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Monday, October 24, 2016


By Jose Alejandrino

My advice:
  1. Keep them off-balanced so they cannot anticipate your moves. If they cannot anticipate, they cannot pre-empt them.

  2. Draw your enemy into your terrain. Carry out feint movements that confuse them. Once they are in your terrain, strike. Deliver the final blow.

  3. The enemy will try to bait you by inventing stories and spreading disinformation so that you react. Don't fall for this trap. Don't reply. Let the netizens wallop them on social media.

  4. Never reveal the contents of diplomatic discussion or bilateral talks. What your enemy doesn't know will keep them guessing. When they are in the dark, they are blinded. Stick to general statements that are neither here nor there. Don't talk about specifics that can pin you down.

  5. Relax and enjoy your enemy's reaction. It will show their stupidity. When their stupidity shows, they will lose their credibility before the public.

  6. Stay cool and calm. Nothing rattles your enemy more than your calmness. It makes them nervous because they think you have something else behind your sleeves.

  7. Let your critics speculate. The more they speculate, the more they reveal their ignorance of what is really going on. Don't answer speculations.

  8. What your critics don't know paralyses them.

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