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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The real reason why the We Are Collective page was taken down from Facebook

VP Leni Robredo was not the reason why the “We Are Collective” FB page was taken down; Jim Paredes did not talk to FB Ph head Digs Dimagiba to remove the WAC page (the picture of Jim and Digs was taken a long time ago when Digs was still with Samsung); and It was not taken down because of the so called mass reporting by the Yellow Army. The WAC FB page was taken down because FB believes it has violated something in their community standards.

In a recent interview with Monika Bickert FB Head of Global Policy management, she said:

Removing a page for a violation of our standards does not have to do with the number of reports. In fact, there is no difference in our review system whether a piece of content has been reported one time or 500 times. When a content is reported to us, we review it again to our community standards, and if it violates we remove it. If it doesn't, we leave it up on the site.

Somebody reported the WAC page for hate speech yes, and it was removed because FB believes is has violated the community standards.

The good news is, owner of a removed FB page could make an appeal for FB to put it back. However, appeal from other people does not work. So your hashtag campaign #reinstateWeAreCollective is useless.

Monika Bickert however, admitted that FB do commit mistakes...

..we do make mistakes, and we certainly have made mistakes from time to time. So, we do rigorous accuracy audit to try to improve the quality of our review. And we do reinstate content if we've removed it by mistake.

So!!! It is important for the owner of We Are Collective to make an appeal to FB and not ask other people to do it for them.

Art Samaniego Jr as posted on Facebook.


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