy Rooney? This "60 Minutes" pillar said, "There is nothing more peaceful in this world than to hold a sleeping grandchild in your arms."

I wrote an essay a few year back about a Filipino adage: "Often people like grandchildren more than their children, as grandkids are like the interest earned from bank deposits. Grandparents appreciate more the interest than the principal." But I said also in the essay that after having studied in a Jesuit university, I practiced too what was taught as the layman's version of the religious order's apostolate (sic). When I became a grandfather, I realized the importance of this Jesuit concept of service to humanity, although I now spell it as "APOstolate." Yes, grandparents have become dignified baby sitters, bus (sic) drivers, shopping and museum-tour guides and what not.

But grandchildren can be nasty sometimes. I remember one of my six (now seven as of Jan. 27, 2008) grandchildren telling me: "I hate you, Lolo." (Lolo is the Filipino word for grandfather.) I asked him why and he replied, "Because you are a liar. You promised to take me to Walgreens and you did not do it."

I replied to my grandson, "Even if you hate me, Lolo will always love you." But I did not explain to him the reason for not taking him to Walgreens. I had only a one-hundred dollar bill in my wallet. And I was afraid that I would be mistaken for a former federation national executive officer (NEO), Rodel Rodis, who was arrested by San Francisco cops for allegedly passing a bogus $100 bill at a Walgreens store.

My grandson later in the day embraced me. He said also that he was sorry for calling me a liar and that he loved me. Of course he said, "Sorry," and did embrace me only after I took him to the Walgreens and bought his toys, more pencils, more erasers and lots of candies.

After I bid adieu to my exceptionally-honest and very-frank friend, a great idea popped into my subconscious. Why don't I write a Filipino version of that book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," and solve all the infighting among Filipino-American community leaders and even among politicians in the homeland? I can use a shorter title for my book. Why don't I call it simply as "The Apocalisto Solution?" Yes, Apocalisto -- from apo (grandchild) to listo (smart) -- can be like the street-smart solution for all the quarrels and fighting not only in the Filipino world but also in all the universe.

I got so excited about my book project that I phoned last night my literary mentor, Poet-pundit Fred Burce Bunao. He asked what in heaven's name is the "Apocalisto Solution?"

I said that if we can persuade people to treat their adversaries as their grandchildren, then there will be less quarrel in this world. I said that I should start calling Rodel Rodis and some of his fellow (and former) federation NEOs as my grandchildren. Then no matter how Rodis, et al, would write about how they hate me, I would always reply to them like what I told my grandson while he was having his tantrum. Yes, grandparents always love their grandkids even if their apo hate them.

Imagine the "Apocalisto" being practiced by Filipino politicians? Why, if Opposition Sen. Nene Pimentel would start treating Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) as his granddaughter, bipartisan cooperation would improve tremendously. If President GMA would in turn treat Opposition Sen. Ping Lacson or alleged coup plotter, Greg Honasan III, as her grandsons, then there would be lots of embracing and hugging back. There will be political peace in the land. If Speaker Jose de Venecia would only treat Rep. Francis Escudero, the minority floor leader, as his apo, then there would be no need for all those character assassinations, etceteras, etc., in Philippine Congress. All disputes would need simple family-oriented solutions.

Mr. Bunao asked if political leaders, especially those who are already senior citizens, would not feel offended if they were called as "apo." I said that it was just a matter of using the right accent. I remarked that the most-revered title of respect that Filipinos of Ilocano ancestry use is the generic word, "Apo" (accent on the first syllable). The Ilocano "Apo" is used in addressing the most-senior and/or most-respected leader. The Filipino universal term for a grandchild is "apo" (accent on the second syllable). When Filipino community or national leaders address each other as "Apo," especially in the written form, it will up to the addressee to determine which title is being used. After all, as in the NBA, "no harm, no foul."

Then I said that maybe because of this Apocalisto Solution, the golden rule could be changed. Perhaps, as amended, it would now read, "Do unto others what you would do unto your apo (grandchild)."

The poet-pundit exclaimed on the phone, "My God, you hit again the bull's eye. Your 'Apocalisto Solution' may even solve the communist and Muslim rebellions." I asked the normally-irreverent Mr. Bunao if he were no longer an atheist, as he used the words, "God" and "heaven" in our telephone conversation. He said that he used it with a lower-case "g," as he does not usually take the name of the Almighty in vain. "The reference to heaven was just an idiomatic expression," he said. He corrected me also that he was not an atheist but that he keeps his religion to himself by avoiding public worship. He said that he goes only to three temples: The temples on the right and left side of his head and the FACLA Social Hall on Temple St. in Los Angeles.

And speaking of idiomatic expressions, Mr. Bunao reminded me how my federation foes were responsible for my coining a new English term. Remember how my federation opponents called me an "idiot" whenever I asked for a financial report of their events? Well, I said that they were using an "idiotmatic (sic) expression" in their retorts and that it could be a new English idiom (pun intended).

Yes, Mr. Bunao and I talked of how peace and order in the Philippines could be improved if the Philippine military top brass were to treat exiled Filipino communist supremo Joma Sison and his field commanders as the favorite grandchildren of the Filipino generals. The same "Apocalisto Solution" could be applied to the warring tribes and Islamic rebels in Southern Philippines. Imagine the impact when combatants would say to each other, "Even if you hate me, Lolo (or Lola) will always love you." Apocalisto would then become a term to mean, "Make love, not war."

