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Thursday, March 24, 2016

This Medicinal Drink Breaks The Blockage And Clean Your Coronary Arteries? (RECIPE)

The arteries in the human body are the main carriers of oxygen and nutrients to the heart and other organs. They are very important for our health and it is very important to keep them clean …
Fatty foods, processed products, chemicals and toxins can cause serious problems in the cardiovascular system.
These three useful foods can completely clean the clogged arteries and eliminate fat from the blood. When them monthly, you will get a very tasty and healthy drink.
This drink can reduce the fat in the body, cleanse the liver and protect your body from bacteria and viruses. You will solve the free radicals and infections that have a negative impact on the flow of blood, as well as a fully strengthen your immune system.
RECIPE: How to prepare this drink
Ingredients needed:
– 8 lemon
– 4 liters of clean water
– One piece of ginger, the size of 4-5 cm
– 8 frontal garlic
The method of preparation:
Before you chop the lemon slices, a good wash. Peel the ginger and garlic and place all ingredients in a blender. Mix all ingredients until they are well combined, will receive this solid color homogeneous mixture.
Once you have mixed and blended mixture put in a pan, add water and place on stove to cook. When the mixture starts to boil, you must remove it from the heat. Wait until the mixture cool, then strain. Pour the resulting drink in a glass bottle.
Mode consumption:
Consume one sip a cup of this drink two hours before each meal (obroga) on an empty stomach. During treatment you should be physically active at least three times a week.
In this way, except that your arteries will be cleared, you will also improve your overall health.

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