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Thursday, March 16, 2017

VP Leni Robredo’s statements against the Duterte government are treacherous

Is current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo one of the dumbest politicians in the Philippines today? With her recent actions, it seems like it. Robredo has decided to go on a full head-on collision course against her President Rodrigo Duterte – someone she is supposed to serve as part of her mandate. In a pre-recorded video meant for the 60th annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria, Robredo addressed her “concerns” about Duterte’s war on drugs:
“We are now looking at some very grim statistics: since July last year, more than 7,000 people have been killed in summary executions.”
“Some of those who have told us that when there’s crime, they normally go to the police. Now, they don’t know where to turn. Our people feel both hopeless and helpless—a state of mind that we must all take seriously,” she said.
The problem with Robredo is she reported unverified claims against Duterte and the Philippine National Police to the international community, specifically the United Nations, without backing them up with data from the law enforcement agency. For someone who is advocating against “fake news”, Robredo made serious allegations based on hearsay. She’s being inconsistent and a hypocrite as usual. It’s like she’s not a lawyer. She has pissed off the Philippine National Police by painting them in a bad light. She didn’t even ask them for clarification about their scheme “palit-ulo”, which is “a commitment of a drug suspect to provide assistance in the arrest of a ‘bigger fish’ in the illegal drug syndicate.”
Robredo’s action is despicable. It is tantamount to treason. In her efforts to bring down the the Duterte government, she is inadvertently bringing down the entire country. The consequences of her actions would be devastating to Filipinos who have suffered instability for decades as a result of destabilisation efforts by the Liberal Party and their allies.
Robredo doesn’t care about respecting Philippine institutions and upholding the rule of law despite calling for it in her statements to the UN. If she did, she wouldn’t ask for international intervention in dealing with local issues. And Robredo advocating for rule of law is quite laughable considering she allegedly benefited from electoral fraud. She seems desperate lately because there is a strong probability that the Presidential Electoral Tribunal could decide on her fate soon – a decision that might not be favourable to her once it is proven that she benefited from electoral fraud.
Robredo’s actions could be her way of getting back at Duterte for firing her from her cabinet post. She may want to avenge her loss of face by destroying Duterte in the eyes of the international community. It doesn’t seem to matter to her if the rest of the Philippine population gets dragged down too. Her latest antics prove that she is not very smart. She doesn’t know how to play politics discretely. She is blatant in undermining her rival. Her style quite often backfires though. She must be the most hated politician in the Philippines today, second only to Senator Leila De Lima.
Just because Robredo is not part of the Duterte government anymore and is not included in cabinet meetings doesn’t mean she has to direct her questions to the outside world.
While Robredo comes across as an airhead, Filipinos should not underestimate the people feeding her head with material to say to the international media. A lot of members of the international media still think she has credibility, unfortunately. This has a lot to do with their own bias against Duterte. They will believe whoever says what they want to hear and if Robredo says the things they want to hear; she will be their “credible source”. These meddlers need to be put in their place and told to butt out of affairs they do not understand.
Robredo overestimates her ability to lead 100+ million Filipinos. She can’t even offer alternative solutions to the problems the Philippines is facing today. How is she going to face-off with drug lords with her tweetums style? Her charm would only be good for selling coffins – something only people need when they are dead. She’ll probably bring back “Daang Matuwid”. She keeps emphasizing that Duterte should focus on poverty alleviation instead of fighting criminality. She’s too stupid to understand that reducing crime is good for investors who can provide employment and alleviate poverty.
A VP trying to undermine her President doesn’t look good at all. It just makes her look like she wants to replace Duterte. Self-serving. Robredo is acting like a traitor. It’s as simple as that. She should step down as soon as possible. The problem is she neither has the brain nor conscience to do so. She is so power hungry. She doesn’t care if the Philippines’ reputation gets tainted even further as long as she achieves her goal of being President. She’s digging her own grave. Now that is dumb.


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