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Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 10 Foods that Fight Disease Better than Drugs

There are so many disease and health problems to safeguard your body against, and one of the best ways to put up a wall of defense between illnesses and your health is by getting the right nutrition.
With so many great healing foods, it’s hard to choose just 10, but if you stock your kitchen with a plentiful supply of these staples, you’ll ward off everything from cancer and colds to arthritis and menopause.

Top 10 Foods that Fight Disease

1. Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines) are some of the best fruits to boost your immunity to colds and certain types of cancer. Citrus fruits have lots of vitamin C and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants.
2. Cranberries
The seeds are found to be very helpful as the drug trimethoprim in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections in older women, with no risks for infections.
3. Strawberries

Strawberry is beginning to emerge as uniquely beneficial to cardiovascular health. Strawberry powder has been shown to improve the lipid profile and oxidative stress markers, and markers of atherosclerosis, in women with metabolic syndrome.

4. Apples
The apple’s peel contains phytochemicals that can help keep the deadliest form of breast cancer from forming in human breast cells according to the U.S. Apple Association.
Eating apples can also help reduce other forms of cancer and stave off Alzheimer’s disease. Try them sliced with some fat-free caramel dip.
5. Elderberry
This fruit has been used as natural anti-respiratory infection remedy since ancient times. It is also confirmed by new studies and researches that the flavonoid in its content can be compared favorably with antiviral drug Tamiflu.
6. Carrots
Carrots are full of vitamin A, an essential vitamin for healthy eye development, and beta-carotene, an antioxidant that is also thought to seek and destroy cancer cells.
Carrots also have vitamin B, C and E and glutathione, which aids in liver detox.
7. Avocados
They are full of good fats, or essential fatty acids, and 20 other vitamins and minerals that will help maintain a healthy heart and immune system.
Tomatoes contain lycopene, which has been found to reduce the risks of certain types of cancers. Studies have shown lycopene can significantly reduce a man’s chances of prostate cancer.
9. Spinach
As green as this vegetable is, it’s no wonder it’s a boon for your health. Any way you cook spinach, it’s good. The leafy green is high in vitamin A, C and E, iron and low in calories.
10. Garlic
Garlic has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels, possibly guard against the common cold and other illnesses and naturally repel mosquitoes.


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