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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Duterte: Don't blame me and Bato; drug suspects kill each other

During a speech in General Santos on Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte told the policemen that drug syndicates are the ones who kill each other.

“Did it ever occur to you that there was a silencing stage? Mostly sila-sila lang," he said.

“Pero ang patay lahat tinatapon nila kay Bato, sa akin, sa police. Then how stupid can you really get?” he added.

Duterte admitted that some high-ranking police officials were involved in illegal drug trade and there had been illegitimate police operations on his war on drugs.

“Sino ang nagpatay? May mga patay, marami illegitimate police action. Sabihin ito sa mga p***** i** bantay sila sa akin pagpunta nila dito. Hindi ba nila alam na pati mga police generals at police involved? At lahat iyong pinatay—nagpatayan sila because unahan na sila kasi these guys will be the killers,” he said.

Two retired police officials, Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo and Chief Supt. Vicente Loot who are included in Duterte's drug list were said to be protectors of drug lords.

“Nagpapatayan sila kung sino ang pumiyait kay Garbo, sino ang pumiyait kay Loot?” he said.

“Why do you attribute all the killings in Manila to the police and me when as a matter of fact there are gangsters including the police generals?” he said.

The president also took note of how the police were not commanded to wrap drug suspects.

“Iyong unang birada, binabalot ng plaster, sabi ko, ‘that is not the job of the police to make mummies, sa Egypt lang iyon. Bakit mag-ganoon? Magsayang-sayang ng panahon,” Duterte said.

“Why would we waste our time wrapping a body with—to make mummies out of those—kaya ako galit,” he added.

Duterte also countered the criticisms against him regarding his foul mouth, asserting that what foreign bodies mark as repulsive is ironic as they are the ones who are being so.

“Marumi raw ang bunganga ko, kasi tarantado kayo. You know why you get a retort from me that is really bullshit? Because you are also bullshitting us nga hindi pa nga nila alam kung sino ang nagpapatayan,” he said.


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