At the end of our conversation, Mr. Bunao cautioned me that perhaps the former federation NEOs would reject the "Apocalisto Solution." The poet-pundit opined that perhaps my opponents in the federation would see the proposal as an indirect insult to them. Why? He said that Rodis, et al, may think that they are actually being dubbed the horsemen of the Apocalypse. And Mr. Bunao said that if that were the case, I would need like 20 to 25 horses for my federation critics to ride on. I said that they could after all ride on to the sunset. Or at least to Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

December 1896 was INJUSTICE IN HISTORY that may (SOON) repeat itself...!

All concerned please,

In the current KOR set-up, there's no level playing field!

It takes no rocket scientist to compare Jose Baron Fernandez's "Jose Rizal: Filipino Doctor and Patriot" and Sir Paras' "Born to be a Hero" to arrive at the conclusion that, except for a couple of paragraphs at the beginning, it is ONE AND THE SAME WORK! One hour is long already! (I did it in less than 5 minutes!)

To spend 12 months to "investigate" the same is plain and simple OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (!), a mockery of the blindfolded JUSTITIA, if TOP ECHELON knows Justice's intrinsic meaning!, if they indeed are for an earnest investigation!

To say it bluntly, IHQ wants to keep Sir Paras (and ALL THE UNDESERVING KGORs) in the KOR AT ALL COSTS!

It's no brainer to conclude that IHQ fully supports the identified PLAGIARIST. Hence the prolonged "investigation" that has been extended overtime, so many times! Justice delayed is Justice denied!

Even Sir Barry took unusually hard beating in the hands of proven racist, Sir Alcoba, promoted KGOR July 2007 in Paris, France, by the same Supreme Council that issued Memo 006, Series of 2008, to "investigate" Lazir..., yet can't even SUSPEND a Plagiarist and proven Racists both: Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba!

At least, discerning members now CLEARLY see, cause of trouble is the unmasked TOP ECHELON!

Like the National Hero, Dr Jose Rizal, who was UNCOMFORTABLE to the abusive colonizers, no way for Lazir to back-out or back-down, even if IHQ plays prosecutor, jury and executioner..., ultimatly issuing a verdict of "guilty", long before the "investigation" has begun! (December 1896 was INJUSTICE in history repeating itself!)

The stakes are that high, because KOR carries Dr Rizal's name/symbol which no one (not even an Acting Supreme Commander or one who might have (ab)used it 5x?) may trample upon!

It is every TRUE Rizalist's fight to uphold the National Hero's name!

Backing down is, for TRUE Rizalists, tantamount to giving way for the high and the mighty SCALAWAGS AND BAD EGGS to reign forever!

To put it simply, the FIGHT is for LOST HONOR AND DIGNITY of the KOR! It is

For country and people!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Dear Mr. Bowman:

First of all, it highly surprises me that you extend your invitation to the "International Federation of Knights of Rizal" (IFKOR) - an organization that has just been banned by the so-called Acting Supreme Commander of the Manila-based Knights of Rizal. So, I take this fact as official acceptance of the IFKOR. Or can I consider this invitation as an administrative mistake?

It has been stated with deeper insight by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and I may quote this philosophical author: "Language is the source of all misunderstanding." And it is, indeed, a very special misunderstanding caused by the use of language of the IHQ in Manila or the way language is honoured by this century. How come that apart from racism even in its most supreme council that pretend to present itself as the heir of one of the greatest authors in Philippine history and in the world literature of the 19thsophisticated form plagiarism, the morally worst an author can do or what can be done to an author, how come that plagiarism beside other evil sisters is tolerated, honoured and trivialized?

Maybe because the so-called Knights of Rizal are more engaged in holding commemorations, all kind of social events or promoting beauty contests? Maybe there is simply no interest and no academic and professional knowledge of what the above mentioned issues mean? Not also from a legal point of view. This has implications with staining Philippine national honour more than foreign nations could do it. At the same time it marks the surrender of Philippine civil society. This was achieved alone by fellow countrymen of "the First Filipino", the "Proud of the Malayan Race". I really do not expect any answer.

Since years the "Order of the Knights of Rizal" has moved away from Rizal, the reason of its foundation. Due to its failure which is shining in all colours of human vanity and human stupidity it has now lost all rights to represent Rizalism in all its meanings. Rizal if still alive would shiver with the thought about what kind of heirs are referring to his authority.

My gorge is rising. That is why I allow to repeat myself. The same what I told to Mr. Bobby Reyes whose attitude towards the things we are talking about I appreciate. As fellow Rizalist, as ex-member of the OKOR and as college in the fields Rizal himself entered generations before.

"Looking back to the 17 months when I was a Knight of Rizal I feel ashamed about that fact. Since I see his RP vision, since I sense his attitude towards the self-styled order that continues misusing Rizal's name to justify plagiarism, racism, a remarkable lack of professionalism - he convinced me that simply laughing about these parodies of knighthood is the best thing to do with them. Yes, indeed foreign friends of the Philippines are asking: "How come a people that produced one of the greatest men in the world could be, and are still, led by crooks, scoundrels and nincompoops -- for majority of the time since July 4, 1946?" How come that fools and academic illiterates dressed up in costumes are allowed to dominate in a once useful organization and to stain the reputation of Philippine civil society.

