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Thursday, March 9, 2017

What happened to the Philippine educational system after Marcos?

By Jacques Phillip

[Past Transgressions] - I am so thoroughly disgusted with what has happened to the educational system here, in the Philippines.

During the Marcos administration, this country had a world class education system, that was 2nd behind Japan with a 98% literacy rate. Now it has one of the lowest in the world. DePed, the schools and associated teachers are about NOTHING but making money for themselves. Sucking the bank accounts of the students and their parents. Convincing these kids that THEY MUST get through college to further themselves, when in reality, only a handful of the universities here are any good at all. And even then, you are still required to go through one, final "Board-Exam" to get your license.

What crap that is! Your Diploma IS your license folks. It says "I graduated and am qualified to do what my degree says I am." Instead... These last exams are nothing more than one last ditch effort for the school system to get whatever money is left in the students pockets. I personally have dealt with college IT graduates that have a degree, and don't even have a clue how to repair, let alone "swap-out" a CD-Rom drive from a basic computer system. The school got the money. And the student got nothing.

And to add to this horror show, came the arrival of the "contract job" market, which was implemented after the Marcos era. All it did was make things worse. Example: You have qualified nurses in this country, who have been doing their jobs for years, and have never seen a paycheck of any kind. Why? Because they have to do a 90 day internship before the hospital will hire them. Sadly, on day 89, many are given some lame excuse as to why their services are no longer needed, and they are let go. Strangely... a new nurse has filled her shoes the next day.

Even worse is this mickey mouse thing the elementary and high schools call a "student project." Before the semester ends, they are instructed to bring brooms, dustpans, chairs, pocketbooks, tarps, and God knows what else to their teachers by a specific date, or they WILL get a lower or failing grade. None of this shit has any educational value what-so-ever. And in almost all cases, these items end up in the teachers personal possession anyway.

In spite of all the negative propaganda that has been thrown around about the late, President Ferdinand Marcos, at least HE GOT THE JOB DONE FOR THE PEOPLE!! Every politician since 1986 has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE. Only themselves.

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