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Thursday, August 3, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino
President Duterte has the right attitude.

In a democracy, you listen to the voice of the majority. You ignore a minority that only wants to obstruct and has no constructive solutions to offer in solving the problems of the nation.

What is the voice of the majority? It wants real change. It wants an end to corruption, illegal drugs, terrorism. It wants national development and an end to poverty. It wants a system of governance that is honest and based on merit. It wants an end to the old political system.

This is why Duterte was elected. This is why the latest opinion poll gives him a 82 percent trust rating. The vast majority trusts the president to do what is right. How he does it is his business and responsibility. They only want results. The more results, the higher his popularity. Human rights? Only if you consider Satan, druglords, terrorists as humans. Consensus? Isn't 82 percent a consensus?

The Opposition has no more issues to talk about. So it talks of trifles, of non-issues to arrest its rapid decline. But the more it talks nonsense, the more it is marginalized. The simple truth is the Opposition no longer has credibility. It went up against a popular president and lost in the process. Who listens to them? Only themselves. They keep knocking their head against a brick wall. Why they keep doing it? The more charitable explanation is they're becoming insane. When you lose touch with reality, it is a sure sign you are headed for the nut house. Time for them to see a shrink.


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