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Monday, October 17, 2016

Al Jazeera preview clip of Duterte interview edited to make Philippine president sound like a killer

The male Al Jazeera journalist, Wayne Hay, was very rude and condescending toward President Duterte. He acted like an ignorant hill-billy tourist talking down to a Pinoy taxi driver.
But President Duterte’s sincerity and good heart won out in the end. The President’s humility and simple but intelligent answers exposed Hay’s pettiness and shameful lack of knowledge.
Hay has some nerve acting all indignant about the killings in the Philippines when he’s not even Filipino and obviously has a very shallow understanding of what goes on here.
He didn’t even know President Duterte was referring to the UN arbitration ruling when the President held up a table napkin while they were discussing the South China Sea issue. Like a male Barbie doll trying to sound morally and intellectually superior, Hay said, “A blank sheet of paper?” What an airhead!
The President’s communications team should really think about whether or not these interviews are worth doing. These media groups are just using the President to build up their audience stats because he attracts a lot of attention. No matter what President Duterte says, these journalists still find sneaky ways to portray him negatively.
Just look at this preview clip that Al Jazeera made out of the recent Duterte interview.
Al Jazeera cut out the part where President Duterte talked about how innocent people killed in air strikes of Western countries are called “collateral damage” while the word “murder” is used when it comes to his war on drugs.
Al Jazeera edited that part out to make President Duterte sound like a crazy killer who doesn’t care about innocent casualties.
You know why they did this. They want the clueless ICC prosecutor and fanatical foreign human rights activists to watch this video clip, lose their sh*t, and start issuing more reckless statements against President Duterte without even knowing the real situation on the ground.
This is how they build up a case for foreign intervention. But they’re forgetting one thing: unlike the citizens of Middle Eastern and African countries that have been victimized by foreign intervention, most Filipinos can read, speak, and write in English, and we are spread all over the world, thanks to our army of OFWs. We also have a dominant presence on social media.
Fellow Pinoys, let us continue to communicate the truth by writing comments whenever we see lies being spread by the foreign media. Let us keep educating our foreign friends and colleagues about what’s really happening in our country. Our efforts are working. Just look at the thread on that Al Jazeera video. Even foreign netizens are defending President Duterte now.
Foreign activist groups like Human Rights Watch make a lot of noise on social media, but the truth is, most ordinary foreign citizens, including Americans and Europeans, are against the idea of intervention. They’re tired of watching their governments interfere in the affairs of distant countries, while ignoring problems at home. Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump are proof of this.
Ordinary people all over the world want their governments to mind their own business. It’s only the paid activist and media groups who keep promoting the idea of intervention.


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