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Sunday, March 13, 2016

How to Answer the Bullshit of Duterte’s MORONIC Supporters

Posted by BongV on Jul 28, 2015

Politicians supporters have many ways of justifying their enslavement. Duterte’s supporters are no different than the supporters of Binay, Noynoy, Roxas, Grace Poe.
These supporters have not figured out that all these politicians want the same thing – to rule over them, to plunder money and redistribute to cronies, and enrich themselves.
On Duterte’s Nationalism
BULLSHIT yang dialog na pasakop sa mga kano…
Ang labas nyan… sakop kayo ng Duterte dynasty at mga crony nya.
Wag kayong GUNGGONG – nationalism is useless.
Learn from the lessons of Singapore and Hongkong – where lots of Filipinos go to find GOOD PAYING jobs provided by FOREIGN investors from ALL OVER THE WORLD – not just the Kano!
Note the emphasis on GOOD PAYING – not a starvation pay job where the LGU makes you sweep the streets all day long.
On Duterte’s Federalism
You don’t want slavery of Manila…
but you choose slavery of Duterte..
Kung di ba naman kayo mga tanga
No to slavery – whether by Manila or Duterte!
30 kph speed limit of Davao is STUPID GOVERNANCE.
A city traffic monitoring system – to do what? To watch the 30 kph traffic?
How many terms has Duterte held office – have the roads improved at all?
Are there any private operated TOLLWAYS?
O ayaw ng private tollways kasi – alam nyo na, yung income di pwede gawing COA-exempt.
On Davao as Safest City by Numbeo
This is one that preys on the IGNORANT.
The numbers in NUMBEO are provided by site visitors.
Therefore from a statistical standpoint – those numbers are not representative of the global population.
In plain language – the claim is BULLSHIT!
The typical Pinoy will compare Davao with another Philippine city.
Folks, we are trying to rise out of Philippine mediocrity.
Comparing Davao to another mediocre Philippine city is MORONIC.
But then Pinoys will not compare a Philippine City with a foreign city – because they know the Philippine city will SUCK!!!
On Duterte’s Anti-Drugs
Anti-drugs si Digong?
for all you know… si Digong mismo ang drug lord – pag naging legal ang drugs, babagsak ang presyo – at liliit ang profit nya
Or, he can be in cahoots with BIG drug lords (yung small time lang ang nilalaglag) – Pag naging decriminalized/legalized ang drugs, tulad ng nangyari sa Portugal, Colorado, Alaska, California, Washington, Mexico City – liliit na ang kita ng mga drug lords – at liliit campaign funds mula sa mga drug lords.
On Duterte’s “Simple” Life
Having a smaller house than Binay’s mansion still does not mean Digong is poor. It just happens that other trapos are more ostentatious than him.
Cmon now, how much is the salary of a city mayor – to allow him a fleet of cars and motorcycles – not to mention the thugs/bodyguards that surround him – or shares of ownership in a business, like a taxi fleet – are invisible.
On Duterte Having Improved Davao’s Economy
This is the BIGGEST BULLSHIT of all.
Investors go to Davao because there is profit to be made – a market of 2 million people – not because Digong is playing Zorro or Diego Salvador!
I am sure there’s more BULLSHIT to come as the Pinoy Zombie Apocalpyse este elections come closer.
Pinoy voters and their candidates are SO ANNOYING and DISGUSTING.
It’s not the lies that annoy me – it is the insult to my intelligence that they come up with all these BULLCRAP!
Now for those of you who ask what’s the alternative – para na akong sirang plaka (broken record) telling people to rely on themselves and not on government or any politician for that matter.
But then – am really not in the business of telling the stupid what to do – am not the jackass whisperer.


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