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Friday, September 23, 2016

Only courts can say if De Lima is guilty, but she is a dead duck politically

De Lima karma

#karma - what goes around, comes around.

#PDU30 Duterte has called Senator Leila De Lima immoral and an adulteress, with a driver-lover for whom she built a mansion for their romantic rendezvous. Worse, the senator is allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

De Lima has since been ousted as chairperson of the Senate committee on justice and human rights by no less than 16 senators. They claimed she had been using the committee to denounce the President by presenting a self-confessed member of the "Davao Death Squad" (DDS) in Edgar Matobato who claimed over 1,080 had been killed by the DDS, in which the President was involved. Mr. Duterte has since denied everything.

Now De Lima is being roasted by the House of Representatives. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre presented witnesses to the House committee investigating De Lima's involvement in the drug trade. The witnesses said De Lima obtained millions of pesos as payola from convicted drug lords.

She has absolutely no chance to survive this politically. The powers of the President are vast and awesome.

#PDU30 not only has the House of Representatives under his thumb. He also has the The National Bureau of Investigation, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Philippine National Police.

De Lima, for sure, will be prosecuted since the testimonies of the long line of witnesses against her would amount to probable cause for a case in court.

De Lima had it coming. Former President BS Aquino used her as his attack dog in persecuting former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Mr. Aquino had wanted to show the world that he could send a former president to jail. Mrs. Arroyo was his poster child for the fight against corruption under the hypocritical "Daang Matuwid."

BS Aquino also used De Lima to prosecute minority senators like former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, and Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada. Never in the past, have we seen a president as vindictive as Aquino was (if you count out Cory).

And then the question: Would we have problems in drugs, criminality and corruption if BS Aquino had done his job?

Only the courts can say whether De Lima is guilty or not. But politically speaking, she is a dead duck.


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