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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Philippine Politics And The Dilemma Of Leila De Lima

What we witnessed in today’s senate circus – a.k.a committee on justice investigation into Extra Judicial Killings – is not only a farce but a national shame of epic proportions. There is nothing in this investigation that will aid any legislation whatsoever. This is a witch hunt and a forum to bring down a legitimate presidency. If there is indeed a Plan B, this is it. It is no longer a sinister plot behind closed doors. It is an ouster move out in the open.
Rody PortraitAnd today’s hearing is the lowest of the lows, where a supposed member of the dreaded DDS (Davao Death Squad) would bring life to a myth, and would personally attest to Rodrigo Roa Duterte as the man behind it all. Edgar Matobato confessed to killing people allegedly on the orders of Duterte, and even that of his son Paolo. He claimed to be a member of DDS, and he knows where the bodies were slain and buried, or fed to crocodiles (are there really crocs in that baranggay?) At first, he was impressive as he was explosive in revealing the dastardly acts he committed in the name of Digong.
Social media went into a frenzy.
But by noon time, Matobato’s fantastic claims suddenly lost steam under a barrage of clever questioning. His story suddenly collapsed under the sheer number of loopholes and yarn that would dislodge Aesop’s Fables as the all time great in fictional storytelling. By then, even Leila De Lima suddenly forgot that she was supposed to be an objective chair of a committee, and went about lawyering for Matobato. Adding to the confusion were the silly but brazen attempts of Senators Trillanes and Pangilinan to come to her rescue. With the witness suddenly developing amnesia and providing free advertising to McDonalds, it became clear that De Lima was in this solely for a demolition job.
In her haste to pin down Duterte, she couldn’t even coach Matobato properly, to the point that the witness even declared where he went into hiding, of all places, the favorite of Leila de Lima which is Pangasinan, home of her driver sweet lover Ronnie Dayan. Senator De Lima and perhaps the Liberal Party itself, are really so desperate to put a crack on the solid foundation of Duterte’s presidency because it seems nothing will really stick to make the people become sick and tired of the man. Three months have passed by so fast, and nothing that De Lima and company have exposed, plotted or spun, can dampen or even dent the Duterte juggernaut. Even the adventures of Leni Robredo that are being aided by tremendous media mileage is not working.
This is the dilemma of De Lima and her Liberal Party cohorts. As the days go by, their own betrayal of public trust during their heyday are now slowly creeping into our consciousness, and they no longer can keep the lid on their incompetence, their indifference, and their collusion with criminals that had this country teetering on the brink of becoming a narco-state.
This is why they are now desperate to throw everything, including the McDonalds kitchen sink and fryer towards Mr. Duterte.
They know that their window to Plan B is now fading fast.
The thing is, like their own witness, they don’t have the credibility to endear themselves to the people.
Their biggest dilemma is their delusion.
Originally written by: Mark Lopez

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