And I told him: You must be aware that this view does influence the view on your organization's efforts to revitalize Rizal's country. Maybe the OFW's must be those making a new nation since the old seems to be spoiled by the influence of 'rotten eggs'. And because the majority is silent and indifferent; their policy is focused on getting food on the table, day in, day out. But you and your movement cannot present yourselves as the other, the good Philippines with innocent hands. You shall be accepted and honoured to represent Philippine culture only if you also take responsibility for the wrongdoings and blames your fellow countrymen did to said culture where all of you come from and which you want to renew with spirit from Rizal's spirit.

In this way, you shall regain the moral credit that has been gambled away long since before you resigned from the ranks of the so-called Order of the Knights of Rizal, an organization that fits no international at all because of its purely and one-sided Filipino based view and habits. As I know you resigned from said order I feel proud to have resigned. I shall never join again. Maybe you either. Because from the current point of view that would mean to force oneself well below mediocrity - something I never want experience again.

Again and again, to all Rizalists I say: Jose Rizal is honoured as an author, as a scientist, inventor and physician. A polyglot and revolutionary thinker in his time and country. He was regular member of scientific societies (How many so-called "Knights of Rizal" could fulfil such criteria?). Rizal truly followed international standards in terms of scientific working, moral and intellectual honesty. His human qualifications have been praised by his lifetime friends already. No need to repeat them here and today. But I say to you: following the very same standards Rizal himself mastered so well is the condition to be a Rizalist. They did not change since his death. They do not make you a Rizalist, but they enable you to become it. Without service there are no merits.

My dear Mr. Reyes, being an author yourself you are closer to me even though we have not meet personally. So, you know what plagiarism means and how it should be punished. As author you are in succession of Rizal and in all that special responsibility combined with authorship: defending the freedom of speech, thoughts and intellectual property all over the world. Those who might believe they can oppress these powers will be overpowered by them."

My dear Mr. Bowman, I do not end my long reply without assuring you that I do not doubt on your Rizalian motivations and ideals at all. Because I am convinced: it is more Rizalian to free yourself from the forms when they lost the very substance they should serve (and not vice versa!) - that is why I am on this side of ongoing debates and discussions of what Rizalism practically means. At this very moment I am a voice of 350 Million Europeans living in an ancient cultural area - an area that was Rizal's intellectual home at least. This Europe belongs to chapters Rizal's life and work, but neither the Knights of Rizal could "command" Europe nor any of their chapters belong to any parts of Europe as long they act as their vanity commands. I hope, even if we are of different opinions this does not stand between us as men.


Christoph S. Eberle


There were many times in the past when the only option left for a people to take in defense of their lives and in the preservation of the principles they lived for was to respond to a call to arms. The Bastille and Pugad Lawin experiences demonstrate the limits of people’s patience and tolerance.

Despite the ugly connotation and the shivers the thought of revolution sends through the spine because of the heavy toll it usually exacts, history has judged over and over again that the eventual outcome of an armed revolution outweighs the pain and sacrifice and that the price paid for the action well worth it.

Today the Order of the Knights of Rizal, not unlike a severely challenged people, is faced with a decision it has to make. The sad events in recent years have caused so much destruction they have shaken the very foundation of the brotherhood’s existence. Being the prime body mandated by law and tradition to promote and preserve Rizal’s legacy, Rizalism itself has been compromised and its influence to society diminished. When such illustrious personalities and major fixtures in the cause as the grandson of Rizal’s best friend Ferdinand Blumentritt and the grandsons of Pastor Hack-Ulmer of Germany would give up their membership out of extreme disappointment and sheer consternation, the organization is in deep trouble. When in a span of three years three new Rizalist organizations were compelled to break ranks from the Order, it is in very deep trouble. So deep it has almost lost its relevance.

Five years of unending discord due to failed leadership is long enough. Discord that has trickled down through the ranks by design and not by default. Discord that has led brother to fight against brother, discord that caused loss of trust and respect from the communities the chapters serve, discord that seems to escalate and get worse by the day.

After all reasonable attempts to restore honor and dignity to the once noble fraternity proved futile, after all options have been exhausted to stop the internal bleeding of the body, after all the recommended remedial steps to put the collapsing house back together again have arrogantly and irresponsibly been ignored, there is only but one option left. No, not a revolution but action that is revolutionary. Not reformation but a complete transformation. Transformation that is necessary, transformation that will eliminate the causes of the problems it is confronted with and transformation that will prevent those problems from happening again.

After almost one hundred years of existence the Knights of Rizal remained oblivious to a constantly changing world. It did not adapt to the reality of the times. It failed to recognize that it has grown global and needed to adjust and morph into a truly international organization. Instead it remains a Philippine corporation operating like an imperial power ruling tyrannically over colonies in various places which, ironically, Rizal crusaded against at the cost of his life. The inadequacy and obsolescence of the Order of the Knights of Rizal is unmistakable and clearly manifested in its ongoing saga. It is antiquated, sterile and out of touch with reality.

The time to fight is over. The time to argue and quibble is finished. The time to even hope there would be forthcoming any meaningful change for the better is gone. We call upon the active members of the brotherhood to stand up and be counted to the side of principled participatory governance and equal representation, we call upon those who have already left to come back and join hands with us in the regeneration process of the original “Orden de Caballeros de Rizal”. We call upon each one to help us build upon a new beginning of an internationally federalized society of true Rizalists. We call upon all of you to rally behind the International Federation of Knights of Rizal.

