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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Must Know! How To Recognize Genetically Modified Food In The Shops And Markets?

Genetically modified organisms are plants that scientists have changed. There is no strict formula that will give you the right answer how to differentiate GMO and non-GMO foods.
However, there are a few effective simple ways to help you identify the right one. Just keeping these things in mind will help you and your health in the long run.
GMO food is nicer, rounder, and shinier, with equal size, bright color, without bruising and damages, without scars and signs of spoilage. In nature we are not all the same. Someone is higher, some lower, some bigger and some skinnier. The same goes for natural fruits and vegetables.
Buy fruits and vegetables that are, so to speak, improperly with an ugly look. Look for fruits and vegetables with different colors, sizes and shapes. Nothing will be lacking if it is slightly hit and shows signs of being really alive i.e. to start spoiling. On the shelves where such fruits and vegetables can be found, chances are they are not GMO.
Buy from farmers who are growing the products themselves and use the above tips. The farmers also can grow a GMO plant without being aware of it or feed their farm animals with GMO products (mostly corn).
The meat from such animals, in principle, should look the same as the normal one, but note the appearance of the liver and kidneys. If they look sick, you better quit buying because these animals may be fed with GMO food.
Ignore the wonderful packaging, producers now spend more cash on delightful bundling since the profit of GMO food is greater and allows them to spend more money on the packaging.
Educate yourself on the web for nations that are developing GMOs. On the off-chance that something is coming from the country which has allowed GMO, there is no doubt that it is GMO: Be careful and gather info from news on the nations that forbid imports of GMOs like France, Hungary.
Along these lines, in any event, you should verify that the item is non GMO. The same applies for the nations that are significant makers of GMO products such as the USA, Argentina, Brazil, China and India.
Workers in Monsanto are not eating the products they produce; doctors who vaccinate other children, don’t vaccinated their own kids. Keep your eyes wide open while you’re in the stores.
GMO foods are least expensive, and natural foods are generally more expensive. The old rule on how to keep a healthy wellbeing is eating a healthy diet with regular leafy foods.
Every time you find in stores organic products or vegetables when it’s not their season;it’s typically foreign-made and imported (note the nation of origin) or developed in nurseries utilizing with bio-innovations that are agents for fast growing of bacteria and pesticides.

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