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Saturday, March 26, 2016

How To Spot A Legitimate, Self Serving, Politically Uneducated Troll

John Goodman - AvatarOnce again, the Filipino political activism scene on Facebook, has exposed another Liberal Party troll. And amazingly, she follows the same, nearly identical pattern as most others. They neither stick to the subject at hand – such as their own posting. They immediately attack the commentators with insults – as if that somehow legitimizes their post. And most importantly, they completely avoid any challenge to prove the commentator wrong. In short… They almost never back their shit up.
So aside from the rumored paychecks these trolls receive.[*] What drives them to continually lie to their own people, while never being able to support said lies in the slightest manner? I decided to show proof, once again of the ignorance that drives these idiots to say and do almost anything. While simultaneously making themselves appear as bigger assholes then they already are. One such troll posted a self serving opinion, in the hopes that others would agree. While there were an assortment of responses. She made the mistake of exposing her ignorance to one of our writers. And in the expanse of a few hours. Simply gave up, due to lack of substance and gray matter.
What follows is her posting, as well as her counterproductive argument. She manged to drag a pair of deadbeats into the equation. But they faded in a matter of minutes. I left their comments to reveal the ignorance they all share. Enjoy.

Jacques: Who is Lorie? Someone who has yet to offer an ounce of political logic.
Who is Lorie? Someone who litters Facebook with endless, unsupported drivel.
Lorie: Who is Jacques? An alien
Jacques: Who seems to possess 10 times the knowledge you have. Which isn’t much at all.
Lorie: You’re just talking rubbish Jacques tsk
Lorie: If I were you, I won’t interfere at all because I am just an alien.
Jacques: C’mon Lorie. Show me something. Anything. That will prove ME wrong. I have been asking nitwits like yourself, for over 2 years now to do just that.
And ALL of you have either said the same stupid comments, such as “you talk rubbish” crap. Or haven’t done a damn thing to disprove a word of what I said.
C’mon…. Go for it.
Cuarteros: He is an allien without sense ma’am hahhahaha or a poser FB account hahaha
Dory: He’s a marcos parasite, marcos ass licker
Cuarteros: Hehheeheh blood sucker haahah
Jacques: C’mon you nitwits. Try and prove anything I have said as wrong. Your feeble attempts to discredit, through the use of personal insults proves only TWO things.
1. You’re all ignorant, and incapable of defending anything you say.
2. You simply make yourselves appear like bigger asses than you already are.
Conclusion: As always. I must be right again.
Jacques: C’mon Dory. You’re making yourself look more ignorant than you already are. Prove me wrong. And we’re done. It’s that easy.
Dory: You yourself is insulting us so your statements are only fit for you
Jacques: As I said Dory. You trolls just talk, talk, talk. But produce nothing of worth. All you know how to do, is belittle people, when you can’t defend yourselves, or your pathetic subject matter. You are ALL the perfect reflection of the classic old saying.
“An empty wagon, rattles the loudest.”
Lorie: First and foremost you are defending a corrupt leader , dictator, a killer ,a rubbish talkers.. How could I appreciate with that principles of yours?
Jacques: Interesting accusation you made there Lorie.
1. Could you point out the corrupt leader you claim I am defending?
2. Then the Dictator.
3. And the killer.
And keep in mind. You just might be doing the same. So be prepared to back up your comment, toot sweet.
Lorie: Marcos and Duterte
Jacques: When, where and how have I ever defended Marcos?
When, where and how have I defended Duterte?
As for YOU and your bunch Lorie. Let us talk about the more corrupt Aquinos that you Lemmings seem to enjoy defending now. Shall we?
And remember. Talking about someone in a positive manner is not defending them in any way, shape or form.
Lorie: The subject here is not Aquino,
Jacques: I warned you 2 comments ago, to keep in mind. You might be doing the same. And to be prepared.
Now, answer where I have actually defended both.
Lorie: Yes
Jacques: So answer my question. When, where and how have I defended either one of these men?
Lorie: Waaaahhh why youre asking me a question when you know the answer? Toinkkks
Jacques: You see Lorie. You just have the SAME answer as every other nitwit I come across. You all talk shit against anyone who doesn’t agree with your narrow minded way of thinking. But when it comes to backing your own play. You can’t do shit. In other words lady. Like every other maroon I have bumped into these past 2 years. You can’t even point out a single example.
No wonder you people can’t even defend your own postings.
Lorie: Jacques. Narrow minded is the meaning of your name,, you’re just like a torompo.. Pabalik balik na isyu
Jacques: I rest my case. You can’t point to anything coming from my corner.
Lorie: Bye JACQUES

yellow-5I am sure what you just read doesn’t come as a surprise to you. As I am confident you too, have crossed paths with these nitwits. The best conclusion I have reached is this. Thanks to the consumption of too much Yellow Dye #5 these past 3 decades. These so-called yellow lemmings will say and do anything for their puppet masters. Be it BS Aquino himself. Or any other Liberal Party shyster.
Here are a few things you can do when dealing with them in the course of your day.
  • Do not take what they have to say as immediate Gods gospel.
  • Research their postings to confirm their claims.
  • Simply ignore it from the start (best recourse).
[*] While no one has actually come  forward admitting as such. There have been numerous reports and other tidbits of information to support that specific people are being paid – quite well I might add – for their efforts.

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