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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The PH was practically been invaded by China and US did nothing. What should we do? ~Share

Jose T. Almonte, the former National Security Advisor and Director-General of the National Security Council in the Cabinet of Philippines helps us understand the complex situation we have vis–à–vis the United States and China.

The Philippines was practically invaded by China and US did nothing.  The Chinese took over our shoals without firing a shot and our biggest ally was really quiet. Why?

Of course US knew what the Chinese were planning to do, the United States has the most advanced surveillance system in the world.

So we have to reexamine our relationship with the US and ask the question, what can we really expect from them?

In the past, our leaders have been very subservient to the US. They did what the US told them to do. What is my proof? Simple, the US constantly praised the government for being a good boy.  But what is good for the US is not necessarily good for the country. We must neither be pro-US or pro-China; we must be pro-Filipino.

Listen to Almonte tackle the issue.


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