This call is not a call to arms but a call to glory. Glory to the memory of a great hero of humanity, glory to the legacy of his testimony and glory to the advocacy of truth, justice and freedom !

* * * * *

By the concerned Knights of Rizal and lovers of freedom and democracy in Canada, Europe, the Philippines and other places

Source: http://www.rizalcanada.org/acalltoglory.html


When people think that you are their angel you always seem to find that one
Reason not to believe that you are good enough, good enough to be that someone to
Allow yourself to find out that you are that one person that they want there to be there for
Them in their one true time of need

You try to show that all you are is a distraction to that someone when you think that
Someone else would Be the real angel even when you know that you have what it takes to be the One who can do what it takes when they need someone the most no matter what anyone
Thinks when it comes to what can be done

As the endlessness starts to show from the lack of comfort from you not wanting to show
That you can provide a second chance, they show that you are just trying to hide away
From all that you know due to all of the times you have had to prove that you
Do not want to fail during those times of hardship where all you see is vultures at your back

During that dark time they are willing to pull you from that wreckage to show others that
You have made it okay and to show that fear is natural even in the strongest of people
You pull from the wreckage the one thing that you can consider a source of strength even
If it means abandoning what you think is a good life so others can have faith

And when they have been shown to be in the arms of an angel proving to everyone but
Yourself that, that someone can have some comfort they prove you wrong about you not being
That angel that they so desperately need, showing you that you have lifted them up higher
Than they have ever been raising them to new heights through your faith in them and realizing
That they are your angel for believing in you so faithfully

With the kind courtesy and permission of Sean Davis http://seanspoemsandstories.blogspot.com/

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A song about politics & corruption in the Philippines

Tradpole (Ang Pulitikong Hindi Tapat) - This song doesn't pertain to all politicians, just the corrupt kaya tamaan na lang ang guilty! I hope you can relate to this. I'm just expressing my thoughts and frustration (in song) about what's happening in the Philippines right now. We will never be rid of corrupt politicians and most of the time these individuals are not brought to justice but rest assured that God knows what they have done and what they are doing and there is no escaping him!

Saturday, April 19, 2008



The Fire Inside

Author Unknown

When all is lost and hope has fled
When fear is strong and strength is dead
When love and joy abandon you
When mental anguish grows in you

When the last of efforts fail to save
When your fate is ill, your mind enslaved
And when your head hangs low in misery
This is when you'll find the key

A single ember from deep within
Burns hotter and hotter, as flames begin
The fire of truth will light the way
And help you fight, this lonely day

The battle is long, the struggle is rough
Never regret not giving enough
For when we offer our very best,
Our very soul is put to the test

Stand tall and true and you'll prevail
Just hold on tight and never bail
You will survive if you don't quit
Victory is there, if you reach for it

One day in the future, you will look to the past,
And know you had what it takes to last
So never give up and good things will come,
Not just honor and pride, but a job well done.

Friday, April 18, 2008


The ANSWER is clear as day:

It is not Lazir! It's not IFKOR!

Just like my hero, Dr Jose Rizal, who targeted the abusive Spaniards of old, but not Spain, I am pointing to what is WRONG in the KOR, targetting the corrupt practices of this current KOR Leadership, but not
the Illustrious KOR!

One reason the Illustrious KOR is going DOWN is the incompetence, laxity, ignorance of European culture, compounded by cowardice of Sir Virgilio R. Esguerra!

Let me qualify:

1. INCOMPETENCE - Sir Hilario Davide, Jr wrote the Memoranda instructing Sir Paras to explain WITHIN 24 hours and telling complainants to sign, notarize and submit their complaints! Sir Hilario has COMPETENCE! Sir Virgilio, instead of following THROUGH, dragged the Sir Paras case more than 12 months! That is INCOMPETENCE!

2. LAXITY - Sir Hilario literally "grabbed the bull by the horns!". Sir Virgilio just sat on the case of Sir Paras! Lazir got Memo 006, series of 2005 (???). Where is the Memo for the Racist Sir Alcoba? And for Racist Sir Paras? Sitting and waiting, doing the wrong thing or nothing is LAXITY.

3. IGNORANCE of European Culture - The culture in Europe is to talk straight, work fast, be DIRECT TO THE POINT! Mr Klaus Zumwinkel was made to answer quickly about his tax evasion case to the tune of Euro 1M...! The German Pope Benedikt XVI expressed GREAT SHAME and apologized at the same time for the abuses committed by catholic priests in the US! I talk straight, work fast, am DIRECT TO THE POINT! Sir Virgilio has to SHOW strength as a Leader! If he is a Professor, he ought to teach Lazir something good, not the other way around.

4. COWARDICE - I was accused of false charges, malicious statements, innouendos, etc. about the Euro 5,000 Sir Mushake donated in 1999 to KOR! As if I invented the story. Now that I pointed to a London "souvenir program" indicating therein that Sir Quiambao was 1999-2000 Supreme Commander, Sir Virgilio did NOT write a Memo addressed to Sir Quiambao, asking WHERE the Euro 5,000 is! If he wrote one, please show it to me! If no memo, that is cowardice! Also, no Memo up to now against racistic Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba! Why? That is cowardice too!




Sir Esguerra uses the KOR, has the backing of his KOR friends, wealth and position. Lazir only has his pen and is alone!

I write to inform and expose Corruption and Corrupt Practices in the KOR...

