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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Yolanda Scandal is the Biggest Disaster Relief Scandal in History - ICCO

The International Confederation of Charitable Organizations (ICCO-OXFAM) said that Haiyan-related corruption is the biggest disaster relief-related scandal in history. With more than $2.7B missing funds and undistributed relief goods, OXFAM called the incident “sadly embarrassing”.

OXFAM and World Health Organizations (WHO) consolidated report indicates that a bigger part of donated funds were lost in the hands of organizers and only a fraction of aid were distributed to the victims.

The following is the breakdown of donated funds based on WHO consolidated reports

$552 million US dollar cash (43.5 billion Pesos in current value) donated by different international governments including US (UK, CAN, CHINA, AUS, and others.


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