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Friday, October 14, 2016

JUST IN: Matobato To File Charges Against De Lima And Trillanes For Failed Promises

Alleged hitman and controversial witness Edgar Matobato on Tuesday he said he is contemplating on whether he will file a case Senators Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV, his counsel, Atty Rex Martin Sebastian from Public Attorney's Office (PAO) told the media.

According to Sebastian, Matobato's life is now in total mess after he was dragged into the current alleged Davao City Death Squad (DDS) and Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) cases.

The lawyer also added that both senators failed to fulfil their promises to ensure Matobato's safety. The lawyers did not give full details but said the two senators allegedly "promised Matobato a lot", including financial and livelihood support before he first appeared in Congressional hearing.

Sebastian said Matobato's life is now in imminent danger and he feels no one can protect him anymore because Sen. Leila De Lima is also facing and dealing with her own serious problem.

Matobato also felt that he was already abandoned by Senator Trillanes after he latter turned him over to the police.

"I think Sen. Trillanes already know that whatever they do will not make any sense anymore that's why they abandoned Mr. Matobato", Sebastian said.

"Nananahimik ang buhay ko, pinangakuan ako nila ng kung anu-ano tapos ngayon pababayaan ako. Paano na ang buhay ko?" Matobato said according to Atty. Sebastian.

Sebastian said he and a noter counsel are building their cases against both senators and will file formal charges in due time.

"When you are putting someone's life in danger, of course you should be held responsible for it." Sebastian said.


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