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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Philippine government needs to take action against Leni Robredo! #LeniResign

Leni Robredo is the linchpin of the Liberal Party. If you take her out, all their plans fall apart. The only reason why the Liberal Party refuses to die is because they have a puppet in the line of succession. If that puppet is knocked out, it will be game over for them.

Robredo’s removal should therefore be the top priority. De Lima and Trillanes can be ignored for now. The Liberal Party is starting to raise Robredo’s profile abroad as insurance in case she’s removed. They know Robredo’s local base is very weak, so they’re trying to build up foreign support for her.

Don’t wait until they reach a tipping point. Deal with her now. She just gave the government more rope to hang her with in the form of that palit ulo video. That, and the other pending cases against her, should be more than enough valid means to eliminate her.

I am so frustrated with the government’s inaction on Robredo because our country already lost a lot in the last 8 months while the yellows keep all three branches of government tied up with their destabilization antics. Look at how much time and government resources have been wasted on Matobato and Lascanas, on questioning the Marcos burial, on endless “EJK” investigations. The PNP can’t focus on the drug war because the yellows keep putting them on the defensive and undermining their ability to do their jobs. Meanwhile, where are the emergency powers to solve the traffic problems? What’s going on with the discussions on constitutional amendments? The real priorities have been put in the back burner because the yellows are being allowed to run wild and wreak havoc wherever they want.

Why are we letting this minuscule band of yellow leeches dictate the agenda of our country? Why are we letting them define our country’s image in the international community?

It ends NOW. Hit them where it will hurt the most–Robredo. Once she’s gone, the government officials can finally focus on building our country with no yellows yapping and sabotaging everything every step of the way.

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