For country and people!


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Thanks to Memo 006, Series of 2008! I consider that my 'Badge of Honor'!

Please allow me to quote from your letter of today:

The records of the incumbent Supreme Council is an open book. Responsible leadership and shared accountability are our concern. Morality in the conduct of our office is our primordial design. Rule of law and history have vindicated us. And these are the legacies we leave behind.

I still INSIST you talk with a FORKED tongue, claiming "OPEN RECORDS", "RESPONSIBLE Leadership" as well as the "MORALITY in the conduct of (y)our office"... Yet, FACTS known to all SPEAK for themselves and PROVE your pronouncements to be FAR from the TRUTH!


1. When will you please send me the requested copy/ies of the RECOMMENDATION for KGOR Exaltations of Sir Alcoba, Sir Nollas, Sir Guansing? This request was sent last (October?) 2007!

2. Where is the ca. Euro 5,000 that Sir Mushake donated to the KOR ca. 1999-2000? Why is this NOT SHOWN in the KOR "Books of Accounts"? (Going to a bank is not necessary, as KOR supposedly got the donation, NOT the bank!)

3. If you can e-mail Memo 006, Series of 2008, WHY CAN'T YOU FORWARD THESE REQUESTED DOCUMENTS from the OPEN BOOK!



2. What is RESPONSIBLE in rush INVESTIGATIONS of Sir Jun Zerrudo, Lazir, Sir Manny Bade, who VALIDLY question IHQ INACTION/S when up to now, no Memo has been publicly issued for RACISTIC Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba?

3. What is RESPONSIBLE with hiding requested copies of Supreme Council deliberations about the UNDESERVING Exaltations?


1. Did you put or HELP put Sir Felino Wy Paras or not to be European "commander"? Yes or No.

2. What is MORALLY correct in keeping a PLAGIARIST and RACIST like Sir Paras?

3. Did you exalt or HELP exalt Sir Boy Alcoba from KCR to KGOR? Yes or No.

4. What is MORALLY CORRECT in exalting a RACIST or keeping him in the KOR?

5. What is MORALLY CORRECT with allowing Sir Paras to call his "consultative meeting" on 26 Apr 2008, when he is SUPPOSEDLY being INVESTIGATED?

6. What is MORALLY CORRECT with the Ms Guevarra SUSPENSION done in haste while Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba are NOT/NEVER SUSPENDED, despite the HEAVIER violations of these two?

7. What is MORALLY CORRECT with BEING SILENT when asked all these QUESTIONS here by Lazir?

8. What is MORALLY CORRECT with KEEPING us wait more than 12 months on the Sir Paras/Sir Alcoba SUSPENSION? We are still WAITING!

9. What is MORALLY CORRECT with COMBINING your e-mails with Sir Vital and Sir Gardoce?

10. What is MORALLY CORRECT with a SELF-SERVING Entity headed by you, playing ACCUSER, JUDGE AND EXECUTIONER all rolled into one? (No wonder Ms Guevarra literally "hanged" perhaps even before being investigated! But Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba, after 12 months, are still sitting, THANKS to your HYPOCRISY!)

11. What is MORALLY CORRECT with "RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP" and "MORALITY" pronouncements you make in Memo 006, Series of 2008, while you do the EXACT oppossite as shown above?

12. What is MORALLY CORRECT with being KOR acting Supreme Commander but AFRAID to even SUSPEND the Plagiarist and the Racists in Europe?


But anybody who can read English can also see through your DOUBLE-SPEAK!

You and your backer/s CANNOT TAKE nor ACCEPT the TRUTH and have decided to HIDE behind the cloak of an Illustrious KOR, whose name you CONTINUE to DRAG into the abyss of the Philippine Deep!, blaming Lazir, Sir Jun Zerrudo, Sir Manny Bade, Sir Carmelo and OTHERS although it is your FAULT!

Knowing Dr Jose Rizal's 'Noli' and 'Fili', where the hidden hand (of Sir Quiambao?) of the Spanish priests controlled the investigation, court hearings, till execution of the National Hero, your actions of today remind me of a Kangaroo Court!

Lazir prefers to be pilloried by CORRUPT(IBLE) men like you, than be judged later by history for DOING NOTHING!

Like my hero Dr Jose Rizal, NO ONE (not even all Power, Position and Wealth!) CAN STOP Lazir from his ANTI-CORRUPTION FIGHT...! Not even bullets...!

You have 24 Hours to choose and give even JUST five (5) ANSWERs to any of the Questions above!

And, I wish you would re-calibrate your THINKING and do GOOD for the KOR and

For Country and People!


"Integrity goes beyond mere honesty or the refusal to tell a falsehood; it is the moral COURAGE to denounce a wrong and to promote the truth; to punish the greedy, to chase the robbers and to prosecute the tyrants." -
Former Philippine Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


For the third time in a row within a span of three short weeks (the first being a resolution to dismiss the case filed by Sir Gempesaw against Sir Esguerra as 'without merit' and the second the resolution to 'dismiss' Ms. Loren Guevarra herself) the amazing Supreme Council has once again proven it can act when it wants to act. It is alive after all!

But while this sudden outburst of life is commendable it highlights that which is most lamentable. For the past two years a most needful resolution was not even given so much as a 'fleeting glance'. For example, the case against Sir Paras of Belgium has been in the shelves for two long years not because everybody forgot about it or because the 'illustrious' gentlemen tasked to oversee the affairs of the organization were simply too busy with more important things, but because they deliberately ignored the pleas, the petitions, the cries, the groans and grunts from numerous members all over the world for reasons only known to them.

