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Monday, March 27, 2017

6 years is too long to tolerate Leni Robredo's illegal vice presidency

Leadership journey Madame Vice-President? Why not make good on your threat to sue your critics and detractors on social media? But in the interest of fair play, maybe you can also ask your supporters to stop using dummy and fake accounts? Also for the page administrators of your supporters to make their identities known instead of hiding behind the protection of anonymity.

[In reference to the Inquirer article Robredo says people still spreading lies about her.]

You said dissent is not destabilization. We don't aim to destabilize the government by criticizing you. We want you to step down for the good of the country considering you have been pursuing nothing but your own agenda in lieu of the national interest, particularly those whom you claim, voted for you.

You have done nothing to advance the cause of the country and your countrymen in the 8 months you have been in office. Six years is too long a wait for a dumbass like you. We don't have the same kind of patience we extended to PeNoy.

Please do the country and your fellow Filipinos a favor. Quit.

“Today, in the midst of darkness and division, the Church is once again providing sanctuary for our country,” Robredo said.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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