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Monday, September 19, 2016

Routine American hypocrisy in calling out "extrajudicial killing" in the Philippines

How’s this for hypocrisy?

A couple of weeks ago, the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power tweeted:

Alarming reports of ongoing extrajudicial killings in the #Philippines; government must respect human rts & rule of law

Did Power get the side of President Duterte before she tweeted? No. She based her judgment on sensationalized media reports and the hysterical claims of human rights activists, most of whom are funded by US-based interest groups.

Today, we find out that Samantha Power “expressed regret” over a US air strike yesterday that killed 60+ soldiers of the Syrian army and wounded at least 100 others.

"We are investigating the incident," US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power told journalists as the emergency Security Council meeting, called by Russia, got under way in New York. 

"If we determine that we did indeed strike Syrian military personnel, that was not our intention. And we of course regret the loss of life."

How can the most powerful government in the world, with all its resources, make such a mistake?

Easy. When that government’s top officials such as Samantha Power are too busy making self-righteous critiques against other countries, and habitually pass judgment without looking at objective, non-partisan information, they make these kinds of blunders.

And how do they make up for these mistakes? They say “Oops, sorry”, like they only knocked over a glass of water, then blame someone else—in this case Russia. Samantha Power accused Russia of “moralism and grandstanding” for denouncing the air strike, and called Russia “cynical and hypocritical”.

To Samantha Power:

It is quite clear to the rest of the world who the global expert is on moralism and hypocrisy, and it’s not Russia. You have A LOT of cleaning up to do in your own backyard. Please focus on that and stop interfering in Philippine affairs.

Do you know why most Filipinos are not bothered by President Duterte’s war on drugs, and are in fact supportive of it? Because that is what we voted him for. He won by a landslide because he promised to take drastic, bloody measures to end criminality and corruption. If you and the US really believed in democracy, you would respect the choice of the Filipino people, and leave us alone.

Our country and our president are not your problem. Your deadly meddling all over the world under the guise of “democracy” is the problem.

Will we be seeing this tweet from you anytime soon?

“Alarming reports of extrajudicial killing of soldiers & civilians in #Syria; US government must respect human rts & rule of law”

We’re waiting.


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