Good news is that now they indicate they are willing to do what they were elected to do in the first place - take action. Whether that action is correct, appropriate, fair and just or 'none of the above' is beside the point. What is important is that henceforth we can expect more from them. They deserve our compliments.

We can for instance expect another resolution to come shortly from the Supreme Council. One that is long overdue. If this helps may we suggest the following 'specimen'?

. . .

The Knights of RiZal

(Chartered Under Republic Act No. 646)


Non Omnis Moriar Manila, Philippines

A civic patriotic, cultural, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-profit organization

Theme: 'Key to Global Peace, Solidarity and Prosperity'


RESOLUTION # 005 Series of 2008

WHEREAS, Sir Lino Paras, KGOR, a Knight of Rizal in Brussels, Belgium, currently the appointed Regional Commander for Europe, has been formally charged for 'Plagiarism' in accordance with the directive of Supreme Commander Sir Hilario G. Davide, Jr. KGCR, dated September 19, 2006;

WHEREAS, Sir Sir Lino Paras, KGOR, has failed to submit an explanation of his side ordered from him by Sir Hilario G. Davide, Jr. within the ten (10) day period commencing the date of the directive in direct defiance of the directive from the Supreme Commander Sir Hilario Davide, Jr.;

WHEREAS, the charges so filed against Sir Sir Lino Paras, KGOR, is of such serious nature that allowing Sir Paras to continue to hold any position of responsibility pending resolution of the case will compromise the integrity, name and reputation of the Knights of Rizal;

NOW, THEREFORE, on mass motion of the members of the Supreme Council present in a quorum in its regular meeting:

RESOLVE, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Supreme Council create as it hereby creates an investigation committee composed of Sir Pablo R. Chavez, KGOR- Chairman, Sir Ricardo R. Aquino, KGOR and Sir Pedro A. Rosito, KGOR as members to investigate the charges against Sir Lino Paras of Brussels, Belgium, and, pending the resolution of the case against Sir Paras, to temporarily relieve Sir Paras of his position as Regional Commander for Europe and to suspend Sir Paras from active participation in any of the organization's activities, projects or programs.


Done this 25th day of April 2008, in the City of Manila, Philippines.



Acting Supreme Pursuivant


. . .

We hope continued success to the revitalized Supreme Council which is assisted magnanimously by some members of the Council of Elders.

Yours truly on behalf of those who have been clamoring for truth, justice and freedom from tyrannical rule,

Ramon 'Jun' Zerrudo


Su Wong marries Lee Wong. The next year, the Wongs have a new baby.

The nurse brings over a lovely, healthy, bouncy, but definitely a Caucasian, WHITE baby boy.

'Congratulations,' says the nurse to the new parents. 'Well Mr. Wong, what will you and Mrs. Wong name the baby?'

The puzzled father looks at his new baby boy and says, 'Well, two Wong's don't make a white, so I think we will name him...

Are you ready for this?

Sum Ting Wong


The problems being experienced by the Order of the Knights of Rizal (OKOR) -- from its Supreme Council in Manila to some chapters abroad -- can be traced mainly to the meaningless quarrel over sashes, medals and ribbons (that represent fame, glory, if not vanity). We in the budding "International Society of Rizal Advocates (ISRA)" want to do away with the uniform, the sashes, medals and ribbons and even the use of "Sir" in addressing ourselves. Since the OKOR was founded on Dec. 30, 1911, it had always been viewed as a elitist organization. The poor farmers, the marginal fishermen, the daily-wage earners and the ordinary folks never joined the OKOR for they could not afford the membership fee, the uniform, the medals, the pomp and the pageantry that all involved modest expenditures. The OKOR failed in even organizing a chapter in every Philippine province and much more in the barrios high on the boondocks.

Let me quote a portion of the legislative bill that became Republic Act 646 that recognized the OKOR: " . . . official recognition . . . of the inestimable value to the nation of his teachings and examples and of the wisdom and necessity of inculcating them in the minds and hearts of our people so they may strive to follow and practice them . . . if the purposes thereof are faithfully and effectively carried out, social discipline, civic virtues and love of justice will be fostered, promoted and enhanced in this country, and that the Knights of Rizal as chartered entity is the most-convenient instrumentality by which this (sic) desirable ends can be attained: Let Rizal's life and martyrdom influence and guide the destiny of the nation. Let this and future generations live the Rizal way."

Since the bill was signed into law as R.A. 646 on June 14, 1951, not much was done to make "Rizal's life and martyrdom influence and guide the destiny of the nation." And many Overseas Filipinos and foreign friends of the Philippines now frequently ask: How come a people that produced one of the greatest men in the world could be, and are still, led by crooks, scoundrels and nincompoops -- for majority of the time since July 4, 1946?

Perhaps during the Toronto, Canada, convention of brothers and sisters in Rizal, on Sept. 11-13, 2008, we may be able to seize the defining moment and find the motivation that can reinvent the Rizalian movement so that we can bring not only back to life the purposes stated in R.A. 646 but also do the unfinished work of Jose Rizal. Perhaps after the Toronto convention, we may be able to start turning Philippine towns and barrios into the modern-day version of Rizal's Dapitan so that in a matter of decades -- not generations -- we will be able to succeed in making "social discipline, civic virtues and love of justice" as permanent and active components of the Filipino way of life -- all the way from Batanes to Sulu.

