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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#NoynoyAquino Fails To Deliver on Anti-Corruption Platform

#NoynoyAquino Fails To Deliver on Anti-Corruption Platform
After nearly 6 years of a de facto regime, where does the Philippines (and Pinoys) stack up in relation to Noynoy Aquino’s anti-corruption platform?
To answer the question, let us review the promises made by Noynoy during the election. I will tell you right now, that all the candidates anti-corruption platform will be the same as Noynoy as they will be soliciting the solutions from the very same government crooks who are out to protect their wallets.
Having said that, let’s look at Noynoy’s anti-corruption platform so you will understand what’s gonna happen after you bamboozle yourself into electing another criminal who will whack your behind.
Aquino Anti-Corruption Platform The Reality
1 From a President who tolerates corruption… to a President who is the nation’s first and most determined fighter of corruption. Corruption has worsened – PDAF hello
2 From a government that merely conjures economic growth statistics that our people know to be unreal… to a government that prioritizes jobs that empower the people and provide them with opportunities to rise above poverty. This regime does not conjure – it DENIES!
3 From relegating education to just one of many concerns… to making education the central strategy for investing in our people, reducing poverty and building national competitiveness. Educating people with USELESS content that does not get them hired – they only end up as beneficiaries of government subsidies
4 From treating health as just another area for political patronage… to recognizing the advancement and protection of public health, which includes responsible parenthood, as key measures of good governance. The only thing advanced is the wallet of cronies and government officials – physicians are undercompensated, patients are underserved.
5 From justice that money and connections can buy… to a truly impartial system of institutions that deliver equal justice to rich or poor. What we have is a system that shields Aquino cronies and allies – and prosecutes harasses Aquino’s enemies.

Source: http://www.noynoy.ph/v3/platform.php, Accessed 05/21/2010 The website is GONE – just like Aquino’s promises.

Action Plan
1 Noynoy Aquino will appoint public officials based on their integrity, qualifications and performance record and will hold them accountable to the highest ethical standards of public office. Seriously, all of Aquino’s appointees are crooks who are tied to crony owned firms.
2 As required by law, all Department Secretaries, Heads of Agencies, and senior officials from Director to Undersecretaries will be required to have their Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) available and accessible to the public. The SALN law is a joke. It does not negate the theft of your income by these crooks!
3 An Aquino Administration will ensure transparency and citizen’s participation in crafting and implementing laws, rules and regulations and in monitoring the programs, projects and transactions of government. Are you serious? Transparency in creating a law that steals your income and redistributes it to Aquino cronies? Free lobotomy anyone?
4 Uphold the people’s right to information on matters of public concern and support the enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill in Congress What happened to the FOI bill? Nothing. TOLD YOU SO!
5 To enable citizens to help stop corruption, information about the government’s budget shall be organized, packaged and distributed to the media regularly and posted in the internet so the public may know, understand and monitor how their money is spent So did information about how the PDAF was spent reduce corruption??? NO IT DID NOT!
6 Strengthen people’s participation with simple and clear procedures for citizens to monitor all government projects and report their feedback through accessible means. So did information about how the PDAF was spent reduce corruption??? NO IT DID NOT!
7 Strengthening the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of the Ombudsman will be a top priority in the campaign against corruption. We will fully implement the recently passed Prosecution Service Act in order to strengthen the national prosecution service, attract qualified lawyers, and institutionalize a more effective witness protection program while improving training and equipment. So how did the DOJ treat the SC ruling on the PDAF?
8 Ensure the independence of the Office of the Ombudsman by appointing a competent and credible Ombudsman who will be true to the mandate of the office and will pursue unresolved cases of corruption and human rights abuses committed by public officers. So what did the Ombudsman do about the PDAF?
9 An Aquino Administration will put into place a “zero-based” budgeting system to enhance transparency and improve efficiency. So what has the “zero-based” budgeting system done about the PDAF?
10 Budget allocations for the different agencies of government will be shaped by their performance and their compliance with the reports of the Commission on Audit (COA) So has this eliminated the pilfering of the PDAF?
11 Noynoy Aquino respects the professional bureaucracy and will establish ways to motivate and energize the professional bureaucracy By doing what? Releasing more PDAF?
12 Qualification standards, especially on eligibility, will be strictly followed, and at least half of the positions of Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries will be filled by honest and competent career civil servants to ensure continuity and sustainability of effective policies and programs Competency based on what? Connections to Aquino, that’s what!!!
13 Government offices will be streamlined and rationalized so that agencies have clear cut and distinct mandates in order to spur greater efficiency and accountability Greater efficiency in stealing and wasting your income is good????
14 Performances of government agencies and civil servants will be evaluated rationally and systematically through an effective and measurable performance management system to be approved by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Greater performance in stealing and wasting your income is good????
15 The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Performance Management System-Office Performance Evaluation System (PMS-OPES) will be linked with the DBM Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF) to ensure accountability of government agencies and officials Accountability on how your stolen income was wasted and redistributed to cronies? Anyone got gray matter in this country?
16 Review the mandates and performance of government agencies and Government Owned or Controlled Corporations (GOCCs). These GOCCs are fronts for pilfering people’s incomes – and are corrupt to the max!
In other words, Noynoy’s anti-corruption platform – or better yet, the anti-corruption platform prepared by his government handlers is BANKRUPT and USELESS – and Noynoy’s promises are nothing but VAPORWARE that only the gullible and naive fall for.
At what point will Pinoys realize that they have just been “electing” one criminal enterprise to another?
At what point will Pinoys realize that freedom from politicians and their criminal pilfering ways is the ONLY WAY out of this moral and economic black hole that clothes itself with useless ultra-nationalism?
I have no freaking idea, but here’s what I know – I will be busy putting up TOLD YOU SOs one after another.
Or better yet, I will just look at Pinoys with a smile – and just say, “that’s what you wanted, so suck it up”.

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