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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Filipinos, not Filipino politicians, are the Philippines' biggest problem

All these Filipino politicians—including the ones the masses hold in high regard like Miriam Defensor, Peter Cayetano, and Richard Gordon, just to name a few—are all crooks and thieves who wouldn’t think twice about accepting “kickbacks” and bribe money from oligarchs in exchange for favors.

How else are these politicians going to live the lavish, aristocratic lifestyle of owning mansions, luxury automobiles, and travel abroad in style unless they engage in dubious activities?

This is what really puzzles me about people who lambast the Yellow Party and elevate Marcos to a new height of heroism that has done a lot of good for the country, when all these politicians are guilty of “milking the cow,” sort to speak, of creating their own political dynasties and stealing from the country.

Even Duterte has installed his children in key positions in Davao to ensure their political power never leaves their family.

Filipinos are still looking for that “pie in the sky” of having a Mahatma Gandhi or a Lee Kwan Yew to re-incarnate themselves as their savior to rescue them from graft and corruption, when they themselves are the cause of their own misery by fighting like cats and dogs instead of working together to rebuild their nation.

So it doesn’t matter who leads this country; it’s still going to continue to be a “shithole” because the people still think and behave like “shitheads.”


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