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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

BREAKING NEWS! Tito Sotto To File A Case Against De Lima For Presenting 'Fake' Witness? READ HERE!

Recently, the hearing on the Extrajudicial Killings went extremely viral when a senate witness was surprisingly presented in the hearing. Everyone was taken aback except from the chair, Senator Leila De Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes. Knowing the history of both senator and Duterte, it has been easily connected to different accusations of subversive propaganda from senators who support the President's war against drugs. 

The witness, Edgar Matobato, claims to be part of the Davao Death Squad who assassinates for Duterte back when he was still Mayor of Davao City. However, many senators questioned the credibility of the witness and shooted him with many questions to test his honesty. 

One of these is Sen. Tito Sotto who seemingly drove to a point that the witness was 'fake'. Firstly, he asked Matobato if there are any other witnesses that can collaborate with all the things he revealed. Matobato answered none as other witnesses are afraid to come out. He asked then if the witness has already signed a sworn statement or an affidavit regarding his statements. This was interrupted by De Lima saying that the Office of the Chair will assist in making an affidavit for the witness after the hearing. But when Sotto asked as to who arranged his arrival as witness in the senate. Matobato immediately answered that he is not going to reveal who for the safety of that person. When Sotto repeated the questioned, Matobato quickly changed answer saying he doesn't know who arranged for him to get there. 

Well, we trust that the truth shall come out soon. 


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