In the meantime, I wish to suggest respectfully that we just ignore all the brouhaha in the Supreme Council in Manila, all the different chapters in the Philippines and abroad. We must give the quarrelsome (and even the corrupt) Knights all the freedom to make fools of themselves and appear naked like the fabled emperor without clothes but of course with their ubiquitous sashes, medals and ribbons intact.

Let us no longer talk about the quarrels but the ways and means that we can use to complete the works of Jose P. Rizal, our hero, our inspiration and our motivation. Life is too short to be devoting the remaining days of our respective lives to in-fighting, debate on whether Tagalog is the language of Filipino nationalism, etceteras, etc., and what not.


Bobby M. Reyes

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


...under pain of disloyalty and insubordination against the LEGITIMATE (Which one???) ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF RIZAL...!

All concerned,

All our VALID complaints were IGNORED all these years and months by IHQ! That's the WORST kind of INSUBORDINATION because the KOR Leadership, strictly-speaking, supposedly SERVES the whole KOR body, the KOR General Membership, not the other way around! (Didn't Jesus wash the feet of His disciples?)

The KOR Leadership need no such 'feet washing'! But the reason they were VOTED upon was to RUN/ADMINISTER the KOR like a "good father of a family"! Judging from the mess the KOR is in now, the Leadership FAILED miserably! (Not just lawyers, but even ordinary LAYMEN can make that observation!)

Legitimate RIZALISM is following closely what Dr Jose Rizal taught us! Reading Noli and Fili, we would know he wanted REFORMS for country and ILLUSTRATED numerous Spanish abuses! By keeping RACISTS in the KOR, exalting the UNDESERVING members to KGORs, backing fully a PLAGIARIST, etcetera, this present KOR Leadership acts like the Spaniards of old! It may hold POWER still, but LEGITIMATE it is no more, based on the aforementioned reasons!

Those CORRUPT PRACTICES above did Sir Virgilio Esguerra and Sir Rogelio Quiambao in!! They approved the UNDESERVING KGOR promotions, distributed the medals in Paris last July 2007!, REFUSE to expell the proven RACISTS in the KOR, namely: Sir Paras and Sir Alcoba! No wonder KOR can't take off the ground back to its ILLUSTRIOUS time, due to HEAVY BAGGAGE the present Leadership refuses to rid of!

NOTHING WRONG following the teachings of the National Hero! NOTHING WRONG joining IFKOR, taking part in the 11-13 Sep 08 "KAPEHAN 2008", where idealistic RIZALISTS from all over the world could meet, make plans for a BETTER world, learn of PRACTICAL lessons on how RIZALIAN teachings can be applied in our daily lives, hear and see newly-discovered info/details on how Dr Jose Rizal lived in his time/where he stayed!, listen to BRIGHT IDEAS the current KOR Leadership CANNOT produce because they are too BUSY with their dark schemes and how to perpetuate themselves in power!

If one of the legal luminaries at IHQ (Sir Rogelio is a lawyer!) can show me any part of the KOR Constitution and By-Laws that says something like or similar to "illegal/disloyal/impertinent to follow the teachings" of Dr Jose Rizal, then IFKOR is the WRONG Rizalian organization to be a member of!

The mere FACT that this very same IHQ Leadership EXALTED the UNDESERVING KGORs Sir Alcoba (identified RACIST member!), Sir Nollas (owned up to writing Preface of PLAGIARIZED "Born to be a Hero"), Sir Guansing (reportedly doubles as writer to Sir Paras -- the first identified RACIST by Sir Dr Fritz Hack-Ullmer, way way back, more than 24 months ago! -- for "serious" correspondence!), this present Leadership headed by Sir Virgilio and Sir Rogelio are DISLOYAL to the revised KOR Constitution and By-Laws!

These two, should they CONTINUE with their dark schemes, undoubtedly CONTRADICT the very tenets of Dr Jose Rizal's teachings, ideas and ideals!

The National Hero, if he were alive today, would NEVER have anything TO DO with Sir Virgilio and Sir Rogelio! Dr Jose Rizal was the "pride of the Malay race" because of his unquestionable INTEGRITY, HONESTY, STRONG CHARACTER in all his dealings! For one, he would NEVER EXALT a RACIST!





Down with Sir Virgilio Esguerra! Down with Sir Rogelio Quiambao! Down with Sir Felino Paras! Down with Sir Boy Alcoba!

Let us use Dr Jose Rizal's TRUE TEACHINGS and work for a BETTER World!

For Country and People!

For a Democratic Order!
For Pride in the Order!
For the Good of the Order!


"Real Filipino men are those who are ready to die for honor, not those willing to live in shame." - Antonio Meloto

"One thing I'd like people hopefully to realize: the word Filipino pertains not just to family but to the entire nation of people called Filipinos. Once in a while you take risks for this nation." - Rodolfo Lozada, Jr.

"Integrity goes beyond mere honesty or the refusal to tell a falsehood; it is the moral COURAGE to denounce a wrong and to promote the truth; to punish the greedy, to chase the robbers and to prosecute the tyrants." - Former Philippine Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban

Monday, April 14, 2008



I wish to recall Rizal's "Indolence of the Filipino." In short, our national hero attributed that phenomenon to the manner our former colonizers -- with the combined sword and crucifix -- governed our forefathers.

