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Friday, October 28, 2016

FACEBOOK: Shut down the Facebook pages of biased media like Rappler, Inquirer, and ABS-CBN.

Charles Robert Coloma Manila, Philippines 

By perpetuating lies through their smear campaign against President Duterte, these media outlets violate the Journalist's Code of Ethics no. 1 which states:
I. I shall scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis. I recognize the duty to air the other side and to correct substantive errors promptly.
The news reports they provide are biased. They cherry pick items, quotes, and facts that would suit the political party they support in order to mislead the readers into thinking ill of the current administration. This is equivalent to spreading panic, fear, and misinformation and should never be tolerated. They have been doing this since then-Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte declared his intention to run for the presidency. They continuously publish deliberately misleading and/or incomplete news up to now. 

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