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Friday, October 28, 2016

Let’s get it on! Mocha Uson, Lacierda clash on what stupid means

Perhaps exasperated at the thousands of netizens who take sexy performer Mocha Uson’s statements on President Rodrigo Duterte as gospel truth, former presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda took to Facebook to appeal to her to “stop spreading the virus” of stupidity and research first before posting anything.
In a note posted after Duterte dared the United States to withdraw aid to the Philippines, Lacierda urged Uson to use Google to know just how much assistance the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gives to the Philippines annually.
“Don’t settle for stupidity. I know you mean well but Donald Trump shouldn’t be the standard of your nobility. You have an obligation to raise the standard of discourse. So don’t dumb down, level up,” he said.
In response, Uson told the former government official: “Sorry po sir Edwin Lacierda kayo na matalinong disente.”
Instead of keeping his silence, Lacierda shot back at the sexy performer and told her that she is “plain lazy” for failing— or refusing— to back up her claims with research.
Addressing Uson, he said: “You refused to enrich yourself with the truth. You satisfy yourself with the naked belief that your words are, in and of themselves, gospel truth. You speak of USAID without a whit evidencing effort on your part to learn its role. Maybe you have a phalanx of researchers, maybe you don’t. But if you want people to disagree with you intelligibly, the minimum requirement, for goodness sake, is to take some time to read and research.”
Given Uson’s immense reach on social media, Lacierda sad since it imperative upon her to do her followers a favor and research.
“As the Nike ad says: JUST DO IT! Research! I believe you have the intellectual capacity and the decency to do what is a basic human value of getting the facts straight,” he told her.
In response to Lacierda’s post, Uson posted this short statement on her page: “Salamat po sir Edwin Lacierda. Tapos napo 6 years niyo po move on na. With the utmost respect.”

My dear Mocha,
The whole purpose of the post was not to elicit an apology from you. If all you got from that post was to portray yourself with false humility, that was not my intention and frankly and with all due respect, you can be better than that.
 As a personality on social media, your FB is meant to sway people or to maintain support for the president. In a democracy that we live in, you are perfectly within your right to animate your followers. 

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Salamat po sir Edwin Lacierda. Tapos napo 6 years niyo po move on na.
With the utmost respect.


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