The prevailing conditions in our country, in the way our erstwhile leaders tried to govern us clearly indicate that we have not yet become truly independent, for over half a century now, notwithstanding repeated outpourings of enthusiasm every year since July 4, 1946; which was changed to June 12 by then President Diosdado Macapagal.

If our nation's leaders could only be guided by the admonitions by Bro. Dr. Jose Rizal, particularly in the Seventh Chapter of El Filibusterismo, especifically in the matter of language, our nation could hope to be brought up from the cultual quagmire that we are deeply enmeshed.

Our government's obstinacy in perpetuating the use of English in public administration and in the educational system has kept our society groveling in the quicksand of american contagion. Government leaders are blinded by the Washington propaganda that English language is the most desirable for us. It simply keeps us captive to the IMF-World Bank policy of ensuring the unhampered supply of cheap Filipino labor force to feed the needs of multinationals here and abroad. In effect, the policy perpetuates the pathetic condition of keeping the OFWs menial workers in the employ of other nations/races.

We ought to be mindful, and guided by, the exhortations by our national hero -- Dr. Jose Rizal -- that "language is the thought of the peoples".

History clearly shows that progressive countries educate their young in their native language.

When the USA colonized our country through the so-called "benevolent assimilation proclamation" by President McKinley and enforced the teaching of English to children of school age -- with the attendant prohibiition for us to speak our own languages -- it was in effect the altruistic conquest of the Filipino mind.

The more intelligent were taken in as government's "state pensionados" to pursue studies in the USA, and upon return to the home country, became the implementors of the Washington policy of keeping the Philippines an economic and cultural vasal of the USA.

President Quezon started to wiggle out from the quicksand of US cultural contagion when he created the Institute of National Language, and proclaimed August 13 - 19 yearly as National Language Week. He merely floated a toy paper boat in the lake of Americanized culture.

President Ramon Magsaysay ordered the translation of Philippine National Anthen into, Bayang Magiliw or "Lupang Hinirang"; and also the military commands into Filipino. Moreover, he instituted the practice of delivering in the native language his formal acceptance speech whenever a new ambassador presented his credentials as the envoy of his sovereign to the Philippines. But the "Guy" perished in a mysterious plane crash on March 17, 1957; in what the US-AID proclaimned as caused by metal fatigue!

When President Corazon Aquino certified to Congress the urgency of creating the National Language Commission, and she also issued Executive Order No. 335 ordering the use of Filipino in official correspondence, she was hounded by a series of coup d'etat(s), and there was a stern CIA warning that she would not last her term. Significantly, a lady lawmaker from Cebu, possibly by means of external proddings, demanded in her privilege speech that Tita Cory withdrew her EO 335!

The National Language Commission was established, nevertheless, but it was allotted only six-hundredths (0.06%) percent of the Dept. of Education budget, which rendered it inutile! There came about perhaps a secret understanding with the rank and file implementors of the order. Tita Cory survived her term.

On July 15, 1997 President Fidel V. Ramos proclaimed August as national language month every year (Proc. 1041), but it was like the curse of Sisyphus -- pushing uphill the national language policy for one month, and then letting it slide down back to the plains for eleven months -- "for global competitiveness!" And so, our official language policy has remained -- urung-sulong -- or back-and-forth!

But the most serious blow was when the CIA with the US marines, abducted President Marcos (et. al) to Hawaii and detained him (them) there until death. Marcos had issued an order -- a Memorandum to the Minister of Education and Culture, and all other members of the Cabinet, dated 17 January 1986 -- or just over a month before EDSA One erupted -- "To create the conditions in your respective ministries and other instrumentalities of the government for the optimal promotion and development of Fiipino as a national language.

"Further the Minister of the Budget is directed to cooperate with the University of the Philippines in realizing the endowment of a Translation Center for the translation of major literary works into Filipino..."

The memorandum was officially transmitted on 20 Janaury 1986 through a covering memorandum by Presidential Executive Assistant Juan C. Tuvera, to Minister Jaime C. Laya and others concerned. It is highly suspected that the vital directive might, or not, have reached its intended addressees, and/or probably intercepted by CIA surrogates in the government bureaucracy.

To the Washington policy makers such audacity by a former Asian spokesman who, 20 years earlier, held the joint session of the US Congress spellbound when he delivered in excellent English, "An Asian Message to America -- Trustee of Civilization," was an act of sacrilege, a fatal error, if not a direct affront to the "IMF policy of insuring that English should remain as the Philippine language of administration and for instruction in the Filipino classrooms," according to Dean Apolinar B. Parale in his book, A Case for Filipino.

It is very necessary for Congress to enact a law declaring Visayan and Ilocano as ALSO official languages of the country, and that after a certain period of time English shall cease to be an official language, and become, as other major languages of the world, an elective language of study in the schools.

It would be also necessary for Filipino journalists and owners of the local periodicals to rethink their language policy, if they still value the meaning of patriotism, or love of Motherland. And this writer hereby appeals to the good reader to kindly visit -- http://www.Petition Online.com/ maBIni2 click this address, and just follow the prompts to endorse the Petition pending in Congress for the rationalization of our governments policy on language.

IRINEO PEREZ GOCE -- a.k.a. Ka Pule2
Marawoy, Lipa City, Batangas