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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Inquirer editors are wrong: It was De Lima, not Dick Gordon, who suffered a meltdown

The official yellow tabloid, also known as the “Philippine Daily Inquirer”, came out with an editorial against Senator Dick Gordon today.

Gordon’s crime? Calling out Leila de Lima’s crap at the last Senate hearing.

In the fantasy yellow planet that Inquirer editors live in, it was Gordon, not De Lima, who lost his sh*t and screamed like a lunatic, hence the op-ed title “Gordon’s meltdown”.

According to the Inquirer, Gordon “tried to shame De Lima that angered many people watching the televised hearing”.

That’s not a misprint. The Inquirer really wrote that.

Perhaps the PNP should include the Inquirer office in their next Oplan Tokhang visit. These hallucinating editors make shabu addicts look like models of sobriety.

The Inquirer editors love to misrepresent the truth because they think ordinary people are too stupid to see through their lies.

But who are the real stupid ones? Ordinary citizens like us, or theInquirer?

Let’s look at the facts, based on the actual video of the Senate hearing below.

1. Who had a meltdown, Gordon or De Lima?

Watch 5:52:09 to 5:54:00 of the video, and see who ranted like a wild animal, then stormed out of the session hall while shouting “I’m walking out! I’m walking out!”

Was it Gordon, or De Lima?

2. Was there “material concealment”?

In 5:47:50 of the video above, Trillanes read what Matobato said about his kidnapping case, based on the transcript:

Pinaylan ako ng kaso ma’am, ng kidnapping kay Sali Makdum. Hindi ko sila tinuro. Parang inako ko rin. Pinaylan ako sa NBI.”

Notice Matobato did not mention that it was Makdum’s wife who filed a kidnapping case against him. This was a deliberate omission.

But someone at the Senate already knew this juicy tidbit—Leila de Lima.

De Lima admitted that she interviewed Matobato on Sep 2, nearly two weeks before he first testified at the Senate on Sep 15.

In 5:06:39 of the video above, De Lima said this is what Matobato told her during that interview, based on her notes:

“A criminal case for kidnapping was filed against him (Matobato) by Makdum’s live-in partner or wife Mirasol Marquez.”

So, was there “material concealment”?

Hell, yes!

De Lima knew all along that Makdum’s wife held Matobato responsible for her husband’s disappearance. But despite knowing this, De Lima let Matobato pin the blame on President Duterte, in front of the global media!

Moreover, Makdum’s wife is the cousin of Matobato’s wife, so Matobato’s claim that he didn’t know Makdum, and only followed orders to kill him, was a total lie.

Worse, De Lima only admitted that she knew Makdum’s wife filed the kidnapping case after the Davao policemen already exposed it. She was forced to admit it so Matobato would not be accused of lying to the Senate.

There you go, Inquirer. The joke’s on you.

Senator Gordon, please don’t take this sitting down. Fight for what is right and what is true. Don’t let the yellow media bully you. The yellow media are dying. You don’t need to please them. Be on the side of the people instead, because we are watching everything, and we have our own voice now through social media.

Senator Gordon, don’t let De Lima and Trillanes off the hook just because it’s politically expedient. They need to pay for what they’ve done. Take a stand. Give your privilege speech and expose their grand deception. Millions of us are behind you. We are counting on you to make sure justice is done. The Filipino people and our President deserve no less.

This is your moment of truth, sir. Bring back the fearless Flash Gordon!


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