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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Can Senator Leila De Lima Truly Be Perceived As Innocent?


Posted By: Lance
Based on the events, testimony, scrutiny and revelation, during both the Senate and Congressional Hearings held the last few days and weeks, the citizens of the Philippines have been made aware of the various dubious activities and acts that Senator Leila De Lima have been accused of involvement.
antonio-javierOur most obvious observation is Senator De Lima forgot that she is no longer Secretary of Justice and now presides as a Senator. Her overly dramatic frequent interviews and manipulative assertions are exactly what she did as Secretary of Justice but as she no longer holds that position and was elected Senator, she no longer has the jurisdiction of pursuing Justice in the same way. With her taking on President Duterte, as a Senator, there are strict conventions that must be followed that holds the Senators to maintain accountable respectability and integrity. It is noted that she simply does not, or is too undisciplined – well below standards – in being able to transform to the position of Senator. Her bickering and continued unacceptable behavior towards the President shows she truly is an uncontrollable and conniving individual, lacking the respect to our head of State President Duterte who was unanimously voted by the people.
To deceive the Senate by introducing perjured witness Edgar Matobato, her behavior showed lack of respect for the system of the Senate, by going beyond the topic of the current Extra Judicial Killings. What does an alleged Death Squad of the past have to do with the Commission she was awarded to chair. She manipulated her desire to pursue her own agenda beyond what is expected of her in reviewing the current Extra Judicial Killings. She is simply irresponsible, conniving and uncontrollable well below Senate standards. She sacrificed the reputation of the nation and enticed the International media and the different Human Rights Groups to demean and defame our nation for her own agenda and self glory. This is quite despicable and truly un-Filipino like.
Now add on the current Congressional Inquiry on Drugs in Bilibid and the revelation from the inmate witnesses and current NBI personnel how she transform the Bilibid prison from being a disciplined correctional center into an entertainment hub with freedom of lifestyle much better than life outside and full of amenities. Just imagine as Secretary of Justice De Lima extorted money for her campaign to be Senator as validated by NBI Director and agent when they were used to deliver millions directly to her house in Paranaque. The prisoners that testified also revealed how they raised millions possibly reaching billions of pesos, through De Lima’s partner in the Bilibid, Jaybee Sebastian, manipulating the leading commander of each of the influential groups in the Bilibid. They developed marketing drugs both inside and outside the prison. The Congressional Hearing achieved the ultimate exposure of De Lima’s criminal escapade and is now preparing the filing of criminal cases against her.
During the Congressional Hearing the testimony of Colangco was questioned and he said that he was given De Lima cell number which he used to talk to her. One of the Congressman asked for the number and he simply supplied it in live TV coverage and another Congress woman stated that it was De Lima’s number as it was saved in her contact list as 0917 8429131.
And to show you how bad a lawyer she truly is, De Lima is now crying foul as reported in the Inquirer News. She has admitted that Colangco’s testimony is correct and she admitted association with him. This also validates a possible early morning rendezvous in Colangco’s cell where she ask for sex and Colangco exposed privately with the lawyers how revolting it was because she had bad breath.
You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to conclude Senator Leila De Lima’s evil, conniving, manipulative, greedy and selfish character that truly needs to face proper justice for all the crimes she has commuted. I hope that when her criminal case is finished, Congress have brought back the Death Penalty and she would be the best example to die by hanging or firing squad. Electric chair or lethal injection would not be appropriate enough.for her crimes that was destroying and manipulating the unity and harmony of the nation.

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