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Monday, September 19, 2016

Filipinos are their worst enemy and their politics more important than country

Hopefully there can be progress in the Philippines – but not without a systemic change in values from the top down. The Philippines ought to be able to improve – but this is contingent upon good policies, honesty, ending corruption and laws be followed. I am doubtful Duterte can change things; further, what will happen next election? If he can make significant changes( infrastructure, proper funding of departments, end corruption) then the country may move toward a better direction.

Referring to previous comments regarding foreign typhoon aid, other countries will donate and the money will be stolen as usual. I remember the comments from Roxas to Romualdez in Tacloban, after Yolanda. The politicians have hatred for each other. I remember politicians repackaging aid goods from foreign countries and putting their name and picture on it. Sometimes ‘aid’ comes as a quasi bribe, in my opinion. The U.S. provides military security to Europe and then Europe bows down to the U.S. Gov. Be careful which type of prostitute you wish to be. Europe is a prostitute, along with many others.

Filipinos are their own worst enemy. Politics seems more important than the country. Filipinos cause more damage to their country than the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese combined. Many countries have the same problem – but the Philippines is as bad as I’ve seen.


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