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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Hidden Danger Of Bottled Water?!

There is a perception among many people that bottled water is somehow more healthy or pure than water from their tap.
The most common plastic used in water bottle manufacturing is PET (polyethylene terephthalate), an environmentally unfriendly substance that actually requires 17.5 kilograms of water to produce only 1 kilogram of PET.
Considering all we could say that bottled water is not clean as we thought. This water can be worse than tap water but also it can be same as a tap water.
Studies discovered the cancer agents, benzene Freon, kerosene, toluene, trichloroethylene, and xylene in a number of bottled waters.
German researchers have found that the longer a bottle of water sits on a store shelf or in a household pantry, the higher the dose of antimony it contains. Amounts of this potentially toxic trace element were measured for 15 brands of Canadian bottled water and 48 European brands.
People buy bottled water precisely because they believe that it is completely clean also bottled water may contain harmful things :
– Coliform bacteria – rod-shaped bacteria such as E. coli generally they are present in the human intestine.
– Arsenic – a poison.
– Chlorides – chloride is a compound of chlorine.This substance is used for the disinfection of tap water.
– Iron – metal element. Iron is necessary to the body but not in excessive quantities.
– Manganese – very similar to iron and is used in fertilizers.
– Phenols – corrosive , toxic and acid components.
– Zinc – metal element ; body needs zinc but not in large quantities.
– Fluoride – intentionally are added to some bottled water but it should be noted on the label.

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