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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Here's why rape and plunder were taken out of the death penalty bill

Much has been said about the reimposition of the death penalty in the Philippines. Despite the debate, the Congress has been actively working on the bill.

As rape and plunder were removed from the crimes to be punishable under the death penalty bill, many including President Rodrigo Duterte has questioned the action.

House Justice Committee chair Rep. Reynaldo Umali however, explained that the action was ultimately to let the bill be passed faster.

"The rationale is we cannot seem to get a consensus of the biggest number of representatives who will join the majority," Umali said. "The whole idea is so that we can easily and better defend the requirements of the Constitution to establish compelling reason for the reimposition of death penalty for heinous crimes," he said.

He also said that this would enable the Senate to pass the bill faster as well.

"Hopefully we can get also our Senate counterpart, which is also more inclined to only approve drug-related heinous crimes in their version of the bill, that they will push through in the Senate."

Umali however said that the bill could still be revised.

"What we really intended to do was just to get a headway, get the law passed," he said. 

"But without prejudice to any and all amendments that will be introduced later after the law is passed if there is really the desire to increase it," he said. 

The third and final reading of the bill will be on March 7.


Here's why rape and plunder were taken out of the death penalty bill
Photo by International Business Times Philippines

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